Manifesto for the Abolition of Interest-Slavery

What do socialists think about Eckart and Feder's view on interest? You must realize that interest is the biggest tool of the bourgeoisie. You may hate Nazis but I insist that you read Manifesto for the Abolition of Interest-Slavery by Gottfried Feder.

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Feder was a pretty based guy, shame Hitler felt he wasn't experienced enough to run the bank and he got shoved into a University job.

Sorry but Schacht was just a better pick. I don't think he deserved such a harsh relegation but anyway

Schacht was a literal piece of trash if not for his experience in the previous government but what else could Hitler do in a world where the German Empire and Weimar Republic both still held the reins of Germany.

Schacht saved Germany from economic collapse twice. Once before the nazis took power and once after

I have been reading a lot of stuff recently, about how the British only ended slavery around the world because they wanted to sell people steam powered machines to do the slaves jobs.
What we thought was kind abolitionists helping people were actually trying to con the slave niggers out of their jobs.

Schacht did so but that doesn't excuse the fact that his views ranged from capitalist to outright Anti-Natsoc. He fought more with Hitler than Feder did. Like I said Hitler probably knew Schacht was the safest most beneficial pick but taking more risks would have saved them.

Source? Interesting indeed

I have it on another computer. Including a wemb I saved off here.
I should be able to post it later.

He should've put Feder on the helm with Schacht on an advisory role

true, NSDAP was only Socialist in name after that debacle.

Eh, I personally wouldn't take it that far as much as I'd say it went on a rapid decline afterwords.

Will you have it?

I have no idea who OP's authors are, but having read a great deal of Michael Hudson's writings and Graeber's Debt book, I would have to agree that compound interest is the greatest scam in human history and everyone would benefit if we made usury a capital offense. It wouldn't get rid of capitalism of course, but by returning the central focus of class war back to its source in industrial exploitation it should make organizing more effective again.

OP here
Eckart and Feder were early nazis. They laid solid bedrock for the ideology


>No you see the Nazi's were anti-ML and raycis fashyys even though both fascists and Natsocs agree they're two different things like ancoms are different from ML's so we should treat them, all as if they never said anything of value.

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Whoops I forget I have sage set permeantly sometimes.

Remember that England ended slavery within its own borders centuries before the rest of Europe, due to a decree by William the Conqueror (I'm unaware of any documentation as to his motivation for doing so), which historians widely credit with playing a crucial part in Britain's central role when the Industrial Revolution happened.


The central point that economically oriented abolitionists made in opposing slavery was the fact that slavery is not actually economically beneficial, either for society or for owners, in an industrial economy.

They fall under the same fascist category, but Mussolini's fascism wasn't identical to Hitler's.

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I don't really care about the classic nazism position on abortion; I judge based on today's nazis position on abortion:

"Ban abortions for white women; expand abortions for every other women"

Today's nazis are obsessed with "muh white race"; they don't give a shit about class struggle. Why should I give a shit about their spooked cause? I couldn't care less about the survival of their race or pretty much any other race. I don't give a shit what will future humans look like; only Zig Forumsfaggots do.

See, there's you're problem, you're talking about modern day alt right larpers pretending to know about Nazism while supporting Trump, white supremacist capitalists, and Neo Nazi's which are pretty much white gang members using the Nazi image to keep themselves from splitting apart on Zig Forums none of which have to do with actual Natsocs.



A lot of people, literally takes a few seconds to find on Google.

Fuck off.

Maybe later.


I still use it as an equivalent to lel, user.

Just because the media is obsessed with finding secret nazi tells doesn't make every meme Zig Forumstards also like nazishit.

To the degree it was politically worthwhile
The definition of "Muh Aryan Master race" changed dozens of times as alliances changed

It was expandable in term, but if you care to elaborate in the sense that it literally changed definition go ahead.
But I mean't Mussolini openly wanted blacks to be a part of society, Hitler preferred for ethnostates to be a major part of the new world. Such is why he planned on allying with Native Americans.
Just because socialism means "When the government does things." To you ML's doesn't mean it's the real definition for anyone who isn't a ML. :^)

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I mean I know Zig Forums is:^)so you must be confused, but we aren't. I don't speak for everyone.

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You truly are the master of deflection.


I like that you use the Youtube flag, it makes it easier to ignore your consistently awful posts.

Good. If you want to filter me go ahead. It's better than needlessly posting back and forth.

Oh except Croats / Slovaks they = Aryan
Tibetans are actually Aryans and ancient Germans because they allied with Japan
No even by SocialDemocratic standards he was a raging Capitalist who privatised various industries and allied with the biggest industrialists in the nation

Yeah Hitler also said the Swiss were subhuman and he was right. I think you took a bit of quotes out of context there but that aside:
Look, I'm not trying to antagonize you, believe it or not, this discussion right here, the one were having right now, I don't consider it an argument so I'm not going to directly point this out and embarrass you.
Look at what you just said here.
Look at what I said last time I replied to you and then ask yourself what's wrong with what you just said.
And the USSR received funding from wall street and many statesmen like Lenin or Trotsky had met with bourgeoisie before the revolution from the US and Germany. Rich people will get involved no matter what in all political groups, this is like saying you're supporting capitalism by using phones and computers made by capitalists.

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Some capitalists wanted influence in Russia and donated money to whatever political faction they thought was winning. The donations, however, were not at all comparable to Hitler handing over entire industries to private people.
Getting money from capitalists=/=giving money to capitalists. You understand this difference right?

Sort of related Zizek video.

Now that you have admitted being a Nazi, can you please go back to Zig Forums and leave us alone?

Not at all they explicitly targeted the USSR.
Privatization/public/state owner ship issue's aren't what dictate socialism. Even most socialists have admitted that this is the case when claiming the Nazi's weren't socialists due to capitalists accusing them as such so they could get "Morality" points from the 20 million.

Which donations are you talking about here? I was asuming you were talking about the Chase Bank donations, who also donated to Bolshevik enemies in the provisional government before Bolsheviks took power.
So then what is, fellow socialist?

this may just be noble lore but I remember it being said that the king woke up one day and walked to the balcony and upon breathing the air he decided that the air was so pure that only free men could breath it and so that ended slavery

I remember that if a slave on a ship was docked in an english port they would be free
I don’t know how correct that is i just thought it was funny because it brought on the industrial revolution

ford sold a fleet of tractors and other farming equipment to the soviets because they didn’t have any industrial means of crop growth

when the government does things

How exactly is that news? That's exactly why northern capital had mixed feelings on slavery rather than wholly accept it. A slaver society has no room for railroads or telegraphs, because slaves cart it around with oxen.

It's exactly why the north wanted the transcontinental railroad, while the south wanted a road. In the modern day it drives the car vs train debate and is why the Empire Builder and California Zephyr are both much better funded than the Texas Eagle and Sunset Limited.


Capitalists do capitalism! Alert the media.

Don't you faggots get tired of losing to tankies?

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I think he was mocking me, guy.
Also don't let Jim catch you with that pic.

The anti capitalist mode of production which follows in removal of capitalist aspects.

In my defense, Poe's Law.

God, what has become of the chans? Wish I could turn back time to the good old days.

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To be fair it was mostly always like this, the closest you could get away with was posting Natalie Portman from Leon the Pedophile.

That's not how I remember it. JB was on every board at all times back in the day. Of course, that was before the Google Captcha.

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Jim deleted most boards for it and banned any sfw pictures. I assume 4Chan and the others did so too before Jim even got in power. You get two years of it being passable then it gets banned.

Took you a full day to come up with that nonsense sentence?
What is the "anti capitalist mode of production"? lol

Oh, I am talking about long before Zig Forums's 2014 birth. Old 4chan was five years dead by then. The girl in this pic is in her late-twenties now, probably older than most of the posters here now that I think about it. Damn.

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There's this thing called sleep.
It exists. Try it sometimes.
Being against capitalist tendencies, things like improvement of working conditions, proper return for labor, things like that.
What did you think it was?

In one year most people who were original fags on 4chan will probably be 40-50.

This obviously has nothing to do with modes of production. Don't say marxist sounding words if you don't know what they mean, it makes you look very stupid.

Well, they follow from the mode of production, so they do have something to do with it even if theydo not define it.

Has been happening throughout capitalism and is clearly also a benefit for the capitalist in the long run.
Meaningless. Proper would be 100% minus tax. But when people scream for proper wages, they point to scandinavia, which is capitalist.
So yeah, these "anti-capitalist tendencies" are clearly capitalist tendencies too.

So what's your definition of socialism then?

Public ownership of the means of production through democratic centralism.

That's anarcho communism.

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Fuck you faggots. I came to this board to see how Feder feeds into the socialist world view and you mentione it once and argue about unrelated shit

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who cares about some nazbol shit lmao

It isn't nationalistic in writing in any way or form. It has a swastika because it was a Nazi author and later a Nazi policy. But his point is still 100% valid

who cares about some nazi author lmao