Is Brett Favre /ourgoy/?

Brett Favre has become an outspoken anti-Zionist?!? i'm no sportsball fanatic and only really know his name because it always bothered me how the spelling and the pronunciation are so different and remember him from something about mary, but apparently he's hanging with Adam Green and the gang from No More News who are calling themselves the Goyim Defense League. according to an archived cuckchan thread he only did this because it was commissioned via the cameo site. That said, he certainly had the right to turn down the commission. besides, the VT article quotes him saying he wishes he had remembered to mention that 9/11 was a zionist inside job.

what do you think Zig Forums is this for real? i have dug a lot of stuff from No More News, they don't seem to be shills, so if they're in contact with Favre and he's on board this could go a way for red pilling boomers about the JQ.

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the fuck are you on about? are you saying brett favre and green are pedos? that'd be news to me. if that IS so i'm all ears but sounds more like we didn't manage a kike free first post in this case.

nice try shlomonigger

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Just mute and ignore. Always remember, shills and crickets are nature's thermometers. Only difference is shills are more closely related to cockroaches and other vermin.

why are you so obsessed with pedophilia? You sportsfans are messed up in the head. You should try finding a non-homoerotic form of entertainment.

Number 1, if you exercise some reading comprehension you'll note that early on in OP:
Number 2, it's 39f264 who jumped immediately to painting everyone/everything involved in the thread as pedo/chomo/"pedophilic content"

I'm guessing 4ed173 and 39f264 is Tel Aviv or did I get you fuckers confused again? Haha, as if it mattered which hasbarafag you are.

This is a silly thread halfchan-tier thread. Brett Favre isn't our guy. Cameo is a service where you pay look-alikes of celebs to say certain things. That wasn't him.

Cameo doesn't involve lookalikes. Also, he followed up saying 9/11 is an inside job. I find it very funny that so many shills are doing their usual halfass for a halfashekel job trying to spread disinfo.

I had to double check to make sure I wasnt on cuckchan. I thought we had this thread a couple days ago where it was pretty evident that he was paid money to say it on cameo, therefore it is not Favre organically saying what he truly believes. So fuck off with your shit thread OP nobody gives a fuck about sports niggers.

wow, that's really weird, because when I was talking to him on Twitter (and when he spoke to Veterans Today) he totally said that it was his sentiment.

I don't give a shit about sports but boomers and zoomers do and if one of their idols speaks up they're likely to listen. I'm sure that's what you're scared of though, isn't it Herschel?

What we should take note of is which e-celebs are pushing this as a real public denouncing.
I mean if there's any of them that people actually believe are spearheading some sort of pushback against our enslavement.

I'll just leave this right here…

If the Brett Favre I DM'd on Twitter is not a fake (see: ) then he is legitimately pushing back. Why else would he have mentioned Laurent Guyénot to VT?

That said, I do NOT trust VT. I think they're a disinfo op but either there is someone who is posing as Brett Favre who is coming out as a staunch opponent of ZOG or the real Brett Favre has woken up and decided to use his name as leverage.

I hate that normies worship sports idols and hollywood assholes, but seeing as they do, that can certainly be used to our advantage. Why do you think el ron hubbard was so hot for celebrities joining up?

THAT is the question I'm trying to figure out though. A friend who is in contact with Favre and No More News got me in touch with Favre, Green and the gang. I'm not certain about much, but so far NMN and Green seem fairly trustworthy. I was hoping maybe other folks would have more info but it seems like this thread is mostly disinfo shills trying to drop outright, but easily debunked lies (i.e. de rigeur du jour) complaining about the low quality of this thread. The irony being it's the same shills that are mucking up the thread without adding any value to the (attempted) conversation.


You can't seriously think that is the real person, can you? Are you legitimately that retarded?

I'll sure as hell know after I ask for a timestamped message with a specific phrase, won't I?

Speaking of litecoin… how much ya wanna bet it IS him? I was going to give him a call in a few hours. Proof of life from GDL Brett is worth how much crypto to you? I'm fine with an escrow service as well, but you've only got a few hours to take the bet.

Hey, maybe I'm wrong. I'm not at all sure, I'm curious and hopeful (is that still a crime?) and I'm going to find out soon. That's enough for me for now. The fact that so many people have dropped multiple easily disproved lies about this story has actually made me less credulous of GDL/favre. I get the feeling the boys from Beersheba are nervous though and that always heartens me.

Ya ok. Just go back to cuck chan and stop shutting up this board. As I've already stated this has already been discussed here and nobody is going to take you seriously when it's on fucking CAMEO a place where celebrities get PAID to say stupid shit. You have to be absolutely retarded to push this shit and actually think people are going to believe anything you say.

Doesn't work here. We can see through your retardedness

I think we've got a literal schizoid here.

That's fine. I'll share the timestamped proof in this thread anyway.

If it was just the one video that would be one thing. Talking with VT about 9/11 and ZOG had nothing to do with Cameo though. Explain that away or just wait for me to offer proof positive? I already see you're not willing to put your crypto where your cocksucker is so I won't be making any quick bank, but being right is its own reward.

Brett Favre is a Zionist and (((Adam Green))) is crypto kike and a Palestine shill. Favre did a short video for the (((GDL))) because he’s going broke and is desperate for anything. He never named the Jew. Fuck yourself OP.

We've always known who did it.

Porn-star Ron Jeremy has confessed to masterminding the attacks of September 11, 2001 along with his long-lost brother Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. “We did it,” Ron Jeremy wrote in his confession, calling the mysterious collapse of the towers “the money shot.”

Because they have shit tons of money and he was offering a way to evade tax, and enjoy a pr and security team second to none whilst living in exotic locations free to do what they want away from prying and judgemental eyes.

Did anything ever come of this?

Nah. Reported.

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Nice proof OP you lying kike

Green is a childish imbecile, always has been. Here couldn’t handle O’Connell so he focused on christfagging his way to becoming JF Gariepy instead—to have a successful stream. He’s a “raise awareness but please no bully” kind of retard.

The kike in pic related paid Brett $500+ for a shout-out using the cameo website:

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Go the fuck away, dumbass. It's a paid video. We had this thread.