UTR fallout: will we see the end of free speech?


Shit is going down

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There is only one White man on the jury, I doubt Fields will get death but he'll probably get a life sentence and be murdered in prison.

Dude. Naw.

From OP's link:

All of them boomers. All of them MSM news addicts, who lie to say they haven't seen it. That one white guy should be doing Jury Nullification.

They'll prbly make an example out of fields. All these retards and useful idiots exist to punish white nationalism.

His lawyers seem retarded.
Not disputing the proven-lies of claims. In the fucking opening statement.

Everyone involved knows that this is a show trial, including the defense and the jury. They will play their part and send this guy to his death over a 20 MPH fender bender.

Heiled. It's a fucking sham. The rule of law is completely gone and now all that remains is the jewdiciary.

So tired of the shabbat shitposting rabbis.

This is a typical jury. It's people who don't have anything better to do and this is a break from watching daytime TV.

These people are typically stupid as fuck and watch trash like Law and Order. They think that prosecutors would drop the case if they know the person is innocent so they're doing their part to put away a dangerous criminal.

Many times juries will include civilians who work for the courts as bookkeepers or janitors. Judges will not disqualify them over this. This should tell you all you need to know about the process.

98% of criminal trials result in conviction.

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source please?

98% since '95
99% since '03
99.8% current

Kikes are still kevetching of charlottesville which was an alt-kike suprise false flag? Go figure

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Um how is this a jury of his peers?

This isn't really news?


Sorry to dump this here instead of making a new thread, faggot mods won't let TOR upload files so I can't make my own thread. It's topical anyway in an oblique sort of way.

Consider the following:


All it takes to make a comic is maybe 3 guys and almost no money. It takes a guy to write the plot, a guy to illustrate it, and a guy to clean it up in photoshop. In many cases one guy can fill multiple roles. It can be hosted on various websites for free, or even distributed as a sketchy zip full of jpegs. In other words, it is next to impossible to prevent it from being created and distributed.

Imagine a world where dozens of bad goy authors were competing with each other for your attention, to give you the best entertainment possible with intricate, engaging plots, but no degeneracy or the degeneracy is cast in the worst possible light. Imagine having dozens of comics to choose from with excellent and thought provoking plots, but there are no brown people or LGBT. We could stop arguing over whether anime was degenerate or not, because we would have created something superior anyway.

That could be ours, almost immediately, if we just put our minds to it.

Some of (You) need to revisit W.L. Pierce recordings. The narrative from the media is that it is illegal to be a white supremacist. Everything Fields did is a crime; even if he was acting in self-defense, which he has no right to. He will absolutely be found guilty, no matter how much evidence is provided. Sorry to blackpill.

Fucking this, the law will never work for you. Niggers can kidnap and torture people and get off with probation. Antifa armed with clubs can take over a traffic intersection while the cops stand by and watch. A white man can get harassed by a mob, have someone try to steal his wallet, then get arrested for putting his hand in his pocket to stop it. Some anons visiting a BLM protest can get chased by a mob for 2 blocks because they had Zig Forums patches, fire once into the crowd when they're about to get beat to death, then get thrown in prison for iirc life. A white man will get life for shooting niggers in the street popping off caps from their car. Fuck the police, fuck the courts. If you're white, they only want to and will try to ruin your life or kill you

Also, a nigger can be trying to burn white people with a hairspray flamethrower and get off with a warning, but the old man who fired a warning shot to stop him gets the max penalty. A nigger can be attacking white people with a club, but when a white man uses force to stop him he gets the book thrown at him

There is no such thing as free speech as long as property tax, EPROs, and gun regulation exists.

This is what retards think. The only way they can maybe lose a case is if you have video proving your innocence and the cops/prosecutor haven't destroyed it before you could get a copy.

Cantwell had video proving his innocence and still might have lost.

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