Right Wing Tax Squads #10: Reward in the OP edition




Most important of all: irs.gov/compliance/whistleblower-informant-award

This is the form you have to fill in: irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f3949a.pdf

Complete Section A(1) and Section B(3,5) and than print it and mail it at Internal Revenue Service Stop 31313 Fresno, CA 93888

Your personal info is not required. Be sure to describe and link everything at Section B(5).

Don't forget this either if you want the Blowbux: irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f211.pdf

Britbong anons: gov.uk/government/organisations/hm-revenue-customs/contact/reporting-tax-evasion

Leafs: canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/programs/about-canada-revenue-agency-cra/suspected-tax-cheating-in-canada-overview.html

Aussies: ato.gov.au/forms/tax-evasion-reporting-form/

Kiwis: ird.govt.nz/online-services/keyword/advice-assistance/online-anonymous-info.html

If a thot has over 200 transactions in a year OR makes 20,000 USD then she must report it. If she's a self-run business, they can only make up to 400$ usd before needing to report it.

You do NOT need their SSN.

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Best ride ever

Kek wills it.

I think we should have links for more countries than just anglo nations. I remember seeing on Twitter that there were frogs that were participating so it would make sense to have resources to either use or distribute.

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If a country has:

tax agency
ability to report for potential fraud

post that shit, no point anons from other countries missing out.

Shit we can make this global, there are japanese and korean thots for days.

Korean thots are probably out of our reach due to the Megalian cult

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Acknowledge this or stop with this Kek shit, magapede.

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go away jew

We are fighting for our people. What are you doing?

Is it just instagram whores or others on sites like clips4sale?

Remember to report them to their States too! States are hard up for tax money!

This “thot audit” nonsense is exactly like back when Zig Forums thought they could save Hannah Hays. Nothing came from all those threads and nothing will come from these. Some thots will definitely get audited, which is good, but not all of them will because this misconception that they don’t pay their taxes is pure incel lies. At what point will Zig Forums transition into a post-political mindset and stop getting involved in these alt-lite/MGTOW/alt-right “culture wars” that the e-celebs and their capos shill incessantly?

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Eat dick

user, white text with black outlines is earlier to read

Nice response cuckchanner, really gonna GTKRWN if you audit all the worthless cam whores and SnapChat thots. Great thinking.

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They still won’t fuck you user.


Al fucking Capone went down for tax evation roasty
NOBODY gets between uncle Sam and his taxes
the untouchables had Capone cornered in trial with a metric fuck ton of evidence, yet nobody dared nor wanted to jail him simply becos he gave people the booze they wanted
only the IRS could jail his fat ass and you think a bounch of thots are a match for Capone?

Imagine thinking I’m a paypig because I use a term, one that seems to apply to a lot of people here.

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You'd be better off just buying a ski mask and robbing the thots yourself.

What exactly do you mean by this?

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The fact that we live in an age where capitalism has allowed women the power to literally make a living taking their clothes off without even having to leave the house should black pill all of you on crapitalism and why it needs to die.

Sarah Dishong Toth aka "Karuna Satori ASMR"
205 Salmon Ave Johnstown PA 15904-2314
(814) 244-9498
This is a good fish, local cops already "know who she is."

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Stop posting ugly whores you pretentious faggot. Nobody is on your side here. You're wasting your energy.

Im gonna call you glass eyes, you're so transparent I can see your tiny brain failing to adequately come up with the right phrases to appear as though you belong.

Thanks for the free advertising sweetie!

For the past few years, Zig Forums were heavily shilling for Trump thinking he would at least get some things done like building the wall and reforming immigration. This is what all of Trump’s base still wants, from boomer cuckservatives to alt-lite MAGApedes to the few in the alt-right who think Trump will suddenly get funding for the wall before 2019 (TRSodomites such as Mike Enoch and Jazzhands McFeels). It’s obvious at this point that the Republican Party will not be taken over by us anytime soon as they will continue to remain the dwindling party of tax cuts and reject “identity politics” while the Dems continue to grow in support as America continues to become less and less white. The election phase of this fight is over and anyone who thinks we can vote our way out of this dystopia is either retarded or a literal shill. Tl;dr Zig Forums needs to reconsider its approach and start thinking beyond the ballot box.

I’m an oldfag, you sound like you only found “the chans” last week. Kys.

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post you tits bitch
whoring yourself online is the only thing your good for

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Post it in your own thread you dickhead. Filtered for shitting up the thread.

Keep pushing lads, we're close!
You know you're over the target when their shooting at ya!

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Chinese social credit - Mao's next great leap forward.

thots in china will get r3kt

Zig Forums shilled for the lesser evil, considering the other 2 likelly candidates were a commie kike and the wicked witch of the left i would have voted for him too

Filter it.

PA has an online form.

Nice understanding of the English language, my friend. These thots are nuking their shit because they’re all retarded NPCs who think some autist filing a report to the IRS is going to can them even if they do pay their taxes. I have an acquaintance who used to work for the IRS years ago and he told me how so many different cases never even made it to their desks because they’re severely understaffed and can’t audit every person who’s mentioned in the cases. You usually get 2-4 IRS agents per county or less than that.

Filtering: the cuckchan way of blocking somebody you disagree with or whom you can’t debunk.

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and miss the salty butthurt?
what's the point of auditing thots if you're not gonna enjoy when they bring their spergings here for us?

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It's made whore worried and generated a lot of plebbit salt. I don't care what effect it has that was enough to justify it for me.

understood. will change after next round.

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your memes are dank, good diction, concise and funny, check out kek.gg

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You incels are pathetic.

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They all should be sent to camps

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reply links are obviously shoped and the date/time is somehow AFTER your post

You’re definitely going to establish the white ethnostate by having all these THOTS audited, guys. Because this isn’t counterproductive whatsoever.

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This is what Pol fears.

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What would really make this explode is if evidence of money laundering is found.

my only regret is that soon some mod or janitor is gonna purge your every shitpost and i won't be able to laugh at you anymore
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keep posting for me my little paypiggy

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Kek only blesses this board. Dubs on shit boards do not count.

Fuck you incel, you’re dead. Come meet me in Rhode Island.


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subbies gonna sub, fam.


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You sure about that, incel?

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Good goyim, snitch and help fund ZOG!

Finally, a reasonable person in this thread.

It’s like poll is run by antiwhite incels.

I'm happy to see these ladies never noticed what happened to Goddessmine.

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Fuck off nigger.

nigger detected.

you're baiting when you write it like that, you aren't even trying to hide it, fuck off Zig Forums you should agree with this op. filtered.

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i'm really enjoying your autism roasty
whores like you are not worth white knighting, you're nothing but used goods with no future past your expiration date
fuck it, if this makes e-whoring unprofitable somehow, we may actually push thots into getting a real job and save them from the grimm dark lonely future rapidly aproaching them

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Kill yourself Torpedo. I hope someone does.

You’re such a lonely incel, user. Who hurt you?

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Nice filenames.

You will never be white.

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We are coming up on a week since the operation started on Zig Forums. Not bad.

Send them to the /b/ thot patrol thread. Those anons know how to harvest good salt.

Will they keep taking out loans if they know that NEETs will be getting 30%?

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God Bless you user, I will be releasing weaponized autism soon. I have become KEK, the destroyer of thots.

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shills btfo

That post should have said (((White Women)))

The momentum is dying. Are any of you guys still at it?

Isn't there a McCain foundation like the Clinton?

Women are inherently subversive

I'm still active, but I actually ran out of PayPal accounts to report. I could have gotten more but I didn't bother with all the obvious catfish ones.
I still hit Tax Evasion Reports+Patreons+circle pays when I can get them but the evasion reports take a lot longer to build up than anything else.
We were basically fully de-platformed on r*dd*t and 4an so it isn't exactly speeding up. 4an mods will usually merc any thotaudit thread they see, although they seem to last a longer time on /r9k/. I would say we're losing steam but there's still some life left in it, and if another MSM outlet picks it up we could very quickly be rejuvenated. Regardless, we've likely made an impression on more than a couple million people with #ThotAudit so I'd say it's a good bang for those whores' bucks.

A lot of our outreach programs were shut down. This means that we have to rely on results rather than momentum. All of the data is there. We need efficient ways of sifting through it and providing good leads for the tax guys.


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Very true. With a good strategy and the aid of computers, it could all be done by a few people.

We may not need those platforms at this point, as having the "right" people working as a team could be more effective than brute forcing with many people.

Ultimately it will take some time for all of this to take effect, so I'm not surprised at the way things are moving right now. I would imagine getting people banned from sites like PayPal should take the least amount of time. Any confirmed pages shut down yet?

I wonder what it will be like in a few months when many of these people are investigated and the news starts interviewing those affected. We all know how the media will spin it, but I am curious to see how the public will react. You can imagine many of the leftists will cry in solidarity, but many will probably also think these thots rightfully need to pay their taxes like the rest of us. It will be interesting to see how well the media is able to attach it's own narratives related to inciting violence and shaming for these thots.

You can be sure that at least some thots will end up having to pay taxes. I consider this a huge success. Thotaudit and IOTBW have been very successful. If we could devise a new strategy like this every week or two, we might start winning this battle before long.

God bless those working diligently on this. I love you all.

Has anyone reported Lana Rain yet?

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Is there a confirmed kill list yet?

Sentiments are mutual user

Fuck off you god damn false flagging piece of shit.
You don't belong here. No one agrees with you, you fake (((journalist))) looking for shit screenshots of your own violent post

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Kek'd this is great user

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This made my day, thanks user.

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i fuckin swallowed half my chew when i saw it lol
side note from another thread that I think everyone should be aware of

When everyone pays their taxes, we all win. I know it is hard for the narcissistic to contribute to the betterment beyond themselves, but this is the opportunity to take a good long look in the mirror for self introspection and not admiration for once. It might not feel like it, but you are becoming a responsible member of society and that is, in itself, a source of self worth you can be proud of that will never hit a wall when you are 27. Namaste.

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I don't get it. Why would you let her know she's been reported? Wouldn't that give her the chance to prepare for the audit?

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