Trump calls for Hillary to be tried for treason! Get in here!

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His words are worthless.

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Who is that?


Spam reported

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Melania's sister

She streams here

why did you do this?

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stop bumping shit threads with your mediocre stream faggot.

Anyone want to take a wild guess at what I notice about those named?

They all belong in jail?

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if this fucker had any fucking balls he would DO SOMETHING instead of tweeting and retweeting shit to blue ball all of his loyal fans. I've been waiting since before the 2016 election for somebody to get locked the fuck up and it just never happens. Book signings, giggling through interviews, making speeches calling Trump supporters racists, and nobody ever faces any actual consequences. Fuck all the treasonous cunts. Fuck Trump for not doing anything. And fuck the Jews.

it's so boring too. complete waste of bandwidth


Behold, the shill who wants to condition goyim to stop giving Trump attention by proclaiming "he's all talk and no walk."

(((They))) are afraid of his influence, among other things.

All were Federal government employees?

Shills are trying to get Tor banned.

what's there to be afraid of? he literally did nothing but help Israel build a fucking wall you kike lover




no it's an attention whoring faggot trying to build an audience for his boring stream. I already reported it to [email protected]

I made OP. I did not make the stream spam. That's someone trying to shut down Tor.

What has he actually done then, even ignoring greatest hits such as,

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Not one jew in the bunch!


>(((They))) are afraid of his influence
Trump is literally (((They))) you tard!

t. Shill

You are (((they))), actually.



Obama's mom was a jew. Also are you really trying to argue against these people being sent to prison? I wonder who you work for? You fit in so well.

Two different tor faggots. Myself and someone that is trying to get me banned for making this OP.

goth chicks.. my one weakness.

I've said from the beginning of Trumplestiltskins presidency that he was going to wait until the timing was right, just before the re-election comes up, and throw Hillary to the wolves.
She's fodder at this point. The media builds her up to make it appear like she's some super-player when in actuality she's an errand-girl. She's nothing.
Kissinger had everyone around her killed. She is a mind-controlled MK-Ultra puppet. Nothing more and she will be going down, but not for another year+

His tweets cease to entertain. Do something.

Why is Donald Trump calling for treason trials when he can direct the DOJ and FBI to investigate RIGHT NOW?

found this while image searching her

goth girl is here

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Trying to build public support for it so we don't literally have a civil war when the arrests come.

At least the shill had the common decency to post milkers.

So Hillary is a traitor but none of the Israeli kikes he fills his cabinet with? Smh

In 2 years donald trump has granted his followers, supporters and 90% white voting base the following:
-No wall
-No lock her up
-No muslim ban(the judges stopped it so why even try again ever)
-no deportations(but he builds illegals a tent city while americans whos homes and towns burned get??????(yes, I get it, communist california, but wouldn't it make him look better in the eyes of votecucks if there where faggots who rejected the help?)
-No drain the swamp
-sheldon adelson, whos wife received the presidential medal of freedom(the highest civilian honor in the country), the kochs and tom mercer got a tax cut
-bombed syria twice and allowed the construction of 8-12 bases in syria(live.uamap shows only 1)
And the most important thing trump gave his 88% white voter base?
The lowest black unemployment rate in the history of the country

How are the blacks going to rob us when they're busy working for the first time in their lives?

His campaign ran on chants to "LOCK HER UP" and suggested she should be in jail on live tv during a presidential debate against hillary, to say that trump NOW needs to "build support" for a campaign promise is disingenuous or asinine, which is it?

Prove black violence has gone down durinog the last 2 years
Go ahead, I'll wait for you to post evidence.

You can't, because there are no national crime statistics by race anymore thanks to Obama.

This video is Q larp bullshit. The boomers are really activated after this treason retweet by Trump. No tribunals are coming. Trump talks big on Twitter but actually does very little. Sad!

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Why would it be "his" Hillary?
Why are shills unable to comprehend even simple memes?
You out yourself immediately.

You forgot Trumpnigger

Why are TorPedos allowed to make OPs now?

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OP is a faggot. This should be posted in the trump general thread. You kikes aren't changing anyone's opinion here. Go spam 4cuck if you desire trump support.

The DNC will rape him worse than they did Bernie next election. The only way he can save himself is by gassing all the kikes in the name of Jesus.

Checkin those trips!

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Hillary helped Trump win.
It is the lie of Zionism that unites the opposites.

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Clearly not from around here. This is Zig Forums or reddit tier shit right here. This is John Oliver tier shit.
Yeah, I'm sure. Makes so much sense. So much senseā€¦ Oh man, how did I miss it!? The media is also secretly against mass population replacement, that's why they're so avidly for it at face value!


Fuck off you Jewish dick. They aren't Trump's opponents. If anything, Hillary is a huge part of the reason Trump won the presidency. No, the should be facing trial for crimes against humanity, for being an insufferable Rotschild-licking incarnate demon. So many war crimes, murders, dirty deals around the Clintons that they attract flies in a crowd of people, probably from eating Haitian babies barbecued in human shit. It's not Trump's opponents that are facing prison, its evil that's had free-rein thanks to the dumbass-as-rocks tools like you.

I didnt say democrats our our allies but both dems and republicans our enemies. You filthy kike can do nothing but twist and turn words. Filtered.

There was never even claimed to be a muslim ban you CNN watching low IQ monkey. There is however a ban on several muslim countries.
There are deportations though.
Trump doesn't actually have the power as President to do either of these things, only to elect certain people to positions of leadership over organizations that do. That's also a person separate from him, who could be manipulating him. That's also a person in a single position who could have information kept from them.
Oh no!!! How many new wars are we in? Oh, zero.
Everyone got a tax cut, retard. The ultra rich and large corporations though no longer have a limitless ability to make write-offs and lower their taxes to practically nothing.

>unarchived direct link to (((the hill)))

Good. Stop using shill programs created by the US government, retard.



Also, time to disable tor for a while again.

I dunno, he seems like the kind of person who enjoys being right when everyone else is wrong. I highly doubt he is tossing treason memes out there if it wasn't something that would be looked upon as foreshadowing. Most of his tweets seem to follow this pattern, either foreshadowing thru baiting the msm and their seething faux outrage to change their narrative. He is a shitpost master, no one will likely every cause as much butthurt by 9am as he does. I say all this as a non-burger, but most impressed and out of respect.

Go away.

Reported for paid jewish shilling.
Reported for paid jewish shilling.
Reported for paid jewish shilling.
Reported for paid jewish shilling.
Reported for paid jewish shilling.

I can pretty much guess your entire political position, comrade.

If you're defending Trump then you're the only one who doesn't belong here bucko.

Call us when he DOES something.

Go back to Zig Forums, faggot.

If you defend Trump you need to get the fuck out, period.

eat a flamingo while you dance with a faggot on a stool

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Oh, yeah? Well, I'll have you know that Trump's treason ignores the most fundamental truth of civilization itself: "The immigrant who mows the lawn of the nuclear physicist indirectly helps to unlock the secrets of the universe."

Oh man, are you stomping your little estrogenic feet?

Reddit wants their user back.


HRT running out, faggot?


I am challenging you to say something that has never been said before.
Go for it. See if your mind can comprehend something that you haven't been conditioned to already say or do.

If you can't pull this off, you're literally a program. A fucking bot. I don't even care if you're living and breathing, you're mind is owned property.

you are mind, bb

Quantum materiae materietur marmota monax si marmota monax materiam possit materiari?


go back to your discord server


as are you!

What ever happened to surgical theater, before and during the time of Joseph Lister? Public executions? Matters of life and death as entertainment, not simply bits and bytes of hypernormalisation?


Utinam logica falsa tuam philosophiam totam suffodiant.

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announcing that you reported someone makes me 100% certain you are a worthless faggot.


Take note, Juden! You will NEVER create a real AI. You will always be subordinate to the creator.

Cool. Now go back to reddit.

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Why 2 Tanks? Wouldn't one small one be enough?

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I know you have no way of comprehending this, but a person can't be insulted by an intellectually inferior subject. Not only are you low on the totem pole, but you are fooled into thinking you have some first person knowledge of some great orchestration of events that is taking place under the ebb of civilization.
You aren't even a piece in the great con. A spectator that sings with the crowd is all you are.

Seems like a good time!