How to end income taxes, pay off the national debt, and unleash 20% annual economic growth

It is already possible to build a space elevator. The key idea is the Orbital Ring version of the space elevator, not the geosynchronous tether concept you are familiar with. See, for example, Paul Birch's writings:

The orbital ring only requires tethers about 300 kilometers long which is technically feasible with common material like steel, but ridiculously straightforward with better and already available material like kevlar.

There are some important questions. First, how much would it cost to do something like this?

We need to send about 160 million kilograms of material into space (See Birch's boot strap estimates in part 2: We have rockets available at $2000/kg costs to LEO today in "mass production" mode, which is only about 10-20 launches per year. Compared with the couple thousand launches necessary for a space elevator, $2000 is an unreasonably high upper bound for launch costs.

We also need to include the cost of materials. A space elevator is about 98% steel (though you can use kevlar for the steel) and aluminum, 1% kevlar, and 1% other such as superconducting magnets. Most of the mass (98%) cost around $1/kg, with an average cost per kilogram of no more than about $10 per kilogram.

Summing the above up, we get about $430 billion in launch costs plus another $1-2 billion in material costs.

In other words, we can have a space elevator for less than $450 billion - significantly less than one year worth of DoD spending, one bank bailout, many times less than a variety of pointless wars, etc. This is well within our reach financially in other words.

What do we get in return for this $450 billion investment?

Virtually unlimited value. For example, with a space elevator we can reliably launch our nuclear waste into the sun. We've spent $100 billion building a waste repository in Nevada, but it was ultimately decided not to even use it. Now it costs only a dollar or two per kilogram to get rid of all of the nuclear waste in the world.

Second, we have immediate access to viable asteroid mining industry. Because the cost of delivering payloads to LEO drops to about $1/kilogram, we can now retrieve asteroids with trillions of dollars worth of minerals for mere tens millions of dollars in addition to having an easy viable way of returning those resources back to the surface. We acquire the ability to deploy profitable solar power in orbit above cloud cover and with the ability to return said power back to the surface with near zero loss by running power transmission cables down the elevator.

Just how profitable?

With increased luminosity in space, enhanced exposure time, and the ability to deliver base loads, solar panels pay for themselves in only 1-2 years while having a 20 year life time. In other words, if you put $5 trillion of solar panels into space, you get your $5 trillion back by the end of year two and a $5 trillion income stream each year thereafter. In other words, the US could cut everyone's taxes, both personal and business, income, capital, death, or otherwise, all to 0%, not even cut any benefits or current spending, and pay off the national debt within a decade.

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Polite sage for being highly unreasonable in your projected profits. Really casts doubt on the rest of what you've said.

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Why don't you explain what you disagree with, provide sources for your claims, and give your profit estimates based on those sources?

Thank you space elevator user. Do you also agree that we should deploy NAWAPA so we can put an end to drought, desertification, and wildfires?

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Yes. And molten salt reactors with the goal of creating desalination in places where you don't have fresh water nearby.

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Look, another stupid goy who has no idea how money works! You're not going to get $4 trillion dollars from solar panels in space, at best you'll probably get $3 trillion dollars but even then, you've got to account for unforseen elements that can run your first-ever $2 trillion space economy into the ground. Face it, space is just a dream and there's no way you'd ever be able to make a trillion dollars. It's just not possible, even if you were to invest a few hundred billion, the moist you'll ever see a return on is maybe $900 billion then you factor in loss and corporate structures and bonuses and marketing and suddenly your $750 billion dollars is actually costing you money because who even has the resources to count that much money? $500 billion is a lot of money, now, I could see maybe losing some to counting and tare issues on scales but even then there's no way you're ever going to make $250 billion from something as stupid as import/export of raw materials into space. You'll have so much trouble raising money to invest, too, no one will want to invest that much money in space, there's just no possible way to make a return on your investment let alone your projected earnings and break-even point of 2 years and $100 billion dollars. You know, I might be able to make a loan to help get your dream off the ground in exchange for any profits you may earn over this ridiculous $50 billion dollars of profit you suspect is just around the corner.

Tell you what, goy, come to my office and we will gladly issue you a 100 year adjustable rate mortgage whose interest is the price of gold divided by the daily LIBOR rate plus a special space venture premium. This will compound daily at noon when the gold price is set by my three cousins and aging father.

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Name one organization or government that could put 5 trillion dollars of anything, much less solar panels into space. That's about 25% of the US GDP. The way you phrase it suggests this would happen inside a year. That's laughable.
Second, you assume the solar panels work flawlessly. No manufacturing defects causing failure before the 20year life span, no regressive returns on power generation which is solar panels 101, and no micro asteroids coming along to fuck your dumb idea right up.
Also, your costs of launching payloads post elevator are purely hypothetical. Since your entire idea is based on a concept, a good one mind you but a concept none the less, we have no way of knowing what the realistic costs would be. Unforeseen technical hurdles could easily drive that cost up.
Lastly, we have no real hard evidence the idea will work at all. What would be required to test the concept of a space elevator without putting 450B into building one?
Now it's an angry sage because you're being a nigger.

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seconding sage because this post BTFO OP rather soundly.

I appreciate your taste in youtube science, actually just mentioned him in black science man thread, but the problem with most scientist is their absolutly abysmal understanding of economic.
Will we get to space? Yes. Will it be in the way most think? No.

The federal reserve after nationalizing it and ending its usury based lending.

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That may be true, but the nationalistic economic route is a lot closer to truth than the UN-lead pipe dream so many pop scientists seem fond of.

The United States government has already borrowed about $20 trillion dollars and continues to do so at very low interest rates with questionable ability to repay given their trade deficits and slow economic growth. Borrowing a few trillion more for a project that will pay itself back thousands of times over won't be an issue.

The cost estimates for launching payloads are not hypothetical. They are based on peer-reviewed articles that were already posted. Once you have the space elevator up, the only cost is electricity, the cost of which is dropping dramatically.

We have plenty of hard evidence that the idea will work. It is based on forces that we understand and can be calculated. We have large structures like bridges, skyscrapers, etc. You're essentially trying to discredit the entire field of engineering, which is not going to be successful.

Look at this goy still believing in the value of money. If you ever were to buy a space elevator, you'd fuck up pretty much every economy on Earth, firstly by blowing up the steel market, and secondly by the supposed returns you could ever get from the thing.

It might be technically feasible to make a space elevator in a few years but no country on Earth currently has the capacity to build such a monstrous device.

It's cute that you actually think the debt means something.

Cratering the real prices of goods is another way of describing material abundance and prosperity. A golden age.

It is technically feasible to build a space elevator right now, and the United States can, and will, build it.

What do we need to do to get this thing going? I'm tired of a stagnant economy that barely advances every year.

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Meme it into reality. Talk about it all over the internet. Demand Trump build it.

By showing the world we should have been living in for 30 years now.

A couple hundred thousand people working together on a wild and great idea, financed, housed and fed by someone. Coupled with a world that can handle the crash in labor and raw material availability (i.e. poverty and famine) so it's a pretty big deal.

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Don't worry the cost isn't the problem this entire project can't even happen. Notice how he doesn't talk about how you would even put everything together or keep the elevator from just leaving Earth or falling. Niggers only believe in this snake oil.

Genocide is not a prerequisite for building a space elevator.

But it'd be a hell of a lot easier.

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alright faggots lets go
this motherfucker is going to be like the international space station but tethered to the ground in an area that will resemble the iss orbit for route familiarity and natural forces
make it 40 to 50km lower orbit so there can be crew nearby all the time
it will need to go somewhere in nevada highest ground possible
i'll let you engineers figure out the science behind it but let's talk security
to imagine this glorious piece of machinery as simply tethered to the ground by a thin cable is crazy
it's gotta have some superstructure below it to some extent to reduce the distance needed and to provide redundancy in cables
to keep the air, ground, and detect lower space shit it's got 8 JLENS raytheon blimp thats outfitted with mad surveillance, radar, and sometimes even a payload, us used them in afghanastan and uses them to defend the eastern seaboard equidistant from each other.
build some type of octagon structure that the JLENS will be tethered to then tether the space link in the middle with the super structure
surround the whole complex with distribution, materials collection, storage, etc
gotta protect that asset
let's get it going dudes

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