Planning the Race War

Kike mods will DELETE/ANCHOR/BAN this because it shows how to make money.

When the race war occurs, I am planning on using my father's welding company to form contracts with any group in need of "simple" metallurgy… such as swords and shell husks. My brother owns a fishery outside the US, and I will ask him to send his shipments to safe harbors. If all goes well, the people who I sell the weapons to will create hunger in small cities or large towns; in fact, the reason for the contracts will be sway them which places to attack. If all goes well, we can sell the fishes in those areas for a great price. The best part about this is in anyone of a different race tries to help that city/town, we can get the local militia/army to shoot at them and secure our profits. Kinda of a side job, we can also use the dead to get their supplies and grind their bodies and sell them as "cow meat". I have started making friends in Asia, Canada, and Europe; and we can always get a clerk of the correct race to represent my company.

The previous works for me, but being a bit more generic, I'm also planning to invest in wall street when the war starts. While investing in Raytheon and Lockheed Martin might be the secure way to go, I also believe diversifying a little might be beneficial. The first side investment should definitely be on oversea shipping companies that will be bringing food and aid… although, if that jeopardizes my profits, we can always get someone of the right race to become a patsy for my company. The second investment should be on loan bonds as everyone will be too focused on winning, which will benefit my family a lot. A third one MIGHT be vacation/tourism as I'm certain many places will be safe areas from the stupid brutes killing each other. I do have distant family and even foreign friends who are into buying land, so we can get the fighting factions to do the real estate development for us.

Finally, when all the war settles (which I hope takes forever to do, lol), I am planing to go live near the DC area, once we get the WNs to kill the poor blacks over there before we send some non-white group to kill the rest. I have this Aryan vision of rebuilding Washington DC with beautiful Ancient Roman Architecture with a "Hanging Garden" touch to make the whole thing more expensive. Furthermore, because I believe in blood and soil, I want one of the DC areas to have my family name (my blood) and even have a plaque for my neighborhood engraved with the words "Americana" (my soil).

Anyways, discuss other ways to make money.

There won't be a race war. Only gold and silver are money.


How can we make one though? I want to get my father's company

That's a great idea, I myself have been working on something similar. My family has been more of the investment class, so I was honestly planning to depopulate poor boroughs by giving them cheat weapons and tell them to move. If they refuse, we give 8nfo to the enemy side and genocide that whole place. Although just cutting food supply might be the best.

Raytheon and Lockheed Martin will be great places to invest though.


why are you so butthurt about?

You can engage in localized (meaning do it in cities and other high-minority areas) shutdowns of critical services, costing millions of dollars per day. To destabilize the government requires loss of confidence in their power.

Why would I do that? That's (((terrorism))), and I doubt my family stocks won't change too much. On the other hand, wide conflicts of people can be very profitable for the right people.

Your method is about hurting people who have nothing to do with my profits. My method is letting people hurt themselves while increasing and protecting my profits.


Sorry FBI, I don't have my scanner with me right now.

To everyone here, if you want real gold and silver, go to China, Russia, or Israel. They are amassing that, and that's great, but the price is inflated.

Personally, investing on the right parts of the stock market has a better return than simply waiting for the economy to crash. It's safe, but save some exceptions, it's just a one trick pony.

That actually sounds great, who would have thought I would find someone like me in here…

Yeah, military stocks is a good starter, but if you want to make good money, it's better to compartmentalize the population to make them more manageable. Race during a race war will mean that. Depopulating poor places is great, but what are you planning to do there? Perhaps buy the place or simply increase the value of adjacent areas?

Also, who will you be getting the weapons from? Other factions while you get a cut or simply overseas? I hope we or our families can meet because you sound like you have some great ideas. BTW, giving information about a group who doesn't comply with us to another is pretty hilarious.

One of us, one of us, one of us.


Gold and Silver are only suitable for Big Money replacement. Barter will be done in perishables (food, bullets, lighters, etc) as not many things will actually be worth Gold, and the average joe has no concept of Gold's value. Not to mention in a SHTF scenario, NO ONE FUCKING NEEDS GOLD ALEX JONES.

This NatSoc board really draws in the retards.

How is he retarded, seems pretty profitable and safe if you ask me.


There are plenty of things that are invaluable, such as your life and physical integrity.

((( )))
Really makes me think on what's your race. If a person doesn't want to die in a war, all they need to do is temporarily retire on a safe place and invest as a side job. When things settle down, you will be richer and there will be less competition for white women.

Average IQ on here seems to be dropping here every day, unfortunately.

it's a yellow star goblin I believe. They dream all day of unearned profit.

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Fuck off Shlomo.

A race war is a good time to profit, regardless of who wins, you can always go live in the good areas.

speak for yourself

Thats what happens when you stop banning the cancer and allowing the thought leaders to speak, you get pure cancer and the thought leaders go elsewhere.

This is either a seriously delusional fantasy LARP or some lame alphabet agency LARP.

Personally I would anchor delete and ban you just for bold texting the entire OP

War profiteering is about as jewish as it gets


What happened to the IQ of 8/pol/?!

Correct, but not the hilarious way OP describes.

Only subhumans kill among each other, is it a crime to just profit from this fact?

Actually the plan looks pretty solid.


This is the problem with snekfags everywhere forever. A warlord/mob isn't going to barter for shit they can just take. You have to be, or be a client of, a warlord already for this to work. If you're already a warlord you don't want to be selling weapons to people who aren't your people.

What are isolated communities going to even pay you with in a balkanized whimerica? The us is the most sophisticated economic organism ever so far. If you cut a chunk out of a tree, or a mollusk, it will probably live. They don't have a lot of moving parts. If you cut a chunk out of a cow it will probably bleed to death.

Either they have a wall street account or they should be bombed tbh

We need war or the economy won't grow!

So jewish

Nah but seriously, your addiction to bold text and clickbait titles aside, there's nothing wrong with this in theory.
I'm not sure how swords will come in handy. I'd rather have mortars than swords. But whatever.

Maybe this argument will win over the neo-cons.

Too much TV.
I bet your dumbass thinks well be beating each other with hockey sticks and shit lel.
Invest in Russian small arms companies btw I'd bet money they'll be dumping all their back stock here when shit kicks off.


Whites need a strong economy



I sure hope you aren't in charge of logistics when the time comes.

This; let us not forget that it's up to the surviving men to continue the white race. I cannot fight because I got into a sport accident, but I will support white profits

Fuck you, we need an easy investment strategy. How are we supposed to attract a white woman and have beautiful white babies, if don't have money. War profiteering is the way to go. Also, after a war, there is less men/competition.

aside from being a jew on your part, this is definitely a negative, although the fleet idea for transporting various "goods" seems like a good idea, but it would need a legitimate navy to keep them from getting assfucked by pirates and other OpFor vessels


nobody will give a fuck about money when bullets start flying, faggot. learn how to find food and learn permaculture