Fuck Race-mixing

We need to protect our white race from race-mixing with those sub-human east Asian gooks we need to support the National Socialist of Movement America to implement Anti-miscegenation laws and segregation laws to protect our white brothers from sub-human & SJW trash once and for all. (pics related)

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Yes! Die out and fail genetically! Choke on your revulsion, leave no heirs!

Asian women are the only alternative to green and purple pubed roasted sluts who want to force children to change gender.

Over six foot tall, white, blonde hair, blue eyed, married to an asian, GNU/Linux user master race checking in. Remember. White men + Asian women is a-ok πŸ‘Œ

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Blood is sacred.
To desecrate the blood is blasphemy.
Race mixing is not securing the existence of our race nor is it ensuring the future of white children.
Race mixed mongrels are race mixed mongrels and will never ever be white.
3 shill posts encouraging race suicide.

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shill, why would anyone want to mix with an inferior race?

For a faggot from a country where it's perfectly acceptable to cut a dick of a 6 years old boy you have a lot of nerve to call east Asians subhuman. If Asians are subhumans then what this and a lot of other degenerate shit you're actively export into other countries makes you? Have you saved that boy yet, by the way?

Your useless words brings little to no results and it makes me sick that thanks to you this shit is leaking to my fatherland further and further. Grow some fucking balls already and fix your shithole, you useless peiece of shit. I'm tired of waiting, perhaps it's better to nuke America, the problem would be fixed sooner.

Atlast finally we have a subtle chink race mixing thread
Next step in evolution of this place, israel is based threads.

OP is such a (((faggot)))
We get it, Chaim. You're afraid of any goyim that are smarter than you and you want to pull your D&C bullshit here. Nice of you to preach, (((fellow white person))).


My wife just told me she's pregnant.

okay, I rate this epic/10
keep doing the white (not european because fuck eurofags and fuck using accurate racial descriptors) race proud by not having euro-WHITE children

Surely this is what Hitler and Tojo wanted, a perfect union. Perhaps we should even mix it up even more and add some negro blood to the mix to keep things fresh? The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future. Perfect, Perfect, Perfect.
High-five, bro. Don't let the roasties and jidf anti-mixing shills get you down

But, Israel IS based!
Donald himself said it, you're not a racist Demokkkrat are you? Lord Trump's own daughter is Jewish, you anti-semite!

disregard this post.
You will never meet a hapa person who is highly capable.

Yes goy. Remember to marry women who will ruin your life and sour you to procreation. Hapa children bad. Orange man bad. Real freedom comes from watching the courts order you to pay for the sterilization of your son. Blood and soil goyim! You don’t need a beautiful traditional asian woman who will birth you sons, cook for you, care for your home, and guard your family. You need white women with colored hair who will do their best to ruin yiu financially, spend their time playing vidya games, and will have sex with tyrone down the street as they age.

Anti-asian women threads are trully our greatest allies.

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Use her womb as a surrogate to breed Aryan eggs and sperm instead.

Make sure you congratulate the father.

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Movie/TV Stars
Ann Curry – former Today Show host (Japanese, Cherokee, French, German, Scottish, Irish)

Berenice Marlohe – starred in James Bond film Skyfall (French, Cambodian, Chinese)

Betty Nguyen – CBS news anchor (Vietnamese, Scottish)

Booboo Stewart – appeared in The Twilight Saga (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Native American, Russian, Scottish)

Charlyne Yi – cast member of House (Filipino, Spanish, Korean, Mexican, Irish, German, French, Native American)

Cheryl Burke – Dancing with the Stars winner (Filipino, Irish, Russian)

Daniel Henney – starred in Shanghai Calling (Korean, Irish)

Darren Criss – Glee cast member (Chinese, Spanish, Filipino, Irish)

Dean Cain – portrayed Superman on Lois & Clark (Japanese, White)

Ella and Jaden Hiller – former baby Lily on Modern Family (Filipino, American)

France Nguyen – actress who was featured on the 1958 cover of Life magazine (French, Vietnamese)

Fred Armisen – former SNL cast member and co-creator of Portlandia (Venezuelan, Japanese, German)

Johnny Yong Bosch – former Mighty Morphin Power Ranger (Korean, German, Irish)

Keanu Reeves – starred in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and The Matrix trilogy (English, Irish, Portuguese, Native Hawaiian, Chinese)

Kelly Hu – first Asian American winner of Miss Teen USA (Hawaiian, Chinese, English)

Kristin Kreuk – played a lead role in Smallville (Dutch, Chinese)

Lindsay Price – appeared in Beverly Hills, 90210 and Lipstick Jungle (Korean, German, Irish)

Lou Diamond Phillips – starred in La Bamba and Stand and Deliver (Scottish, Irish, Cherokee, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian)

Maggie Q – lead character on Nikita (Irish, Polish, Vietnamese)

Mark-Paul Gosselaar – played Zach Morris on Saved by the Bell (Dutch, Indonesian)

Michael Yo – TV host and stand-up comedian (Korean, African American)

Moon Bloodgood – appeared in Terminator Salvation and Falling Skies (Dutch, Irish, Korean)

Nancy Kwan – played a pivotal role in the acceptance of Asian actors in major Hollywood film roles (Chinese, English, Scottish)

Olivia Munn – former Attack of the Show! cohost and correspondent on The Daily Show (Chinese, German, Irish)

Rob Schneider – former SNL cast member (Jewish, Filipino)

Sir Ben Kingsley – starred in Gandhi and Schindler’s List (Indian, British, Jewish)

Steve Byrne – stand-up comedian and star of Sullivan & Son (Irish, Korean)

Tura Satana – starred in in the 1965 film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (Japanese, Filipino, Cheyenne, Scottish)

Vanessa Hudgens – starred in High School Musical and Gimmie Shelter (Irish, Native American, Filipino, Chinese, Spanish)

Vanessa Minnillo – former host of MTV’s Total Request Live (Italian, Irish, Filipino)

Allan Lindo – member of the Black Eyed Peas (Filipino, African American)

Amerie – Grammy nominated singer-songwriter (Korean, African American)

Brendan Buckley – Shakira’s drummer (Korean, Irish)

Bruno Mars – Grammy winning singer-songwriter and producer (Puerto Rican, Filipino)

Cassie – recording artist, model, and dancer (Filipino, African American, West Indian, Mexican)

Doug Robb – Hoobastank frontman (Japanese, Scottish)

Eddie Van Halen – lead guitarist of Van Halen (Dutch, Indonesian)

Enrique Iglesias – one of the best-selling Spanish language artists of all time (Spanish, Filipino)

Jero – the first black enka singer in Japan (African American, Japanese)

Karen O – vocalist for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Korean, Polish)

Daniel Sandrin – Korean Basketball League player (Korean, White)

David Batista – professional wrestler and mixed martial artist (Greek, Filipino)

Devin Setoguchi – Canadian hockey player (Japanese, White)

Don Wakamatsu – former MLB catcher and manager (Japanese, Irish)

and the list goes on and on…. pic related.

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Marry a white roastie or a moldable asian woman that can give you a child that can respect you since asian moms doesnt spoil their kids. Hmmmm sounds easy choice to me. Oh yeah if you are white, go to japan. Girls out there still look up to the white wolf, here in us? Yeah youll be cockblocked by white chads, tyrone and achmed.

Go back to your cuckcords tranny faggots

Go back to 4chan.