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ITT: discuss issues pertaining to the environment, ecology, nature.

Introductory Ecofascism/Deep Ecology reading list:
(In no particular order)
Ecology, Community and Lifestyle by Arne Naess
Man Swarm by Dave Foreman
Impeachment of Man by Savitri Devi
Technological Slavery by T. J. Kaczynski
Deep Ecology for the 21st Century Assorted Essays
Anti-Tech Revolution by T. J. Kaczynski
Can Life Prevail by Pentti Linkola
The Question Concerning Technology by Martin Heidegger
Man Swarm by Dave Foreman and Laura Carroll
Ecology, Community and Lifestyle by Arne Naess
Ecofascism by Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier
New Nobility of Blood and Soil by Richard Walther Darré

Deep Ecology vs Shallow Ecology:

The “Deep” approach to ecology is holistic,
focusing on questioning fundamental values and analyzing root causes of environmental issues. Deep Ecology aims to completely re-design entire Systems, for the purpose of preserving the ecological and cultural diversity of nature.

The “Shallow” approach to ecology is rooted in materialist thought, often stops before the level of fundamental change, and regularly promotes technological fixes that are derivative
of the consumption / production orientated values and methods of industrial economy.

Much of modern ecological thought, as everyone should know, is derived directly from National Socialism. It is our duty as nationalists to become knowledgeable in the field of ecology - too long have cancerous left wing trannies and freaks throttled environmentalism with their vapid, virtue signaling shallow ecology.

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Reading list and kike free first post

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[cracks knuckles]
fuck both the third world and industrial society

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alright I'm spent

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wtf happened to the ecofash order blog?

No idea.

I discovered it just last week or so and when I went to look at it more the next day it was gone.

Have you tried entering the URL into archive.is or .org?

Fuck off back to half, nigger.

deaded. want me to ask the guys who ran it why it's gone?

yeah tis on there

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sure. I liked what I saw in the brief time I got to look at it.

will do tomoz fam

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Hows the 8th grade going muh edgy Nazbol Satanist Larper?

Good thread, op. Unfortunately it's wasted on the likes of 8ch. Anyone got any good ecofascist guerilla tactics? The "seed bombs in black/ urban areas" was a good one.

Hello fellow rabbi. How do you do?

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Happy Hanukkah

Imagine believing the natural world is satanic.

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Save the beautiful white spirit bears

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Deforestation. Ocean acidification. Acceleration of extinction. Chemical saturation. Over population. Decline of agricultural productivity.
Don't see how it can be stopped tbqh

Soil health is the single most important challenge. Under (((modern))) agricultural practice, soils get rapidly depleted of the microbes that actually feed the plant essential nutrients in exchange for sugars. Justus von Liebig was incorrect with his famous Law of the minimum. Plants may survive with unnatural fertilisers, but they can't be considered healthy, and neither can the soils they grow in, nor by extension can the creatures eating the plants.
Until we accept that our way of food production isn't working, we will never start to heal our environment. Biodynamic practice is a way to heal the soils. Created by Ruldolph Steiner, and perfected by Ehnfreid Pfeiffer, it offers a low eventually zero cost to agricultural production and involves no (((chemical products))).

How Lon before we end up seeing ecologically motivated "terror" attacks?

It is Satanic. And who do you see ruling over it? Aryans?

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Remember kids, nobody hates nature more than jews.
"Jews hate nature and the natural order, because it's pure and beautiful, and also because it's bigger and stronger than they are, and they feel that they can not fully control it. Nature's beauty and harmony stands in stark contrast to their squalidness and ugliness, and that makes them hate it all the more. Jews are destroyers. They are anti-humans."
t. bobby

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I need advice. I don't know what advice, but I need some.

Sounds like you need some /SIG/ in your life.
Thread here:

How many of you lads are planning to go off grid soon?

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Same as well, I'm about to buy a couple hundred of archers that my great grandad used to own, it's currently in the hands of my aunt and I'm hoping I can get it for cheap.

Current plan is to graduate uni, make enough money to support myself and my family, and then shut myself off from the world. Already have plenty of experience with nature and am learning survivalist tactics, homesteading, and farming.

The one thing I like is Farming knowledge, I'm training myself on that one.


Here's some.

Thanks user.

spotted the gnostic

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What religion do you guys believe in or follow? Animism? Nordic Paganism? Shamanism? Or even non-religious? Just curious.

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I'd recommend that you read as many Aryan spiritual texts as you can find (i.e., non-Abrahamic) and then take the lessons and ethoses from them. All organized religion is more or less subverted, and in becoming knowledgeable on multiple spiritual doctrines, you can educate others. Take the Evola pill.

I hear evola liked hermaphrodites and weird sex magic stuff. But that could be lies. idk.

Roman Catholic.
It's hard not to be worried when there's a dozen different Christianity's saying I'm going to Hell.

Probably yes.
Worth reading anyway.

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Given that you expressly believe heresy, yeah, you should be worried. You've never actually read the Bible if you think that catholicism is acceptable even within the range of Christianity.

I'll give his stuff a read.

That's the one I was born into and that's what I've been taught. Not saying that's a good excuse, but it's the only one I got. There are so many different sects I don't know where to start. Heck, Catholicism is the original one, but all the other sects hate it, so I'll probably never understand.

I will say the priests are a bad sign.

Buddhist but also highly interested in the many different local Pagan faiths across Europe. I'm a believer in Perennialism and that the Dharmic and Pagan faiths have a common ancestry in the Aryan peoples.

Behold christcucks, you are fucking morons, this is who you have representing your dailystormer christcucks views.

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I can't really label myself neatly. I don't adhere to heathen praxis but the gods (for lack of a better term) share my spiritual real estate with National Socialism. I tend to take a view of mythology and metaphysics similar to Jung and Joseph "the moon would be a good place to put the Jews" Campbell - that the anthropomorphic archetypes of religious figures are primarily digestible and relatable interpretations of natural phenomena and human experiences. I also have a deep and abiding loathing of (((YHWH)))-ism in all of its various forms.

Is it recommended to read through the entirety of philosophy and then come to deep ecology?

ξύπνα ανθρωπρόβατο

What do you mean by "the entirety of philosophy"?

Starting with the Greeks > Roman philosophy > Christian philosophy > Anglo Hobbes/Locke shit > German Idealism > 20th century

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You don't need any of the aforementioned to understand ecology tbh. If I were you I'd read the Industrial Society and Its Future as an introduction and then move on from there.

And this too would be good

You may need some knowledge of Heidegger's other theories and works to understand the Question Concerning Technology.

Pretty good Eco-Fascist blog.


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This template is horrendous but the blog isn't bad

Source on pic?

Not for you

Take some of the text and paste it into jewgle with quotes. You'll find it that way

Thank you OP

Oh yeah,derp.
Looks like typical jewish screeching about how only chosenite thought can save the world from genocide. Even has a pop at Christian thought/theology for leading to genocide.

Also by the same author
keek I can think of a few.

edit archive link into the original image brodie

Probably could make a better image with more quotes from his book but there you go for now.

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I hate that the kikes have made it so pro-environment/animal welfare means you're a hippy, globalist cuck.

It's a carefully cultivated perception or an illusion that most people get trapped in when they first come into contact with ecology, myself included when I was a lot younger. Kinda like controlled opposition or civic nationalism or something.

Like everything that really matters in this world there's an acceptable layer which most people never move beyond. It takes courage to go deeper, even if you realise what you thought was true is actually a giant sham, like the modern environmental movement.


There are many benefits to religion (eg birthrates, happiness, strong communities) but I see no legitimate and uncucked white religions.

I try to distill paganism to the values of family/blood, hard work, honor, strength, and nature are meaningful. I celebrate the autumn harvest celebration, summer and winter solar solstice celebration, and spring renewal celebration. Everything else is discarded.

The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

Question Concerning Technology is more helpful in understanding "Heidegger's other theories" than visa versa.

This guy used to go under the name The Revolutionary Conservative didn't he?

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What would an ecofascist hunting policy be? I understand that ecofascism is all about conservation and animal rights, but at the same time, humans are a part of nature and our ancestors did not purely sustain themselves on plants. The most info I could find on this would be the Deutsche Jägerschaft, which was founded by the national socialists for ethical hunting. They also had peak aesthetics on their flag

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It has to be situational.

How so? I suspect that you mean in a life or death situation, but what about tradition and ? Lets say that a family has hunts deer, each generation carrying on the tradition to the next. They by no means rely on it, but they do use every part of the animal and provide an ethical kill. Would this hunting be permitted in an ecofascist state?

correction: tradition and sustainability

What's your guys stance on Computer's and such, a necessary evil for the time being or perhaps a permanent useful tool for your cause? Just curious.

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Couldn't tell you, fren

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Eastern Orthodox mystic
I'm planning on visiting Mount Athos one day and learning from the hermits there

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I'm interested in this list.

I read Can Life Prevail a few weeks ago, and it was staggering. It was like reading Uncle Ted. I've never read something I agreed with so much. Most philosophical and political works are very hit or miss, but Linkola seemed to express all the things I've been thinking, but hadn't put words to.

I want to keep reading on this subject, but I'm worried nothing could be as spot on.

Linkola put his money where his mouth was, so to speak, as well, just like Uncle Ted. He lived as a fisherman innawoods. Or is still doing that, I'm not sure that he's dead.

I still stand by my thesis that it will require Caesarism to jolt people into a new lifestyle. It can be done, and there is no need to despair, but brute force will have to be applied to the current economic system, and the government must have the power to manipulate society to the ends it sees fit (our ends, of course). And I especially don't think waiting around 'collapse cult' style for the whole thing to fall is prudent.

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Also touches on that topic.

i liked 2017's better.

They are a very unresiliant tool as they rely on an entire infrastructure of industries and technologies to create and keep running.

Microcontrolers are incredibly useful for almost everything and easy to set up, but think of the mining, manufacturing, specialized knowledge, ancillary equipment, etc it takes to create and maintain them.

what did they mean by this?


Overpopulation is the real environmental threat. And people won’t voluntarily renounce their current lifestyle en masse. It will require force and the sort of political will and vision the west has not seen in a very long time.

Impeachment of Man is worth checking out for the NS/EH perspective. Kaczynski is the most analytical and precise, by far, imo.
Deep Ecology for the 21st Century is also worth flipping through.

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It's pretty much the SIEGE of deep ecology but without the autistic satanism. My 2nd favorite book on the subject with the 1st being Industrial Society and its Future.

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Meat production doesn't contribute to climate change.

*maybe* no till corn/soy fed beef might if diesel use > fixation, but pasture grazing certainly doesn't and forage cropping shouldn't either.


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There's no satanism in Siege you negro

There is a certain vibe in this thread that reminds me of Zig Forums as it was back in the day.

did he try to cull the nonwhite population? has he tried to increase protected lands? to improve sustainability of agricultural practises? started a political movement?

he's a cult author living innawoods because he pussied out on fighting the jews

Your post is trash and you are retarded

Dr. Vanderplanitz cured his own autism and I think some allergies will be cured as well, check him out.