So, tell me Zig Forums how will the alt-right ever recover from this?

So, tell me Zig Forums how will the alt-right ever recover from this?

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OTOH "white nationalists" shit themselves left and right the moment anyone says bowers and roof did nothing wrong and trample each other in a bid to "disavow" the most.

those are the faggots trying to neuter Zig Forums

Wasn't Gritty already taken away just like pepe?

tbf, nobody knows what to do and it's the blind leading the blind. when you're in this situation, every plan is shit.

Just give mr rothschild a clown nose

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Cartoons are scary.

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Last pic has great meme potential
Burn the faggots

Shouldn't you be asking the alt-right that, instead?

"Peaceful anti-fascist movement"
Also, is a mascot for a professional sports franchise the worst flagship meme for a radical leftist movement?

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hello rebbe

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Memes are not meant to be synthetic. The leftists of today are an engineered movement, with the 'porkies' they fear and hate holding the leash.

This. Useful idiots are NPCs with no capacity for creative thought.

Whites then

It's almost like the left can't meme.

Nice one.

The reason why the left can't meme is because they're using non-controversial and try to inject humor into it, that's the wrong way to meme.

The best memes are the ones that plays the politically incorrect card by making fun or depicting the destruction of the mainstream thought and ideas.

The kikes are really desprate

Yes, Zig Forums did it, althout it never took off. There was at least one thread on Zig Forums about 'Gritty the nigger-killing mascot' a few months ago (see ) , but as mentioned the meme never took off. Too corporate, silly and probably also too orange for the Trumpbots. Nobody wants to do unpaid hokey pokey meme work.

Ah yes, those charming Green Peace canvassers…

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