Rapefugee attacks girl in gang attack, gets bullied in revenge, bully framed as racist Hitler youth

Rapefugee attacks girl in gang attack, gets bullied in revenge, bully framed as racist Hitler youth
A syrian invader zergling in the UK was involved with a violent gang attack against a young girl, who had her face smashed with a hockey stick (as well as being bitten by the "bully victim refugee") and now has to be homeschooled due to her fear

Naturally, the fake news media is framing this as a racist attack by the young white hero who was standing up for an attacked white woman.

The young man has received thousands of death threads from mudshits on his faceberg page and has been forced to write a letter of apology to the "victim" (aggressor) he bullied.

How did he bully the child? He pushed him over and poured water on his head.


Inb4 tommy robinstein - yeah yeah we all know he's a mossdnigger

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In case anyone here reading this isn't a lying kike
Tommy Robinson is a state spook who presents jewish distorted 'facts' and tries to rally his troops based on the jewish misinformation.
The key part of this story being the Syrian kid involved in a violent attack on the girl, if there was any evidence of this part of the story, that would be what the counter-jihad zionists would present, only they haven;t which sounds like every other Tommy Robinstein psyop, where the mitigating element of the story being told [bullied kid was actually the initial bully), isn't true

Tommy Robinstein and Apadre Anglin have for years been able to convince their supporters to mass attack anyone their leaders tell them to using everyday jew tactics to smear and defame the innocent, only to make the movement look bad in the public's eye, that's what jewish agents do

If it's in the media it's a deliberate fracture point, and that's more interesting than the story which as usual sounds like bullshit.
Faces "smashed" with blunt edged heavy instruments like a hockey stick would normally lacerate.
A gang did it but the only person the /ourguy/ retaliated against was a SYRIAN REFUGEE (say in Cenks voice for extra effect)
INB4 midf, no in my opinion Britain has no refugees since they would have to pass through several safe countries to get there which negates the term refugee. If they were attempting to join family already there, the family should be found and reunited with with the refugee in the first safe country they entered. (Turkey)

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Anglos are subhumans who deserve to die. 1945 payback, bitch.

Woops, posted prematurely.
More info on the story.

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The coming anglo generations will no longer be anglo-kikes like their parents due to this, that is if they survive.

UK needs to be fucking nuked already, holy shit

They have to WANT to survive and right now they don't.

Lol. The Anglo will never change. I'm already expecting them stabbing us other Euros in the back once again as soon as we attempt to shake off the chains.

I know lots of Brit ex pats and they all are racists but they're cowards too.
Their racism consists of some low key grumbling in private. But say something to them in public, like "There were 450 acid attacks in London last year" and they freak out and turtle into their shells and fall silent with their chins sunk deeper into their chests than Ruth Bader Ginsberg falling asleep at Kavanaugh's swearing in.
But there is one thing they all do say without the slightest shame or reticence; "All I wahn ta do, is sit here an have anuther beer". Yep they'll say that without any sense of irony or self knowledge. They're fat little workers compensation scammers, weaklings and treacherous weasels, all of them.

The British were once an admirable race, so their jew masters marched them into Flanders Fields to be bayoneted, machine gunned, gassed and blasted to bits by moving curtains of high explosive artillery. The best were slaughtered and the worms got to stay home in safety.

In the immortal words of Napoleon: "When the English are good, they're very very good, but when they're bad, they're just shit".

Gentlemen, behold shit.

Interesting to see that the predictive programming is working as intended, but in Brood War 2.0 we call the ZOGlings by their proper name:

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Nice coping for you when you see whites beaten down. A-anglos deserve it anyway. Weak. No wonder you whites will die out, the infighting will consume you all. Glad to be a chink when I see this ignorant shit, it's like you do not know the blood that ties the USA/UK and Europe itself together. The US throws their own brothers in the dirt to cope and it's hilarious. Good riddance.

It's funny because the US commoners do nothing about their own slippery slopped problems too, it's almost like the few dictate how you act. I feel pleasure in the Wests destruction, it's simply evolution. You're divided inside your countries and out. Good riddance.

Most "white people" in NA don't even see the jews at all. They're invisible to them. When told of the facts of this parasite race and their malign influence on finance, foreign policy and culture they regard you as a lunatic or worse. The brainwashing, the cognitive dissonance is pervasive. That's not my fault. I can only observe and try to convert at some personal discomfort and even risk. I almost got into a fist fight on my doorstep last summer when Green Pissers came to my door and I tried to educate them on the true situation. They were young, white, blue eyed blond haired, deeply indoctrinated Trotskyite scum. The male walked away shouting at me in an indignant rage. His female companion was muttering imprecations against me. It was almost "Bash the fash" time.

Fixed it for you Mo.

You had one job

hi jew

What would you say is a good way to fight back instead? You know these people only respect violence and force - the media will always demonize you no matter what you do anyway.

My own opinion is that Zig Forums should always remain an anonymous decentralized thinktank without any attachments aside from a shared desire to defend and archive facts and truth.

If we didn't share our knowledge and technology with these niggers they'd fall back into the stone age without dragging us there too like they want to.

STONE AGE?! You have far too much faith in them.

I mean the abbos had managed to achieve the highest degree of stone-age technology for like a couple decades before the British Penal Colony arrived.

Where are the donations for the thousands of white women raped by these shitskins invaders?

labour cucks get what they deserve

White women voted for this so they get the reward they deserve, nothing except beatings and rape. Very diverse and progressive the way it should be. Donate more to him and have all thots enslaved.

I can tell you here in Burgerland, I've never heard of Arab immigrants acting in unison to threaten a white boy like in the OP screencaps. What I'm seeing in the OP is Los Angeles inner-city style gang mentality. We do have Arab refugee "Little Baghdad" type areas, but they aren't anywhere near as uppity as what you see in the UK. It seems absolutely lawless over there. How the fuck can they get away with making those public posts, real name attached and all!?

Nobody "deserves" this, tornonce.

The only women that should be wiped off the earth are of shitkins and kikes

each day that passes i want more and more to pull a torquemada on those wastes of existence.

These videos remind of Aztecs and Mayans sacrificing the living. I guess they never really changed.

Yet it's funny the level of duplicity you hold on this when the British people are involved. And the rest of your D&C buddies.

You're insulting the Swarm by comparing them to sandniggers.

The white child and his family have had to flee the country for their own safety.

Glad your a chink too. Now go dig some oil out of the sewer, recycle it, and make dinner.

You mean continentals shouldn't have invaded Britannia and spread civilzation there so that it would ultimately be used against all Aryankind two millennia later? Yeah I agree with that sentiment.

A race's culture reflects their nature.

It was david cameron's policy to pick refugees directly from camps near the borders with syria, ie in Lebanon. It's likely that this kid got here through that policy.

If you unironically think it won't be whites doing this in 50 years then you're deluded.

No matter where Chinese go across the globe they are unified. But for us whites, everyone on this board is so happy to divide any kind of movement through sheer bitterness and hatred.

fuck off with your D&C kike

Who cares. The South African Boer prophet Nicolas Van Rensberg prophesied that England would be destroyed in a racial civil war for being the lackeys of the Jews.
It's over.

Britain is caliphate country, its only a matter of time before wogs and shitskins start a civil war with each other once whites are far and few.

Not getting anxious about your City empire falling are you?

If the military had a single moral man in the silos they would turn the key and let the nukes fly at this point.

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here is evidence against this by the Sunday Times Kikes will make the excuse that it's (((Sunday Times)))

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