Two More Women Accuse Neil deGrasse Tyson of Sexual Misconduct

Now that liberals favorite fake scientists getting #MEtoo who gonna be next? Hoping for Bill kike nye.

good, i never liked black science man. kike free 1st post

Checked and agreed. The retard is as much of a con artist as bill nye

He might be worse. Bill nye at least had the talent to be a child entertainer. Black man of science famous cause he black.

Bill Nye will get busted for cornholing little boiz greased anuses. er…ani. whatever.

that "astronomer" broad looks like a sleazy skanky nigger fucking slut and what the fuck is up with that hat shitskin? hahaha…

Back in the day if you went to university you mixed with upper class individuals… times sure have changed.

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Like Poetry

Fuck off kikechan.

>>>Zig Forums

You can only uphold a facade for so long. Quick OC

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Burnt Tyson Chicken Bernie Tenders Degrassi The Next Generation Featuring Nigger Holocaust Survivor Drake is the most important person of all time there is no way that we can continue our lives until we know what is happening in his very important life thank you for deprogramming all the zog brainwashing by overloading my brain with information about the zog program to put out a fire you pour fire on it

"Why is it called niggerdom? Because it's done by niggers. And because they is dumb.

These women appear to be degenerate sluts. One of them apparently has tattoos of different planets on different part of her body. I don't care if Tyson took advantage of them. Can't sexually assault the willing.

What? Black science man can do no wrong! Your rayces!

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Dutchfag detected.

haha that's so fucking funny.

So at what point will the ugly shitskin imposter no longer be a public figure to be endured by even the most resolute hermits who shun television like myself? Soon I hope.

He is a literal convict after all and an actual brainlet. Typical pop scientist.

Neil smoke da grass Tyson is cool in my book, if his existence inspires the ire of sluts.

Its gonna be hilarious when they unironically bring back lynching endorsed by democrats lol


It warms my heart to see the harpy flock tear into Black Science Weatherman, but I have less than zero sympathy for this woman. You get a tattoo that straddles areas of skin you don't mind showing in public and areas that you consider too intimate to show off, and then cry sexual harassment when it generates the curiosity you obviously intended it too.

Also how did we get to the point where serious professionals tat themselves up like bikers and biker whores?

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so what'd that nigger do to piss off the democrats?
or more likely hes actually a pedo thats getting caught? wouldn't be too surprised since there weren't so many facts that came out of his mouth on television

I can't wait til they either memory hole this or make up some kind of crazy excuse.

We never got to that point. These people aren't "serious professionals" why do you think quality in all things is going down and impostor syndrome is becoming a thing?

Does he do actual scientific work?

Why do all his quotes sound exactly like hippie bullshit observations that could only be considered profound insight if one were under the influence of mind/mood altering substances?

"We perceive our perceptions." -Black Science Man

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Morgan Freeman only got #MEtoo after calling out Hillary Clinton.

No. He runs a planetarium. He has no primary published works (his name is on a couple, but not the primary researcher). He has no discoveries. No breakthroughs, nothing. He had to leave Columbia because he couldnt finish his degree and it ended up taking like 10 years to get it. He has literally no telescope time. He's an astrophysicist that never observes space. He was made into a public mouthpiece because he was black and personally groomed for left/SJW "were doing the science fuck yeah!" settled science bullshit.

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And that fucking retard thinks he is hot shit

A nigger acting like a nigger? Who would have thought.

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It stars with World War, and ends with Jews.

Finally, science jigaboo is next on the cunt sanhedrin.

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Yes he's not a real scientist, but I could never blame him for simply taking those sweet Affirmative Action bucks that Whitey offers him. He seems to me like an ok guy with an IQ that is slightly above average, making him enough of an outlier among Niggers to net him the Thomas Sowell Effect.

I was going to mention that I like that he's a Republican, but that comment of him being involved in corruption with the Bush administration puts that into perspective.

Going Ooga Booga Where Da White Wimmen At is what I've come to expect any nigger with some power and fame to do, stupid librul sluts had it coming.

I still think he's by far not the worst of those pop-science icons, Bill Nye et al are in a different league of shittyness.

Let me just shill my favorite science guy. Isaac Arthur has got me locked every thirsday after work. Everything he talks about is pie in the sky but as far as I know he's a actual physicist and his speech impediment has seriously grown on me.

got some real ass OC right`ere

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The Entertainment World is slowly killing itself finally. But to little to late. And #metoo is a jewy cover to distract from all the pedophile stuff going on in government and the upper ranks of hollyjew.

Zig Forums memes predicted this!
Zig Forums is always right.

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As well as reddit-tier animated cuck pictures.

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She's a looker!

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This nigger made an entire career out of reading the bottle caps from Snapple and "dad" jokes. Fuck this piece of shit, I hope they ruin him into destitution like Cosby.

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Bill Nye is much worse, Tyson at least attempts to appear non-political (but fails because he is a mediocre mulatto) and gives backhanded praise to Trump since he knows he is only reason we are focusing on space again.

Reminder that Tyson is not a practicing astrophysicist and has not been one since he was a post doc, nor has he published any remotely relevant papers in the field. He is the head administrator of the Hayden Planetarium and now a TV host, i.e. Black Science Man, not an actual scientist. Since he hasn't actually worked in that field in almost 30 years, he should not be walking around calling himself an astrophysicist. His fun facts™ are just things insecure brainlets memorize to appear intelligent and enforce narratives. He, like his reddit I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE! followers, does not seem to understand the history of science or the nature of epistemology, and it is obvious they really haven't read Popper, Poincare, or Wittgenstein. They simply want to be modern day secular priests.

She was probably acting like a whore. I don't give a fuck about her or this nigger.

What kind world do we live in where a black man can't feel the anus of a white women without blowback?

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I tell you brotha there` some gud pussy under them flaps!

Why are white women so megalomanic, unfeminine, fat and cow/sow-like and still manage to have ZERO TO NO ASS.. Insulting that golden bikini like that..
Overrated nordnigger bimbo that probably has some ape boyfriend like the demonicly possessed whore Doutzen Kroes, who has ugly niglet babies like that other sick harlot heidi klum who fucked a literal uruk-hai.

I wonder how he'll blame this on Climate Change.

he's grabbing and twisting her bingo-wing, disgusting

Don't you think goving wimmen raits was the worst mistake ever, fellow goyims?!! I'm not gay for Tyson, I promise!

Maybe he is posting on /r9k/…

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WTF happened to Bill Nye anyway? In the 1990s his show was pretty comfy, more or less an updated Mr. Wizard's World with a less grouchy, sadistic host. Sure I could tell the guy was a fag at that time but he wasn't mincing about and flopping his wrists and saying FABulous all the time, he was just a quirky science queer and it was OK.

Fast forward a couple decades and he's just completely unhinged and rabid about all these new science facts, like how white people are causing global warming and why it's cool to chop off your naughty bits and replace them with a grafted shaft or a maggot hole. What in the actual fuck? Have leftists always been like this, but just sort of keeping it all in the closet, or did they enter into some weird pact once Obama got into office?

Black Science Man is also unhinged in the same way that Bill Nye is now but turns out he's just a rapey nigger after all.

Leftism is a mental illness and he's lost his mind as he has aged. He is also greedy and probably still hungers for the public spotlight like he had in the 90s. He's a sell out.

I'm just your local Zig Forums trap girl, and I gotta admit, I've been there. I got hooked on science and technology, and they seem to have used men's love of sci/tech to essentially slip them propaganda that takes the form of scientific facts.

I wish Bill Nye was still wholesome. Did you see his icecream animation? I thought it was hilarious at the time, a total one-up to the boring straight folks.

But now I'm here. It's different now. It seems insidious and evil. It's genocide, isn't it? It's worse because of the fact that it's just short-term pleasure based. Is it a test? Is the test to resist short-term pleasures of the flesh? Is Bill Nye just trying to make a mockery of LGBT things? Or is he serious? If he's serious, then all is lost.

It's pure fucking madness. They brainwashed the fuck out of me, so don't blame me. I'm not some sort of maggot-hole yet. But still, they almost got me all the way. The propaganda is serious. They want to destroy and humiliate you.

Its not true just because its someone you dislike

no, it's true because he's a nigger

Believe All Women, user.

Bill nye the pedo guy when?

>>>Zig Forums

I feel PROFOUND shame in myself that I used to be obsessed with him when i was 12 and 13. For my birthday even got tickets and my mom drove me 2 hours to see him in another city. Now Ive come to realize he is not an actual scientist and is basically just a boomer marxist propagandist and a neoliberal puppet.

There are physicists at absolute no-name universities who have made more contributions to science than this pompous nigger. His scientific career is mediocre at best, and his "popularizing" serves to do nothing but placate the egos of armchair scientists. He also charges outrageous fees for speaking engagements, and there have been plenty of stories circulating about him acting like a diva in these instances. He doesn't even do research any more. He just gets paid to go "woah space is cool bro" at this point.

(((Bill Nye))) is far worse, despite what I just said about Tyson. (((Nye))) isn't even a scientist.

Please don't compare him to Thomas Sowell.

Thomas Sowell taught me about the defect in ego that makes ruling elites always such incompetent monsters.

Black science man taught me nothing.

Thomas Sowell is a legit intellectual.


Yeah he's actually Bill Nye the Mechanical Engineer Guy. Since that's the only college degree he got. Dolph Lundgren however (the guy who played Ivan Drago in Rocky IV) is more of a scientist than Bill Nye. Hope Scientific Negro gets sent up the river along with the other fake scientists.

wow. just, wow. this is why we need feminism


Jews got to him


But he's right. Negro or not, Sowell was a first-rate thinker.

I was invited by someone to one of Neil's presentations. They covered the $150 ticket for the one hour talk. I believe it was called A Scientist at The Movies. The presentation was basically readings off his twitter posts, bringing up scifi fan theories, and praising science. He also wnet off and mentioned his disbelief on Trump getting elected and how science is under a great threat of disbelievers. This was a few days after the election. After the talk his followers of science cult cringely praised him in the Q&A.

He's nowhere as bad as Nye, but he's not the black Isaac Newton that his followers believe he is.

Neil deGrasse Tyson cannot actually do math. As stupid as you may think magic science black man is, trust me, he's far dumber.

One thing you will never see Neil deGrasse Tyson ever do is work a chalk board. He is absolutely incapable of doing higher level math, even differential equations from your sophomore years seem to be beyond his abilities. If you read his educational history it's jaw dropping how incompetent he is. He is accepted into Harvard as a typical AA case and is pushed through the physics program by liberal professors who wanted to see a black guy succeed. No papers, no awards, nothing from this period besides black guy goes in Harvard and is pumped out with a degree. Harvard could cover his incompetency in undergrad but they weren't about to put him into grad school there, so he got sent to University of Texas in Austin where he studied astronomy.

Basically he got pushed through another program at a lesser school that wanted another black success story. Like most groids he realized that he was getting passed regardless so he didn't put in any effort. Just the normal partying and Muh Dik. Just like in Harvard, the Texas professors passed him so they could have a black success story but when he talked about getting a PhD they wanted him the fuck out of their school asap.

That should have been the end of the road for based black science man, but the AA gravy train didn't end there though. The University of Maryland decided to give him a job lecturing freshman students on his favorite stars while he searched for any college willing to give a magic science black man a doctorate. That's when Columbia University answered the call. The professors there were not taking any chances, they actually hired a half dozen other students to do the work for magic science black man's PhD while the professors guided him on everything else. Could any of you who did graduate work imagine your professors loving you so much that they diverted research funding to pay other students to do your thesis. With all that help magic black science man succeeded and successfully defended his thesis. After Columbia gave him a PhD the professors slapped his name on a bunch of papers, for example wikipedia notes his most famous research paper placed him as author 18. That's right, the peak of his academic career is being author #18 on a paper.

After Columbia Princeton hired him and literally had him run a planetarium. Remember those field trips you would take as a kid where a guy with a laser pointer would show you constellations, that's what Princeton University determined magic science mans highest and best use was. Are you starting to get the picture of how charmed of a life this guy is leading?

George Bush then decided it would be a good idea to put a black guy on one of his science board. So after a few years of magic science black man smiling for the cameras NASA decided to give them their highest honor, the type of award normally reserved for great scientists and astronauts, for doing nothing but smiling for the camera and saying that science is good.

Now after all these years you will not see any lectures from Neil Degrasse Tyson where he uses a chalk board. Search for yourself. He quite literally cannot do mathematics.

Surely this collection needs to be published in a Gallimard Edition.

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The jew doesn't so much commit acts of wickedness and perversion out of some hedonism. Rather, he does it out of his need for excitement from exhibiting chutzpah. He cannot resist pushing his rottenness further and further and then further again. It's the audacity of his crimes that he years for more than the crimes and their rewards themselves.

But as Dostoyevsky observed in The Devils; "there comes a time when even a jew, yes, even the most impudent jew, comes a cropper".

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I used to think the perv thing was a post drug culture phenomenon of the late sixties and thereafter but the utter falsehood of the Kinsey report and the fact that he himself was a depraved buggerite pushing the perversion agenda under the guise of pseudoscience proved me wrong. The freaks were always there hiding in the shadows, waiting to pop out of the woodwork as soon as the coast was clear.

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Bumping because this shit is amusing as fucking.



I think it's like Yuri said, he's been demoralized. It seems to have happened in the gap between his '90s science show and the middle of the Obama years when he was suddenly thrust back upon us against our collective will.

Magic Science Nigger is about to feel the magic of prison physics here soon.

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Who knows what happened but either way, good night black "science" man. And good riddance. Everything IFLS is cancer.

Actually pick up one of his books and then talk. I tend to have a disdain for niggers but Sowell is pretty decent.

I hate niggers. However, if they fuck back off to their origin countries… I see no reason why I couldn't sit at a table and talk to blacks like Sowell or Keys as long as they fucked back off to their countries afterward.

If you don't recognize animal intelligence… you might be a nigger.

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I want off this ride. I remember watching those debates live, he schooled everybody and made Bush and Kerry look like complete stooges and brainlets.

Fuck if we could go back and get a Keyes > Paul timeline instead of Bush > Obama, the world would be light years ahead.

I support these gents … I would rather fight an honest zulu tribes man that fucking have some thot sell me down the river to the nearest jew plantation

user … you dont understand how this thing works?????

presidents mean little and can be killed if necessary. No one man is above all. Especially in America.

Was that an Ankh?

I thought this nigger was gay. Probably sucks jew dick for gibs. He is their pet monkey after all.

House nigger.

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Seems like generation Zyklon will start the happening


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Spoil that shit schlomo.

user here, can someone explain to me what "sexual misconduct" is? like what actions would warrant being labeled as such? from my point of view "sexual misconduct" is vague and seems like literally anything sexual at all could be labeled "misconduct"

sounds good so far
oh nonononono

Not to shabby.

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Looks like his ass is deGrasse now.

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