Are the numbers of the "amazon deforestation" inflated because of global warming/climate change...

Are the numbers of the "amazon deforestation" inflated because of global warming/climate change? There's some new report claiming that 1.18 billion trees are being destroyed from 15.4 acres, but if everything I'm looking at is right, 15.4 acres really isn't that big, nor is it enough to hold 1.18 billion fucking trees.

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Hope you can read portugese by the way

15.4 acres is a tiny piece of land. Your numbers are wrong.

stumbled onto this. it's dated from 2000, but it's the only thing I've read that makes sense:
Keeping in mind that it's the only thing I've found so far
-No the rainforest really isn't being destroyed according to Patrick Moore, co founder of green peace
-All the great scientific minds like Al Gore and Will Shatner claim big ass inflated numbers that, when the math is done correctly, would actually result in our planet being a desert
-Rainforest is about 90% to 87.5% intact (as of 2000)
-50,000 species have been claimed to have gone extinct by Edward O. Wilson. Wilson cannot name a single one of those species
-Forest burnings were reported in the 80s, about half an acre a day. However, when the math is done, it's still insane.
-Raul Julia claims soil is no good when the trees are gone. Moore claims Amazon soil is very fertile
-double standards of forest fires exist in the US
-Claims of people destroying forests apparently hire scientists to regrow the forest
-Young trees help produce oxygen, not old trees

I've yet to find anything else like this, so I can't say this is all 100% fact, but it's still the only thing to speak out against the amazon deforestation thing that isn't insane.

Not my numbers, see

Patrick Moore is a literal brainwashed ZOG plant. He´s in bed with Big Atomic, Big Oil and Gas and he´s denying scientific evidence all the time.
Don´t believe a word he says.

Why the fuck is Zig Forums so opposed to the fact that humans have a tremendous impact on the planet? You of all people should know the the kikes love nothing more than destroying natural habitats and any sense of wonder in the world. Is the kike not also Big Oil and Big Plastics, who pollutes the oceans and the atmosphere? Big Meat, who deforests the rainforest to make feeding medows?
We´re 8 billion people, for fucks sake, buying, consuming, eating, shitting. What´s so hard to get about that?

Probably because you can go outside of a city and see wilderness for days in a car, or years on foot. Not a single thing out of place, and then you come upon another human settlement and the closer you get to a city the more deranged it all gets.
You sit in madness and wonder why everything outside of it is different, why it isn't like tv and news says it should be. Then you grow the fuck up and realize it's just political bids by using shitty environmental garbage and blown up news media horseshit to make it look bigger than it really is. Oh and don't forget the children.

I'm thinking of starting a global initiative to curb climate change, anyone got any idea what i should name it?

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Yeah sure Mr. Hillbilly, your small hick town may not feel any impact from anthropogenic enviromental change, but if you´d look at other party of the world, you´d realize what a huge fucking shitmess we´re in right now.

Just google it.
15.4 Acres is 670824 square feet. 1.18 billion trees is 1759 trees per square foot. Absolutely ridiculous.
Even if a forest had a density of 1 tree per square foot (which is still completely unrealistic. You would need 27089 acres, or approx 42 square miles.

Just read the report in
OP It says "which documents areas of deforested land larger than 15.4 acres"
Not that all trees were in one area that size.

"Satellite data revealed that over 3000 swore miles of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest was lost between August 2017 and July 2018"
Im assuming "swore miles" is a typo of "square miles"

1,180,000,000 *(an american 1.18 billion) trees in 3000 square miles is, 393,333.3 Trees pre square mile. Or 1 tree per 70 square feet. A lot more reasonable.

However googling the estimated land area of the amazon rainforest, google says 5.5 million square kilometers, 1 square km, to square miles is .386, so 3000 square miles is approx 7772 square kilometers,
7772 is 0.14130909090909% of 5500000. So about 0.15% of the amazon rainforest has been deforested.

Learn to read, and learn to do some basic math and search things, its not hard.

BP is mostly a shipping and commodity selling company not a production one and kikes seem allergic to actual industrial activity. Kikes aren't really involved in oil and natural gas production and many of the CEOs openly talk about how much they despise kikes. I'm a geologist and have overheard interesting conversations.

Yes that is why the US which produces and uses so much plastic contributes almost nothing to the plastic contamination of the ocean, nor does Europe, Russia, or Japan while 10 rivers of which none flow through a white nation contribute 95% of the contamination. Yeah its the fact that the plastic exists not the shitskins throw everything in the rivers and oceans that is the problem. Landfills are hard.

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You realize all your water will have been poisoned entirely in the years to come, right? Natural springs will soon find themselves worthless and most ecosystems will have changed greatly by that time as well. I won't say what time because we're already in the thick of it, but, by the time one recognizes this change on a grand scale… It may be too late.

They have poisoned the well greatly and you refuse to acknowledge it? Plastic, drugs and oil have raped nature more so than anything else. If you even took a second to start seeing. You would realize just how damned we really are. Do you realize how many people consume pills a MINUTE? Only to push it back into the ecosystem… Women on the pill or whatever birth control that allows them to fuck without consequence. They (unintentionally) dump all their estrogen are flooding it right into the wastewater which doesn't get filtered properly. Which then leaks back into the rivers, lakes, and eventually oceans, etc.

You can only IMAGINE how much worse it is in places where shitty subhumans dwell by the millions. India? They have such A SHITTY existence… Faecal matter is literally floating in the dust particles there. In London they find extreme amounts of drugs flooding their sewage. With no regards of stopping it ever, and if you think this is all bogus. You're in for a treat in some years… Oh yes a real surprise will find you, and you will weep. Then you will die and suffer through eternity.

It bothers me we have come this far only to watch everything around us become poisoned, pilfered, and plagued.

Did you know songbird males are beginning to be unable to court female songbirds due to the anti-depressants flooding wastewater? I'm willing to bet you didn't you dumb fuckin nigger. This battle isn't just about us anymore. If you're actually a human and not a subhuman. You won't see people who care for nature as liberal. Most of them, yes, but they don't really get it and they often are Jews leading a pack of idiots. Nature allows us to be independent and if we let Jews destroy that til it is beyond our help. Then we deserve to die along with it as atonement.

Songbirds aren't the only creatures that will be fucked. Smaller places like shrimp, krill, prawns in general, etc are beginning to have unnatural behavior changes. All hooved animals as well are changing… You think that cannabalism in deer or the extreme aggression is normal? Think again you fuckin nigger.

The downfall is slow and there exists a chain. A chain in which things are linked together. Eventually it will all fall to pieces if one doesn't make a great effort to try something different against the cretinous Jews. There's a big picture here and the reality is if we aren't looking at it all. We won't be able to really start anywhere… Which should be at the heart of all This.

If only one could hijack the systems they use to manipulate people en masse. Then maybe one might have a chance, eh?

What's another one I forgot? Oh in Michigan they release (very very late) warnings to people to not eat the fish from certain river ways and the bodies, of water surrounding there.The one recently was due to chemicals identified as PFCS or something. Of course this logically has been happening for years I imagine, and they only just decided to let the state know to let the people here know. So you can't eat much fish from a state that does a lot of it.

In fact because people or in most cases, Jews, rather, refuse to take losses and want to make their money? I'd just recommend cutting fish out of your diet entirely. Esp if you live around or in the tri-state area. Since without proper equipment to know; your only way of knowing would be to consume or wait for honest reporting about such things.
We're also not really use to eating or cutting up fish with toxins in them unlike some Orients or other Asians.

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To do this you must work in small ways. Locally and then expand beyond. The best methods are under information regarding alchemy and the mind. Your mind is your center for the foundation and the alchemy holds the information for which you need to use the tools you will get.
Please if you care to live in a world without the evil of Jews?
Go now and study how to manipulate your current reality.
Study how to make form of that which was once nothing.
You have the ability to create anything so long as you find the way to do it.
You must first start small, and by that I'll give you a hint.
Try guessing games! See how good you can get at guessing that which will come next. Remember it must be small at first and then it will reveal to you a bigger picture you never knew.
Only Then can you face the Jew, for, his insanity will givd no quarter for his enemies.

It all starts with your PERSONAL REALITY
You call it the Overton Window and all these other names

But in the end it circles back. Try to define it without words. ;^)

Great post user
We're fucked though, aren't we?

Look into the debacle that was the late eighties Spotted Owl controversy. The animal doesn't even exist, it's a misrecognition of another species, and biologists derived their counts (proving endangered status) by playing a hooting tape recorder and counting response-hoots.
This is "science." This is the thing that supposedly only the most stupid peopke question.

Because we're not, you stupid faggot.
This statement has nothing to do with environmentalism. Environmentalism has NOTHING to do with this.

The absolute state of Zig Forums where even climate change shills spew their crap as if in their native Zuckbook environment. Next thing you'll know the follow up to thot audit will be a pay your carbon tax for duh enviuhment.
Kikes don't care about fucking up nature with waste from their slave consumer economy but global temperature changes is a bullshit excuse to yet again deprive white people of their freedoms and wealth.

Kill yourself, yid.

No. Only White people have respect for the environment.

There's a couple things I'll always disagree with Zig Forums about, and the environment is one of them.
>pollution don't real :) forestry doesn't matter :)))

Don't you know that pollution is just a myth made up by the kikes? :^)

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Not quite but deforestation in the region is an issue due to companies wanting to open up beef and soya farms.

bluegill and sunfish. all other fish are not only safe to eat, but their numbers are the strongest in 30 years
really impressed with michigan fisheries

Ignore all the climate change talk for a minute, you generally should care about forestry. Once it's gone, it's gone.
Look at Australia, before the aboriginals burnt it down 50,000~ years ago it was a vast jungle. Now it's mostly desert.

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I lol'd.

This slide thread is pure shit. Nigger, (((climate))) don't matter, dis shit don't matter. "Ordovician–Silurian Extinction - 86% of life on Earth was wiped out, Late Devonian Extinction - 75% of species were lost , Permian–Triassic extinction - is considered the worst in all history because around 96% of species were lost, Triassic–Jurassic extinction and the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction - effectively ended 76% of life on earth.
You Tree fuckers have no clue how little the universe gives a shit about us. Only the intellectual ones know how critical it is as a race to get the hell off this planet unlike you subhumans.

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"Mass extinction events with tens or hundreds of millions of years of relatively stable periods separating them happened in the past, therefore it's totally fine for humans to turn the biosphere of Earth to utter shit over the course of a few centuries!!!"
What next, "the sun will eventually expand into a red giant and engulf the Earth in a few billion years, thus nothing matters and we should enjoy the decline into a brown favela shithole!!!"
Or maybe, "the universe will eventually expand into the high entropy heat death, so just give up goys!!!!!"
Or how about the classic, "well, your going to die eventually, so to hell with caring about anything!!!!"
Retarded logic.
Yes, intelligent humans should seek to expand off-world as an eventual goal, but letting Earth be degraded into a toxic, deforested, mass-extinctioned, overpopulated, idiocracy hellscape must be opposed.

Your claims of extinction are completely unfounded and based in absolutely nothing. It is impossible for you to make these claims. When your own faggots openly admit that you don’t know how many species exist today, you cannot possibly say that said species are dying off faster than in the past. You also cannot say this because you knew even LESS how many species there were in the past. It’s all kike bullshit.

There is no global warming or climate change. The ONLY thing that humans need to care about is STEWARDSHIP of the Earth. That means environmentalism and intelligent herdsmanship and agriculture. Keep the Earth clean and don’t overplant/fish/forest/harvest. That’s it.

If the Amazon is being cut down it's because shitskin soybean farmers know nobody is going to stop them and they can turn a buck off of it. White nationalism and ecologically sound practices go hand in hand. Global warming is NOT the only environmental issue. Let's not even talk about it. Let's talk about pollution. Pollution is pretty easy to observe, and it's pretty easy to draw a cause and effect relationship with unlike global warming. There is too much mercury in the water, it makes the tuna unsafe to eat. This is a plain statement of fact, and we can track that mercury back to industrial sources. It's not a secret that the contributions to pollution are unbalanced. The sub-humans are responsible for most of it, however that doesn't mean we shouldn't do our part. Just putting stuff in the garbage instead of littering, recycling cans and other metal scrap, and not dumping stuff down storm drains are good first steps anyone can take to preserve the natural beauty of their nation. Notice these are also things subhumans fail to do on a consistent basis.

I'm glad you brought this up because I was there during the 80s. The "researchers" swore up and down that spotted owls would only live in old growth forest. Pictures of the damned owl were plastered everywhere, so imagine my surprise when I saw a similar owl roosting on a telephone line in the outskirts of town. Naturally I reported this important sighting to the nearest pantywaist commie.

Fun fact: Germany introduced industrial soybean cultivation in 1930s and exported this practice into Eastern Europe. Basically what US soboys are doing with Brasil. Have fun.

No, you were a dummy who didn't understand the English text.

^ Nihilist uneducated scum, disregard.

Sliding still doesn't work. When is this meme going to end?

some people see the beauty of life
others just sit around here to kill niggers and care for little else

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its always been a boogeyman, I remember as a kid they'd shill for "donations to save the rain forest" without ever explaining who receives the funds.