YouTube Doesnt Care About Kids

So if Zig Forums is interested, theres a pedo hunting YouTube group out since YouTube wont stop CP from getting made. How do we get the word out to news media? #PedoTube sounds good

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Other urls found in this thread: -cam -children -church -cod -duos -facilities -fortnite -game -gamer -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -market -management -minecraft -news -conference -24/7 -tv -episode -cpu -play -playing -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -squad -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -future -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -massage -cpu -minecraft -news -past -play -player -playing -ps4 -psn -tesn -24hr -radio -roblox -rub -solo -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -ops -cpu -overwatch -play -player -playing -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -ops -cpu -overwatch -play -player -playing -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos 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If you need a reason to get mad, its mostly niggers using white kids. I came to this conclusion when every other request was to twerk. To the uninitiated, if you see [message retracted], you got a pedo to report.

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Good luck to all who wants to monitor these streams. By the way, I've noticed to evade YouTube mods they ask girls to change stream name to obscure shit. Be aware of these strategy monkeys. Not saying you should subscribe to every kid, just any who are approached by pedos.

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To anyone wanting to monitor these streams with us, we use the same method of narrowing on the targeted channels that the pedo group was exposed of using. A very complicated filter based on these 30 search terms. To make surveillance easier for you, we suggest adding the links as buttons on your homescreen. Good luck. -cam -children -church -cod -duos -facilities -fortnite -game -gamer -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -market -management -minecraft -news -conference -24/7 -tv -episode -cpu -play -playing -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -squad -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -future -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -massage -cpu -minecraft -news -past -play -player -playing -ps4 -psn -tesn -24hr -radio -roblox -rub -solo -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -ops -cpu -overwatch -play -player -playing -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -ops -cpu -overwatch -play -player -playing -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -hosier-babcock -cpu -conference -play -player -playing -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins

Attached: PhotoGrid_1543694489832.png (1080x1704 584.34 KB, 520.33K) -cam -children -church -cod -festival -fortnite -game -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -magico -academy -just -cpu -play -player -playing -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -festival -fortnite -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -magico -academy -cpu -overwatch -play -player -playing -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -gamer -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -ops -cpu -overwatch -player -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -gamer -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -ops -cpu -overwatch -player -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https 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-news -ops -cpu -overwatch -play -player -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -ops -cpu -rancher -overwatch -player -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -ops -cpu -last -kittens -play -player -playing -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -gamer -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -ops -cpu -overwatch -play -player -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -security -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -ops -cpu -overwatch -play -player -playing -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod 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And thats about it. If you have any questions I'll be happy to answer.

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Good luck!

Before I answer any questions I would like to ask you join our social media campaign with Exposing Exploitation. They're doing their best to take the message to mainstream media. Check out their channel.

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Whatcha slidin', Moshe?

You into the firey pit of hell you pedophile scum. If you aren't a child abuser then I apologize but you can't honestly tell me none of this alarms you.

Just found this guy asking a seven year old to strip. Tell me what you think of his nonsuspicious channel. Hmm?

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Thanks, man. Every bit of support helps.

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kill all pedos

Previous thread archived here, in case anyone's interested:
I'd love to help, OP, but, I'm gonna heed the advice of >>12394401 in that thread and wait until I'm on public wifi on a different device before I do anything.


i agree, i used to dox pedos not caring about my IP until I realized I had no idea how powerful these pedos might actually be

You only do this so you can feel better about yourself, you can say you arent so useless after all.

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Most of the pedos in the chats are dune coons, street shitters, hues, etc. outside the reach of ZOG. YouTube moderation is heavy-handed enough. What are you trying to achieve here? What is your end game? Children banned from YouTube?

kill yourself pedo, day of the rope is coming




Stay mad as the world around you changes because you did nothing to stop it but type on james watkins website that has cp on it. You sit here pretending to hate pedos but are rubbing shoulders with then now just by being here. You are a hypocrite. lol.

you seem nervous

lol you're going to make that pedo kvetch*10

keep hanging out with pedophiles while pretending you hate them. I hope you hide your loli folder well.

Animated kids are fine, and you're totally right.

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We got enough rope for you nigger

Judging by the view counts, girl videos are among the most popular videos.

Most of them are innocuous, including the chats. The rare cases where large groups are posting pervy comments, they get deleted or the chats get closed. I don't see the problem.

Why does this matter? More backlash from attacking bread and circuses?


It matters because it goes to show that there are millions of people creating, viewing and interacting with such videos without any problems. OP is making a mountain out of a molehill. This campaign reeks of roastie hysteria.

So what other sites do you pedo enablers lurk?

>the minor pedophilia is nothing goy look at all the joy (((jewgle))) brings to people
kill yourself

mostly 8ch


Take your spam and mcfucking kill yourself.


Go bump some IRS thread you kike.

reported to youtube and 8ch

fuck off with your social justice


Kill yourself you pedophile fucking faggot. We WANT YouTube to know about this. And news media and everyone.

youtube already knows about this, you're a fucking loser flooding the catalog with trash, you can't stop this, check periscope, check instagram, check twitch, it's everywhere, you can't stop it SJW

I wouldn't wish illwill on my enemy's children, but I hope somehow in some cosmic way you feel the same frustration the parents of these manipulated kids feel when they discover something COULD have been done to prevent it all. You deserve that much, you pedo enabling scum.

maybe the parents should not let their kids use the internet, but the parents want some pedobear to take care of their children

Go bump a thread begging for tax money you kike.

go back to reddit SJW, no one cares

you really need to be murdered by someone's bare hands.

What about an 18+ restriction on YouTube live streaming? As far as periscope and liveme and all that other trash, it's really up to parents to control that. Pedos go on omegle and other stream sites and groom willing underage girls into stripping and masturbating and other sick shit. YouTube sounds like it should be the easiest to stop but the others, I don't know. It's 90% the parents fault for this shit. Phone cams and webcams should be able to be deactivated by the parents with a lockout code. I'm not sure if phones and tabs already have that or not. Of course some Jew would probably make an app that works around that.

7 year olds are hot as fuck tbh

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You should be cleansed. Consider suicide.

Drop dead pedo faggot.

how do i find the really bad videos?

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This. Parents should be held accountable for their children. Unfortunately this is one of those hard choices. Increased government controls for the internet (for validating age, etc) or continued anonymity?

I say lynch the kike staff that are purposefully ignoring reports of this content they jerk off to, and anyone else who pushes a retarded false dichotomy to preserve child pornography.

continued anonymity, fuck the government

find me a single cp vid on yt. you're blowing shit out of proportion

Also I'd like to suggest the hashtag be #EwwTube

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lurk more kike

Can't wait to get their numbers. Thanks OP.

So far I'm seeing shills use the same arguments over and over in this thread:

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All I see is kids having fun online, nothing wrong with that, retard

what do you consider cp?

how do i find the lolipop licking videos?

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mostly what you jerk off to, kike.

literally says it in the OP pedo

I jerk off to instagram lolis, that ain't cp

So you jerk off to pictures of kids, which is exactly what I said. Why argue with people and not just embrace who you are?

Anyone see this one? It's drawing them in like flies on shit.

Hey loser child love will be legalized in less than 5 years. You are on the wrong side of history.

I jerk off to pics of kids yeah, but not naked kids.

noice, they get naked at 23:00

thanks, saved

sage negated

man this thread became a real kike magnet

she shared her snapchat


I just added her

good find

fucking sweeeet dude

do you think she will suck my dick for a new iphone?

lol at Zig Forums niggers just finding out little girls been livestreaming on the internet 5 years too late

depends, are you a gross fatass?

it's hilarious

and this justifies grooming kids how?

i'm young and fit she might do it for free hehe but i dont want to wait now its the perfect time around christmas i can fly to her state and give her some nice gifts

grooming isn't bad

do it then, godspeed fellow torPEDO

fuck off cuck this is love

So is this one of the perks of working for the feds?

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Are you implying I'm a fed?

No I'm stating it as a fact


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alright man, believe what you want. I'm just a bored pedo.

90% of this is the parent's responsibility to safeguard their children from online predators. These parents should be informed on what their kids are doing online and take action. They either do not know their online or know their on but are clueless on stream stalking/pedophilia.

user, I hate Youtube but this is not entirely their fault. The responsibility should bear on the parents. They should be informed of their kid's online behavior and how vulnerable they are when they connect. Still, it's great people are exposing these freaks. Some are probably adolescent teenagers stalking their crush.

alright to be fair I call informants feds too, not just federal employees per-say. Kind of like how most antifa organizers are FBI informants. Surely you snitched on a few buddies by now.

fuck no nigger, stop assuming shit

then by that logic no content host should be responsible for their content, yet bitchute, Gab, etc lose hosting and payment processors constantly while nothing happens to Google. Fuck off with your double standard.

yea you definitely did by now. it's why you're so brazen, you sense a form of immunity for some reason.

I'm in an anonymous board, why would'nt I be brazen?

Boy your attitude sure did a full 180 didn't it?

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