ITT we discuss tactics for legal street activism that avoid common honeypots and "fighting antifa"

flash mobs, hiking far from inner city degenerates, activities with no specific location to target (ex. IOTBW style poster campaigns)

discuss, brainstorm, criticize

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Smart nationalist groups know the unlevel playing field and don't plan things in a way that will lead to violent encounters with Antifa; not because the nationalists would be in physical danger (they can easily kick Antifa's communist faggot asses) but because Antifa is a legal trap. The left wing establishment wants young right wing men to punch Antifa (even legitimately in self defense) so those nationalists can be unfairly demonized by the media, have their jobs and lives destroyed, and get unfairly convicted.

Don't join nationalist groups that plan public events and marches where Antifa can get the location and show up, those are at best stupid planning and at worst a trap. Flash mobs, hiking far from the reach of inner city degenerates, plans with no specific location announcement (like poster dates, IOTBW posters and the like) are smart tactics for street activism. Know the playing field, it's unlevel. Adjust your tactics accordingly.

Avoid and ignore Antifa. Do not fight them, no matter how much you want to or how easily you can win. Protect yourself legally, protect your employment, avoid them at all costs. They are nothing more than bait deployed by the establishment left, cancerous aids-ridden bait. Don't touch it, don't go near it.

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Nothing legal can ever defeat the ZOG, since they write the laws out of thin air and without accordance to natural law.
If you are too stupid or cowardly to understand this, you have already lost and will be exterminated with the rest of the whites. ONLY physical violence will ever defeat them. Period. It’s not that hard to understand for anyone who has spent any amount of time actually researching this.

fuck off glowing CIA / demoralization shill, you are scum lower than garbage

a note to other anons: violent crime is exactly what the left wants you to do because they can use it to ruin your life, demonize the wider movement and massively increase censorship and crackdowns on the right
don't give the left the propaganda ammo that they want and don't ruin your life, be smart

i'm a fan of pitting the enemy against each other
like the gay march through a muslim/immigrant area, police escorted neonazi march through that black neighborhood that ended up chimping out and tearing their own neighborhood down, muslim prayers through loudspeakers in leftist neighborhood,
of course, no point if it's not recorded

Fuck off glownigger.

Reported. Commit suicide. You have been proven to be a paid shill.

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Reported. Commit suicide. You have been proven to be a paid shill.

Sounds like a woman.


Tactics that enable the right message to be spread on the streets (outside the censorship reach of tech giants) that are ALSO outside the reach of antifa street scum to disrupt are dangerously effective. Those are the kinds of tactics to use, more should be brainstormed and analyzed.

Reminder that you will never take back power legally, paid shill.

the control of the internet & information affects everybody … "muhrussia" and "fake news" is being used to shut down legitimate dissent

Holy shet figure it out

womp womp how many friends do you have? I hope youre all saving up cash and improving your livelihoods day to day. If you prefer to stay comfy 24/7, sharing the link should come even easier to you

More detail:

"Regardless of where you’re at on the political spectrum, if you oppose the status quo then opposing internet censorship of any political speech is now a matter of simple self defense."

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(no (you) for you)

Yes, we know you're a paid shill. Go back to reddit and get your thumbsy uppies from the ZOGbots on the_donald.


Giving attention to those insufferable antifaggots is the problem itself. If a protest goes on against zog and antifa appears its always better to act smarter, hence we do not attack trashcans and smash store windows around cctv cameras. Hitting antifa protesters is like hitting women. You can shout, spit, argue, but you don't hit women. They always act as big deals yet in action they only provoke then get bfto-d hard so it ends in (a biased) court. Antifa by itself is worth nothing. They are not firestarters, they are a (((reactionary))) movement puppeted by the zog. It's in their name. Yes, they are a bunch of irresistable punchbag filth and thats the point. They are there for their feelings we are there for our REASONS, but its impossible to reason with the indorctrinated pavlovians.
What should the protesters do instead? Not much generally. Bring thought inducing banners like "Why is the FED private?", "Mercury in vaccines", "ISIS apologises to Israel", "something something echoes", "a green cloud with a questionmark" and so on… and shout demands that resonate with a lot of people. We need to earn empathy from the civilians, antifa has already lost it a long time ago.
Now, in an ideal SHTF situation though when many-many thousands would protest in DC, Paris or some important place, and if the government is already prepared early (or not :^) (for example this yellow vest thing in Paris), they gather a lot of police vehicles for protests in a single place. Its easy target for sabotage so they become useless. It is very easy to sabotage communications and the electrical grid so nothing can get out from a district. The only thing needed is just a group (who knows electrical safety) driving around with a bunch of screwdrivers and bolt cutters for locks. (optionally can use thermite for step-down transformers). Pic related explains this n great detail. Copied pic from
Now with proper force and invisibility you can take over government buildings, radio/television station and most importantly kill minorities.
This is not some shitty fanfiction. This is how it should be done if anyone wants to conduct the DOTR properly. I am not saying do this or bomb the fed, but if shit happens you have to be organised and have a plan to disable damage control alltogether.


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ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL (((Activism))) ANTIFA-Right Spencer/Soros/Dugin threads. We're not falling for your tricks kike-bots and FEDS.

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Guerilla postering is very good if you're on a campus. If you're a student, you should try to get a postering campaign done at least once every two or three months, ideally with a group of 2-3 friends. As you're a student, time is basically your only resource to give, so you should use it.

If you're a goodjobfag (carpenter, engineer, construction…anything you can support a wife and even one kid on, really), you should try to run for some sort of lesser elected office. Go down to the local DNC/RNC (pick the popular one in your area) and say, "hey, I wanna help out and do this very tiny office." You'll only have to do a few things every now and then related to that office, and you'll be in a position of nonzero power, which you can use. Things like School Boards and City Councils are great first steps.

If you're a shitjobfag (McDs, Starbux, Call Center Customer Support…), and you've been stuck in shitjob forever, then actually consider vid related.

I forgot the best part:
Getting into weapon stockpiles and spreading it among protesters by the truckloads.

Have no same and wear their colors, so when they beat you images of them beating people with rainbow flags goes out across the news.

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Actually, you both are right. But you need to do both. You must know, when to be peaceful, and when to cross a certain line. Antifa is bait. That is for sure, and they are of our blood. Jew love it - THEY LOVE IT - when aryans use violence against aryans. Go for the real responsible ones, not for street antifa.

We should try to wake them up, with propaganda of our own! Here are ways how to do covert propaganda, while hiding your ass:

Subvert Antifa over their stance on palestine. DO PALESTINIANS HAVE A RIGHT FOR A STATE? WHAT S WITH PISSRAEL? They will self destroy over this issue.

All methods have its place - you just have to decide, which to use, when. We must strengthen our forces, wherever we can and weaken our enemies wherever we can.
In case, the invading hordes touch your family or girl:
Share the fun

A clean city is a city free of degenerates, this is why they hate gentrification.
The degenerates own nothing, yet they make the NPCs belief they rule the streets by taking over physical space with their slogans.
Simply put on some worker clothes, take some sticker remover and a scraper and remove all their ideological garbage from public installations in your neighborhood.
Next step is to remove their shitty graffiti from buildings, talk to the owners and offer them a free removal. This will endear you to the people who actually own shit. All without violence.
This has to be done regularly, but if done properly will liberate the subconscious of the people living in your neighborhood.
Be aware that this can take month and years, but it will work.
After the first step has gone on for some time, promote your own position with NPC friendly advertisement in a clean way.
Buy space for advertisement and pay stores to allow you to hang your posters on their blackboard.
Ignore chain stores and focus on local businesses of the region you are in, not only pay them to promote you, become their primarily customer with your group.
You will not get all stores on your side, but it guarantees that your own messages are open in the public and it will grant you additional loyalty from the people that actually matter.
While all this is going on, follow this Anons advise of getting elected in lesser offices and voluntary work in your region. Become somebody who has a say in things, even if it in something small an unimportant.
Don't be aggressive, just use it to constantly deny the degenerates a platform and remove them from getting official support.
Most degenerate group manage to get public founding, because not enough from us seek leadership positions to call them out on their bullshit.
After all this is done, you own the support of the majority of your people and the institutions of your region, take our the Handlers of the degenerates in swift and brutal actions, actions which cannot be traced back to you and your group.
Successfully done you will have cut of one finger from the claws of the globalists and liberated your local people, but they will move in revenge to ensnare you. Expect them to artificially support the degenerates in your region and try to import degenerates from other regions.
Don't panic at this point, continue to seek power and use that power to defend your people.

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Is there any use for a campaign for the page? That was one thing that was pretty eye-opening for me when I first saw just *the title of the site*. It compelled me to visit immediately. Maybe that doesn't work for willfully ignorant normies, but maybe worth a try? Some posters and stickers etc, that just say:

We Thought They Were White

And maybe some vague, small imagery on the side… a slave (being whipped by a jew?), or a jew slave ship owner, or something along those lines.

Maybe I'm way too hopeful but I think ops like this could really dismantle the whole anti-white narrative and put the JQ front and center.

I'm also a huge fan of subverting Jewish identity. Zig Forums should become a Jewish board. Autists should wield Hebrew.

Post these at your local Synagogue

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somebody give this ^ man a Reichsverdienstorden.

Why would you join the controlled single party?

That was effective dog whistling.

OP, it is quite easy really.
Everytime you wander into the antifa filled streets you must archive everything. Front and back GoPro knock offs, and if the cameras survive the day (night) you backup the vids at home and into the remote file server(s). Later you start checking the vids for repeating antifa faggots, and the press cunts, and maybe undercover police young stooges.

Same as with far leftshit courts. Archive court papers and judge names. Have a standalone approach. Post regularly at normalfag sites about the relationships between all, so you can start recruiting those fags into the path of light just by red pills that make sense to their npc life. They can act standalone too, and if somehow we reach purge levels, wear you card(s) on your helmet.

Protest by meditating. Preferably do it next to a left win protest and have a sign saying "this is activism, that is degeneracy"
True protest is improving yourself.
They can't look good arresting us if we sit with our eyes closed.
The masses will see the difference in behaviour and that will ease them into redpills.

Cuckchan, stop making threads. Lurk 2 years and consider suicide.

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Then fucking do it faggot. Get off the computer and fucking do it. You wont do it because you're a dumb schizo faggot.
Schizos get the rope too.
SIEGE is a shit book with shit advice, James Mason is a failure who accomplished nothing. IM is gone, AWP is mostly in jail, dead, compromised or moved on (your faggot discord fan club isnt the real deal). NSRM accomplished nothing, Even all of Pierce's offshoots failed to literally accomplish a single thing.
Blow your fucking brains out and livestream it so we can watch and laugh at you. Everyone is done carrying your dead weight, either get your shit together and collect your sanity or fucking go.

No shit, everyone knows this.

Best action is to go into a building near a protest and use a high powered camera to take face shots of antifa and then upload them here and elsewhere to dox and shame them for being so faggy. Fuck, get a listening device even and spy on their meetings but don't go participate in the shit. Fucking street activism, it'll get you legally fucked.

The it's okay to be white fliers did more damage than running around screaming and chanting a mantra.

Yeah bro, we should just stay home and post NatSoc memes and read Mein Kampf. Going outside and orginizing with other whites is honeypot/cia/fbi/alphabet soup gov shit. Only safe way to beat zog is to lay back and wait :^)

Fuck off, no one is listening to you, schitzo.

Read Siege tbh OP, plenty of guidance in there.

If you want to do street activism do it yourself by doing shit like handing out flyers or putting them up somewhere for people to see. Be creative and spread a redpill in this fashion, obviously try to not get caught by wearing something like a hoodie. Winter is especially good for this because of winter clothes that can hide your face easily. This is the best way because an entire crowd of antifa can't plan to stop one guy randomly showing up on his own time with no announced planning.
cringy shit that's been out of style for over a decade now, don't do this.

this, it basically gives you free reign to do whatever you want on the street no matter how many antifa think they "own the streets"
brilliantly effective tactic

you could even put up posters to bait antifa and then pick a secure location further away and watch who tries to take them down, taking pics of their face from afar

"legal street activism" LMAO @ all that shit. remember faggots, even the proud goys whos leader gavin mcinnes stuck a dildo up his ass and kissed a faggot, milo, kicked out "racists" from his group(while claiming he was just a founder and not a leader) and supported race mixing and homosexuals

something like pic related, but more nicely designed

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bonus points: if antifa realizes this tactic is being used they will become terrified of removing the posters, allowing them to stay up and inform the public about them
if they remove them, you get your photo opportunity
antifa can't wear masks 24/7 and many will unthinkingly try to rip the poster down if they see one

Most important posts in thread.
Though it's important to remember that the claykike and mudnigger both are enemies and anathema to our people and its future. So only use the palestine method to subvert, don't genuinely support or sympathize with either.

Form 3-5 man cells. Use face-to-face comms, no electronic comm at all. Follow the tactics in the article "Leaderless Resistance."

Create false flag alt-right meet ups in the middle of nowhere, then laugh while antifa chases ghosts and wastes time, effort, and money.

Requires free time and an internet connection. Costs you nothing, costs antifa more than nothing. Look for this pattern in all tactics. Strategy is to exhaust their resouces and slowly build our own.

Another idea: start a local antifa chapter, get soros bucks, build dox on all bused in antifa and videos of meetings. Do nothing on your own, but let all your buddies know whats up and what to avoid. Accuse genuine antufa of being infiltrators. Terrorize new recruits and destroy their effectiveness.

Anything you do has to win support for your group and delegitimize the enemy.

You need to go on the offensive against the INDEFENSIBLE. Protest refugee resettlement centers. This makes the enemy out themselves as standing against you associates them with this center. If the state steps in to stop you, it shows they are supporting these centers as well, so you are delegitimizing them.

Go after abortion clinics. Anyone who defends them is scum.

Go after opioid companies.

Go after any business that hires illegals.

Go after gay pride parades.

You have to draw battle lines and form associations in the locals minds. Obviously these tactics are for red states and conservative areas.

←- here are 198 other tactics that can be discussed publicly.

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nigger just get a battalion of whitemen (opposed to a tribe of niggers), around twenty or so, walk in square formation, blasting inspiring folk music from each ethnic culture. Example is Germans blasting Prussia Glory, Spaniards blasting Rela Marcha, British blast Grendadier's march and so forth. All while holding up your nationality's flag along with an American flag. Singing and chanting in your native tone would bring you a long way, and attract more but this might go against Brits and Spanish who have to deal with Mexi-shits and chavs attempting to steal the message. Show pride, grit, confidence, and if they attack you merely march past them and if they attack beat the loving ever shit out of them with video evidence of course so if tried in a court case you are tried with self defense. Any other suggestions? I think not only will this support in our cultural war but it will let normies feel special with their race and ancestors. Maybe we could do a thing where all the groups meet up in a major city and show off tricks from each culture, and the winner gets a prize or some sort. Further pushing nationalism in the average white man's heart. I think this could work if done correctly but easily pozzed by (((them))) if not strict.

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And don't do gay ass fucking protest with signs and stupid chants that are straight up fucking brainletfied. I see that shit all the time where I am from and it makes me hate myself seeing the people who are grouped up with me. Go to the common place, the streets of manhatten, a tour around your town/village, etc, not the abortion clinic or you will be framed with being anti this this and this, not companies, not parades, be so fucking neutral with your message that them hating you is "racist" by their terms. If you see a group of twenty muscular Shultzes singing German chanting and being very inviting to the public while proving no other agenda than showing pride for one's heritage, what can you bash them with? Nothing but straight up hating Germans and what they've achieved.

Briefly, recant the numbers on that list which have ever done anything to successfully defeat jewish efforts. If you manage to list any, explain the ways in which we, as whites, could do them today, with jews in complete control of our governments, finances, media, education apparatus, and printing presses.

You mean "The British grenadiers"

Tbh, the Celts do folk music better, I'd go for Highland Laddie, or The Black Bear, or Peat-Fire Flame, and I'm a bleedin' Englishman.

Nice idea, though, I'd be well up for it.
Also fully prepared to be called a "Goose-Stepping Nazty", because one should prepare for inevitabilities.

Yea I just wanted to finish up typing it up and goose stepping could be amazing, especially if marching in separate culture forms, like how German is slow compared to Russian and Russian is like a snail compared to I dunno something like French. I wouldn't be able to set this whole thing up though, I lack the resources and time especially since I am barley living on my own. To kick start this idea it first needs a lot of attention on Zig Forums, then once attention is jotted down a general thread must be made, and a main conductor of all the activities like the IOTBW threads which were absolutely brilliant.

As I said before though this can be easily infiltrated if not treated correctly, and will put many of the people contributing to this out in the open. If the many see it as unfit to go public just yet let them be, it is their downfall if they wait too long.

Read these two posts and if you don't get it read them again. Probably the most insightful posts I've read on this board all month.

1) Learn how to wheatpaste. Its pretty common amongst lefty anarchists, its helpful in that it is a bitch to remove if done right. Just do it in a way that doesn't piss off the wrong people. Don't do it to shopkeepers who are just normies, will only alienate them.
2) go to mainstream cultural events. Best example for myself was the highland games, I used to do the one in New Hampshire but they are around. This is literally an event that celebrates Scottish (and to some degree Irish) heritage and culture. Its pretty milktoast but you literally have a group of white people getting together to celebrate their ancestory. If you are looking to link up with people I can't think of a more receptive crowd.

These are a small and really base things but at least a start

Also, plan fake protests at refugee centers, globalist NGO headquarters, political candidate rallys, etc. Their image is already completely tarnished in the general public eye, so just use their hair triggers to get them to associate themselves with our enemies.

Just wear black bloc like antifa does. Then beat the shit out of them.

Or, alternatively, join antifa and beat the shit out of trumpcucks and Q-tards while getting off clean. Both are useful for whites.

Low IQ retard detected

What is a common honeypot? You don't know what the fuck you're talking about OP

Fuck off you shill - filtered

Only if you're not smart about it. That one guy put an antifag into a coma he may never wake up from, and the police not only released him, they said that even if the faggot dies, no charges will be filed. Why is that? Do you think the ZOGbot pigs are actually on our side? Of course not.

The reason is because the faggot was stupid enough to attack with a cheapo LARP police baton instead of his fists, which is assault with a deadly weapon, the antifag swung first, the Nationalist guy punched him, once, and then left it at that, and the whole thing was caught on tape. No court in the continent could convict him.

The system is completely unfair, but not yet to the point where you'll be arrested for defending yourself. And that's where fighting antifa needs to exist in. The realm of self-defense. The moment you put a toe outside of it, you will be fucked. The moment you stop video recording everything and allow it to be he-said she-said, you will be fucked.

Do note that this advice only applies to America. You absolutely will be arrested for trying to defend yourself if you're from perfidious Albion. In fact, you'll be thrown in jail for trying to stop someone from raping your child in front of you.

Sage because this is a lazy datamine thread and deserves no bumps. I'm only posting at all to push back against the unending blackpills being shilled here.

We don't want antifa to go away, they radicalize normies. Instead we want them to make more mistakes. To do that we must waste their time, energy, and money by trolling them into doing dumb shit IRL. As they suffer more they become less disciplined and more impulsive. Then we then lead them on a merry chase and laugh while they attack cops, break windows, and burn trash cans. Since the cops don't do shit to antifa you can get all your buddies together and start another Loot Crew hashtag on twitter and other social media, where you encourage niggers to loot and chimp out.

Remember the Ferguson and Boston riots? Those redpilled me and brought me to Zig Forums. We must give our enemies every chance to shoot themselves in the foot, and niggers being dumb, emotional, and greedy are the best chance for that.

Then we flood comment threads and message boards to spread the lulz.

We trolled them without leaving our mom's basements once, and we can do it again. Lies, misdirection, and low-risk/high-reward schemes are our strengths. Let's make 2019 like 2015 again, at least in regards to trolling shitlibs into massive chimpouts.

Remember UTR 2? The Right didn't show up, so antifa attacked cops, destroyed businesses, and burned cars. We don't need to meet them head on, because deprived of a target they attack the ZOG entities that support them!

We don't want to give them an outlet for their rage except normal people and their allies.

We want to maximize their dysfunction/weaknesses, and visibility of the same. They are violent subhuman losers brainwashed into a cult of self hatred

We want to minimize our dysfunction/weakness, and visibility of the same. No more cringe NEET marches and autistic weirdness.

In summary, all we need to do is keep spreading misinformation and trolling.

I recommend you create profiles of shitlib teachers and students you know on far right sites, using things that are easily traced back to the person whose life you are trying to ruin. Use public wifi only to access and post to those sites.

The goal of this operation is threefold:
1. Disenfranchise shitlibs in positions of authority and power.
2. Damage antifa via the inevitable lawsuits for harassment and loss of income.
3. Make it safer for us to shitpost with named accounts, since antifa will never know which are fake dox and which are real.

Post these outside your liberal proffesor's office door for lulz

We can also redpill normies by exploiting race and sex.

For women, make social media and dating site accounts, posing as a hot Asian chick. Go onto group discussions in leftist forums, and shitpost about how much white women suck. Brag about women shit like handbags and shoes that your white boyfriend bought you, and how all your Asian gurl friends and female relatives have white boyfriends and husbands. Brutally mock liberal white women about how Asian women are going to steal all the white men, leaving dumb, naive feminist white women with Asian and black men. Make sure you shit on asian men to improve realism.

Goal is to make white women anxious about being too left wing and to hate other races (or at least asians).

For men, do the dame thing but pose as a sunni muslim arab or turk stealing all the left wing white women from pussy leftist men. Make sure you shit on christianity in both fear and hate, as well as talking about how you will replace themand rule the democratic party. Call everyone who criticizes you a paranoid racist islamophobe, while also mocking their demographic demise.

The goal us to trigger the fuck out of leftist men while also making them want to become republican and racist to spite them.

Easier operations are to:

1. Pose as a dot indian on social media and dating sites, where you sexually harass white women and send them pictures of comically small brown penises. Call them racist christian whores and alternately threaten them and beg when they reject you.

Goal is to make white women (more) racist against dot indians.

2. Pose as a jewish caricature similar to Tim Wise but much more obviously Jewish. Show symbols like a star of david, pick a common but plausible jewish name, use jewish phrass correctly.

Post and like bmww cuck porn, abd torment normies and left wing white men about being cucked. Post demographic decline hatefacts in a triumphalist tone. Talk about how much you hate Trump, Christians (never say Jesus Christ tho, its a weird jewish thing about his name), Europeans, and Nazi Republicans. Call everyone who disagreeswith you a Nazi.

The goal is to get normies to hate jews.

The ultimate goal of all the social media manipulation is to make it impossible to spot a genuine right winger, and to get actual shitskins that are indistinguishable from our stereotyped profiles banned for hate speech and being russian bots. This will magnify and accellerate calls by leftists to shut down all right wing people on social media, which can only work in our favor as it gets worse.

3. Pose as a La Raza central american le 56%er, shit on leftist whites for acting like decent human beings.

Goal is to make normies racist against squatemalens.

Step 1) realize public protests are all about shaping public perception not chimping out
Step 2) Stop using marxist euphemisms You are only doing them a favour.

There are plently of other ways to refer to them
if you absolutely MUST mention them

Step 3) Stop paying attention this "organization" at all and never give them ANY good or bad press unless maybe its really bad and some "Antifa" fag raped some baby or something
Ideally everyone would referer to any of them as something like
The public is dumb and doesnt care about complex explanations pointing out that this organization has that historical roots in some "armed wing" of "communist" parties and their donors names all end up in "berg" and "stein" and there are a lot of coincidences that require them to think.You have to feed the public the truth grilled with cheese without a choice to think over it.

Red fag bad! Thats simply how it works for these hopeless drones that keep getting in the way of dealing with the cancer effectively.

Sorry about the derailing OP, the same shills are at work to disrupt organization.

I have a few ideas in mind:
1. Conduct flash rallies so that antifa won't plan against it.
2. Announce public rallies that no one will attend, so that leftists would waste their money and time. This is an effective form of protest because it demonstrates that the ideology exists and that it doesn't harm anyone.
3. Keep in mind that it's not Nazi denouncement that hinders people, it's Nazi support. Co-opt their phrases/images and damage their branding so that they would distance themselves from it.

Ultimately, if you're going to be an activist, prepare as if you're preparing for a murder. They'll hunt you down.

1. Thanks for proving me right. You will never do anything.
2. No, things won't get violent. People will not fight back.

was just about to post this, do you have the original thread archive linked by chance?

Good idea. Making sculptures in celebration of inflamatory shit like Dyann Roof deep innawoods in national forests, then baiting them with fake EXIF GPS coordinates is a good idea. You can leave clues at each "site".

Same with some insane nazi occult nature astrology ritual, like on a solstice. Make a video of you and your gf doing a "fertility power ritual" masked and costumed in a park. Then announce the event and rough location. When antifa are tromping out innawoods release a "live stream" of the ritual and watch them chimp out. Fuck do it in california in fire season, maybe theyll die in a fire lol!

The goal is to frustrate them, highlight how insane they are, and make them look even more insane and incompetent. Optics is a weapon.

Flash rallies are risky because antifa responds fast and tge consequences for failure are dire. Better to announce rallies in nigger and spic hoods so antifa get mugged and theres a higher chance of a chimpout, or in jewish hoods so they burn attack jrws when they chimp out. Just never show up, or fly a throwaway drone with an american flag they can burn on the news. Shit like that triggers normies.

Film a klan rally on private property, dont dox urself, then post the video during the planned rally time and claim it is in the town yoy planned it. This will cause confusion and chaos, which are our natural allies. Twitter will go apeshit and we get to fake out the judenpresse too.

Violence did not work in Germany
Hitler tried a violent putsch, it failed and he was imprisoned and his movement banned. When he was released he instead created a peaceful cultural movement. It wildly succeeded and he became Fuhrer of Germany.

Violence did not work in Italy
Mussolini won through the famously bloodless March on Rome, not through a violent uprising.

Violence did not work in Romania
The Iron Guard attempted a violent revolution and were permanently crushed by the government.

Violence did not work in the UK
The promising British Union of Fascists was effectively ended after violence erupted at the so-called "Battle of Cable Street".

Violence did not work in America
The Klan, once a political and cultural juggernaut, has become a pariah organization due to its association with murders and lynchings that ultimately accomplished nothing other than to stain its cause in the minds of the common people.

Violence DOES NOT WORK as a way to effectively achieve political goals. ORGANIZATION IS THE ONLY PATH TO POWER - Dr. Pierce said as much and he vocally condemned "fighting in the streets".

War is totally different from low-level political violence caused by lone individuals. War 'can' work as a means to achieve political ends, but war is ALWAYS preceded by intensive organization and collection of resources. Wars are fought between belligerents with nations, armies, economies, governments, agreed-upon leaders, and thousands more vital factors. 'We do not have the resources to fight a war.' We do, however, have the resources to get raped like violent communists were raped after the ascension of the Third Reich, if we try the same thing they did.

The Left loves encouraging the Right to violence because they know that lone individuals engaging in violence against an unsympathetic government always get stomped on and fucked in the ass. Note that the American Revolution and Communist Revolution were mass movements involving millions of supporters with defined leaders, legalistic bureaucracies, public organizations, mass unrest, and decades of continuous building and prep time. None of which we have.

Screencap this and post it whenever a GITD shill spouts this same bullshit in an attempt to get you imprisoned or killed

All the same glownigger shill spamming the thread. Disregard any tactic that inevitably winds up with you dead or in prison having accomplished absolutely nothing of value.


Violence works well if you’re already powerful and have institutions supporting you. That’s how they get away with it and you don’t.

Oversimplified and wrong.

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Also reminder theres two things feds do and one thing they dont do.

One thing feds do is try to get you or a couple other people into a private conversation where they directly, in no uncertain terms, propose you and they engage in criminal activity. The typical meme is going after a judge, they like that one. If you dont leave the room and say "I want no part of that" - if you instead engage in a discussion of the pros and cons - and that includes the cons - that includes "dont do it, that would make us look bad!" - thats a crime. Talking to ISIS and saying "I think if you stopped blowing people up you would be more successful" - thats a crime too. If you truly believe this is fed talk, you wouldnt say anything at all. Youd just leave. The point of this isnt to provoke actual crimes, its to find nutballs who are capable of going after judges and catching them before they go after a judge, to keep the judge alive is their goal.

Another thing feds do is they try to disrupt online communities and cause infighting, disrupt activities, try to prevent people from going out and committing crimes or hurting anyone. The goal in the end is to stop crime, not arrest pro-whites and put people in prison. Maybe it is at the top, but 80% of the chain of command thinks they are stopping crime. The method of operation is typical of people trying to prevent crime and stop people from getting hurt, important people who are part of the system. Thats pretty much anyone telling us to stop doing things that are extremely effective, like exposing the kike, the holohoax and defending Hitler without shame. If they want to stop you from doing something that kikes would overtly want to stop you from, its probably feds or stupid people who dont understand revolutionary/radical politics. If they want you to vote with niggers for zionists, like the daily informer, its probably feds trying to sway you away from being dangerous - the same thing Jewdan Peterkike does, tries to sway people away from doing anything "crazy".

The thing that feds DONT do is try to provoke random uncontrolled violence, get important people killed, cause massive instability in the system. They dont go on National Socialist forums and tell people to read books on the concepts behind guerilla warfare and sabotage, or give them quotes telling them to take physical action. Thats what people who are risking their lives and who could be bumped off any day extra-legally do. That takes a lot of guts. Feds hate those people.

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Isn't this clear by now? Let them fuck up, shit like IOTBW is the stuff that works, street violence doesn't. Let them get mad and burn towns down that will show people how insane they really are, doing so yourself will show them how insane you are.

The meek shall inherit the Earth.

This is why people hate Christians. Its like you dont even understand race and think non-whites are capable of compassion and empathy.

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Like just ponder the IOTBW campaign for a second and what it seeks to achieve. Im sure you probably have.
IOTBW isnt about telling whites its okay to be white, I would hope that part at least is clear. You post the poster and non-whites or indoctrinated whites start foaming at the mouth, trying to argue against it. Its just one method of propaganda, its one tactic in an overall pro-white strategy.. but you think its the only tool we have, its like the guy who tries to treat every problem like a nail by smacking it with a hammer.
IOTBW is about telling whites its NOT okay to be white. Its about provoking the outrage, which makes anti-white media stories, which exposes to whites that they are under attack collectively and opens them up to all the other truths were pushing. It breaks the ice. Thats all it is though, an icebreaker. You cant just keep doing that forever and think white genocide will stop itself.. and you especially wont if you then turn around and discourage whites who are prepared to take action.
The goal of IOTBW is to get whites in opposition of white genocide, to support an ethnostate, to fight for their race. You think fighting for your race is posting flyers, thats the auxiliaries job. We have the auxiliary but no core. The core is coming, but you keep countersignalling them in advance.

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Go away, jew. The word translated as ‘meek’ is πραεῖς. Strong’s Concordance 4239 notes “Biblical meekness is not weakness but rather refers to exercising God’s strength under His control–i.e. demonstrating power without undue harshness. The English term ‘meek’ often lacks this blend–i.e. of gentleness (reserve) and strength.” A more proper English understanding of Biblical meekness, because it's about controlled power, would be “blessed are those who use their gifts, whatever they may be, for the will of God–for they will inherit the Earth.”

Oh look, its another disruption shill trying to start an argument about Christianity by presenting a cucked argument and then attaching a bible quote, provoking outrage and side-taking D&C.

Attached: jidf as this.png (530x248 276.87 KB, 84.22K)

I think my quote may have convoluted my point. My point is to "use our words" like the IOTBW campaign, thats the stuff that makes the common man feel under attack. Simply beating blacks in the street makes them think your a "nAzI". Our points have to empathize with the common man and evoke an emotion out of him. I bring up IOTBW because we proved a point without making ourselves look bad, that was a pure gain campaign. IOTBW wasn't aggressive, wasn't accusatory, it was a simple comment and I think those few words told a huge story.

[Paragraph above is a little loose ended, hope the bottom two and TL;DR clear it up.]
"The meek shall inherit the Earth", I quoted this because I simply want us to use our words in order to get whitey to snap. It doesn't hurt to make allies and we are only as strong as the vessels that conduct our will. In Europe, going full Zyklon is inevitable, it's only a matter of when.

BUT people won't fight a war over words, basic resources have to be removed to the equation, that's what gets people moving (Look at France) I'm putting a lot of information into one tid-bit so I am going to stop it here.

Show the whitey who hates him, and when basic necessities [Food, Water, Power(Look at France and the Gas debacle)] come under attack, he knows who to direct his anger at.

I am not Christian btw. And my point was very convoluted I apologize. I would like to direct you to
(Sorry for not tagging you when I first posted it I forgot.

No comments on my effortposting?

My point wasn't peace with the nogs, my point was showing how peaceful we are and how aggressive non-whites are and letting the common man decide where he stands in it. Point was show the common man how bad they are, let basic resources evaporate and by that time he will already know who is at fault.

See here.

BTW I'm not

and I'm not religious.

Holy Shit I messed up the post like 3 times,

Meant to say:

I'm not

I Read half the thread. The problem with this is Zig Forums is anonymous and unorganized so it's easily infiltrated with shills. I liked the idea of meeting a member on dubs day but it didn't work out for me because of the time of day and it gets really dark early. There needs to be more threads like these, we need peaceful organization.

So are you a jew, a faggot, a slut, a nigger, or all four? My guess is a jewish faggot with a little nigger in your bloodlines.

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KYS kike

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Japanese Knotweed

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Lol operation take out the trash. Needs a Russian angle though, so we can make the Mueller probe look even more retarded.

Congratulations, you have given no argument and have resorted to ad hominem. Good job worshiping a Semitic religion while larping as a nahtzee at the same time.

A false statement, depends on the form, retardo "fighting in the streets" doesn't work.