White Males Being Replaced

White Males Being Replaced

The vast majority of promoted tweets/ads on Twitter feature a woman or brown person in the thumbnail. After noticing this trend, I began capturing the non-white male ads and soon discovered 99% of the ads are presented in this way. Take notice of this next time you're using Twitter.

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The shitskins were all that one would expect them to be. But the panel of jewesses at the ad agency that came up with this copy really outdid themselves. I haven't seen this many awful contemporary cliches jammed into one page since the early 80's.

Fuck off moshe.

So have any of you braniacs been able to calculate the exact year month and day when the electrical grid, potable water plumbing and sewage disposal will cease to work nationwide based on this trend?

Tv rating are plummeting i wonder why

These ads are just reminders not to purchase as far as I'm concerned. I don't have a list of all the offenders, and some things you have to buy are unavoidably produced by pozed companies, but if I see a niggered ad and then go shopping, I'll buy an alternative.

The absolute worst ones are car commercials. It is almost always a black male white female coupling.

It's happening in commercials too.

Personally, I suspect it's the advertising agencies. There's probably a few big ones that handle most large companies, and they're probably full of Jews.

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The shitskins were all that one would expect them to be. But the panel of jewesses at the ad agency that came up with this copy really outdid themselves. I haven't seen this many awful contemporary cliches jammed into one page since the early 80's.>>12490497

I knew this big whimp that worked for an ad agency right out of university. He told me that the stress of working there was so bad that he'd go home and get drunk alone and weep every night. haha. I carefully questioned him on the people that were on the teams he worked with and though he was too stupid to notice, he was also too naive and brainwashed to conceal from me that the people he was forced to work with were undoubtedly anglo jew vermin of the worst type. He hates me now because I clued him in on this and, unemployed living on the pittance his parents left him, he pals around with these scrawny scraggly bearded balding jews who are all antifascist. They sit around all day in cafes on the good side of town, being full time good for nothing bums.

They are absolutely filled with Jews, but it is not as though the companies cannot override the casting. The only media group I've seen reject interracial couples is Hallmark. If you have a girlfriend or sister, you probably know that they produce a lot of fluffy films for the Christmas season. From what I can tell, the Hallmark empire is family owned by a Christians, which explains their aversion to degeneracy.

This came out because some Canadian coalburner whined to the news that she and her nigger were told to fuck off when they showed up to an open casting call for extras.

well done…

Let me correct that. I'm talking about an absence of kikes being the aversion degeneracy, not that Christians are Zig Forums tier, because by and large, they are not.

Hmmm…I've always despised the sugary sentimentality that ladies so adore in Hallmark cards. There was a big Hallmark card store downtown here with rows and rows and rows of cards and all the beautiful secretaries would go there at lunch break and read the cards, just wallowing in it.

I suppose I'll have to rethink my cynicism in light of your information. Seems that they have some redeeming virtues after all.

I used to hate them too, because I thought they were just producing dumb vapid content. Then I started to wonder, what is it about these movies that white girls like so much, perhaps it has a subconscious appeal they aren't even aware of.

The story I'm talking about:

Apparently cucks and yids have bene kvetching about them for a while.
democraticunderground.com/10024219773 (2013)

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yes. the world runs out of copper in 2047, according to a study by the Pentagon. no more electric grid. and upon that glad day in 2047, Saint Kaczynski looked down from the heavens upon the Industrial Society which had reached its End and he smiled. so there's an upper bound for when TSHTF.

Meanwhile in Asia.

This guy put together 43 anti-white commercials. Surprised youtube hasn't shoah'd this.

this has been discussed now on neoreaction blogs since 2008


These are not good examples to show "white males being replaced". These are corporations virtue signalling, and judging by the content of the ads, they are desperate to fill in those diversity spots, non-whites simply don't want to work..

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Why are Tor posters always worthless? Honestly, we'd lose comparatively little in banning all of them.

Do you think that women might prefer race mixed ads over all white ones?


Color me surprised.

No, they don't. You worthless cuckold.

How do you know?

They've become especially worthless as of late. I suspect its one of the mods using Tor to shitpost.

consciously yes, subconsciously not really

t. retard

Nope. In fact, all evidence suggests the exact opposite of that, that interracial relationships illicit a neurologic disgust response in ALL humans, its merely a matter of degree, the variation thereof in modern populations being derivative from social engineering and INTENSE propagandizing.
You deserve a ban for your post.

Yeah, that's nice man.

Let's turn this situation around, boys:

Yep, its the 4chan faggot again.


they all have white women hair lol

heil hitler

This should be easy to game then. Any company that does single race ads will get better sales than ones that does mixed ones. So what is stopping them? yes I know but seriously

Yeah, its you. You gotta stop doing this shit man, seriously, its getting ridiculous. You stand out like a sore thumb, its clear as can be that you're a 4chan faggot who apparently recently showed up and apparently got made into a mod or something, and I dunno what the fuck is going on behind the scenes, but you have to at least TRY.
Its not hard to illicit response from a shitposting spree on a site like this, and its shit like you that turned 4chan into the worthless cesspit it is today, with nothing but exactly

This sort of empty shitposting becoming the majority of the content of the site.

I hadn't heard this one. Thanks.


No let's not, jew boy. That sweaty kaffir obviously exudes a foul stench.

You're a fucking retard. I suggest an experiment that will literally make cash for whoever gets it right and you accuse me of shitposting. You're fucked mate.

kikes are always trying to promote race mixing on their 100% controlled media platforms, but they always have a white woman with a non-white male.
time to use jewjitsu to our advantage:

Yeah thats nice man.

By the way, for the lurkers: This is exactly what this person does on 4chan. You can look around there and find their activity easily enough. Clearly they've decided to use Tor here, because you CAN use Tor here, the mods are reticent to disable Tor, and Torniggers can't post images (hence, the link-spam).

We now have a thread about White men being replaced in advertising, being spammed with race-mixing niggerporn by a Tornigger, and one other IP that seems obsessed with the prospect of White women PREFERRING race-mixing relationships.
What's the difference between this and 4chan? Its smaller. Its slower. The content moderation is equivalent.

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I know, jews are using their corporate assets to push race replacement, but still. They have monopolies anyway, so where else you will go?. The result is destroyed consumerism, great.


Yeah thats nice man.

Stop posting bestiality you moron.

#bleached > #blacked
make america white again

Yeah thats nice man.

Stop talking to yourself.

Can confirm, my mother watches a lot of Hallmark channel movies.While there is a lot of old roastie wish fulfillment (A single, good hearted Chad will show up in my life when I'm 30 upon returning home from my adventuresome life as a doctor/business woman/photographer/journalist/chef/etc in the big city), the couples are always white, with distinct lack of token minority/fag side characters.

Not a bad slogan user. I feel we need a postering campaign.

I said stop talking to yourself nigger.

here's a stat:

I said stop talking to yourself nigger.

White males win again.

It looks as though white women are the problem.

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Nice fucking find man

I noticed the same thing, lol. Comparatively, it's a less damaging form of degeneracy. Feminism is easier to combat than is racial forms.

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Of course since this is Zig Forums everyone will jump through hoops to deny it.



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Doesn't make the facts any less valid, faggot

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What is the point of this argument. Interracial relationships are shit, irrespective of their stability.

get it trending, boys


Go back to 4chan.

Unfortunately, Hallmark mainly hires shitskins at their downtown office. They utilize contractors from the largest Indian consulting firm who will immediately reject any white applicant to keep a hold on the departments. They put freezes on white salaries and promotions to prevent them from being paid more than the shitskins. I suspect managers are paid off with kickbacks. Hallmark was trolled several years back by Zig Forums. Some anons chose to dig a bit deeper. They merely understand who buys their products, but the company itself is no different from any other.

I really can't believe they gave the niggerporn spammer from 4chan moderation privileges of Zig Forums Zig Forums.

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Yeah that's unfortunate. The question is then: Is is better to watch a Disney movie that may have degenerate elements in it, but is produced by whites, or better to watch something with less degenerate elements, produced by nonwhites?

I am tempted to believe that as far as simple media consumption goes, it is better to look at the end product. Even viewing a traditional family of nonwhites might be enough to inspire some sort of desire of traditionalism in normal whites.

Jesus Christ this site is so utterly fucked if this is the case.

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Cuck a black womb with White seed and deny entry to a ghetto nig breeding full blooded, violent, criminal nigs.
It just makes sense.
#bleached #colonized

1. Stop talking to yourself.
2. Go back to 4chan.

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Also, how the FUCK is this not spam?

Please stop posting that shit.

Shut up you T_D cuck. There is no other option except for strictly no miscegenation. Watch what happens when your half-breed sons dates a white girl and now you really fucked over your own race!

Stop talking to yourself and ill consider it.

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stop posting

Stop talking to yourself and Ill consider it.

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global report da497a for spam

Which of my posts are talking to myself? You must have me confused for someone else.

Lol at the fact being based in nigs pumping out small brained retards.


Stop talking to yourself nigger.

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This should be the only post in this thread. I'm disappointed in all of you worthless boomers. This has been exceedingly apparent for YEARS. You could argue it's getting ramped up more than ever now, but the only reason to post a thread like this would be to present a study im which op tracks the amount of non-white couplings in ads over the course of a few years at the bare minimum. I hate all of you faggots. You ruined a fun board simply by being retarded. I sincerely hope all of you stop using this site as the good lot of you are the boomers that let everything go to ruins in the first place. But of course you won't. You will all keep at it woefully assuming that your unimportant discussions will actually change anything. Sure maybe you can convince Joe boomer to buy a billboard to tell every one about the "gospels of Q", but that won't change anything. At best you will convince someone to shoot up a school or something and make gun laws worse for all of us like the fucking baby boomers you niggers are. Oh and maybe one of you faggots will think "this thread is great! Its teaching all of those new friends about the over flow of race mixing in media" while drooling on their keyboard patting themselves on the back. News alert old fuck, anyone on this site not only already knows all of this shit, but encouraging this kind of low IQ thread not only brings in more newniggers here, but also lowers the quality of each post. Of course a baby boomer cannot fathom this as they are used to everything being so awful (while reveling in it of course).


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This board is 4chan.

Get a job

Hmmm… I wonder if someone were to start spamming this thread, what would happen…

I know and it disgusts me.

You should appreciate these sort of posts as collection of content and a review/refresher for people.

men. stop using their demasculinizing lingo