Why is there no thread on this? GOP lawmaker calls for execution of fags and baby-killers



Well, all you 'wait for Hitler' faggots, here he is.

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[Crusading Intensifies]

Christian calls for gay death
Muslim calls for gay death
Gas this fucking planet already, goddamnit!

Fuck that, we're a Stoic Nation!

Meh… I would disagree 2yrs ago but then faggots starting going after kids. So OK, fine.

Good! It's fake.

= Massive increase in shitskins births. All Planned Parenthoods are full of slutty Mexicans girls. White girls are rich and will just fly to Europe or Canada.

Nah… Hitler was a futurist. A follower of Natural Law. A Eugenicists, like all farmers, like Spartans, like Vikings and Celts.

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Good thing all the pagans are in the other thread, otherwise this thread would be spammed with "hurr christianity is kike on a stick" nonsense.

Whoops, spoke too soon.

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Can't wait for him to do absolutely nothing with no political clout.

America is a Diest Stoic Nation!

We don't follow bible laws like raping virgins and paying her father Shekles!

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I think this could work out. Religion=gay. Ban gayness and you ban religion.

This is why you have them sexualizing children. IF they lose their virginity early that 50 shekel payment is void. Always think of the money.

Uh huh.

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Don't forget what the Constitution itself says:
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof". It's plain as day that America is a Secular nation, not a Christian one.


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Why must the lapagans and trilby tippers always screech with autism whenever Christianity is mentioned?

Kill pagan larpshits too tbh fam

You're welcome to try jew-lover.

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Welcome to nu/pol/. This isn't about getting white women to give money to the IRS to fund ZOG so nobody cares.
This is pretty shit, though. Anti-gay, anti-abortion? That's good shit. Wrapping it up as (((biblical law))) and forcing cuckstain shit while only punishing males for failing it? Cancer. Dropped.

(((Christians))) showing once again that their priorities are completely fucked up.

You sure are butthurt over those threads. I mean, you've bitched about them in every other thread as if you just can't stand the idea of whores getting their punishment.

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nah you're suiciding yourself fast enough anyway

Lot of the opposite going on ITT, Moishe, you're a pretty good example of it

This proposal is unConstitutional.

This, pagans belong in India

I don't like seeing a board that used to be powerful and capable of accomplishing and exposing things turn into spam and unironically funding the literal enemy with low rent /b/-tard justifications being used.

Nice digits, kike.

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You sound like a massive faggot mate

And you're a kike responsible for the state of this place.

try hard memes are always shit

Heathenry is growing. Christianity is dying. All that needs to happen now is an expansion of Blood and Soil consciousness in Heathenry.

Is he important enough to suicide? Or so important just straight up murder?

Fuck off kike.
You may control Catholicism since the Vatican 2. But you are in no way even remotely close to controlling Christianity. In addition you have a tenuous - at best - control on Catholics. (((Your))) pope is pissing them off with ever statement he makes.

Because they're jews. This board is >50% jew at this point.

>Sudden influx of Jew worshipers calling Ancient European religions Jewish

Maybe because you faggots have a precedent for forcing your Zig Forums shit on this board all the time, to the point of posting Zig Forums threads that have nothing to do with Zig Forums and having your good friend the redtext spammer screech and file global reports on everyone that doesn't follow your semitic desert cult.

Amazing how buttblasted you are over this yet you claim to dislike 'low rent /b/-tard justifications'

It's not Zig Forums. It's cuckchanners. The dead giveaway is when they call Ancient Europeans jews. That never happened before cuckchan invaded, because no one was actually retarded enough to say something that painfully ironic.

I've never done any of that so fuck off. The most I'll do is call out intolerant larpagans and trilby-tippers. I can get along if they are willing to.

Not females, though, right matt shea? Eat a dick, matty boy. Fuck you and your heeb religion. Fuck all kikes too.

It's just D&C. A bunch of cuckchanners started going hard with the Christian shilling, which has riled up the pagans, and now it looks like Zig Forums is getting baited into it as well. Just call the cuckchanners out where they are.

Thanks user, glad to see a reasonable non-/christian here

Hamilton was a foreigner

Tensions are high now that we've had an influx of cuckchan refugees. I'll admit I was reeled into it for a bit. Once you identify who's a refugee and who's not it all becomes clear.

About time that changed. Nations that don't enforce and favor a "main" identity can't survive. The USA must become a nation of white christian men and all the others should be suppressed and oppressed.

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Christians can be trusted to do whatever their pastor tells them God wants.

A religion can support itself through government power and it is a very effective way to support it as well.

Fags are European. They are our kin and have our blood. I am not a traitor, so I will not harm them. The right culture will produce the right people. Eliminate feminism and encouragement of degeneracy, and the fags will disappear because proper women will be available.

Keep women vindictive, cruel, shallow, and feminist, and you will see more men decide to go MGTOW or LGBT. LGBT people are not the problem. The source of the madness is the problem, and attacking the reaction to the problem is D&C against us. Killing or attacking Europeans will divide us, as families do not wish to see their LGBT children killed. This will destroy communities and our society.

Let's unite as Europeans, and focus on our true enemies.

Nobody likes you.

How are these people not kikes?

White? Sure. Men? Sure. Christian? Fuck no, numb nuts. If you undo the whole spirit of the framers of the Constitution and therefore undermine everything the nation stands for, you lose your nation immediately. Not only that, but if you go through the trouble of removing Constitutionally-protected religious liberty in order to legislate in favor of a dying Semitic death cult, then another Semitic death cult like Islam that becomes more popular, won't have any obstacles in the way when it decides it wants special status under the law. In short, read a book you dumb nigger.



That poster isn't atheist. Check with your boss so you know what one-liners are appropriate.

>(((Biblical))) law

At any rate, we already had a thread on this weeks ago.

I'd be fine with this. I would just have to bone up on Biblical Law and make sure I was observing it correctly so I don't get smoked by the death squads. Is there a healthy dose of anti-Pharisees/Judaism in this law as well? I'd settle for an anti-Judiac 'tone' even. I'm not even a practicing Christian, but I' would go full on larp mode for this to become a reality. It might get us back to the good old days.

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The good old days when Quakers were getting tortured by Catholics, or Mormons were getting hunted down and shot? You don't understand the implications that undoing the First Amendment would entail.

Holy fuck, you're jewed to the core. Next you'll say the "separation of church and state" is in the Constitution, too.

This guy gets it.

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and quit being a dummy. "Separation of Church and State" is enshrined in Law.

Yeah, see, no, try again. It was jews in the 20th century who removed Christianity from public and private settings. THAT'S the unconstitutional part. Anyone may practice Christianity–even on government property. Christian law expels jews, bans usury, and kills faggots.

What Christianity does is irrelevant, so your last sentence was unnecessary.
Where? That'd be against the Law as it clearly states in the Constitution that the government may not infringe upon the free exercise of religion.

Removing Christian imagery that is funded at taxpayer expense from government property is absolutely the correct thing to do. If a state building displays religious imagery, such as a copy of the Ten Commandments, they are acting against Constitutional Law by advocating and promoting that religion over others. Practice of a given faith on government property is fine, so long as every other faith has the same opportunity, and the government doesn't pay for anything.

It's pure fucking nonsense. He might as well titled it "Let's Die For Israel!"

We need a movement to return to the original constitution and dissolve the current government. A complete reset on a national level. Anything short of this is a total waste of time.
No federal reserve, no corporate monopolies. No apologies for outlawing degeneracy.

Forgot link to the fucking piece of shit pdfuckingf:

It was always de facto Christian, not de jure

Wow, jews sure respect that, don't they.

If it's actually happened, you can sue on Constitutional grounds. I think you're bullshitting though.

Wow. Jews IN THE COURT SYSTEM really respect the law, don't they. What the fuck are you even trying to pull here, you stupid fucking faggot? Only a kike would have the balls to claim the last 60 fucking years of social change didn't actually happen.

Show me where the government got involved in preventing people from practicing religious faith on private lands, with the explicit intent of suppressing religious liberties, and thereby breaking Constitutional Law. Voluntary social change among the citizenry =/= government infringement of religious liberties.

Whelp, much as I don't want to admit it the truth is all over this thread. The left really can't meme.

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As you can see in this thread, you don't listen to those D&C shills because they shift goalposts once their prior demands are fulfilled. Anyone who listens to them are retards because they will always claim that everything is non-white. They will even claim that support for Hitler is "anti-white" because his army killed Europeans.

That said, plenty of people misunderstood what GOP author wrote. He's talking about it within the context of a hypothetical war. In a war, it makes no sense to reduce your own numbers by killing your newborns or supporting an identity known to carry diseases.

To put this into perspective, there's a very good reason why western armies struggle in fighting against illiterate goat herders in the desert. Islamic terrorists have a strong family unit and culture, and that will beat any high grade equipment utilized by mentally ill trannies, feminists, and homos who fight for the future of BBC netflix binging. Jews are threatened by a united family and culture because it's a pipeline that create responsible leaders who value their future while remaining independent of Jewish propaganda and influence.

Shills are fighting to sow division here.

This guy want to create an all white christian homeland.

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Checked for truth

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The reason why we can't finish the shit in the middle east is because we aren't fighting an actual war to win. It's a fucking meat grinder for the military industrial complex to make money off of.
If we'd just stop acting like a fucking faggot of a country and just fucking conquer them for the good of the planet, that shit would be over in a New York minute. No fucking nation building bullshit, no heart and minds bullshit. Just straight colonization.

Is where the problem lies. Why the fuck should a middle eastern religion dominate anything?

Hey dumbfuck. Go back to plebbit.
It's Catholicism, not Christianity that's the problem.
Or do you believe the jewish lie that Christ was a jew?
Or do you believe the lie that anywhere in the bible it mentions jews by the name "jew"?
Or do you believe the well proven false (((judeoChristian))) lie?
Or do you believe the lie that jews have a homeland?
Or do you believe the lie that the jew homeland is israel?
I ask because you probably believe all of the above and belong on plebbit in /r/T_D along with the other liberal cucks.

We do conquer areas in the middle east, it's just that we lose it afterwards.
They can't eradicate you if the culture is made to produce another person like you.

Your religion is dying. It won't be missed after it's gone.

Also your refusal to capitalize Christian, and quote it kinda gives (((you))) away. It's grammatically correct to capitalize despite what you may think of the religion. ONLY jews don't capitalize it. ONLY JEWS.
Liberals and their holier than thou "I'm so smart" attitude forces them to capitalize it because it's correct for many reasons.
sage for double post

Kill yourself. Not even the shitty globalized state of this board is going to let you astroturf.

With the IRS under Obama + McCain.
Were (((you))) going to ignore the rampant abuse of the IRS the pair did purely to silence Christians?

(((you))) were.

It's not? Because I'm pretty sure it is as it's on topic so it's not astroturfing.

Also you're the one making the original claim that Jesus is a jew. Prove it. And by prove it I'm going to need actual hard proof. Not some jewish printed, modified, and (((translated))) bible or quote from the (((Vatican))).

Post a specific example.


Pick one. Even (((your))) approved right-think search engine can't filter the results.

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Because 0 of the Christian religious text contain the word jew.
I again ask for hard proof.

Also how am I trying to force anything when the topic is on Christianity?
Would you mind not derailing with your schizophrenic kikery?

If it selectively infringes on their free exercise of religion, it's unConstitutional. Those examples fit the bill. McCain and Obama broke the Law.

Once you realise that the Biblical and Hindu religious texts line up, and that the Jews were Hyksos kings, from Egypt and that the Egyptian nobility were Aryan, as was Jesus, as was everything worthwhile which was built and written long ago - you realise that a reshaped Christianity, in line with natural law and Aryan spirituality could well be the answer here. Russian neopagans are fairly close to that ideal already. Read here archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/26801425/

There weren't jews in Egypt. jews are from western Asia China. jews are Pharisees and they hate it because of what the bible says about them.

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2,372 U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan. That was a week of deaths in WW2. It's not exactly a "struggle" because if there was a total war situation where nukes, carpet bombing, military draft, massive troops on the ground andwar economy focused on killing goat herders in the desert, Afghanistan would just be glass. The US hasn't lost a major set piece conventional Army vs Army battle since 1950, and even then it was a total slaughter in terms of lives lost for the Chinks. Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam were quagmires. Took a few days to crush Saddam's army. Then the 'non-conventional' warfare stuff just kept grinding on.

this anons, is what a fed who is scared to death he will be hanged for going along with the kikes looks like

2,372 U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan in 17 years

I think we have different definitions for what "conquered" means.
"Hello Afganistan. Your official language is now english. We will be educating your children in our western values. You will each be tagged with an explosive tracking device. If someone in your village attacks us, all males over the age of 16 in that village will be put to death. Thanks! Signed, your new overlords."

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only kikes, muzzies and feds fear Christian Crusaders


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No, the US CAN literally just glass the whole country with nukes if push came to shove and they had some kind of mass public support. Taliban would be gone. Not saying they should but they could.

We then make the official dress code for all males as polo shirts and Khaki slacks.

No thanks, I already have my various Germanic laws / Anglo-Saxon common law.
Western philosophy > Semitism (of all forms)

This. European fags can be equipped with utility and repurposed. Kept in the closet, so to speak. They’re begging to be dominated anyways.

I accept this role