420 blaze it. Put brain into trash meme

Disclaimer: I am not an english native speaker.
This meme sounds very good in any romance language.
I have personally noticed and I have asked friends that are either non-smokers or do it very rarely.
There is a noticeable impact in willpower, thinking speed, and willingness to tackle hard problems after smoking.
The effect can be proven to the first hit and although recovery seems possible, at least for the very rare smoker: 1 hit every 1-2 months, for more casual or hardcore smokers the difficulty is exponential.

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Hello Pfizer

so you think that weed is good ?

then don't post


Good thread OP.

The weed start-ups are all being bought up by the pharmaindustrial complex and big banks. Some of fastest growing stocks are the "weed" stocks, companies that sell, market or produce weed products and most, if not all of them have deep business ties to wall-street, k-street and the pharmaceutical industry.

Maybe there's an argument to be made that if you opposed weed 15 years ago, you were a pharma shill, but today big pharma has weed patents, weed products, weed farms and all the rest of it. Big Pharma = Big Weed

I wonder if Zig Forums would oppose the whole thing, after all the weed industry is purely driven by commercial interests.

This thing might backfire and get the reactionary lefties to support weed even more, even though its been completely taken over by wall-street and nobody will make any money selling weed, except the hand-rubbing bankers.


I go by what science says, not you, or whoever pays you

Civilizations have relationships with plants all the time, they accept certain plants and place great taboos on others. Western civilizations have had a long relationship with grain. From grains you get beer and spirits. Southern Europeans prefer wines for obvious reasons, but they also grow grains. You will see this reflected back in their flags. Asian countries have rice as their base grain, south American countries have their corn. The oldest plant that has been cultivated by all of their progenitors since before the days of Ur has been the cannabis plant. We even have metabolic pathways that allude to its genetic integration from the longstanding symbiotic relationship. I work in high tech industry and I've found out that everyone who is anyone in any tech field prefers cannabis to alcohol. Cannabis gives you peace of mind in a high stress high performance market of complex ideas, something a relationship with alcohol doesn't seem to nurture very well. Cannabis doesn't destroy the brain as these memes that OP made imply, alcohol destroys the brain and we have plenty of proof by now. You must understand that memes are not effective when they are not truthful and hurt your position of credibility.

Some weed is good, some of it sucks

The real ones do it to stay high not to make money

You are all aware a huge part of cannabis being illegal is the paper industry, right? Hemp is a rapidly growing plant that could be used to produce paper much faster, cheaper and less resource-intensive than the trees currently used for it.

the dupont crime family didn't want natural competition to their nylon

We're not seeing the rise of Cannabis in the high-THC Marijuana form. We are seeing the rise of Cannabis in the medicinal hemp form which is high (relative term) in CBD and low in THC; a huge difference because the latter removes the psychoactive effects that make people lethargic. The latter also can be grown and supplied locally.
Individuals can now begin shedding the pharmaceutical 2-ton boulder on their backs, and we can realize lower suicide rates due to ashkeNAZI-pharma

green plant bad

This is garbage, and your memes are shit. Are you trying to pass the turing test by pretending to be a pajeet or a chink?

See, this is why I support weed being decriminalized rather than legalized.

Not even for lolberg-tier reasons, but for the following:
>it kills stoner culture, which thrives both when weed is illegal(and therefore smoking it is rebellious) and when it's legal and advertisers / (((influencers))) have monetary and cultural reason to promote its use

you're fucking retarded tbh, CBD is legal in countries with even the strictest anti-drug laws(see: Japan and China) - nobody's debating that shit because it's de-facto legal and banning it would set a legal standard for banning industrial hemp

let the reader do their own research. Not sure what the fuck your problem is nigger. My statement stands as it is correct; yes to CBD. yes to reduced THC/psychoactivity. yes to a proper ratio and 'No' to testing positive for above .3 THCa

industrial hemp ≠ medicinal hemp. Stop spreading your lack of knowledge

Good point. Decriminalizing it but not making it legal is the best of both worlds.

I can agree with that, however under the legalization model people will always grow it for dudeweedlmao THC reasons since there's more idiots who want to get stoned than there are people who legitimately benefit from CBD's numerous medicinal uses.

CBD can be found in the stalks of both plants, so banning the chemical would set a standard for banning both kinds of hemp(one of which is already banned in most of the world)

I never indended for this thread to be about the legal status or the economical benefits of weed.

The shills here speak volumes.
Weed wrecks the brain especially the teenage brain.
I don't know or care about other effects or uses.

You should. You should research how many warrior cultures used it in battle throughout history. Its used for both enhancing warriors and enabling esoteric meditation goes back thousands of years. It was used heavily in many of the warrior cultures Hitler idolized.

The term Assassin literally comes from hit men who used hashish to enhance themselves on their missions.

Choosing to remain ignorant is what a nigger does. You aren't acting much better than a 80 IQ monkey.

So does alcohol and countless other things that are perfectly legal.
Then you're a retard

its a matter of willpower and moderation. I have smoked on and off forever and am still more productive than your average millennial.

am i replying to a slide thread?

It isn't about the stalk, nigger. It's about the flower, nigger. Growers moved their focus from high-THC to high-CBD
Industrial hemp is not threatened because it's controlled, nigger
Protip: Industrial hemp is focused on the stalks. Medicinal hemp is focused on the flower; nigger

are you going to put on a straight face and tell everyone that alcohol does brain damage ?
Even the most abusive users die of liver failure before any brain damage is obvious.
Weed changes thinking and makes the user more receptive to outrageous claims:
one of them being new age spirituality, the other being whatever the jew wants.

also retard. i do not care about its other uses and legality, what the fuck is your problem ?
Why would you slide the discussion from consumption which is exactly what this thread is about to whatever fucking uses might exist for this shit ?

read the thread again.
at what point does willpower and moderation give way to psychological addiction and loss of said willpower and moderation ?

A lot of Zig Forumslacks are vocally against cannabis use. But I know you aren't one of them? You want to know why? Because your memes are shit. You can't just slap some faggot non-sequitur on a reddit image and expect it to resonate with people.

Also this.

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psyhological addiction happens when youre a cuck.

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If you don't like being stoned, why don't you try getting high instead? It's all a matter of different strains.

This article is an eye opener for me to stop weed. I am a daily smoker, and smoking daily for five years.

I have stopped smoking several times but then started over again and again.

This thread makes obviously clear that weed is becoming a "legal product" worldwide and thus taken in concern by the brainwash project.

This is enough! I think that it must be clear to anyone who smokes weed that it is the time to stop, what ever it takes.

Thanks for your Thread, user.

weed lights up your brain it is a proper psycho-stimulant so if you become stupid from smoking it you are only divulging that your brain is faulty, that you are a normie who is stupefied by this mental stimulus akin to a girl who unravels from a single drink. psychedelics are the best example of this, where great minds benefit whereas meager minds gain nothing. Anyone in the aspergers range of IQ can benefit from sporadic usage of mental stimulants weed being one of them. gay thread sage

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whoops forgot to sage

No wonder you agree with any random thread.

>I go by what left wing (((scientists))) on the jewish state payroll tell me
Way to think for yourself, you might as well just become a Buddhist or some other retarded shit.

Weed is a cultural phenomenon in the west that is celebrated in jewish media, heroin is a horrible blight on society that is widely looked down upon. I wouldn't expect a retarded jew fed weedfag to see the difference in why one needs to be very publicly fought against whereas the other is already publicly fought against.

I highly doubt that. If you gave a military squad dude weed they would under perform compared to a squad of military men who were not high or stoned
You can also achieve the same sense of meditation without weed

Weed is for the weak mind, and ages your brain faster than alcohol

I had to go check if I was on 4 chan for a minute.


so you think a weed is evil?

Disgusting herbal-jew apologists in this thread…