Rudolph is problematic because instead of others accepting his differences as-is...

Rudolph is problematic because instead of others accepting his differences as-is, they demand it benefits the community before embracing it. The left in a nutshell.

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Rudolf should be a black horse with a giant glowing red dick in the Netflix adaptation. He never learns to fly, just rapes Blitzen Into submission and makes the elf police force Santa to hire him and call him Xir.

…and that's a good thing

And we should believe them when they say they can totally make it PG.

One of the top twitter replies, kek. Always remember to thank Jews and wish them Happy Hanukkah.

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Absolute madman.

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Fuck off back to reddit.

(((Rudolf))) was always a kike story, written by (((Robert L. May))) as an allegory for jews being made fun of because of their noses.

…but Rudolph's nose was useful

All this talk of noses and being useful…

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Well of course jews are going to portray themselves as useful and productive members of society instead of leeches that cream off wealth from goyim nations while they "sit like an effendi and eat".
The jews need us, we don't need them.

Threadly reminder it's called Yule
Threadly reminder santa is actually Odin
Threadly reminder christcucks need to stop culturally appropriating my purely European holiday

Didn't take long for the D&C to show up. Whole board quality just plummeted, too. A dedicated shitposter/shill just woke up, or JIDF did.

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Rudolf is an ubermensch with inherent useful genetic superiority and his jelly pure brown shitskin inferiors wanted to drag him down with them to their inferior level like harrison bergeron.

Not an argument

Thanks for reminding me about this psyop I totally forgot.

Prove my post wrong faggot

Rudolf gets rich and famous and has many babies with a lot of the female reindeer. As a result, most future reindeer have red noses and regard the mythos of Rudolf as some quack evolutionist theory. Most good reindeer know they never came from no dark nosed animals.

"Christmas" is fake and also gay

sage isn't a downvote you stupid fuck.

Still not an argument you stupid pig

I didn’t know this. Yule sounds a lot cooler tbh and it explains why there’s a pine tree involved which has no place in the Levant

Rudolph also insists on surrounding himself with snow&Whiteness, which 'izz rayyciss©®™'. The Left is very much like the island of misfit goys, robbed of their character, a little different than the Normans, and gravitating towards any -ists or -isms that can fill the vacuum of their identity crisis

Santa's sleigh has 8 deer pulling it before (((American corporate revisionism)))

Odins horse has 8 legs

Odins horse had a red nose from eating the intestines of his enemies

Must be a big coincidence or something

Rudolf is Aryan.

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And then through his own merits he proves his individual worth to the tribe through his uniquely shining nose which acts as Santas highbeams.

Most modern Christmas media is written by kikes. Notice how in Rudolf is abnormal and weaker than the other deer, gets bullied by chads, but ends beating them all in the end? The whole 'not fit in because different but beating all the normal people' thing is very clear

sage because low effort thread

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Really Zig Forums?


Do you have any more passive-aggressive faggotry to send our way, or are you going to just (1)-and-done like most of you do?

this movie taught me the lesson well that basically everyone is an asshole. get your shit together everyone.

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I think more awareness should be spread about Yule this Christmas season



I win

why is buu in blackface?

Global report.

How mad are u

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they won't be back. scared them off good.


Post another faggot comic

What does he meme by this?

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oh come on now your just being a prick.

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I win

What about society casting our racists like me tho


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Come on now you're just being a prick

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It's all so tiresome

Yes, of course a movie written by a guy like that would make you see everyone as bad. This decreases your ability to trust. But the truth is that if you open up a bit, we could probably be friends.

Well, not here because it's the fucking internet, but I bet in real life, if we had a conversation and a beer, we'd be friends. But if you expect people to be bullies, so you keep your guard up, and they do the same, you end up creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, where each person regards each other as an enemy.

In a white world, this might at worst create rivalries. But in a diverse world, this becomes open war.

Have hope, friend.
Things are not so grim. The sun is still there.

We need more hanukkah cartoons.

I'm surprised they haven't called for Rudolph to be banned because he might inspire school shooters to stick it to all those normalfag reindeer. Rudolph is a symbol for all those MRAs and incels and anyone else liberals hate to triumph and he must be torn down.

>How the Alt Right transformed Christmas the holidays into hate speech

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The middle east used to full of pine trees before the shitskins chopped them down for firewood and fed the saplings to their goats.

well as i sit here drinking my bourbon barrel stout i can't help but admit they you do find that Rudolf every so often.

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>How the Alt-Right Stole Christmas Kwanzaa


I actually want to push for Christmas to be banned under the guise of 'respecting other religions' that'll piss off whites further and wake them up
Nah that'll never happen.

This post would have been trips if not for my shitty connection.

I found a video a while back, its Rudolph but been givin the Ben Garrison treatment.

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Don't forget that Santa needs to be gay.

more like everyone needs to be bisexual and if they arn't then shame one them and the audience too with subliminal messages. lul. no not really

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Ok not saying that pine trees are a European holiday thing here but the flag of Lebanon literally has a pine tree on it. Pines live pretty much everywhere.


It's a cedar you dolt

cedar is a pine tree you dolt

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Lol where the fuck does it say this?

Pines are from the genus pinus while cedars are from the genus cedrus they aren't even in the same subfamily

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Huh, for all these years i thought it was a type of pine on their flag. Still though, there are pines in the middle east and especially in the Levant.

Scared that people not buying into your zog emperor bullshit any longer? Trumpniggers GTFO. report and hide all kushnerbots

why to do choose to lie to us when our eyes see the tree for what it is? there is no need to lie. for truth gives you love and trust.

oops to drunk never mind

Good point

That last quote about deviation from the norm is punishable unless it can be exploited is true though.

no, heimdal

…and it is beautiful

Pinecone master race

The outsider-turned-hero narrative is already a Jewish subversion tactic. The Rudoplh story and song were written in 1939 by (((Robert L. May)))

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Rudolph is a jewish inclusion into the old story. The name Rudolph illicites Re'uven (Son of Israel), and its no accident the whole story is about his weird nose as well as him ultimately becoming the leader of the band.

Why don't we put "red noses" on pictures of jews to bring in the season's tidings?

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Dasher and Dancer are Chad and Steve
Vixen and Blitzen are Stacey and Melissa

Rudolf is Melvin Goldfarb and santas workshop is riverside high

Basically rudolph is another Jewish tale about how the recently emancipated european jew feels outcast in WASP society and his struggle to prove himself so that he can be accepted by white people. It's revenge of the nerds, the karate kid, or Freudian theory.

Go back to HuffPo, rabbi.

Wasn't Rudolph (the song) written by a jew to have a non-christian christmas carol?

Wasn’t Hanukkah created as a #MeToo holiday along the lines of Kwanzaa so that kikes could feel less shitty about their own lack of culture since theyre just a bunch of mischling outcasts ?

Yeah, just like White Christmas and Jingle Bell Rock.

Made some OC to spread.
Their kikery is overflowing so much they will not be able to contain it, that's where we come in anons.

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Bad idea, lemmings might see them as the helpless reindeer who needs to be included in society.
This will backfire because they can victimise themselves even more.
One of the best weapons of the jew against aryans is to exploit our sens of (((humanity))) by playing the victim

This, christianity invaded Europe by the book of typical tricks and had to appropriate parts of European culture to fit in and deceive.
THis also makes Christianity in its material form partly White.
They literally cutted out our roots to replace it with their abrahamic shit.


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I opened this shit thread to post exactly this.
Hail Godin.
Almost everything that is "Christmas" is actually Yule.

1. Jesus.
2. Church
3. Nativity scenes
4. The lyrics to some of the popular songs

Norse/ Northern European Pagan:
1. "Christmas" trees, including decorations
2. "Christmas" ham and the "Christmas" feast in general. Originally a feast of wild boar.
3. Caroling. IE, the practice of going door to door singing.
4. Holly and mistletoe. Both were sacred/ magical in northern European pagan traditions. Holly doesn't even exist in the levant. Also wreaths, which usually contain holly and/ or mistletoe. The association of mistletoe with kissing/ romance is also from Northern European Pagan tradition.
5. Stockings being hung up and filled with presents. Norse Pagan.
6. Santa Claus is Odin. The early depictions of "Father Christmas" (Allfather) are essentially carbon copies of "Odin the wandering wizard." (IE, a tall, thin man with a long white beard, a (usually blue) cloak, and a hood.) Also, Santa was originally depicted as riding a cart pulled by one horse. Likewise Odin rides a cart pulled by Sleipnir. The "eight reindeer and sleigh" is an invention from the early 1800s. The association with "Saint Nicholas," who supposedly put money in children's shoes so that they wouldn't be sold into slavery, is a later Christian "redirect."
7. Bonfires. The Norse would carve mystic runes into logs and burn them for good fortune in the coming year.

TFW you've been a White Pagan your whole life.
TFW most of the "Christian European" traditions are actually White Pagan traditions with a dash of Christian paint thrown on them.
TFW hundreds of millions of people celebrate "Christmas" but are not Christian.
TFW hundreds of millions are actually celebrating Yule and writing letters/ praying to "Santa" (who is Odin).

But Yule is excellent.

Cast off the false Christian/ jewish corruption.
Embrace Yule. (only if you are White, though)


You mean that kike festival when they celebrate committing genocide against their enemies?
That one?

Again, Yule.
And true Yule is an inherently Whites-only holiday.

Holly doesn't grow there, though. Also, the practice of decorating conifers as part of the winter solstice celebrations is Germanic Pagan in origin.

Perhaps, but "Christmas" was never Christian.