UN migration pact - let's analyse it

Full text attached. Let's read it and pick out sections that show it's a tool of genocide

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Thanks user.

Why? The answer is obvious, but who do you want to complain to? Do you think somebody gives a shit, that there is some kind of law to help you out? Newsflash earthling…there are no laws besides the law of nature. All the human ones are nothing but lies to trick the good folks into not attacking the bad folks. You can just go out there and kill people, steal their stuff, pretend to be somebody you're not, make them hurt each other, tell them something they believe in is nothing but a lie, let them work themselves to death for you, kidnap and rape their children, poison their food and sell them more poison as a cure…this list is practically endless and they can nothing to prevent you from doing it. You only have to get away with it, which is super easy if trick other people into doing the dirty deeds for you or even protecting you while you do the fun yourself.

Die as a sheep or become the wolf…the choice is yours!

lets not

Fuck off.

Better than dead, don't you think?

Both are shit, I pick neither.

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I don't think you have any saying in this, user.

It's extremely obviously genocide even according to the UN's own rules about using the word. Non-whites are just lying to our faces at this point when they pretend they don't understand. They're all trying to kill us. They're just also all too worthlessly cowardly to say it out loud.


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is this the marakesh declaration everyones talking about?
the EU homosex union and Merkel reich are going fullkalergi on this one

This is important guys

There’s nothing to show. It’s overtly genocide. They openly and publicly admit it. No one will ever do anything to fight back against this.

Sadly, the people willing is outnumbered by lemmings and ZOGbots.
The critical mass is not here yet.

5,000 million third worlders can not be supported by 300 million europeans.
It makes absolute no sense whatsoever.
What does make sense is fucking nuking every shitskin, juden, halfbreed and gypo, and leaving the lands they had occupied as nature reserves and wild forest.
That will fix the earth, completely.

It's just theater. Fuck the UN.

"Preamble", sect. 15, p. 4

9 days to go
>The Intergovernmental Conference to Adopt the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration will be held on 10 – 11 December in Marrakech, Morocco.

It makes sense if the target is to dissolve the target nations using demographic means.

There is no talking your way out of your planned genocide. I hope by now you understand that only Whites talk and communicate while jews simply use audial sounds for manipulation and subversiveness.


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Pretty much. It's just a slow boil to systems collapse based on demographics. Most likely the infrastructure will start decaying in 3 generations with full blown systems collapse in 10 generations due to the miscegenation and lack of high IQ outliers.

Honestly though, I wouldn't worry about it. I think Europe is already at the tipping point for revolution. France is just a drop in the bucket. Italy is about to go full blown crusade. The globalists got greedy and pushed their plan too fast creating a nationalist backlash. What a great time to be alive.

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Holy shit.

Here in this video, the implications are explained.
Our future doesn't look good.

- How the Globalists Stole Our Home

The UN actually calls it REPLACEMENT MIGRATION

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It makes form the point if destruction of europe.

Lets Not and how about You Go be Your own Goyim

Bumping because this is basically the most important political situation of 2018/2019

Some countries have withdrawn. Should be comfy.

we already did in May