Anglo-American Psy-Op Agency Exposed

An Anglo-American intelligence operation to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries while pretending to counter Russian propaganda operations to discredit Western democracy.

Based Paul Craig Roberts hits another out of the park.

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Russia are still buthurt that they don't get to defend Israel and lead the Communist NWO.

The Jewish meme Russians use because Thelma-cult weirdo pedo Alexander Dugin told them too.

By the way, 8ch is banned in Russia. I wonder why?

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Reminder all Anglo-Sympathizers are jews. Bush is a maranno jew. Anglos do not exist. They are a fake people orchestrated by jews for political narrative shaping. Hitler bombed London 80 years ago knowing it would turn Muslim due to jewish control. Anglos do not exist. Only jews who role-play as anglos can be discovered. Queen Victoria was a jew and a Turkish Ottoman sympathizer. 8/pol/ is banned in Russia for the same reason the Anglo Mormon Church is banned. Nobody likes Glenn Beck, or his fraudulent anti-Jeffersonian American patriotism.

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"I helped orchestrate 9/11 and now I'm going to demonstrate that everything is great by dancing with Ellen to nigger music on TV."

You lying manipulative German spastics, stop hiding behind Britain.

Time to share a country, Hans?

Why are Russians such Soviet cucks? Didn't they murder most of you?

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Fuck swarthy Europeans and their petty politics.

hail, Churchill!


Why do papist always project on to others what they do openly?
Fuck off back to tammany hall.

D&C never changes.


Paul Craig Roberts is a better man than you'll ever be.

Have you guys ever noticed Russians have this weird thing where they try and pretend people they dislike don’t exist.

Fuck off back to reddit, nigger.

Jews aren’t real, they’re khazars.

Khazars interbred with Israelites and inherited their genetic predisposition to psychopathy.

prove it, show us the genetic data. Im sure you have it and can easily post it.
khazar theory is bullshit, jews have been in europe since 300AD

(((New Yorkers))) are spamming hard today.

Horseshit thread filled to the brim with white D&C. Remember to sage. Now onto business:
Believable consisering the ugly hooknose. No British person will get offended at the accusation as the royals give zero fucks about them.
Irrelevant we don't need a racial reason to hate a traitor. Although the circumcision meme was likely pushed in America for (((cryptos))) to blend in better.
90% of the best whites died in the 20th Century that's it. End of story. If there are trashy Russians, or slutty Germans, or retarded Brits you know who to hate - not each other, but (((them))) and only (((them)))!

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