You know what to do

Let’s ruin this bitches life

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A real life witch. This shit is worse than any story or fable I've ever read. Seriously tell me a more fucked up story than this. Clown world can be a scary place.

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The story went viral days ago. Her life in shambles already. No blackpill.

fuck off, ezra.

just called niggers - does she have a secretary? number is real.

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It's NOT NEARLY in shambles enough for my liking.

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Address: 150 S Denton Tap Rd Suite 116, Coppell, TX 75019

Hit this kike whore with everything, don't stop until she is ruined.

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Fuck off Moshe.

That souless witch never had a life.

Checked but don't stop when she's ruined.

Not your personal ar-
Oh. It's this cunt. Never mind. Carry on.

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Hi, I'm all onboard, but how can I spoof my number the same way the pajeets who claim to be the IRS do? Thanks.

Is she really Jewish though? Because if she is, her son is and…

You aren't wrong, but I'm gonna need something a bit more concrete than some sick ass trips before I can bring myself to see this poor child thrown to the wolves.

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Bump. We should find a way to get her medical licences taken away. That's like 10 years of work up in flames : ]. Even if we have to lie to get it done.

We won't have to lie.

OP is a faggot.

The father learns the lesson

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If he's a kike, that means the kid is a kike too, right? So why do we care?

Go the fuck away, redditor.

Go back to Zig Forums, monkey.

I already stated this. But we don't know if she is a kike or not. Assuming she is a kike, we still need to destroy her life, and get her medical license taken so she can't destroy any kids other than her own. If her son is a kike, we don't care about him, but can still use him as an attack on trannyism, which does destroy many white children lives.

all things considered, there is zero reason not to destroy her, kike or not.

Reported for spam.

this is about feminists trying to use courts to take all rights away from father while making the father through cash payments support tranny shit

Oh look, it's one of the paid shills who shits in every thread then resorts to "reported," then "global reported." Fuck off you low IQ monkey. Why do they hire such stupid fucking people?

jews can't be allowed to do this, setting a precedent.

Anne the Great Abuser


And do what exactly?

Ask her about her child abuse

Anons her and her son being jewish are irrelevant. If this goes through and stands it will then be used on goyim over, and over, and over again. Kind of like how male genital mutilation isn't a goyim practice at all if we go back a few decades. It's a pharisees jew practice. Yet here we are today.

Sure, it's bad, I just find it hard to find an emotional attachment given that they're not white. If you think this can, in some way, force a change in the courts, go for it, but I don't see it happening. We could have a million people march through the streets decrying this and these people, thousands of miles away in their comfortable multi-million dollar government office buildings and court houses won't give a single fuck.

Give me something new you fucking idiot…

Just called them. Said I heard its the number you call when youre looking for someone to castrate little kids… pause.. chemically. I started reading her name but she hung up on me.

There's only one true solution here. The father needs to kill her. That's it. We can't force a change in the courts. We can't ruin her life. People like her are in positions of power all throughout major industries, and will quietly hire her, or move her around, until things quiet down. If she managed to get fired, a gofundme type type website will be used to funnel money into her bank account with the support of leftists. The only solution here is for the father to kill her. That's it. He needs to man the fuck up and kill the kike to save his little kike son, because his son's insignificant life isn't enough to change to court systems to save him.

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Srsly though the lines open and they are accepting calls.

Oh and that was an international call for me so suck it up and make it.

I agree. Phone calls are so impersonal.

He said that because Anglins new anti-harassment law means its illegal to advocate a bunch of people call and complain if they happen to be white.


If she's a kike, that alone is a good enough reason to gas her. If she's not, her degeneration more than justifies ruining her life. In either case, this demon bitch should be made to suffer Zig Forums's boundless wrath.

(972) 304-0091
slap a 1 in front of that for international

The funding campaign attached to this story is fishy. Not saying it's true yet, but I have a gut feeling this entire story is one huge plot to milk millions out of right-wingers and also maybe burn intellectual resources (ie waste time).

I don't know… It's all too organized from my experienced perspective. I use the term organized lightly. I've seen this type of activism before by JihadWatch and the whole Zio-Crowd. Are the court hearings even real? Has anyone checked? Where are the court videos? The Judge? Who is the judge?

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She's a documented child torturer, she shouldn't even be around kids much less playing doctor with them. No need to lie.

It's legal under stand your ground laws to off this bitch. She is imminently ruining a young boys life. She is causing immense amount of physical and mental abuse. Killing her qualifies as justifiable under laws of protecting others from such abuse.

Yea shes in the officer right now but with a patient. Theres no answering machine, the secretary can take them but shes a bitch who will cut you off and hang up on you after some drivel about thanks for calling. I called again and changed my voice a bit, tried to ask how you can castrate kids before they even get hormones and not think its child abuse.

yeah maybe if she is in commission of felony or whatever. depending on the state
I've yet to see real proof any of this is even real, just a bunch of online articles and forum posts. I want a video interview at the very least.



woops, missquote

The felony part is attached with an "or" so it doesn't need to be true as well as any other conditional.
She is, by existing causing immanent threat to that boy.


The whole "Muh Transgenders" is a GCHQ British psyop with the goal of proping up fake "revolutionary leaders" like Jordan Peterson to fight against it. The transgender crisis is completely manufactured as a unifying social-issue. Yes, the more I think about it, the more the forced momentum behind this story becomes staged. I would demand more information about the court hearings. Again, the crowdfunding platform is shady… I am almost suspecting the crowdfunding platform being promoted is owned by the same people responsible for this entire story. Think about it….

Get smart, lads… replicate, don't participate. As always… fuck the British.

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that seems like a stretch but the rest is probably true

Then call her pretending to be a sympathetic journalist looking to get her side of the story.

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Good idea.

user, stop thinking like a blue collar worker, start thinking like a King. What is on the mind of a King at all times? Answer: Population control.

Then we get into the differences between cultures and how they rule. I am clearly wasting my time writing this.

I needed to hear this. This hits too close to home.

someone ID the dad

user, these stories are called distractions. Stories like these are deployed into the public space to rally anger away from the jews. The Anglo / Jewish system continueously invents new focus points for the public to focus on. Transgenders is only one such focal point.

Come on guy, it really is childsplay. Let's up our game a little higher, ok. Start thinking like a ruler, not someone that is ruled over.

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ok but what does this have to do with jordan peterson

haha great minds think alike.

user, you are at 8/pol/ asking the question: how is jordan peterson a shill?

I'm sorry, user. I cannot take you seriously.

Is the mother Jewish? Ok, yes this is a massive criminal plot to steal donations from conservatives. The father is 100% in on it.

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The crowdfunding sites for Sandy Hook victims were up and running before the shooting took place.

Replicate their ways, user. A crowdfunding site can be set up in a matter of hours. It's frustrating seeing otherwise decent lads take the bait… every time.

That's cool and everything but literally what does this have to do with jordan peterson in any way? has he even commented on it? and if this is a distraction why would they need him? Wouldn't it be more demoralizing to read that some woman wants to tranny her kid and nobody is fighting it than some woman wants to tranny her kid and jordan peterson is against it. If anything I could see people taking that as a sign that it is receiving backlash and move on with their day… which destroys the distraction element. If it is to prop up jordan… why? he is already a big name and there are plenty of real shit or fake shit more relevant to him they could have him oppose. you literally just name dropped a random figure and are upset you can't find a way to explain why now.

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I sure do.

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I won't bother reading that. In my 25+ years exp. a simple glance at the structure of your writing quickly identifies you do not belong in these circles. Not to mention, you somehow skipped the past 12 months were Peterson was assassinated 6,000,000 times.

This is your last (you)

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Keeping posting jewboy franco, falsely believing you belong.

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Dr. Anne Georgulas
181 Glendale Dr.
Coppell, Texas
[email protected]

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Does anyone have anything on who the judge was and the court case?

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this is a very good idea. ask her leading questions. ask her questions that ina raoundabout way could incriminate her. record the entire phone call

we might need to set up a phony agency or credentials to get the story. try using something like Austraulian News agency or CBC or something. a broadcaster shes never heard of, but is large enoguht o make it difficult to track you

should anons spam her email with gore or something? maybe anti tranny redpills?

Because it can be used on non-kikes you retard. The kid being a jew means nothing because it can be used to set a precedent on forcing white children to endure the same tranny shit. That, and preventing a kid from getting his junk cut off would end up saving who-knows how many others in the long run from this kid's future pozzings.

Still digging/ The ruling was apparently made by family court services, possibly in Plano Texas and is backed by the American College of Pediatricians and the American Psychiatric Association who labeled the boy as "suffering from gender dysphoria". Of interest also now becomes the who's-who of these institutions

this, the kikes ALWAYS do it to one of thier own to establish the precedent, this way they have standing before the courts. this is how they got abortion legal throughout anglo world

there really is only one solution though, and we all know what it is.

I don't think this bitch is a Jew. Georgulas is a British/Irish surname. She has that MK Ultra look that white women get after spending a decade in a University around Jews and enter a highly Jewed field like the medical industry or social work. Women lack nature's Jew repellant, testosterone. Without enough constant deprogramming from men that they are submissive to they quickly become possessed by the Jewess she-demons.

As nightmarish as this is, it is a first step. State gender dysphoria tests of young kids will not be far behind, and medical professionals will be determining gender and courts will enforce it.

Shut the fuck up you fucking kike. You faggots are why the world is hell.

Fuck this cunt and all other parents who allow their sons to be mutilated shortly after birth.

I called and played the Fuhrer in the background.

Should we care? If she's a jew then her son is a jew.

Her face screams AshkeNAZI jew.

buy a burner phone with cash and activate it with ether a payphone or a burner email from a laptop at a coffee shop.

She runs a child chop-shop.

"Do you circumcise newborns? Must I go to a hospital for the procedure?
Dr. Anne Pediatrics performs circumcisions. Many families prefer that the procedure be done in the hospital." (first page)

Look up burner phone apps. They exist.

Is she a kike? She looks like one but she might be greek judging by the name.

She is a kike.

She looks a lot more jewish in this pic than in the other ones Ive seen so far.

Some bitch nigger, look in other thread.

Yeah I agree, but you will still be charged with murder + hate crime + antisemitism + terrorism.
I bet killing jews has a harsher sentence than even killing niggers. ADL > NAACP

If you cant spot a jew just by its face, you need to lurk more before posting.

let the bodies hit the floor
let the bodies hit the floor
let the bodies hit the ..

The entire process of synthesis is a well-honed jew machine. The very first thing they did prior to setting up wilson was to crate the FED and income tax. Income tax also made the legal entity creation of foundations and NGOs. You see, the banks that bid on treasury bonds, which are all jews, spend that closed-circuit money at its non-inflated rate prior to it being absorbed by what is now a global economy. That way, the power gained is exponential, because monetary power is relative to supply/time. Normal businesses, as they grow and develop, work their way through a jewish designed graduated income tax system. The tax system has nothing to do with funding, it was for what it is now: fooling the rest of the world into accepting dollar as reserve. They knew this shit before they even started. So as a business becomes wealthier, it sustains greater losses into IRS directed fees, which then go into the discretionary spending of congress, who is run by total one man politicians, in a sea of jews who run shit. The jewish businesses are on the inside, so as they develop, they shed the taxable income against 501(c)3s which then gives them FMV for in kind donations against their tax fees. These NGOs are all listed, which is incredible that the IRS still requires this, in the age of digital censorship, you can look them up. An absurd majority are NGOs and foundations run by jews, for marxist international purposes like mass immigration etc. Their form 990s are all required to list compensation and executives. If you start thumbing through them they read like a jew phone book, billions of dollars. Once you understand this tax free org fact, the federal reserve/treasury/bond market scheme, and the creation of the 4th branch of government, the independent executive agencies, you then have mapped out the entire framework of how jews subverted the US constitution.

I don't follow kike laws sorry


Who's hungry for some pizza & hookers? Yummy!

Niggas am looking for some tranny escort services in Coppell but can't seem to find one, help me out

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A Texas user needs to go into her office with a hammer and crush her jew skull.

hi CIA

Holy fuck as a texan I thought I white flighted hard enough to get away from this shit, that this is so close to home deeply disturbs me. Had my family been comprised of different people and had I been born a few years later this could have been me