GM Cuts Astonishingly Deep In Trump Heartland (Video)

"Car manufacturer General Motors wants to save around 6 billion dollars with a restructuring plan by the end of 2020. The company is, therefore, going to scrap 15 percent of the workforce or more than 15,000 jobs in the United States and Canada where it will close five factories.

At the end of 2019, GM will also close two factories outside the American continent. President Donald Trump is not happy with the decision and even demands that GM stops producing in China.

Job losses would affect a quarter of all management positions. According to the carmaker, the major interventions are necessary to remain profitable. The company says it is preparing for a future with a larger number of fully electric vehicles. The four factories in the United States and one in Canada could be closed by the end of next year."

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They are now trying to sink the economy. Thats what the tech dive was about and it will fall further. It's too late though. It was always too late.

You must of been too young to remember the 08' recession in America, GM was on the verge of bankruptcy and we used taxpayer money to bail them out, GM was too big to fail!!

Obama fucked us yet again with the GM crap.

This is just proof the tariffs are working.

ZOG emperor fucking over working class whites? color me surprised, When will this joke ever end.

This right here is a trumpnigger, blaming others for what his little rabbi leader did

Anything more delusional than a hyper capitalist LARPing as a nationalist?

Most of the job losses are in Canada though.


The Trumpniggers need to go, if the vols won't do their job then they are going to be removed, like what happened to imkikey.

Here's your (You) and your (2). I'm sure if he just uses a sterner voice they'll listen to him and ditch a market of one billion people that isn't full of niggers.

The Jews are about to pull a 2008 on steroids. Just look at the bank owned inventory for the real estate market, they're dumping everything and taking the earnings before it crashes down.

They'll keep it going for awhile longer, Trumpstein is going to get a second term, seems like it's the 1980's all over again.

I hope we have a plan to remove this shitstain trump out from office? Anything would be better, not only is he a jewish plant, but he's fucking STUPID as a sack of bricks

No, it's virtually impossible for him to get reelected. Florida is now a blue state because of felon voting, which means that Trump would need to win Pennsylvania again, plus basically every other state he did in 2016 other than Florida.

I'm honestly looking forward to it because Trump has completely destroyed nationalism on a global scale and the damage won't stop until he loses the Presidency. Zig Forums is an extreme example of this; makes me think that was (((the plan))) all along, considering Trump has literally not done a single good thing ever. All he does is kiss kike ass and shill gun control and pander to non-whites, while bragging about the stock market rising because of some mediocre tax cuts that any Republican would do. Plus the mediocre catholic taig SCOTUS appointments. It terrifies me how bad the gun control and Merkel-style border opening to the caravan spics is going to get, but that was inevitable anyway, the important thing is that people won't be arguing about whether Trump is going to magically save the white race once he's out of power.

prove it

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The Dems are going to run Joe Biden.

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I want to make GM vs Admin jokes but this isn't /tg/

That won't be what defeats Trump.
Trump is what will defeat Trump, because its very-likely he's going to get to 2020 and no meaningful effort will have been made on his Wall project, while the immigration thing is not meaningfully impacted at all.
Without a war, I don't see him holding the seat unless those in power want him to hold it.

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I think they're gonna run Warren (old "native american" white liberal cunt, all white women will vote for her)/Booker (gaynigger, ensures that all gays and non-whites will vote for the ticket)
even that would be easy just 'cause he was obongo's VP so all the niggers will turn out and that's enough to win. Trump didn't win 'cause he got a ton of votes, he won 'cause nobody voted for Hillary. next time dems will run a solid ticket, rig Pennsylvania, they can't possibly lose. only question is whether they get the senate, idk how many seats of each party is up for election but they'll get it sooner or later 'cause there aren't enough white people left for GOP to be relevant. and the elections don't fucking matter 'cause we already had Trump red congress red SCOTUS and literally NOTHING AT ALL good happened. so fuck it

>like the rescue of (((AIG or the banking system)))

Trump won White women. By 10 points.
Women without college degrees were 17% of the total vote.

Hillary won college-educated women. By 10 points.
Women with college degrees were 20% of the total vote.

Trump won 61% of White women w/o college degrees, 44% of those with.
Total White woman vote was 37% of the vote.

I don't think White women are quite THAT shit… Yet.


I'm glad the federal government handed them out billions of dollars so that they could keep operating in america. OH WAIT.

This user is right, GM is a chinaman company now. Nobody here is stupid enough to buy a shitty Buick except a chink.

Face it, trump fucked you over. stop obscuring the truth, he is an idiot

Could it be that GM is a shit company with a history of bad leadership and failures? No that's impossible, trump must have told them to shut down their plants.

Trump is a kike slave but the only ones that fucked over GM is GM.

midterm results were very different, it was a tie IIRC
lol, they're a defect

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Your shilling is transparent, covering for another one of his failures. I really want to know, how much does kushner pay you?

The reason jews are hated is because they act EXACTLY like women.

Explain how he did? He's fucking up so many things by cucking to kikes and shitskins but with GM was fucked up way before he was even president. Every release was a disaster and disappointment even the CTS and ATS because they have shit foresight and marketing and all Johan de Nysschen could do this year was blame young people further alienating any chance the brand would have of a future before resigning like a loser.

Women are much worse than Jews. Usury is just one crime, but women are an embodiment of all evil. If a Jewish boy were brought up in a normal family and did not follow Judaism, he would be infinitely better than any woman of any race.

Women all over the world belong to the same evil race. Trump is a feminist just like Hitler, and women will vote for people who continue the oppression of men and special treatment of women or who support their liberation.

It is run by a woman.

Fuck off, kike.
I'd say 1/4 ain't bad, but it is. You're a disgrace. Even for a jew.

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Those are overseas jobs. Look at the OP, and the media articles. They make a big show about "American continent" jobs and "North American" jobs.

Nice try, JIDF.

kill yourself retarded jew

And replace him with who?
This faggotry where you say a "thing must be done" while offering no alternative is absolute kike shit.

TPP was good

What? If anything the divide between left and right in the US has been exaccerbated and the constituency of the GOP has moved far right when much of it was already nationalist. There are now open calls on the GOP and Trump not being right-leaning enough to reflect the interests of those who elect them. The left screeching about nationalism has made it more popular among whites, not less.

Fuck off double nigger

The question is why would they want to crash the economy they have complete control over?

now people think nationalism is "vote for some guy that says illegals and mooselimbs are stinky poo and he'll fix everything" when the truth is that you can't vote your way out of genocide, all the politicians are controlled. Salvini is maybe an exception but he still can't fix everything from his position, democracy as a government form prevents any kind of real nationalism

Don't worry MAGApedes, fuck these rednecks, lmao WHO CARES? We don't need racists voting for trump and getting jobs.

The government should have taken the company over when it was bailed out. Also:
Fuck off Jim.

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That's not the point. The point is that all those National-ist countries and their "Populist" leaders aren't currently getting "Liberated" by America. That's more than what could be said if Obama was still President, or Hillary Clinton won.

GWB is Jim's personal piggy account. It stands for "Gold Water Board", and he permanently bans anyone who is critical of the peepeepoopoowater.

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Looks like that board is in serious need of getting globalized… ill wait. :^)

GM had to lay off some salary employees.
Hopefully they re-structure and reign everything in and make everything including the cars 100% USA made. That would be a sweet goal. Unfortunately, I don't know if they can or will do that and survive without a tariff against all foreign made vehicles - not just light trucks like currently.

I actually really like GM products, my car is like 87% USA made parts tho assembled in Canada - i got 230,000 miles on it without any major issues

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You must be an old Zig Forumsewsposter. People who have never posted on the old Zig Forums don't understand what duplicitous, scheming kike Jim is.

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No shit. Natural selection would of offed them years ago.

kike shills need the rope

So they would have a excuse to be constantly hemorrhaging money?

No shit the car industry is dying. Prepare for the future when all you can choose from are a small, medium and large electric Google™ shitbox which drives itself (but be prepared to take over any second because pilot might shit itself ).

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Most union jobs are black. The majority of people that work for GM are niggers, some contractors are white but also mostly black.

Whites work in infrastructure not the business itself. These jobs can go, more niggers on the street, more race war incentives.

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Who the fuck buy GM shit? Not even Americans like GM.

I never understood why there's always some moron complaining about improved fuel efficiency. Why would anyone want to pay more money to travel the same distance? The car industry is heading this way because most people can't afford a car in the first place or they increasingly live somewhere where its more of a hassle.

Kill yourself jim.


Because fuel efficiency standards are entirely arbitrary. If doubling the price of the car yields a 10% mpg boost, nobody wants it but the government forces manufacturers to do it. They also calculate based on fleet averages, meaning they throw trucks vans and cars in a pile and say what is your average mpg on all of them, and to avoid penalties manufacturers stop producing trucks in favor of tiny cars. Meanwhile, concessions made for emissions standards also reduce gas mileage, ironically leading to more emissions, and make diesel cost prohibitive. The EPA has fucked up our car market.