Latest insanity from Trudeau...or am I insane?

I've watched this twice and I still don't know WTF the fucking PRIME MINSTER OF CANADA is talking about. Have I been on this site too long or what? I mean, he welcomes rapefugees and implies construction workers are rapists? WTF?

Honestly even if anything he said here made sense, why is the political leader of a nation talking ideology while in a foreign country? How is any of this appropriate? I legit feel bad for Canadians.

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In the old west a whore house would pop up for a quick buck and a quick fuck what a fag

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Everybody in Canada will be glad to see the last of these assholes except maybe some Sikh terrorists and some uh…other terrorists…

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Trudeau seems broken inside and just doubled down on his gender bullshit

I wonder what insanity goes on in his mind? Does he think he will be venerated like a hero?

His face, eyes and body language implies he is bullshitting.

It's my opinion that Trudeau is a very clever and articulate sociopath, who knows how to play people very easily.

Reminder that the Canadian police help this faggot rape children and supply him with kids.

Is it true what he says about the choices that women entrepreneurs make?

Also, why are women women but men are males?

That's an influence from Hebrew on the English language.

He means when you bring shtiskin rapefugees in to do roads in white suburbs they start getting rapey.

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No, no he doesn't.

Then either you or I am totally shit at reading people, because his blank gaze tells me he's a complete retard saying what his puppetmasters told him to say. He always struck me as someone who could sit in total silence for hours on end without a single thought passing through the barren wasteland that is his brain.

No, it isnt, especially in Canada. For funding, the government and other investors favour women. They literally are against men unless they are native or immigrant.

This leads to more female entrepreneurs from women, but not more successes. They still are fewer in number than men, who fund themselves.

Women employ roughly 80-90% female staffs in their shitty hairdressers, nail salons, crafts stores, etc. They actively avoid hiring men based on all stats. They make up about 25% of entrepreneurs/start ups. They produce very little of value. Just service industries or trinket garbage. They dont value profits when they make their jobs. They want the experiences. They rarely grow beyond a handful of employees, usually just the one woman for 75% of their startups and rarely above 10 employees in the other 25%. They typically have no experience in the industry or job they want to create.

Male entrepreneurs create construction companies, forestry, restaurants, technological and other such types of businesses. They usually have experience in the industry and strike out on their own. They spend more time and are willing to seek out investors and delegate work. They put more time into their business than female entrepreneurs.

Successwise, both are similar in numbers. For economics, the men provide real jobs with growth and fill specific needs. Women typically create a job for themselves in a service or retail industry and rarely grow beyond that. Is it successful? Often enough. But is it in the same league as plumbers, electricians, drywallers, loggers, welders, radiographers, inspection services, and everything else that runs the economy, offers jobs for others, and aids communities? No, pedicures and haircuts and selling sentsy beans are not market movers.

Women suck as entrepreneurs because they dont want to work. They want it to be easy. They want to be a free spirit. They dont enter the enterprise with skills or experience in that industry. They have no real plan beyond 'im a woman, here me roar'. Men have worked apprenticeships or in firms and toiled and saved money and entered partnerships to create their businesses to branch out on their own and be their own boss. They want the business. They know their job and market.

Success is relative in teh end. The number of businesses women can create are limited because they are physically weak and do not want to do any kind of manual labour. They cant do tech because coding is too much trouble. It leaves them with such a narrow window of opportunities.

In Canada, we have the largest group of female entrepreneurs as percentage of population in the world. Like 13%. Most are Chinese nationals and 33% of these entrepreneurs deal exclusively with customers outside the country - birthing industry, real estate for chinks, etc. Our government overfunds the women and they get better loans and other breaks. Men are more successful, a higher percentage are entrepreneurs and they create real jobs for groups of pepole. Women make jobs for themselves and handful of others or the odd daycare or pharmacy type business. Its a shit metric and they do everything to make sure no one knows what the difference in jobs, employee numbers and types of work is involved in each gender. Minor gains (3% more women became entrepreneurs in a 5 year period, go women!) are exaggerated. Its a joke.

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what? you have that many fucking muslims in canada that now you've been propagandized to hate the Sikh's that would naturally protect you from being invaded by muslims?


What about the gender impacts of free porn with no age verification on young males? I can not believe this is a leader of a country. Canada out cucks themselves again. It's basically a race between Sweden and Canada. Who will sellout to the shitskins and wahmyn first? No one cares about what constant white shame does to a boy. No one cares what constantly blaming men does to young boys. It's all fucking women all the fucking time. Our young men are being feed beta pills on the daily. Fucking gender lenses. These same women support killing unborn babies, won't stand up for women under sharia, and are ok with FGM. on average if we factor in abortion even with the wars I bet women have killed more than men. It's funny liberal used to be about standing up for those with no voice. What could fit this bill better than an unborn child. Oh our fertility is down we need 3rd world workers. WRONG we need to stop these sick abortion crazed sluts.

I think he's right. Canada should ban all men from construction, maintenance, and infrastructure jobs. Women are superior to men in all those areas. MCGA

Trudeau's been abused by both side of his family since childhood. He's an NPC at this point with nice hair and a legacy name. A lot of people say he's Obama, actually he's more like GWB (except GWB was smarter).

Also keep in mind a lot of hair salons are really just fronts for their drug dealer boyfriend to legalize money, and threatening to lose their kids is a good way to make them compliant.

It's really amusing watching doped out feminist tards try to run a beauty business.

You obviously haven't been on this site long enough, the world being killed by these treasonous usurious greed-monger Jews and Shabbos Goy, rahter it were strange if he should begin recover his sense of sensibility.

looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome

Nothing particularly sinister here, only a fad whose time has passed. Overreact somemore.

Canada is irredeemable after trudeau.

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To all Canadians–particularly Albertans:
Your suicide rate will PLUMMET. Your personal net worth will SKYROCKET. You will be the richest state in the Union. You will be free from your obligations to the frogs and communists of the east. You will save white civilization.


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Triple-A post

I can speak to this. A woman who runs a small hair place in my town was just busted for running millions of dollars worth of drugs for her boyfriend.

Source. Because I've read quite a few showing the exact opposite.

Look at what 10 pounds of photoshop can do.

How 'bout no?

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Oh he'll naw, Canada with its open border system jam packed full of shit tier NIGGERS n mooslims

He said that women are superior to men.

Yeah, he seems to try to work the usual talking points into every answer.

Well he is going to be surprised to find that the Muslims he is letting in don't feel the same. Keep cucking your males Canada

Most of the "refugess" are men, gender lens that nigger

What idiot would think that? They're foreigners, and have no place/allegiance in protecting (they're inferior quality anyway) Canada.

Stop being so anti-gay, user.

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My guess is he thinks he and his family will get a pass when the shitskins finally reach critical mass and get around to openly massacring the Whites.
Just like with codependent relationships, the abused believes they exert some backhanded form of control over their abuser.
May even have full-blown Stockholm syndrome if what says is true about being abused as a kid.

Very informative, user.
Thank you, and keep up the good work.

A bunch of married women run a succession of failed businesses, and their husbands get to pick up the tab so she can pretend to work.

I kinda get the feeling that some of these folks aren't being completely sincere about their bullshit. It's like someone is tugging-away at their strings almost. They still have to burn though.

Probably one of the biggest sex perverts in Canada.

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Canadian Sikhs caused the biggest aircraft disaster in Canadian history.

Women have less risk-taking instinct. They are probably on average more "successful" (meaning the business stays open) but less often "very successful". Men take big risks and either win big or lose big. As with most of what he says, it isn't technically wrong but he uses jew logic to get there.

Sri Lankans are bad too. They are constantly trying to get heavy weapons. There was a big bust about a decade ago because they wanted some surface to air missiles to shot down an Indian jet bound to the G8 summit in Toronto around the time. They get money from running protection rackets on nonwhites.

And do you notice how similar his faggotiness is to that of Le Hon Hon Macron?

you understand that Cuba (where his dad is a dictator) is almost entirely full of shitskins. The Jew government tells them that they ended racism and are finally helping them improve their standard of living. The muds are stupid so they love the government for mailing them a bar of soap every month. All the non-niggers were chased out.

Castro.exe operating admirably

Clown world.

Every western country needs to look real close at who is paying to get these people elected.

Sounds like interesting reading.
Can we get some sauce on that?

Say it with me, kids:

Yes, I'm well aware of the living (if you can call it that) conditions in Cuba and Castreau is certainly doing his best to bring that to Canada.
It is my hopes that, when it finally goes hot, we'll get to see him getting the Gadaffi treatment on live TV.

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He planly stated that women entrepenuers are better than males. That is incredibly sexist, and historically inaccurate as well.

They literally murdered 331 people is 86 or so and are all out of prison or escaped prison.

Air india bombing

The rcmp and csis royally fucked up and let them off easy. These guys are all out of prison and breathing, their families are enriched and even have ties to some banks

sounds like a regular mossad op

He had to stop himself from saying "better choices than men". Also, I'd love to see those "studies". Big fat fucking citation needed there. HARDMODE: It isn't published by a *stein, *witz, or *berg

Gee, I wonder why the prissy faggot son of a nation-wrecking marxist, named after commie social justice itself, would persistently spew femi-marxist babblespeak, all aimed at still further demonizing sane White males. I really, reeeeeeally wonder. Hmmm.

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Just looked it up and, Jesus, what a complete and utter shitshow…

For anyone interested:

Utter and complete, yes. But utterly and completely typical.
Read Loss of Faith: How the Air India Bombers Got Away with Murder by Kim Bolan, if you want the real story. The truly jaw-dropping part is that the pahjeets openly broadcast the kaboom planning for months on their very public radio station (really) but the feds didn't want to hurt pahjeet's feelings so they let it unfold all the while knowing exactly how it was going to happen (really).

holy shit, I don't want to live

Your opinion is SHIT. Reality time, bucko. He was selected to front the Liberal party because of his name and the fact he's an ACTOR. He did that, some teaching but mostly snowboarding before this. So no, not 'very clever' in fact, quite possibly RETARDED… like you.

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And lost-puppy cute. He is an awful actor though; granted, substitute high-school drama teacher isn't much of an acting resume.
They keep him on-script almost entirely these days; he can stay on-script if the script is uncomplicated, deeply familiar and relatively brief. When he goes off-script, that's when you see how simple-minded he is. Consider this gem:
And this gem:

Close, . CSIS erased the tapes because MI6 told them to. And you know MI6=IISO.

The man is the son of Castro. Do you really think he doesn't want to help carry out his father's legacy of over throwing the west?

Just look at the Jew Neocons in America, many of them are the grand kids of USSR commies. Trudeau is in the same camp as Obama… an idiot stooge to be given power and prestige only if he carries out the will of his handlers. Not a bad deal for anyone to take.

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Yup Trudeau is some fucked up shit.
Canada never had a pressure release valve like you burgers. Not once in the history of Canada, so there is shit simmering, don't you worry.

Today I went out among the people and walking through a free christmas lights display in a local park.
I learned, one of my aunts is a flaming nationalist but is scared of the word nationalist cause of the stigma. (She is solid on all relevant issues though), and in our light display there was a mannequin that looked a lot like Trudeau, as I walked under it a Canadian dude started off on Trudeau. "No money for vets, but lots of money to give to other countrues for infrastructure. Millions to give terrorists. It's even dressed up, its exactly like him" The crowd was nodding and tossing in jeers. This is a random collection of Canadians out with their girlfriends and families and kids and whatnot.
I am feeling pretty good about Canadians right now, I think they are finally waking up. Maybe I'm snorting glue and this is a big nothing burger but I have a gut feeling we are about to go frontier barbarian on Trudeau's ass.

PS: west coast too, so extra doses of that leftie crap.

I wouldnt mind joining u guys in cleaning canada once u mericans fix your stuff

I'll believe it when you vote him out

Underrated post

That is because God is a woman. Males are just a broken XY chromosome…someone broke off one of their wee legs XX → XY.

He's wrong, remember Haiti. No whites 'got a pass' all of them were tortured and murdered.

God those things are so fucking ugly.

Those are like bushisms.

What an absolute faggot. Poor leafs.

Funny you should mention that; I had the massacre of 1804 in mind when I wrote that.
And, history seems to be building up to repeat itself in that respect, too.
In a way, I'm almost glad, because modern technology will ensure it is immortalized so that future generations will have the benefit of experiencing it through raw, unfiltered audio-video and not some words written down in a forgotten book somewhere.

Well, that certainly is encouraging to hear.
Godspeed, Canada.

I suppose if there is anyone left who would care at least they will never be able to deny the characteristics of the subhumans again.

This body language video pointed out how he sits and poses like he's signing for the cameras. Then he doesn't hold up the trade deal either. The guy is completely vacant and only cares about image. What a joke.
Embed related, starts around the 11 minute mark.

And, considering how robust and durable modern smartphones are, something will surely endure for the survivors to pass on from which future generations can take the lesson to heart.
Imagine if it turns out to be Turner's phone vlog instead of his diary…