Plans to Announce Bump Stock Ban. Public will be given 90 days to Discard

A new media blitz spearheaded by a new CNN article so this topic is making the rounds again. I'm curious if they will actually go through with this. CNN and their ilk are fake news but we have seen the Administration express interest in doing this as well. Also I only posted that twitter link because I find the reactions from normalfags interesting, even if a ban were to happen it seems most won't give them up.

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based and redpilled
the absolute state of MAGA

How about no?

1 . Say you discarded it.
2. Use your bumpstock to massacre all authority figures and some schools (use an over the shoulder thing to maximize devastation)
3. Profit
It's all so fucking tediously retarded.

Seriously fuck this guy.

Face it, trump wants you disarmed and docile. With the absolute state of Zig Forums atm, I would bet on none of you taking any action

Trump was supposed to buy us time, not sell our rights!

700 days isn't long enough.
But it's also true whether it continues incrementally or they tried to get them all in one go, very few people would do anything.

Fuck em.

Honestly its going to cause another Waco or Ruby ridge, I don't think anyone is going to comply with this lol.

Best timeline. MAGA.


Fuck off Ahmed!! The bumpstock ban is an esoteric metaphor (which only true Aryans can understand) that means that real Aryans don't rely on rape to reproduce… you see, "bump" can mean "bumping into someone", while "stock" can mean a "stocking your cock", hence banning "bumping into someone and stocking your cock inside them" is good for the white race.

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stop glowing



…Are you legitimate, or actually this fucked?

What part of "Shall not be infringed" do these motherfuckers not understand?

For reals, why? ://3

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I think it's the "not" part.


oh boi

That's worse than the AWB.

It's because it is not a new legislation. They are redefining the term "machinegun" under the NFA. It is pure kikery which opens up the possibility of banning all semi-auto firearms.


If the police & military won't be turning in their own bump stocks why should anyone else?

Based and redpilled

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OP, at this point it doesn't matter if CNN or Fox says it, even kikebart is starting to point out to its boomer Q-LARPing readers that Fox is dropping all pretense and turning liberal. With Fox viewers being boomers, the lugenpresse is moving to convert them to liberal beliefs while they still think they're conservative.


Now your gun will be bumplocked.

gas yourself double nigger, i am beginning to think that "Zig Forums is a board of peace" was first planted by glowniggers and kikes

don't turn in your own property to feds, if any property is to be given to the feds give em lead first

great. now we have beaners tinkering with meme magicks

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Pro-tip: police and military don't need bump stocks because their rifles, carbines, and submachine guns are all selective fire versions.


Let it begin boys, you should all be prepared by now. No fear of death, id imagine it's better than this shit hole

DIY BUMP STOCK PROPAGANDA POSTERS WITH captions that Read ,Shall not be infringed When ?

Also come and take them you treason Fags
You ain't got it in you boy

Seriously though
Can't secure the border can't drain swamp but your gonna Disarm the population.pure Coincidence History repeats.bin that bump stock goy .Soon

Yes it is FBI …..
Board of peace ™

glow nigger , board of peace has to have been started by glow niggers to make Zig Forums docile

Give up your bump stocks you octoroon Ameriniggers, or you'll make Ivanka cry.

Can't wait!

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Except they weren't illegal guns. They were an exercise in following the letter of the law regarding semi auto/full auto fire. The whole premise was designed to be LEGAL.

I suppose you wanted Hillary to win?

At least the removal of arms from the population will really trigger those leftists and muslims

errrm…Trust the plan


SC likely won't want to hear the case. They shy away from gun Rights.

Hoping there's a buy-back. I might have enough shitty A2 grips and M4 stocks to make some decent cash. ::rubs hands::

Also checked, dubs get thread goys

It's a semi-auto back door ban because it's taken this long for them to release this info.

the bastardization of the technical aspects will set the precedent for a semi-auto ban. once they start down the path of regulating 'rate of fire' or 'simulated' full-auto fire things get pretty homosexual.

I got banned by the turk for the same sentiment, but speaking off the record,it's not like the legality of the matter were going to stop a ban once Texico and Florida flip blue permanently.

Orange kike should hang either way though.

Based Trump does it again!

Gas yourself, schizo.

I'm not giving the orange prick a fucking thing, I have been betrayed for the last time. I'm not voting for his stupid ass, a dem can win for all I fucking care at this point.


What has trump done in favor of whites in general? before you answer, can you also post a tweet of trumps where he mentions "white people" during his 2 years as president?

And everyone will just give them up like faggot cucks.

Courts won't care. Congress won't care. Only solution is shooting people, and I don't care enough about this to shoot anyone. If anyone else does, that's fine by me.

So why hasn't he done it yet? Hurry up so I can be mad.

Most police departments don't trust their cops with select fire. Most barely trust them with a pistol.

This makes so much sense! Thank you, fellow Aryan.

Considering how easy is to convert semi autos into illegal machineguns this makes perfect sense.

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We better ban butter knives while were at it because you can sharpen in.
Better ban toothbrushes because you can turn it into a shank.

Try to do this with toothbrush.

you shills are so easy to spot.

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It's not, at all, easy to convert semi autos into machine guns, shareblue. You need a new trigger assembly, sear, and most rifle designs require you to drill to fit a full auto sear into it.

Here's the bill
Look for shady words that can be interpreted widely into banning more than just bump stocks. This is the way of the jew.

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Video unavailable, faggot. It looks like Las Vegas, and I'll be glad to fake a mass shooting with a toothbrush, you inbred clown.

You need piece of wood, several nails and rubber band.

Poe's law prevents this post from being funny.

Reminder that no one will ever grab their guns and fight back against the thousands of instances of treason which have occurred since 1913.

"Increase the rate of fire of a semiautomatic rifle but does not convert the semiautomatic rifle into a machinegun."

What do you want to bet that in the near future, the argument that any aftermarket addition to a semiautomatic rifle will be an aid to increase the rate of fire?
New barrel? hmmm, can you put more rounds through it than the original? Banned!
New trigger? Hmmm, can you pull it faster than the original? Banned!
New optics? Hmmmm, can you put more rounds on target with it at a decreased speed? Banned!

This is what I'm talking about. The jew works word play until he gets punched in the face. It's time to punch.

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Anyone who GENUINELY wants to investigate what a law actually says should read the Talmud, specifically Sanhedrin. You can avoid the rest, really, because Sanhedrin is the archetype for all modern Western legalese.

Global report for spam.

Bury it. Move on with your life.

Illegal to posess a collection of parts that can be used to increase the rate of fire of a semiautomatic weapon. We it's been nice typing things here, but it looks like I have to turn in my high capacity assault fingers.

On a side note "increase the rate of fire"is either meaningless or a ban on any firearm use. The rate of fire for a semiautomatic weapon should be about the same as that of an automatic one. It's just operated at the pace of the user. The absolute limit on it's rate of fire cannot change.

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It would be a trivial matter to take down the entire regime by destroying the power grid, bombing campaigns, hacking or destroying critical infrastructure, melting down nuclear reactors, stealing nukes, or even setting fires. The only reason we don't is because we don't want to harm innocent life, unlike our enemies.

The real reason we haven't gone 1776 is that we prefer a nonviolent solution, or only one with extremely limited targeted violence. If the cops come for my guns, I'm shooting them. Otherwise, the only person I'm even considering shooting is the Rothschilds and their high level cronies. We're not fighting in the streets when our enemies are in palaces.

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Real talk, why does Don think this is an even remotely good idea? Is he going to try to throw 2020 for his jewish masters?

That's not a bad choice of target, although it shouldn't be an office building with innocent people. It should be something like CIA or NSA and you can be sure most of the people are traitors that deserve to die. Blowing up a bilderberg meeting would be more productive.

The way the law is written, it's not that big of a stretch. The law is stupid and unconstitutional, but bump stocks do basically make an AR15 into an automatic weapon. He may just not know that this is an important issue, or be playing along with people like Feinstein so they don't know the knife is about to go into their backs. Remember the look on her face when she thought she was going to get her precious gun confiscation?

>(((supreme court))) ever taking your side on the big issues

So do 2 screws, a 2x4 and a few rubber bands

I don't care anymore. I'll say whatever I want online. People need to die. I've been open about that for years. I don't give a fuck if the CIA vans me, I have nothing to lose or hide. Clown world should NOT be taken seriously – any self respecting man should say whatever the fuck he wants

Death to Israel
Death to ZOG
Burn traitors and kikes with heat and fire.
Dissolve nigger babies in caustic chemicals.

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Trump has been the ultimate disappointment. So many, myself included, really believed that he would save the USA, or hell, at least make some improvements. I thought that even if he just sat there and did nothing at all, that it would be better because at least my ==GUNS== would be safe. He has shown me undeniable proof that there is no way to fix things within the confines of the united states government. It all must be burnt to the ground, so that we can rebuild a new wholesome National Socialist America, one that would make Hitler, and our Founding Fathers proud of us.


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Then you can go ahead and kill whoever it is that you think needs to be killed. Either you're a fed, or you're a real person and you probably have a decent idea of who needs to be put down. Go right ahead.

90 DAYS TO DISCARD (your ammo)

When I become the immortal king of the USA, i'm putting you in charge of the Board of American Nigger Relations, the BANR.

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Whatever cuck

Kek has spoken!

Of course this nigger doesn't understand that you couldn't open the door to a pressurized jet at altitude, without being the incredible hulk. If you were the hulk and got the door open it would cause an explosive decompression, likely killing many.


I don't own a bumpstock, but guess what? I will kill anyone that tries to come take my property. End of story. They will either kill me, or I will kill everyone who they send until they send no more. Every zogbot needs to consider that, and think about what is more important, number 1, your wife and kids, or the kike master who doesn't even know your name?

do you understand, orange cuckold in the whitehouse?

This sounds more like wishful thinking than anything else.

The orange nigger is literally going after guns, the only thing he needed to stay away from. I bet nearly 100% of his voters are pro gun. I'm not voting for him in 2020 fuck it.


Correct. It's literally ludicrously simple to do this. In fact, you know what? I'LL GO AHEAD AND POST INSTRUCTIONS HERE.

Speak for yourself. None of the people who work within the system are innocent.
No. We don't. We know that a nonviolent solution does not exist. We know that absolutely nothing except violence will ever defeat the jews. Anyone who says otherwise is either a paid jewish shill or too stupid to know the truth.
Then you have already lost.

Did you read what was written?


The time has come to actually do something for once in our fucking lives. And the best part is that they can’t even stop us. The time has come to shut down power and communications, across the Western world. All it would take to completely shut down the communications in an entire city is a normal flathead screwdriver, a pair of wire cutters, and a small flathead screwdriver. Maybe a pair of bolt cutters to get rid of padlocks.

Fiber optic is the easiest to sabotage. Just bend it until you hear a crack and congratulations, you just fucked up a mile and a half of fiber. It will take them at least a day to figure out what the problem is and where it is, and if you snap the fiber in the middle of a run they can’t just undo an expansion loop and cut off the damaged section. They have to order the right fiber (different sizes are used), cut it to the right length, and hire a subcontractor to do an emergency job to install the new fiber, which is typically an all day job. Once they’re done, a splicer comes in to splice the new fiber into the network. At the very least, if you damage a fiber line, you’re looking at two or three days where that line and everyone “downstream” of it has no service, plus tens of thousands of dollars in expense replacing it. Breaking the fiber near the “can” that it goes into is easy to fix. They just undo an expansion loop, stretch out the fiber, cut off the damaged section, and splice it. One day of work, max. Always break fiber in the middle of a run.

Telephone and cable TV/Internet? Just open up the tap, use the small screwdriver to back out the contact screws, and close the tap up. With the screws backed out, the cable isn’t making contact and loses signal. They will spend all fucking day trying to figure out what the problem is (note that they will know exactly where it is) until someone thinks to tighten the screws or just replaces the entire tap. This is nothing serious, but it’s something that could be easily and quickly done over and over again to knock out service to a large area.

Power supply cabinets? Use the big screwdriver to open the bicycle lock mechanism, then just unscrew the batteries and unplug them. If you really wanted to do some damage, cut off the padlock, open up the fuse panel, turn the fuse upside down, close it, and put a new padlock on it. Alternatively, just set off some homemade thermite on top of the cabinet, slightly off center (away from the end with the fuse panel) and it will damage the repeater, batteries, and cabinet to the extent that they’ll have to replace the whole thing, which is an all day job.

Most places like major airports, hospitals, military bases, etc. do not have redundant communications lines. They get cable TV/phone/Internet from a single provider, and that provider runs a single set of lines into whatever place they’re serving. One man with basic tools could be driving all over a major city and completely destroy its communications if he knew where to cut off the nodes. Just back out some screws, snip some connectors, and you just cut off all communications except cell phones and radios. Cell phones are shut down by cutting the fiber line that goes into the cell tower. Or you can take out the tower by shooting the transceivers with a high-powered rifle.



Radio is easy to knock out, too. Build a spark gap generator, plug it into a power supply somewhere, and walk away. It’s broadband and it will keep transmitting on every frequency, jamming the signal within its radius. Set up a bunch of these all over town and nobody is communicating via radio: not police, military, fire department, nor EMS. It’ll jam cell phones, too. Yes, they’ll triangulate their positions (especially if the military gets involved, which is why you need multiple jammers) and get rid of them, but that takes time, especially the first time it happens when nobody has any idea what is going on or whose responsibility it is to fix it.

Half a dozen guys can, in a single day, completely disrupt communications in a major city and cause millions of dollars of damage and lost revenue with basic tools and spend noting more than the gas they use to drive around. A couple hundred bucks at most if they build a couple dozen spark gap jammers to plant. People have absolutely no idea how vulnerable our communications infrastructure is. And the best part is that all you have to do… is go do it. We’re not going to talk about a date. You don’t have to post here saying you’ll do it. You don’t have to tell us what city you’re in. You don’t have to expose yourself in any way. Just go do it, when you have the means to do it, wherever you are.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for them to monitor every power/communications junction across even just the United States, much less Europe. They don’t have the manpower, the automated infrastructure, or the funding to do so. They CAN’T stop us, and it doesn’t even have to be a time-coordinated action. THEREFORE IT’S TIME TO DO IT.

Come and take my guns, I will take your life, and anyone else they send kike. I will kill everyone you send, until none are left to come. If one of your human shells gets me, I won't have to live in clown world. win win.

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