#19 is here!B4dB2SzQ!h_pMC30v2a_y31iD0dy0sg

These used to be popular threads back in the day. You're not supposed to read them all, it's just a bookshelf. I'm going to reorganize these one day.

Also, check out The Incorrect Library:

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Thanks. Nice to see. Bump.

Is it safe to click the link?

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Joe McCarthy and his butt buddy Roy Cohn were faggots and you should feel bad.

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books are gay remember?

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imperial library of trantor if you want books


You glorious faggot. I miss these threads so much.

Thanks for the onion link. I keep forgetting to save it.

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These were my favorite threads before kikey decided to shoah them.
Glad to see they're back.

Global report.

Peron and Peronism
by Kerry Bolton

"Big finance has no country, but only interests. The Cold War and localised conflicts are but episodes of mutual convenience, allowing the United States to keep its faltering economy afloat and the Soviet Union to strengthen the internal stress without which its empire runs in serious danger of disintegrating. Chances are that those who serve in Washington and Moscow, the phone that joins the White House to the Kremlin speaks the same language, and this language is neither Russian nor English." - Juan Perón, Fundamentals of Partido Justicialism, 1966

great book, long review here:

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The Catholic Church and the Cultural Revolution
by E. Michael Jones

Tells the story of the culture wars between the Catholic Church and the Enlightenment over the last sixty years. The battle in America was fought in three areas: schools and education; obscenity; and the family and sexuality. The book examines: the significance of the law and the courts; the impact of the Second Vatican Council; the main sources of the attempted subversion of the Church; the battles the Church fought with the media; the existence of a fifth column within the Church; the new Americanism that attempts to reconcile the Church and modernity by seeing America as an ideal state; and finally, "Where now in the Church?"

Jones refers to (((Yuri Slezkine's))) triumphalist book, published in 2004, and notes:

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The catalog is garbage either way.



The Missionaries
by Owen Stanley

It's a novel. A clueless UN bureaucrat tries to modernize a remote tribe while an old colonial administrator opposes him. Extensively reviewed in a recent episode of The Convict Report

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mega is garbage. it is the worst fucking download experience. the monkeys who coded mega are so shitty they deserve to be shot. use a real fucking file share site, faggot.

Redundant shit. Who gives a fuck.

Book packs are 8/pol/ tradition you fucking nufag. Jesus Christ, this place became a total shithole after the Zionald got elected.

Thanks OP.



Thank you OP, I couldn't get KtB because I wanted to actually have my own copy and not just pay to rent one from Bezos.
Look at all these people who don't know what a book thread is.


Politically incorrect books that are largely about politics have nothing to do with the politically incorrect board? Helping educate your fellow men is not a desired thing? God! I hate you schizos so fucking much. Just leave.

It's like they're training their shill to shitpost by making them look at random posts from 4/b/



Good work user, thanks.

Well hello (((faggot))).

Congratulations. I haven't seen shilling this low IQ in a very long time.

What's The Occult War about? Only one on there that doesn't look like a waste of time and I haven't read yet.


The title is slightly misleading as it's not really about "the occult". It's by a Polish guy who was born in late feudal times, lived through a lot of shit, became too old to continue, and in 1935 gave his manuscript and notes to Leon de Poncins to finish. Evola put out the Italian translation in 1939 and there's an essay by him at the end.

The subtitle of the book is "The Judeo-Masonic Plan to Conquer the World", and the author goes back and starts the story in the early 19th century, so there are chapters like "1848: The Beginning of the World Revolution" and "Napoleon III: An Ally of World Subversion."

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has anybody actually read this one? Is there much new for people that have read books like "the world conquerors" by marlshalko?

You really need a day job, kampfy. I know it's you since you were the only one that ever spammed that shit in threads.

polite sage for being offtopic

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+1 for Summer, 1945
And one of the ones I haven't seen before, The Green & The Brown

Marschalko focuses almost exclusively on events around WWII and the decades after. He writes more directly and explicitly about Jews and Judaism, and he also writes more like a journalist-historian. Malynski is more conversational, an old man telling a story about his part of the world, with plenty of relevant background - revolution in the 19th C, the Crimean war, Napoleon, Bismark, etc. Almost the first half of the book is pre-WWI, and then later there are a few chapters on the Tsar's/Stolypin's attempts to reform the economy after the failed revolution in 1905. They're fairly different books.


A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

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thank you user for your collection over the years, i shared these with my friends and they love it as well. Most of your books helped them to find their selves and become a better person

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Good to see you back OP. Looking forward to pack #20…. Have a bump.

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Bible is only book I need. Going on a mission to africa. praise jesus.

May God be with you. May you be protected with the Precious Blood of Christ.

Ted … right again

Bump for education because it annoys the Jews. We'll see how long this manages to stay on this board before mods or codemonkey shut it down.

Ebola-chan bless

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ImKikey, is that you?

Nice to see you back mate.

Also stop replying to the 'muh books' retard people.



Is The Lightning and the Sun the unabridged version?

Best threads on Zig Forums. Good work

The World Conquerors

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these are all basically new york times list shit bra. u need real books, not propaganda written by faggots. if you want to actually learn use the law, all wars and countries and political parties and truces and boarders are based on law. law has the real history in it because it only references events and agreements.

this is for ppl who would like more

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haha stay mad

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Looks like its the same version as the one at, except its a nicely formatted pdf

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yes it is, it's just a mega folder dump
of course, if you live in commie Yuropistan and are already on bad-goy lists, you should download with tor or a vpn, because these books will trigger the shit out of the liberals watching over you

Can anyone do a tldr for Penti Linkola?

Thank you OP, have been collecting these releases.
BTW, does anyone know what happened to the book series in pic related? There was supposed to be a vol 3 that never came out…

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He's still active, so it's probably still coming - eventually. Bamboo Delight has a 2018 edition of Nathan Rothschild Authors “The Protocols of Zion”.

Thanks for the heads up user, last time I checked the site was taken down (months ago). Thought it was gone for good.
I'll keep an eye on it and check the book out you mentioned.

Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How is Ted's best book

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I reserve heavy skepticism regarding these sorts of things. Here's the text for anyone that cares. I highly recommend the Protocols of Zion Toolkit by Peter Myers. He amassing some important info regarding the history of European politics between the French and Bolshevik Revolutions that may interest you.

I know this is off topic, but anyone want to recommend some good sci find books? Reading for pleasure is good I'm my opinion because it makes reading into a hobby and makes you more likely to actually read historical or philosophical books. I've read a lot of the classics, like Dune and Foundation. They don't even have to be fascist or anything, just not kiked.

Siege is a good scifi book

I think Karl Radl's work on The Protocols is probably the best out there. His conclusions are bad for The Protocols absolutists, but even worse for the kikes. The bottom line is it was an incomplete zionist document found during pogroms in Ukraine, that went through various transformations, the worst of which probably being by Nilus who added considerably, and removed all references to the Old Testament.

We desperately need an English translation of the Russian recreation of the Krushevan 1903 edition, found in the Appendix to '"The Non-Existent Manuscript''. There has to be a Russian user here who can do it.

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Any of you faggots have the PDF link for two days ago?404d and I didn’t bookmark it

You've got to have a better collection than that. There is no way you read and vetted all of those.

That's not how you say Libgen.

the epub file for Can Life Prevail isn't working for me. Anyone else having the same issue?

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Also, you don't need so many books. Just a few solid ones are good enough.

I recommend the Sumerian Swindle by Banjo Billy and Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald.

Oh, wow. You beat me to it. The Sumerian Swindle is worth its weight in gold. It's more important than all of OP's booked put together.

Some people do a lot of reading as a hobby and can crush through these pretty quickly. A large variety also allows people to pick and choose what they like.

Like I said, there is no way he read all of those. They aren't engaging or to the point like the Sumerian Swindle is. The Sumerian Swindle is probably the most educational book on Jews out there, so the people yelling "muh books" can fuck off.

Tell me more about the Sumerian Swindle. I heard about the Sumerian Swindle. The Sumerian Swindle seems like the latest hip thing.

Why did it have to turn out this way?

It's about the banking power. Even in the earliest days of civilization a money lending and merchant class sprung up. The Sumerian Swindle is mostly about proto-jews, userers who didn't have their own religion yet.

The book covers the mafia-esque tactics that the banking clans used to maintain their control over civilization. It covers how merchants and lenders manufactured economic crises by pulling specie out of circulation. It covers the internationalism that Jews today are known for, that is the internationalism of labor and capital, that crushed the middle class of entire nations.

Honestly, it's the best book on the Jewish question today. Hillaire Beloc's book might be better, but nowhere is there both an up-to-date and recent dialogue on the Jews better than this one.

wtf I hate reading now

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Fuck you. How does it feel to know you have no power here, buffalo queer?

Reminder this wasnt even kampfy its just some sperge who hates books, probably dyslexic.

Just took a look at the file from the individual files folder, it loads fine for me

These are of course censored to varying degrees…

However, reading the diaries of pivotal figures really puts you there. You get a sense of the day to day, who they are always with, what story they want to tell. It's all with a grain of salt, but if you read enough you really start to see how the system works. Lots of insight.

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the bamboo delight site is down. Where did you find that. Also, he mentioned that the third book in how the jews betrayed mankind series would be out this year, but no dice so far.

And there lies the problem. If you're going to waste your time reading, at least delve into the deeper shit.

TL;DR man hates humanity, the book
It's similar to Ted, but less academic with more feels and more nationalistic (or localistic)

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Every bit of reading one does is as deep as one makes it. I read a great deal and use what's in these books as starting points for tangents of learning. Kissinger for instance led to a lot of interesting reading on Eurasia. The region, the politics, the geography, etc.

Calhoun about the civil war, House about WWI, Khruschev about Russia. It's actually quite entertaining at times to read their spin with today's knowledge. Haldeman's take on Nixon and Kissinger is good for a laugh now and then for sure.

Anybody have a mobi version of Sumerian swindle? I can't open banjo Billy's 2 column pdf on my old school kindle dx.

Yes. You need to read actual information. Stay mad retard