Torah and the Jew World Order

Torah and the Jew World Order
Gather round, newfags, time to learn about the origins of the NWO

I've been analysing the Torah after seeing a jewish website that said zionism originated in the Torah, and that zionism was not simply nationalism, but the creation of a state that would unify the world under a one-government theocracy.

Sure enough, the Torah contains all of this, and more.

NOTE The document I've made is very TL;DR.

IMPORTANT: The instructions from (((YHWH))) in the Torah perfectly aligns with modern jewish behavior, in politics, culture, society and business.

In the Torah, the jews are instructed to:
- Create a one world government, centered in Israel and controlled theocratically from the Temple of Solomon
- Create Greater Israel, from modern Syria & Iraq to the Nile (Yinon Plan)
- Commit absolute genocide on any non-jews who resist or obstruct their plans, as well as those who refuse to serve them
- Rape non-jewish women and children (yes, this isn't just a Talmudic thing)
- Conquest the entire globe (any land they step foot on is "theirs")
- Become parasites, leeching wealth that they do not create
- Establish puppet governments, non-jewish kings and their kingdoms will become their slaves
- Enact debt slavery as a method of control and conquest (use usury on non-jews, but never on their fellow jews)
- To completely eradicate non-jewish tradition, history and culture (with strong emphasis on destruction of spiritual artifacts)

There is more, but these were the main points.

Pastebin of document:

Every source is linked and archived, and, in my opinion, there are no two ways to interpret the messages in the Torah. You can prove the disgusting and debased nature of the jews with this book alone, before delving into the Talmud. The Talmud is, of course, supreme clarification of the jewish doctrine, and I will be producing another document for that at some point.


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Note for blindfags: see long image in OP for nicely formatted version of the document

Do you release this content as fair use?

It's just a pastebin and a PNG buddy, do with it what you will.

Nice one

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read the talmud

Don't you ever feel pathetic being helpless permavictims raging against a world that won't let you join in the reindeer games? Pffhaha… If writing down an ancient text is enough to spark the NWO, just write your own. You understand it well enough, right? Your grok isn't groggy, is it?

Don't you have anything better to do?

The raids will never end.

Looks like Alex Read SIEGE lol.

Yep. This has been the plan for a long time. It is going to be interesting to see how they false flag the Dome of the Rock. The ensuing Muslim chimp out will good live streams.

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I would like to raise awareness about the tribe of Dan who I believe are the source of all abrahamic religions and probably even Hinduism.
The first "written" Talmud (Babylonian) was created using a sexagesimal encoding system but that wasn't Sumerian in origin as (((history))) teaches because the Sumerians were barbarians and not intelligent enough to conceive of that system. It was the first Masons of Egypt that possessed this knowledge which was siphoned from them under false pretenses by the Habiru (hebrew) tribes and disseminated throughout the "mw" or Sea Peoples union.
Two important members of the Sea Peoples union were Shekelesh which later founded Rome and is now Sicily and Denyen (Danaoi, "in their isles" d3jnjw), the latter is the tribe of Dan or DN, Den, Snake who founded not only Catholicism, which was an amalgamation of previous religions they created, and the Vatican as well.
Christianity was created to appease the ancient messianic jews who are the modern day Palestinians, Arabs and Bedouins and NOT ashkenazim jews who are Iranian (Persian) in descent. The religion wasn't adopted by the Middle East people, but it was forced upon the European tribes by the Romans and continues to curse all peoples who follow it because it is a religious doctrine for slaves.
The story of Adam and Eve is about usury, debt, predatory banking and merchant contracts which is why usury was considered a sin in Catholic/Christian societies, funny how that lesson is not taught anymore to people who follow either religion, but that's why jews were not allowed to charge usury fees between each other until 1666 when Sabbatai Zevi came along, called himself a messiah and allowed it.
The Druids were part of the Dan tribe and were aware of the Masonic knowledge. They practiced blood rituals such as painting blood on door frames like the jewish Passover but for slightly different reasons. St Patrick was never canonized by the Vatican because he was an enemy of the tribe that founded it, and the Druids never disappeared but joined the Catholic diocese instead.
To combat the power which this tribe has over the world a concerted effort must be made by humanity, but this is why so many religions exist for they were created to divide us all and keep us weak. To destroy the power structure the law of incorporation must be stricken from all nations for this is how the families who descended from the tribe still exist today, without it their debt scheme no longer works and humanity can choose its destiny without the threat of collapse.

TThere's not going to be a live chimpout stream because the muslims will be killing whites left and right

I imagine the chimp outs would be in Palestine or other middle eastern countries. In America Muslims are like 1.1% so I do not think they will be threatening whites or chimping out over here. Even if they did it would be great propaganda and the 2nd amendment would kill a fuck ton. I do not know about the conditions of Europe well enough to postulate on whether it could happen over there. Perhaps though.

Good thread

If you foreskin eaters weren't terrified of your impending doom, you wouldn't even be here :^)
Zig Forums lives rent free in your head, Shlohmo Ovendodgerstein.

Pro tip: You can't serve two masters. Your accountability is forever yours as your world forever turns. Who do you (((economically, ecologically, psychologically, and socially))) support/antagonise? Who/why are emotional outbursts and half logic pleas entertained?

Sauce on druids being mason niggers

Fuck off woman, go back to leddit.

Not that I want to sound like some kind of Jew-enabler, but isn't this one of the most introductory redpills out there? I never knew the details, but the fact that the Jews want to have a one world government, religion, language, and underclass is something that I knew for a long time.

Tribe of Dan arrived in Ireland just before 1900BCE which is roughly a century before the Hyksos dynasty began in Egypt. They carried with them the Masonic knowledge that was disseminated to the sea fairing tribes:
Human sacrifices were a part of their repertoire just as the Habiru (hebrew) performed. On Samhain Eve (Halloween) the Druids would drag a dead slave around and paint the door with the blood of a dead slave to mark the house of a family that wouldn't give up a daughter, this would signify that someone in that house or village would die that night.
Source: The History and Origins of Druidism by Lewis Spencer

Nice shilling OP but everyone knows jews don't follow the Torah, they follow the Talmud. Judaism is Moloch worshipping.

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The Talmud is the central text of Rabbinic Judaism and the primary source of Jewish religious law (halakha) and Jewish theology.

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The Torah is just another version of jewish supremacy and just like the Talmud there are different versions, for example there is the Kings Torah (Torat Hamelech) which explains how to easily kill goyim, how to become immortal and was in the possession of all jew kings between 876BCE and 422BCE, but also came into the Flavian/Flavius Caesar's possession which is how they came up with the Jesus Christ myth

Yitzhak Shapira is an Israeli rabbi who lived in the West Bank Israeli settlement Yitzhar, and is head of the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva.

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Good stuff OP.

Your field of vision is narrow. The torah was the book of law long before the talmud was finally written down. The talmud is the oral law, whereas the torah was the original written law. In other words, the torah is the prototype and progenitor of the talmud.

Following the completion of the torah, they began the oral torah. The oral torah is as it is called, but this is an oral tradition that preceded the talmud. It features expanded stories and commentary directly based off of thr torah. The creation of the talmud came directly from the tradition of the oral torah. The talmud is mostly composed of codified oral torah, alongside citations to the original torah.

Saying that the torah is irrelevant or the jews don't follow it is foolish and wishful thinking. The concept of the talmud traces itself back to it. It was considered the jewish book of law before the oral torah succeeded it, and the talmud refers back to the torah constantly.

You can't criticize Christianity when it told of Jesus fighting the (((merchants))) and clearing them out of temples. Not to mention the book of Revelations naming them of Satan.

Good work nonetheless.

Pathetic. I'm not going to criticize semite beliefs. I'm going to wipe them off the face of the Earth.

Has it ever occurred to anyone here that when kikes claim Jesus was Jewish and start saying Christianity is a Jewish religon, it’s the same as niggers claiming Akhenaten was black and that Egypt was a black empire? Of course those who have nothing to offer steal from those who did.

While I guess Jesus's "father" could have been any "race". Jesus's mother in even the gospels makes relation to her being of the line of Perez, Judah and Jacob and by jewish tradition having a jewish mother means her children are considered jewish. So biologically he must be 50% jewish unless you want to tell me divine insemination could do anything to the underlying genetics in which case Jesus could have as easily been Inuit.

If Jesus was a Jew, why did he oppose them? Why did they kill him for calling them out? Why does the Bible mention that Jesus will return to take out the Anitchrist, a Jewish messiah and save humanity from them? Why do they hate him and Christians so much for so many centuries if it all was some grand psyop to weaken the goyim so they could take over?

Holy shit, a thread that actually taught me something I didn't know. Thanks OP.

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They don't hate christians, they lived alongside christians peacefully in a multitude of nations. They hate "christians" now because they hate white people and christianity is the majority religion. If the majority were atheists, then the jews would push christianity or theism. If the majority population were (somehow) trannies and faggots, the jews would push heterosexuality. Do you understand how this works? The jews are the inverters, the destabilize society by upending society.

Those are from your beliefs, akin to hopes. The historical record shows a much different picture, of how a small physically inferior tribe of non-Christian jews came to rule over the whole of White society and are apart of it where ever Whites are found on this whole planet.

You can paint the Jesus as hating Judeans but by the same brush I can paint him as freeing the jews. From your previous post you said Jesus dispelled the jews from the Temple, but it was for money-changing, which is a scam that these pharisees were doing to fellow jews which explained by Tacitus is the greatest sin a jew can do to another jew. That is the symbolism as to why Jesus uses a whip of cords, not to harm but to admonish.
The jews always kill their prophets and messengers from YHWH, before Jesus, did they ever lose their chosen status for this, why would you think after? The sacrifice of Jesus inadvertently saved the existence of the jews, had the Roman Empire been able to continue their conquest, the entirety of jewishness would have been wiped out. This almost happened some centuries before in 2 Maccabees with Antiochus IV but he was divinely taken down for making war against the jews.
Interestingly enough Revelations also notes that there will be jews around in the time of the Apocalypse which if its words are to be taken as literal truth then anything done against the jews won't destroy them because in order to fulfill scripture there must be jews around.
In Acts 8, what is considered to be the first gentile converted to Christianity, an Ethiopian eunuch, who'd go and found the Ethiopian Orthodox Church should mean a jewish interest in assailing that place out of a hatred of Christianity but I can see no attack in all the centuries by jews upon those places, the Ethiopian Church even proclaims to have the real Ark of the Covenant.
I know no matter what I do a good percentage of the White population living today will die without lineage or miscengate away their lineage due to jewish subversion and it hurts me, but trusting in some convoluted way for recompensation has left more Whites without and this will continue for a time. If sometime in the future the White race was to go extinct the sermon from the mouth of the based Christian mulattos would be that the White race were degenerates and that's why God allowed them to go extinct. Everyone hates us but we love everyone.

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Paid jewish shill confirmed. Get the fuck out. Reported.
Never happened.
Always hated Christians.
They founded atheism. They created it. Most jews are atheists. You are mentally ill.
No, they wouldn't. You have never read the Talmud.
You sure as fuck don't.
NOPE. They are the destroyers. Everything they do is OBJECTIVELY degenerate, not "the opposite.

The jews always hate their enemies but you'd think who'd be their enemies don't hate them such as Byzantine Emperor Constantine in 321 allowed the founding of a Synagogue in what is now Cologne, Germany.

It was roving Germanic pagan tribes which ended up destroying it the first though the Franks would convert to Christianity and the jew would be left alone until Crusaders did the same in the 1000s but all those crusaders were hunted down and brought to justice in their own time. When the Black Death came in the middle of the 14 century, the peasantry figured out it was jews bringing it upon them and slaughtered a bunch of jews but the Deus Vult knights hunted down these anti-semites and brought them to "justice". I could continue, but its all so tiresome.


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Your fat kike nose must be the size of the Goodyear blimp.

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Juden, Juden über alles,
Über alles in der Welt,
Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze
Brüderlich zusammenhält.
Von der Israel bis an die Europe,
Von der Vistula bis an den Nile,
Juden, Juden über alles,
Über alles in der Welt!

Juden Frauen, Juden Treue,
Juden Wein und Juden Sang
Sollen in der Welt behalten
Ihren alten schönen Klang,
Uns zu edler Tat begeistern
Unser ganzes Leben lang.
Juden Frauen, Juden Treue,
Juden Wein und Juden Sang! 

Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit
Für das Juden Vaterland!
Danach lasst uns alle streben
Brüderlich mit Herz und Hand!
Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit
Sind des Glückes Unterpfand;
Blüh' im Glanze dieses Glückes,
Blühe, Juden Vaterland!

They really are a psychopathic race.


That reminds me of something, I wonder what it is.

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Truth doesn't fear investigation. Christians constantly try to limit analysis of christianity.
>when it told of Jesus fighting the (((merchants))) and clearing them out of temples.
Completely overblown. He vandalized a temple because they kept ignoring him. The roman state only allowed jews to do business in certain areas and that limited them to their temple. Not even saying the jews dindu nuffin but the real crime that upset jesus was that they were doing business in a temple, which is against jewish oral law.

In other words, it was jew in-fighting. Jesus was honoring jewish law. Christians like you add a spin to make it seem like he was punishing them for being jewish. Why didn't he just kill jews then?

This is overused and overhyped so much I'm just going to repost this:

Read the entire context. The book of revelations is not direct quotes from jesus. In fact if you want to see how dubious it is to say, "jesus said," nothing that he said is from a primary source. Every book written in the new testament was written hundreds of years after the fact. This is important to note.

Second century christians say that Revelations was written by John the Apostle but that's been unconfirmed even today. So as established before, everything attributed to jesus was written by someone else, and this is ever more the case in Revelations. Revelations 3;9 where the synagogue of satan phrase is uttered is a reference to Zechariah, which is a callback to Isaiah. The repeated wish of these prophets is that one day even gentiles will worship jews.

So how does this tie back to synagogue of satan? Read the entire passage:
I will make those who are of the synagogue of satan, but claim to be jews though they are not, but are liars - I will make them come and fall down to your feet and acknowledge that I love you.

It's not a condemnation of jews as a whole like most deluded christians on Zig Forums who want Zig Forums-sempai to notice them insist, it's a call to convert jews that do not worship jesus. Satan is a placeholder name for non-jewish deity. What people think of satan is medieval imagery and fanfiction like from dante's inferno, actual information about satan is dubious and often non-sequiter in terms of informative delivery - but old habits die hard. Jews then and even now will insult the religious beliefs of others by saying to another jew that they worship satan and are thus not real jews - real jews worship yahweh. That's what that quote means in a nutshell, in total context, and nothing more.


>>>Zig Forums

yes, the Snake. Ophion. sometimes called Samael – God of the 'other-side', i.e. goyim. Who is also known to be the angel of Edom. DM. Adam, the UR-Mensch.

Adam vs Abraham
praise Bogdanoffs

The Bible does not confirm whether or not the Snake of Eden was the Devil, dude. Besides that, it's a Jewish fable that didn't happen. It wasn't one of these cute sneks, but one of (((those))) jews if there was any truth to it at all.

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huh? Serpent/Dragon is an Aryan symbol. And, of course, they demonize it, golems reiterate their lies. In the lore of esoteric Christianity, the word messiah and the serpent (nashach) are the same. Druids called themselves serpents. Even this fucking place bears the emblem of an Ouroboros, if you haven't noticed yet.

just a humble reminder that hate does nothing but constitute the identity of the hate's object. Take the D33p BOGpill and leave fears behind. Bogdanoffs are the powers that B.

polvol2, go back to your containment board, you autistic spergy homosex >>>Zig Forums

I've been planning to build a shrine to the Bogdanoffs for a while.

Do it, brother!

Third of the BOG DAN OFFS is coming.

There is a deeper level to Bogdanoffs. And to all them ass clowns I recommend to watch the beginning of the movie Octopussy:
clowns will be dealt with properly.

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Reported for supporting jews.

The jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.

Reporting Zig Forumsacks wont un-jew your religion, pussyfart

Cry more.

Ban evading nigger.

When you're done being pawns to foreign sovereignties, phone it in. Your lack of effective PsyOp defensives is embarrassing.

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Grok is a pretty good thing to advocate here. I mean, these people really believe in this stuff, right? If they believe in it, they think these channels of power actually exist, and that they can actually observe them in operation. To grok something is to observe it until such a level of understanding is achieved that the observer becomes part of that which they observe. It's a very fluid concept. Instead of approaching these impossible structures of systemic power with a roaring fire, find them, study them, and seep into them as the water through the stone. To utilize these systems would grant the ability to flow forward around the obstacles of life to the objectives of one's desire…

And really, what are Jews renowned for? The nervous desire to please, isn't it? The anxious hand-rubbing behavior of a merchant? That's Zig Forums's inescapable archetype of oppression?

Why not become as the abused children adopting the role of the parents who brutalized them? For there is a generational fluctuation of power, and those who are weak to violence as children often wax strong in violence as adults, to the terror of those who come before and after them. Be then as the children of the Jew, and as you have found yourself weak to kindness today find in yourself the capacity to wax strong in kindness tomorrow, and thus to obsolete their archetype by taking up its strengths.

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Why did the jews in the Bible went to the temple to worship but the SYNAGOGUE of satan jews go to the synagogue?

After the Jews rejected Jesus, God destroyed their temple.
“And Jesus went out from the temple, and was going on his way; and his disciples came to him to show him the buildings of the temple. But he answered and said unto them, ‘You see all of these things, do you not? Truly I say unto you, there shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down’” (Matthew 24:1-2)

Every real Jew who followed the Torah became a Christian and when their priests and temple got destroyed. Their religion was eradicated. Then the Talmudic "jews" who say they are jews but are not took over.

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this yid is diamond mad!

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This guy worships a jew, and wants to be the jew. He was raised a christian and could never overcome the taboos his semitic religion instilled in him to keep him under it's thumb.

It's absolutely pathetic.

That's where you're wrong, jew worshiper. Your christ was a kike, that's the simple fact.

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Yes, reported.

This is very typical behavior from those too feeble to cast off the religion of their childhood.

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Ok this is a bit spammy. Is there a new double plus post feature or something? Like word filters Nigger


He's spamming because some of his long-standing taboos have been challenged and he lacks the emotional maturity to overcome them. He's become upset and spamming makes him feel better about it.

13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

I can now understand why you pagan fag hate the Bible.

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Kike worship wasn't forced on northern Europe until 1000 years ago retard. But hey, the last 1000 years of ancestors is more important than the previous 5000 years right?

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Islam is european because your ancestors were forcefully converted to it

Remember that you will be killed for your lies.

Yea, guess how many had their dicks cut up like your Christian parents did to you when you were just a tiny little pink screaming baby, traumatized for life.

I can see why YOU abandoned the Allfather when your own father stood idly by when you were mutilated in your weakest, most vulnerable state, and now you have adopted a "new" father and LORD who has a similarily mutilated dick.

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You sound really, really gay. If you're not a dumb larping jew and honestly believe this faggotry, that's just sad. Otherwise, get your fat jewish ass in the oven.

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Read the codex theodosianus to understand what christianity was about
393 16.8.9 "The Jewish sect is protected by law. No regulation may be passed to ban Judaism, even in the name of Christianity."
388 16.4.2 Public preaching and debate about religion is banned.
396 16.8.10 Jewish merchants may set their own prices.
396 16.8.11 Persons who make disparaging remarks about the patriarch (Jewish leader) are subject to punishment.
397 16.2.30 Privileges previously granted to the church shall remain in place.
397 16.5.33 Apollinarians shall be exiled from the city (Constantinople) and those who assemble secretly shall have their meeting places taken.
397 16.8.12 Jews are not to be insulted; governors are to be informed when such incidents occur.
412 16.8.20 "Jewish synagogues may not be taken by non-Jews, and Jewish observation of the Sabbath is to be protected."
412 16.8.21 "Jews may not be persecuted for their religion or have their property taken without cause. They are cautioned, however, that they still may not disrespect Christianity.
409 16.8.19 "Caelicolists are to return to Christianity within one year of this order. Also, Christians may not be insultingly called Jews."

="Pagan temples are to be closed, access to them is denied, and violators may face the death penalty. "

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The talmud is literally a book of rabbis telling kikes how to kike as hard as possible while still technically obeying the tanakh (why do you knobs ignore the rest of the kike bible?). They follow both you retard.

Stop being a circumcised golem.

Greater Israel = planet Earth

So take for yourself and keep alive for yourselves means rape now? That's a bit of a stretch.

shut the fuck up foreskin eater

Everybody's a kike on this board because twats like you say so. Funny thing is, you don't know me. If you did, you'd realize how full of shit you are.

haha gay

Typical 4chancucks.

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He even ended his post with HH, happy hanukkuh.

For (((you)))

it's Heil Hitler you retard

>Lewis (((Spencer)))
parents :
Aaron Rittenhouse Lewis and Catherine (((Hoffman)))

ffs druid tradition is oral and there are few written stuff so even if it is very old it does not really survive.
And as no ones practice it, it will probably die.

Masons are lower class non-jew fags that got lost in quest of power.
I highly think that it was made to contain the "enlightment that science brough to europe"
not sure but maybe check out the french revolution for that…

We are at war with a nation
A nation that you can't find on a map
A nation with almost endless borders
We all live in this nation, yet we aren't apart of it
This nation occupies your own, but doesn't use a military to do it
Instead, it occupies it through infiltration

They're not Masons, they're FREEMASONS which is the perverted jewish version.
The name of the tribe that originally brought the masonic concepts to ireland were called Tuatha Dé (((DAN)))ann of the goddess (((DAN))u.
You're quite stupid, fuck off

Is there an evidence at all of this Tribe of Dan shit or is it just more jewish fantasy created to bamboozle whites?

Ooops sorry my bad, though it was the same, the masons and the freemasons thing

But my position on the druid and the celtic culture still stand !

I will need some source otherwise I consider this wrong :/