Folks we're about to slip under communist tyranny. That Migration Pact is pure evil and if Trump don't sign it the next potus will.

Listen to this

Will Trump sign the anti BDS bill?

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Low effort OP but this is postworthy. Essentially, they are discussing making it illegal to criticize migration and want to treat "migration" as a human right. He also says they could jail people for hate speech because of this, even if they are not racist in their criticism of migration. This is next level thought police. It's essentially making it illegal to believe in borders and restrictive immigration laws. The "heartbreaking photos that will make you say fuck having borders and laws and shit" meme is coming true. What kind of bizzaro reality are we in?

it's always the darkest before the sunrise.
(((their))) heads are in platters…
anti-demoralization post

Only the youtube video is worth watching IMO, the article is just pence saying the boycott israel movement is not welcome in the US and then virture signalling about the synagogue shooting. AirBnB is being criticized for removing listings in Jerusalem and the west bank (but they still list withing 1967 borders) and is basically the trump administration sucking jewish cock.

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They're pushing this shit while France is in a state of constant rioting. I'd like to see them and what money will they use to do so.

This 'Migration Pact' is the final step of the Kalergi Plan. If this doesn't get stopped then there's no going back, no saving Europe.

These nigger lovers better start watching their backs. Shit will hit the fan when people get locked up for protesting “migrants”

Send any migrants to the homes of the traitors that signed it.
It will reverse pretty quickly.

Who is going to sign this shit anyway?
The people need to start making their politicians scared to even think about signing this shit, and if they do, it's DOTR

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Yeah, and? It’s being signed. What are you going to do about it? Nothing. Ever. I tell you to fight back and you call me FBI. It’s already signed now. You won’t do anything.

Why don't you go kill cops or blow up buildings yourself then? Because you're a demoralization shill.

Global report.
I’m so glad you yids always expose yourself. It doesn’t change fact. No one is ever going to physically fight back against this. Ever. Whites have already lost.

Only if the migrating people use force to make it a right. Fuck them and their handlers. It's almost like the world forgot that's what the US Pilgrims and pioneers did. They used force to get rid of the people that lived here before.

Think of it in this context. What is your reaction to your own government using force to get rid of you?

Muh call daddy meem why aren't you backing down when mods enter into it like the good goys on leddit :(((

What the fucking hell are you saying, dipshit?

Keep in mind Israel is not signing it

There are three threads already. How many do you fucking need?

Such a novel concept, dont you anons think? "Rights," I mean. So clouds in the head nonsense. For something to be a "right" it has to be something the government cannot take away from you. Yet, we've seen over and over, that they will do just that. Voting, gun ownership, speech, and so on, over and over they create "reasons" to strip your rights from you for "bad behavior." Whatever government comes into power next, whatever leadership I mean (assuming the structure of the government doesnt change) will time and again strip you of or restrict your "rights" again and again until you have nothing left. A leadership comes in that doesnt like certain kinds of speech? They'll make laws defining it a new way and deeming it "not protected speech." A leadership comes in that doesnt like gun ownership? They'll place more restrictions on guns and expand reasons to "take them away for public/self safety reasons."

We see it over and over again. "Rights" dont exist, only one, single, universal "right" exists. And that is "might makes right." Whoever is strongest, whoever has control, whoever controls the nation, controls what "rights" (privileges) they ALLOW the people to have. And they can, and do, change their minds on what these are on a fucking whim

Never forget this anons, there is NO such thing as "rights," be it civil rights, human rights, etc, none of it, not one bit of it ACTUALLY exists, not one bit of it is a "right" at all. Its all just whatever the "mighty" decide they'll allow you to do at any given time.

Shill your jewtube shit elsewhere.

aboot to. nwo is coming! errbody, look out!!

am I being optimistic or are normies no longer buying the muh women and children meme?

If if really gets to that point with no exaggeration, then it really is red alert 1984 tier thought criminalisation. That's frightening


Why would you want to stop the kike purge

Communists held their borders tightly. Capitalist free capital flow, thats immigration. Plus jews of course, but muh ebil commies.


It will be the framework upon which new legislation is based, user. It is their stated direction and intent, and if they need to break the law (i.e. rewrite it and criminalise all dissent) to achieve their goals then they will.

Indeed. Might makes right, and nothing else.

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It was illegal to call a jew, a jew, the day before Hitler came to power.

God fucking stop with that cancer homo autistic assberger facebook meme shit. It makes you look like you're some passive aggressive housewife mad about their liberal daughter.

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They are so fucking amazingly inept. The kid in the red shirt nonsense made people hate fake refugees more because they knew they were being lied to, they saw the clumsiness of the media campaign, and they remembered the Christian and Syrian victims who were never reported on or held up as pity objects. So if course the answer is to keep on with the same thing but make it illegal to criticize the government. These are college graduates.

Reminder that we're basically living in a communist dominion at this point.

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Why? You have no content. You won't do anything to stop it. The thing will be signed, period.

While this OP is dog shit that is a valid point.


There is no 1st amendment. We serve two-masters, one based upon a Magna Carta Constitution and Bill of Rights. The other is to those that abide by a separate set of rules as prescribed by Talmudic "law"
Striking down BDS is the removal of the 1st amendment. BDS is just another form of speech and representation of ones own persona values.
This said, it's important t remember that free speech is like the relief valve on a pressure vessel. Without it, or if it fails, there is no protection and things become explosive

If Whites have already lost, you should go back to jacking your small cock to anime and playing PS4. KYS!


The jews lost. You lost.
White People are fighting back and winning at every place.
Jews are losing everything, being the inferior race, destined to fail at everything.
You never win anything.
We always win.
The jews lost. You lost.

You're a complete fucking Lost Kike Reject FREAK. Not a single Molecule of Merit or integrity within vicinital of your Botched Existence. Stop trying to apologize for your fucking AssFaggot media Dogma. Kill your entire Family

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Was wondering why we didn't have any thread on the Migration Suicide Pact /Marrakesh pact for weeks on Zig Forums.

Netherlands passed the pact; Denmark probably too.
Of course, Israel and the USA didn't accept it. Not a big surprise there.