Pedophile Cult in London


Under duress I reveal this knowledge to you. Treadwell's Books located at 33 Store St, Fitzrovia, London WC1E 7BS, UK is a front for a pedophile network.

This network is separated from the Asian gangs who generally deal with local, white-skinned females (they ply in sex, domination and mental abuse).

This network is focused on the social/spiritual indoctrination of young women from various walks of life to be used as sexual servants/sacrifices. The use of infants in blood letting (to draw the Tetragrammaton and other Talismans) is also common.

They have not gone full ancient-Kaballah with the death of children yet to my knowledge, but the damage is one and the same.

The leader of this local cult is an Italian Transplant tied into Masonry, Occultism (Thelema, Satanism) and is funded by his wealthy, business father, Massimo Visconti, a maker of chemicals and chemical factories.

That "man" is Marco Visconti. Marco worked on several music projects throughout the years, using his influence to rape and abuse teen-aged women. He then gained a pseudo-job at Tredwell's which was originally a Socialist/Communist bookstore but has since evolved into a full time Occult center.

Below I will produce documented evidence of Marco's dealing with the occult world, masonry, his father's business and his degeneration into a child bleeding monster.

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Original Poster,

Marco Visconti was a friend of mine prior till I learned the truth. After removing a mother from her child, to which he took great delight in he began to feed the woman drugs and alcohol.

She took them readily and now her child is at an unknown destination.

Ok faggot, you piqued my interest, despite the reddit spacing. I'm actually not far from London so i'd be willing to go on site but answer something first. You said under duress. What duress?

I was forced to reveal this information to save my self.

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I am told that to reveal this is to signal the following, "The Government is afraid to reveal this because the Government is tied into this. Thus the Public shall become the arbitrators and explorers of this truth."

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Cautiously bumping this.
Large captial cities with a solid financial district always seem to devolve into this kind of shit.

Every major city in the West has this problem.

Urgh, is this some "masonic" shit? As if so I doubt anyone will bite. But fuck it, this place does have some odd things about it. Especially it's room hire page;

It mentions Daedlus books. Now, it's not well known but they we're involved some sex abuse shit some years back so your possibly being truthful.

Although i'm still puzzled, you say to save yourself, what exactly do you expect us to do? We're in the middle of a shill incursion and 4cuck refugees shitting up a storm. We can dig sure but if you want a lid blown off you might as well come out with everything you've got so there's stronger leads. Also why here.

Stay safe, OP.

Archive this shit before the kikes pull it down.

Cockroaches fear the light. By simply knowing the truth, you drive them mad.

I expect they will kill me after this.

Tell us all that you know. Perhaps some good might come of it after all.

Thanks for believing me. It means more than you know.

Alright, here is the truth. God forgive me.

England has always been a cultural center. The Jewish Magicians (known as Kaballists) have been performing the same tricks and ritual for thousands of years.

"Why though? Thats dumb!" But not when you have money. The blood of a child is seen as vibrant with life. The harvesting of it a regent. Yes they rape kids. Of course they do! Just as they place sins into a chicken, they place sins into a child. Raping a child is release. A "gift from above" to ravage and destroy. Thus they are purified. The blood of children is strong with vitus. Harvested it makes excellent talismans. The skin is seen as pork and disposed of, but the blood carries the soul.

Every large city has this. Cloaked in entertainment and pleasure it slides under the rug. Sealing deals in unspeakable bonds. The ultimate taboo. Business men love it.

Trust no one and protect your children. Let the sun rise clean again.

Thread archive -
Archive of bookshop website -
Visconti personal page archive -
Visconti wiki page -

You speak of blood libel. Most oldfags are familar with it, it's why the ADL was formed, to defend a vile practitioner of it.

Pic 2 if you put him a little skirt and some fishnet stockings and he was holding a refugees welcome sign….
If OP is genuine he will give us everything. Otherwise he might as well be a competing occult pedo bookstore trying to get us to do his dirty work.
I believe he may be genuine but he has to divulge everything he knows or a deadmans switch at the very least.

Cities should be obliterated Linkola style tbh.

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They call it blood libel to cloak their Occult interests. The Occult MEANS secret, thus they keep it secret.

Harvesting blood as a regent for their occultism is ancient. Still happening every day. It's why they love refugees and the poor.

Poor people disappear and no one remembers them.

"Visconti has been involved in the occult since the 1990s.[5] He was initiated into the Minerval degree of Ordo Templi Orientis at Khem Lodge in Rome, Italy. During the next few years, he advanced through the Man of Earth degrees of O.T.O., completing the Triad at AMeTh Lodge in London, UK, where he moved in early 2013, and serving as the Lodge's Treasurer (one of the 3 permanent Officer roles) for several years. In 2015 he war ordained a Deacon in the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. However, following months of heated debate about alleged abuse in the Order perpetrated at every level of the organisation, Visconti decided to resign from it, telling his version of the story on his own website, in a diary-like blog called The Wasteland. "

Taken from his wikia. Also found this book advertised on his main page.

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Last thing:

The occult war is happening at the borders of the Ukraine and Russia right now.

ideologies are enflamed and people are dying. It is why the propaganda against Russia in the West is so bright and heavy. Russia does not want anything to do with this. Thus they must be hurt and killed.

Strike hard and heavy when the iron is hot. Walk with your eyes open and survive the coming storm.

It sounds so ridiculous and cryptic but the best thing you can do right now is survive. Protect your children. Fight immigration. Confront the occult communities. Drive them into desolation and despair. We used to burn witches, now we put them on the tele. Broken and subverted by the Devil.

More archives

Stores twitter -

I'm having trouble digging and archiving their Facebook, can someone else try

He was expelled from the O.T.O. for aligning with the Dragon Rouge and the Eastern Cartels who ply flesh.

The O.T.O. is an occult group but they are very Western and prize the individuals freedom over all, thus his corruption sent him packing.

Take care Zig Forums I hope this does some good. I hope I am not killed, although I deserve it. Don't let them win.

those moronic migrants have no idea what they're walking into, do they?

… You had me up till you posted that. You can't claim something insane without backing it up beyond "believe me goy". A small conflict between two groups that hate eachother and have had proxy conflicts before is not new nor esoteric. If your going to claim that then you have to offer evidence or logical explainations as to why.

The Ukraine is a buffer state between the West and the East. Everything about the conflict is a war of ideals. Marco.
Who are the Eastern Cartels?

Why are they forcing you to reveal all this?


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Interesting, thanks. Will research it since I have some spare time.
Is their interest in occult baseless and a delusion? Or does it really work?
Why is someone forcing you to reveal this? Where you one of them?

Were* tired; polite sage

Секретно - secret
Слепой - blind

user, let me stop you here. All youre giving us is paint by numbers Conspiracy 201 shit any real rabbit hole diver already knows. Start naming names or im on the verge of calling you a LARPer and telling you kindly to fuck off.

Shops owned by a witch apparently. Not much on her, an "academic". Unknown if possible lead.

Interesting tweet found, kink at a book launch
archive -

How about you back off and let him reveal things of his accord.

Have to agree with this, if your really in trouble you may as well play all your cards.

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That's nasty.

I agree, if you're 100% sure to be killed. Maybe the "Great One" or God if he really exists will be merciful.

Aaaaand here's where I tell you to fuck off. This is 'member berries horseshit. Mention a current event, tie it into whatever cryptic bullshit youre spouting then hope the surge of recognition that explodes in peoples' brains ties the two completely unrelated events together.

What the even actual fuck could the Russia Ukraine shitstorm even remotely have to do with a fucking bookstore in London and some failed musician whose into degenerate sex.

No you don't deserve it user. Arm yourself. If they come for you fight them with everything you have.

The only detractors have been individuals like you talking upon the Ukraine/Russian issue.

You have your job to do and I have mine. But you need a better script Beck.

is there anything that Marco and his father in particular are planning to do, soon?

More on Visconti, have a dig if you wish

Suicidegirls profile -
Archive -

Flickr -
Unable to archive, please assist

Personal Twitter -
Archive -

Possible DeviantArt -
Archive -

Gab findings -

thanks mate, godspeed.

So, Marco, where is your epiphany coming from?

Utter filth. So one is to be content with being grotesque and consider that enlightenment.

OP, give us more, real content/evidence.
Also, more importly, how are these events metaphyscially structured, relative to the participants? And is this the exact mechanism required to fuel ´the machine´ we live in?
If not.. whatever, we dont care about dumb whores, even when tortured to death, they asked for it somehow, lel.

Eh, i'll bite again although i've got my doubts. Seems Visconti specialises in an area called Thelema

A summary is fairly simple, degenerate "yolo lets fuck" old style mysticism bastardised by Crowley and other degenerates. Has vague connections to Kaballah and Luciferianism in it's systems. Might be an interesting topic to figure out why semites push degeneracy though due to this (although even then we know the baseline reasons as to why);

"The Fraternitas Saturni (Brotherhood of Saturn), founded in 1928 in Germany, accepts the Law of Thelema, but extends it with the phrase "Mitleidlose Liebe!" ("Compassionless love!"). The Thelema Society, also located in Germany, accepts Liber Legis and much of Crowley's work on magick, while incorporating the ideas of other thinkers, such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Sanders Peirce, Martin Heidegger and Niklas Luhmann."

Now concerning the shop itself, Google street view has an oddity on this. The cams inside the shop

Also within the shop is two items of interest at the rear. First is the painting of Lucifer. Which, potentially, ties into Satanism claim. Second is the white rabbit mask. Now i'm sure most oldfags will remember but for those lurking the white rabbit is commonly associated with child abuse. Now it can be argued it's a red herring as some have done but it's odd for it to be in this location. While yes, masks are used in rituals you'll notice that this is the *only* mask of it's nature in the shop.

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If the police won't do anything, nobody will do anything in the UK.

I've checked this place out too back in my blue-pilled days, just out of curiosity. But I left pretty quickly. The levels of deviancy on there are unimaginable. You wouldn't believe the types of disgusting freaks, whores and generally fucked up people there. It would be a good idea to infiltrate that place, take pictures and start putting together a name list for later.

Why do you say that is Lucifer? It looks more like the god Pan/Cerunnos/some other horned god especially with the leaf crown and neutral colors. They may be vine leaves symbolizing wine and excess. Also Luciferianism is not the same as Satanism and afaik they are not the same even within themselves.

Zig Forums… you gotta be rough with your women in bed. I know it may not come naturally because we are paternal caregivers of civilization and we revere women greatly, but this whole domination-based fetishism and degeneracy is only characteristic of women who are not being sufficiently dominated in bed. Don't hold back justice from them when they crave it to such an extent that they are willingly going to engage in debauchery to obtain it. This is the real problem with soy men, they put females on some kind of pedestal when such adulation is false, degenerate, unwanted, and unwarranted. Soy men unwilling to give women divine justice are a plague, and proliferate as single mothers fail in growing numbers to teach boys to be men.

You think it's bad advice, but you have to discipline her in the sack or she'll act out begging you to do it.

Addendum to my last post concerning the mask and painting, the images from the cam date back to 2013 as evidenced by the leaflets at the stores enterance.

After reading through briefly it looks like the info on this Visconti is accurate but there's little to none of the usual surplus markings.

His history is interesting, there is apparently a character called Dagon in a film named La Ragazza dei miei Sogni based on Visconti.

But again no real information beyond what we can extrapolate from the name Dagon.

A very valid point, I hadn't considered that and it would likely make more sense. My occult knowledge is a bit dated overall, it's been a while since i've even looked into the subject at large.

Oh, and checked

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For a bunch of occultists privvy to super secret spiritual shit, the OTO are remarkably CNN levels of blue-pilled.
The Case Against Trump Supporters in the OTO
can't archive

A tree of the Freemasonic orders from Marco Viscounti himself

Good spot though.
We're still lacking for anything substantial to really make connections or bust this thing open. So far all symbols, rabbit holes and a Crowley wannabe.
All too tenuous yet!

Anyone notice this is a samefag reply to OP?


Potato Potahto
All lodges need cleansing.

I gave the benefit of the doubt and assumed he was letting us know he was the original poster. Some of us Brits write quite disjointedly sometimes

Oh, as in he was saying he's the OP. Gotchya.

sage sage sage it (dumb joke, couldn't help myself sorry)

Damn I failed at internet today. I meant sage in reference to this.. Oh, the shame.

Holy shit they must be related. Remember him? "Men of the west! We have the most decadent sluts in the history of the world." Man I wish I had that clip.

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Seventeen = Q

Someone needs to friend him with not an overly obvious NS or Meme account so we can record his friend's list for more deets.

Ok so more digging, running low on coffee so i'll be calling it soon but here's what I got, odd images on his instagram. Won't lie i'm grasping at straws in some cases but eh, someone with occult knowledge should look at it and give a better idea.

Instagram direct link -

Ok so what's posted. Mostly esoteric bullshit with a few things of interest.

Ritual burning, if someone knows the ritual a synopsis would prove useful -

Esoteric trailer for above event -

Probably just an art piece but deserves closer investigation -

I'm loathe to even entertain masonic ideas but his instagram does contain this -

Vague suggestion of behind closed doors? -

Honestly i'm out of my depth with occult symbolism. But even with that fact there's still almost nothing to go on. Unless OP can offer something actually concrete this is a wild goose chase unless i'm missing something with this degenerates practises beyond "spooky spooky skeleton lets fuck yolo" bullshit.

If someone does find something good, remember to fucking archive. I didn't bother with above as it's so damn tenous.

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I hope you're taking screen caps and archiving everything.
I'm copying all on his facebook, anything that appears of note is getting screencap'd because I've seen enough shit just pop into the void on archive sites.

I'll compile my cap's in a mega and post later.

I can't archive it all, i'll grab a few samples for the moment but heading off soon. Theres too much for me to go through in so short a time tonight

Reported for autistic Q-LARP spam.

Just a sample, full dump tomorrow unless someone beats me to it. As I said, i'm doubtful at this point.

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Found out he works at blizzard.

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Never mind, got the people mixed up.

This is lazy fedposting.

Why would you be revealing this now, and not years ago with pizzagate faggot?

Shut the fuck up, I can read the images fine.
He's revealing it now because shit happened recently, obviously.
Marcos digging would also distract from the Comet Ping Pong digging unless we can find a direct tie between them.

I doubt they have anything worth hiding in it if it's on YouTube and a public performance. Then again, Comet Ping Pong..

>He was expelled from the O.T.O. for aligning with the Dragon Rouge and the Eastern Cartels who ply flesh.
Dragon Rouge dump
>Illuminati but maybe not British masonry

Bookstores are known links in the homosexual casual sex chain, and where homos go you find pedophiles. All bookstores, like all pizza places, are suspect locations.

I'm interested in who did this. These sound like parties favorable to our interests.

Didn't find much spicy besides his obvious unsettling view on children and goats, typical.
He posts insufferable blue-pilled cuck adoration of cape-shit. Either he's doing that in an attempt to blend in better, which is a common tactic, or even all the occult books he's read couldn't save his fucking pleb taste in cinema. Figures with all the Alt-right and Trump bashing he did in the last handful of months on his Facebook.
He's probably smart enough to not be as blatant as the Ping Pong traffickers in broadcasting his activities. Or learned to clean up his Insta. Boo.

Here's the mega link to what I found may matter from his Insta and facebook. What I should have done was dig his Fetlife account after finding it, but I'll save that for another user.!ITBX0QBS!dewN9oFNGlqG9i66bAwgxg

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Is anyone up for playing a homo and paying £180 to spend six week larping as a thelemite to investigate Marco (while avoiding becoming the altar sacrifice)?

Thanks for the Mega archives and all the digs, user.

Marco Visconti's role in Treadwell's is "Special Projects Manager"!

Piece of news relating to Christine Oakley Harrington, owner of Treadwell's
Casey Kearney killer 'told pagan priestess of demon attack'
Hannah Bonser, Mormon obese mother died when she was 9, schizo and other mental, trans, psychopath begging to be hospitalized when she killed a 13 year old, insists on being called Adam in jail.

I caught more straws!

Westminster paedophile ring: Top Tory MP 'murdered girl at vile orgy' claims new witness
The new witness has told police a FOURTH youngster - this time a girl of 15 - may have been murdered by a VIP abuse ring which included politicians and a TV comedy star

Dolphin Square is close to Pimlico is close to Fitzrovia (being London), where Treadwell's is.

Tip of the iceberg people.
You also want to look into some of his friends
Kam Sharoff previous convictions for violence against a woman, bisexual, lesding light in the secretive memphis-misraim irregular masonic body
Chris Morris gay activist not the comedian/TV guy, used to make his money via 4d media hosting twink porn script writer for british politician peter mandelson chris morris is the husband of chas newkey burden journalist and author outed by private eye for writing his own book reviews on amazon

Is Moldova's mafia selling weapons to Ukrainian separatists? 2014
Transnistria is a mafia state.

Thanks for the drops. So this has substance? It IS a pedo cult?

Why do Italians have so much higher crime rates than northern Europeans

I will post more later along with a dump of screen shot i have collected over a long time. not a pedo cult, just a lose affiliataion of drug addicts and sexual deviants who share similar occult interests. the peter mandelson connection is of a lot of interest chris morris has been trading off this for over 15 years
you might also want to look at viscontis twitter feed going back a few years
do a google search on azrael2393

other interest info marco visconti is a trust find kid his father is massimo visconti not the archetect massimo is a big name in the corporate coaching world and very wealthy

Dagon is a fish-god of some kind in HP Lovecraft's short story:

Kam Sharoff aka Cameron Leonard-Schroff
General manager Press contact Booking agent
Sheldon Trinder: [email protected]

theres a lot more on morris search his name along with "dizzythinks" and follow the leads

More Russian propoganda bullshit fuck off Dugin

then why are we digging this?
I did. It's so convenient when they do everything under one screen name. He has an overheating macbook!

Yes, I was going to look into that bit but haven't yet.

Well quads say dive headfirst in that rabbit hole without a helmet - ha, dizzythinks!

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻)
The Shires
Phil Hendren. Evertonian, engineer, polemicist in few characters. Retweets != Endorsements.

I will have to come back to all this later.