Search nude in google images and check 10th results

the (((google))) is at it again

This warning has been suppressed previously

>even typing in elgoog

Yeah, true. nekkid boy and girl as blotted out by you.
Strangely, when I typed "nude children" in the search bar, Hillary and Huma did not come up in their rape snuff video. Oh, wait, I didn't click on videos.
What's even MORE suprising is that Google didn't flood the page with children who were naked. They focused more on any Whites who had been caught WITH child porn.

Strangely, as with the news as a whole, there were no jews or blacks who had been found with child porn or whatever.

kys OP

This is old new OP

OK guy, you go sit where you can't see what the biggest search platform is showing its billions of users.

I only heard of this instance today (i know google pulls this shit) and have seen others getting 404'd after posting about it

Besides, if we stop caring they've won

Pure Nudism is some creepy honeypot site where you can "buy nudist family home videos". there have been plenty of threads about it dating back to 2015/6, even before the exodus.

the point i was making was not about the site but the fact that such a generic term would lead to an illegal and extra-degenerate niche. Even shit like cum-shots is a bit odd when all you asked google for was nudity

understanding that, the site's continued existence across multiple years, and it bwing at the forefront of the (((al-goy-rythms))) furthers your point.


user… those aren't whites you're looking at.

(((jewgle))) needs to be nuked from orbit, fucking literal CP on the first page.

Kikes are trying to subconsciously program people for pedophilia

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you want to know something crazier?
go to imagefap and type "lolita"

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Your parents are related, aren't they?

gets called inbred?

Shit didn't appear on my search.


some people say the same, in america and brazil from what i've seen, though only a few americans

for those countries that see it it's apparently moved to 8th

Never mind googled it again and it appeared as the 4th picture. It must be moving around as people are Googling and clicking it.

Honestly it's nothing new(or, technically, illegal). Nudes can be found all the time by just Googling "nude", since it's not flagged as CP(nudism and art are considered A-OK).

It gets bumped up as people click it. What's most likely is someone Googled "nude", clicked it, shared it the information with someone, it got bumped up again, repeat, then OP brought it here and that's brought it up to like 3rd-4th place as anons on this site click it.

What's eventually going to happen is someone at Jewgle will notice it and take it down like they usually do.

Sites like it have been active even ten years before that.

That's what jewgle wants you to think

This is a quality thread and is in no way retarded and pointless.

Sage negated

Why would you click it, though? You can see the thumbnail in the search results just fine. 8th result for me.

i called in a report to Missing and Exploited Children. might not help, but i couldn't do nothing.

What did you tell them?

i saw a rumor about typing in "nude" in Google Images and found naked children

The purpose is to make the seemingly innocuous suggestion of looking up naked pictures on Google Images because stop the pedophiles or whatever, but really the intent is to get you horny seeing nudity and trick you into watching porn.


oh lawdy

check em

god dammit

Yeah you're getting me that easily FBI

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I understood that reference. sup oldfag

I guarantee the vast majority of people typing “nudity” into google image search aren’t looking for ancient sculptures or fine art

It was the third result for me. Must be moving up the ranks.

Why would merely seeing a child "make" you a pedophile?

Sadly, hasn't worked in years.

Google sucks cock. Degoogle yourself.

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CIA/mossad faggotry furry psyop memes are getting out of hand. Pour acid onto your brain for posting such degeneracy.

Why in the fucking fuck would someone buy that? Seriously, I can't think of ANY different purpose other than a fat middle aged creep using it to violently masturbate to in their dimly-lit basement in a scenario far worse than a cease pool of eternal nothingness.

I can understand (even though it's incredibly strange), to a degree, having certain works of art (I.E; photoshoots, art paintings etc)in a stylistic manner for artsy-fartsy purposes; crackpots like Paul Reubens have those.

But what the actual fuck is this shit?!?! There's no context or purpose to this at all. It's essentially a site selling FUCKING DVDS of endless footage pertaining to nudists that appeal to pedophiles.

When is the fucking line drawn?

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Enough of you kikes searched for "nude" clicked the picture that it's now #2 picture in my results.

We will bring the world into a new age. You have no understanding how the fire of Prometheus has forged the oncoming gilded new age of humanity. We will be one world, it is only a matter of time, you plebs.

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Here's the actual truth about fags. The simple act of putting a man's dick in your male mouth doesn't mean you immediately become a monster who can never be part of society again. If you continue to just live your life whatever.

GAY is a cult, and the moment you identify with a group who thinks having a certain sexual fetish makes you better than everyone you are a faggot who needs exterminated. Fags are fucking selfish losers who have no regard for human life and their only goal is obtaining attention . Closet fags are completely fine because they understand the implications of imposing their life on others with this faggot aura and faggot voice and faggot valley girl tendencies every open fag has. It's the same as non tattooed people who are proud of being a greasy non white Italian compared to the ones who wear attention grabbing attire and tattoos like FAMILIA. Yeah because honorable people like judges wear shirts that say CASES SUCCESSFULLY TRIED: 94848.

If you act like a normal person and make dealing with you easy by not sending off these signals like "omg im gay so you have to do X Y and z !!" And you suck dick whatever.