National Action Video's Banned off BitChute

So much for free speech

Just got pic related from BitChute regarding the National Action Video's I uploaded from the United States. Seems the kikes got to them with the Paypal ban as they have updated their terms of service to include:

As we know National Action was deemed a "banned political organization" under UK terrorism law. Will BitChute ban Proud Boys videos? How about all video with white men in them as the left says that all white men are terrorists.

BitChute is NOT a free speech plate-form and should be discarded.

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It's time to embrace user-indexing.

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Try peertube.
Example instance:

I think the only solution is blockchain or torrent style video distribution network. Something that cannot be banned.

If you install this how do you make sure your not getting CP?

Will you stop pushing Bitchute you fucking kikes, holy shit

They left up all my Hitler videos, so they are not all bad, but the National Action ones must have been specifically requested due to being a "terror" group, which we all know is bullshit.

NA vids almost certainly pulled in response to a Brit LE demand.

Indeed (see the thread I linked). And naturally, it wouldn't rely on any single 'domain' or central index either.
Even centralised hosting (e.g. AWS) + decentralised indexing >> centralised indexing + decentralised hosting.

I'm reading through and it seems like you get to choose what videos you host on your system. So you could op out of nigger videos.

Isn't this what Bitchute was supposed to be? (Sorry I'm not a techfag, I'm somewhat confused on this.)
Also, I was wondering how that works. With torrents you still need at least one seeder, so for this to work, people have to keep seeding the video, otherwise it will all go cold, just like old torrents. How can that be avoided?

Fuck PayPal. Start using WeChat for payment processing.

Look into my wallet

Fuck that china shit.

They have a bittorrent version yes, you can turn it on and off.

Webtorrent acts as a bandwidth lightener, not a single primary source. Basically it would make it cheaper for admins to host content, not that bitchute will ever get popular enough to need this.

You are correct. The only solution is the one that even Tim Berners Lee is now behind. Users need to have absolute control over their data, and users need to be able to access data without restrictions. The only viable solution is an entirely distributed system where data lives everywhere and nowhere at the same time, and it is simply impossible for other people to silence your right to free speech.

The downside to this proposal is that the implementation is entirely nontrivial. This will take a fantastic amount of effort to build, but we have no other choice. We absolutely must build this kind of system, or we'll be forced to live in a global Hellhole of no free speech anywhere.

Choose white man. Either you control technology, or Jews will use it to control you.

Does enough bandwidth even exist for this setup?



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< one freak means the org is a honeypot
Fuck off >>>Zig Forums fag


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These were the bravest men the UK had to offer and their fraud nationalists are so fake and gay that they throw them under the bus in favor of a bunch of party politic suit and tie masonic controlled opposition democracyniggers

I guess Zig Forums is a honeypot and gabbai is legit since anglin talked favorably of us and shit all over gab, right? dumb cunt

What if I were to tell you Zig Forums and Gab are both kike owned and Anglin is also a kike? dumb cunt

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I think the music enhances it a lot but this is one of the most powerful speeches ever.

Need I remind you every time goyim?


Does anyone know if the speaker is in Jail? He was in a bunch of their videos and all the speeches were pretty good.

Pay heed to this, lads.
This is the first crack in the ice… It's set a precedent now for other videos to be censored from their platform.
Whether they did this out of cuckoldry or out of genuine fear of legal action against them, it doesn't matter. Bitchute's days are officially numbered.

filtered and reported for being a bad jacketing schizo
take your meds Moarpheus
this site is mason owned

Yes he is. This is Jack Renshaw (nickname was Jack Albion). His story is weird. He was busted for planning to kill a politician. Not sure how serious the plan was. Apparently he was a bit of an unhinged individual.

Zig Forums is the only website you are allowed to use, goyim!

I don't think anyone believes that story. Obviously they were infiltrated like most "extreme" groups are.

How long is his sentence?

This video has two different speakers and neither are Renshaw.
Renshaw planned suicide by cop because one pig was hounding him relentlessly. He was also kicked out of NA for being relatively unhinged long before this plan emerged.
All ex-NA people are getting around 10 years because putting up stickers is terrorism.

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masons are kikes

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And what then when Zig Forums is no more?
We're plagued with shills and disinfo on a daily basis.
If you lurk only Zig Forums and nothing more you are doing yourself a disservice. Diversity is unironically our greatest strength in this situation.
But take heed, Bitchute won't be forever, they either reverse this decision or they will eventually fall by their own principles when more and more videos are cited as 'illegal'.
Thank the (((British Government))) for this one. According to the law here, NA is just as bad if not worse than ISIS.
Let that sink in a moment. A nationalist group that has done no terrorism and violence to speak of is just as bad as ISIS and classed as a terrorist organization



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Everywhere I saw this video, youtube, archive, it always said Jack Albion speech in the title.

Jews want whites to have a ethno state, I don't think we should give them it

Imagine think this

Shut up Moarpheus you dingus.

It's not him. Search engine for "Jack Renshaw speech" and you'll hear that it isn't the same guy talking.

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Imagine not believing it in the current year

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You're looking at this wrong. CP is a way to tell you've actually got free speech. Ditto with "terrorist" stuff (i.e. anything that the government doesn't like).
If you're worried about it, encrypt your HD, and run torrent stuff only in RAM disk. Computers have lots of memory these days. Keep no logs, cache, or other such things on permanent storage. If you're running Linux, you can even mount filesystems read-only, or use a Live CD.

The doublespace jew wants you to put CP on you HDD, goy.

What the fuck are you talking about Moarpheus, you lunatic?

I bet you voted trump, we're onto your tricks jew

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dont forget the based jews who just want whites to have an ethnostate!

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You're one dumbfuck nigger. I just told you not to use permanent storage.

Now that's what i call a outlier, most jews (pic related) want to create a ethno state for whites

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They never engaged in terrorism once, thats a fucking pile of horseshit, they just were labelled terrorists and banned.

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Now look shill, do you have a source on that article? I bet you don't, because I've just about enough of your trickery

Spencer has repeatedly stated hes a duginist for Eurasia and taking care of non-whites into eternity. He opposes ethno-nationalism and has a girlfriend who said she doesnt even think its a goal to keep whites around, thinks a brown mixed race country would be better in 200 years.

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Its obvious the argument he is trying to make, but it fits in with what the Jews are trying to do.

Wise post, all in all.

I hope you don't think that 9ec24d or c1b225 are posting sincerely.

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I read their last 2 posts, any time Spencer comes up Im making sure people know hes a tumor.

So these are the people shilling against Moarpheus: Jew-loving TRS sodomites. Imagine my shocked. I'm shocked right now. Give me a minute to down some water and recover from this absolutely shocking revelation. It's shocking and I'm shocked.


lol, you guys are hella stupid. Stop pretending. Its been two decades almost and you are still just online typing. You never did shit and the happening still hasnt happened. Filter me you soft faggots. Cover your bitch ass eyes and make me go away. Fucking queers. You spent your whole life watching anime and are just mad about it.

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And you double down yet again, everyone who's anyone knows is b&. Yet you posted it anyways, which only shows that you're a idiot or fed


Only a fed would deny they're a fed, and not post the actual link

Some new old uploads for you all.

Hollywood is Not Anti-Racist, It's Just Anti-White PSA

The Music Industry is not Anti-Racist, its Anti White PSA

The Rainbow Nation - South Africa:

No Apologies - Oscar Turner - Omniphi

The European Giant - Oscar Turner - Omniphi

Esoteric Kekism - Oscar Turner - Omniphi


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Bless NA and her martyrs.

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By the way, the NA video was most most viewed one, which is probably why it got banned. its effective.

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Sounds like you've been called out, and not willing to admit spreading lies. Post proof of your wild assertion, or leave this forum for good


No one even knows what you are going on about.

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That is a fallacy. jews are trying to help us, and people like you keep pushing them away. Grow up, the jewish people are our greatest ally in the fight for the ethno state

Jews =/ Synagogue of Satan

They hated them for telling the truth.

You're calling me out for calling them out?

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freemasonry is ancient, and yeah it's jewish, it's just fun to make Moarpheus sperg out.

probably moarpheus IP-hopping and arguing with himself again to shit up the thread

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You still pushing the demonization of the jewish people? Well i say, how dare, how very dare you. If you really want that white ethno state you claim you want (Which I doubt because you're a shill), the jewish people have made great strives in helping us accomplish that. It's the bad actors (you) that are trying to Divide and Conquer, pushing us away

One Man Stands Against the Antifa Hordes in Argentina - Fly Your Flag High

Blair Cottrell Speech on the State of Australia - Canberra

Understanding Internet Censorship in One Minute - 2018

unlike gab, bitchute wasnt kike owned I believe. How is it even possible to ban this video though, isnt it supposed to be upheld by a bunch of peer to peer trickery? Why do they even care about paypal? This is quite a problem. We finally had one video platform that was resistant and now this happened.

Do we still have the video somewhere to see? We can try putting it up there again as retaliation?

Its in ITT

well its also time to threaten bitchute

since we can make or break sites like this

Honestly they left up all the hitler videos, its just the NA videos banned, they probably don't have a choice, the law probably came down on them. However, the videos really should only be blocked in UK.

It's called IPFS. I think zeronet is partly based off this. It needs to be combined with with i2p protocol, which is far more secure than TOR (and is very bittorrent friendly too)

stop fucking damage controlling faggot, a single ban, and removal of our videos means full out war. If one video can be removed now, who is to say that others cannot be removed further on? The kikes are always pushing and one victory will embolden them with a desire for more.

Have you all grown weak and placid? Since when do we enable this kind of faggotry? These people need to be properly threatened/warned. I did so personally to many years ago and look at it now. A beacon of fucking natsoc/jew hate. All of these creators need to be bullied mercilessly.

Do it faggot, I know you have enough time.

Just between you and me user, it might be.

then why the fuck is that faggot caving in to paypal if he doesnt even host the bandwidth? For the face of his site?

it would be nice if one day we can walk forward with the same aim instead of all this faggy infighting happening ITT

They actually do hold servers that also seed videos, I suppose for the initial guarantee that they will be available. In the past, I've been able to recover 'deleted' things from there.

its just shills and bots user

can we make an addon, or some addon site that gets into these deleted videos? Perhaps a secondary seed site? My guess is that the site is not open source or is it? We could use one right now.

its called problem solving you dumb kikes. Not accepting even a single ban and not caving in to what could be a trend is what we always do, it is why we keep on winning against you.

Yes, the presence of libtarded trash in power over online services is a problem.
But the only response is to start your own services, and refuse to play the censorship game.
Expect a constant rain of harassment lawsuits, and line up some friends to counter-sue, also constantly.
Try to get your servers within the U.S., where those lawsuits will eventually reach the Supremes, which is a court of final destination that is currently being reformed to originalist justices (the Bolshevik libtards are fucking frantic over this, it pulls their fangs and makes them impotent in the face of the Bill of Rights).

You cannot demand equal treatment under laws created by those whose main goal is to silence opposition, especially when they fall under the power of "liberal" courts that have no intention of protecting rights, but who also wish to silence opposing views.

THIS is what we were all warned about, when they started the lie of "hate speech." It can be defined as anything, all the way up to the point where you cannot even oppose opinions that are sanctioned by the state, or you will be branded a criminal for even thinking.

All is happening exactly the way past pundits warned. There is now "wrongthink" and you can be censored and even jailed for it, ask anyone in Germany that DARES to suggest the "holocaust" was a complete fabrication (you'll have to visit the prisons to talk to them, but be careful what you say, or you'll be occupying the cell next to them).

Welcome to Bolshevism (so-called "communism")…you will be kept as a pet, or a meat-machine for the state. And even thopse that stupidly fought to create this monstrosity, will be ground to a bloody paste inside it's cogs.

It is inevitable that some people will, for their sins, end up in Hell.
It is justice that some people struggle to gain entrance.

Apples and oranges; Zig Forums is not an organization and calls to action are taboo.

Yeah that was one of the many reasons the jew occupied UK [or muslim controlled Britain if you're an irritating kike] classed National Action as a terrorist organisation, just as Trumpstein has now implemented in the equally corrupt jewnited States.

This video
is a beautiful example of an honest and excellent work telling the simple humble truth, which is now officially outlawed in Britain.

The last official party before them to tell the whole truth [BNP] has now since kicking out Griffin got a jewish editor of its website and now all they do is talk about muslims and protecting the precious jews (and queers) from da moozlims.

#Britain now legally has no way forward, unfortunately most of the so called jew-wise Anglos these days are cowardly blue pilled Tory voting spastics who alongside the embarrassing yanks became 'fashy based' NeoCon jew championing alt-shiters.
Too scared to express their deepest beliefs to even their best friends for fear of being ostracised from their close circle of neoliberal faggots…

They like their American cousins seem to think that tactically voting for NeoConservative jews like Conservatives or UKIP for another dozen or so cycles will slowly shift the OyVeyTon window just enough to save us, despite all it has done to date is move it to Tel Aviv and Britain and American demographics have already exceeded the point of critical mass.

70 years since the last attempt at freedom, the neutralised cartoon frog posting aut-shiters seem oblivious to the fact that it's far far later than Britons and Americans seem to realise.
We haven't got another few decades of election cycles left, that time mathematically passed in the 1970s, hence the retardation of the jewish aut-right, designed to keep the braindead asleep and hoping for orange kike daddy to make it all better.

it's actually a good site and I'm surprised they did this.

I think those anons were talking about the completely unrelated Moarpheus/Spencer sliding further up ITT.

Easily. Just scrape the addresses, as well as the magnet links/torrent files for said videos (I forgot how I found the ones I was searching for, most likely through the Wayback Machine - you can find them straight on the video pages themselves iirc) and either set up another webtorrent instance, or more easily, link them straight to the torrent files. No open API for BitChute is needed.
You should take a read through the thread linked here for a good understanding of why another website would not solve the problem. It is the indexes themselves that must be distributed if we don't want them to be shut down in exactly the same way as the ones under any corporate / state body - the fundamental makeup of the world wide web as it exists is not tailored towards this freedom.

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man, its always kinda eery to see posts like yours but they describe Europe perfectly. I cant believe how far lost this place is, and how indoctrinated pretty much ALL of the people are here. Its just so disconnecting if you go outside, and you know "no matter who I may encounter here, he is much closer to a drug addict than to being an actual human being such as me" its just weird you know, from a base instinct perspective. It tells me that I am surrounded by people that look somewhat alive and have emotions…but they are not people at all anymore.

This entire site is a call to action.

This, get to the core of what the internet is good for.

Don’t you love how shitty books like The Catcher in the Rye are famous for being banned but our banned videos showing racist laws against whites and policies that will cause our marginalization and extinction, no one cares about. They don’t even want to hear our side and every platform tries to kick us off.

This isn’t democracy. Everything I was raised to appreciate was a lie. This is a system and government that actively wants to destroy me and my people. We can’t even talk about it.

Everything in this thread that brings up fag spencer or any controlled "support" organizations, or the American president, etc., is a disruptive post.

This tread was about censorship and threats, if you dare to think the "wrong" ideas, or posit any alternative narrative to any general forum.
Everything else is to beguile you away from the crap they're using to shut you up.

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