Why Hollywood Exists!

What if imagination was a finite resource like oil or gold, but renewed itself like trees can. And the entities that run the world, like corporations, universities, bureaucracies all knew this. It would be in their best interest to burn up as much imagination as possible, so there is only a limited amount of the imagination resource left so they could control the amount of change that happened in the world through technology advances. That's why you still drive around in a car designed a hundred years ago. It's a form of economic control.

The only question would be what is the device that's used to burn up excess imagination?…Hollywood!

More ideas here:

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It exists so you can make shit threads, obviously.

You're over thinking this a lot. Your mind and imagination are real estate, the more they occupy yhe less you have for yourself.
You think anyone with their brain fully uninhibited would accept their own genocide? Of course not. That's why people call others "asleep".

Underrated post.

Yes, but its main purpose is child abuse factory.

Damn, he really did it like that.

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that is true.
then how do we claim sovereignty over our own imagination and souls? like an infection, they pozz our tropes and make them infected. hygiene of microcosmos.

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Why do Whites put a TelAvivision in every room? Why do Whites need a single TelAvivision?

The education system kills imagination so Hollywood can replace it with it's image.

Hollywood is not where movies are made, it's where they are funded. They control the direction movies move in (as well as plot specifics), but not the creation of the films themselves.

I heard while watching some Zig Forums documentary (century of self iirc) that the UK government paid money to get tvs into tv less homes


The tv is vree, but not the loicence


Good post. This is why woke Anons should cancel their shitflix account, stop watching movies, and bully anyone who still does.

The point of Hollywood is to present you with archetypes that the glow in the dark niggers want you to emulate and archetypes that the glow in the dark niggers wants you to follow.

What if u were a fucking turd

It's the same with computer/video games. With all the 3D HD modern crap, there's no room left for your imagination to work. For me that's incredibly boring. I stopped even caring about new games about 20 years ago. Even a simple ASCII roguelike or text adventure is more interesting.

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How is this better than OP? It's like the same point but described poorly.

Propaganda is a big part of it. Another aspect is how emotional they can make it, with subtle camera work and music scores. It's literal brainwashing.

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Imagination isn't a limited resource. There's only so much time the human brain can dedicate to it though. If you're thinking about mass media, then you're spending less time thinking about things that actually matter. This is compounded with a number of other treacheries such as diets designed to malnourish the spiritual part of you, Memes designed to make you vapid and narcissistic (seen mainly in advertising) and "false idols". The latter I describe as being "Organizations or memes designed to fool you into thinking you're making a difference."

The best way to spend free time is to engage in creative pursuits. Writing, drawing, composing or even meditating are all good ways of avoiding the poison which is shoveled your way all the time. Puzzling out problems that you have identified is also another way of spending it. Unfortunately, you can't have a situation where "it's the same except without poz" because the entire system is set up to dispense poz to begin with.

does yhe mean the?
are you saying that my mind and imagination should be smaller?
the more real estate I have, the better; I WANT to have a bigger and better mind and imagination
and why did that post get so many positive replies and only positive replies? is there something I'm missing here? I'm not disagreeing with the second line of text, by the way

Hollywood exists so that the kikes can portray themselves as victims while they industrialize the rape and murder of child actors in plain sight.


Enjoy your next reboot and/or sequel or capeshit goyim.

True. We're being bombarded by junk information 24/7 and it's turning people into adhd zombies addicted to cheap dopamine rush. Take anons on chan boards for example, almost every day you can find a post where some user complains about not being able to focus on anything for longer than 5 minutes, and a total lack of motivation. There's only so much our brain can process through the day and when you clutter it with garbage that ultimately serves you no purpose, there's simply no room left for anything useful at the end of the day.

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The whole Hollywood angle is pretty much passe at this point. The internet made the whole industry redundant, which is why the overall quality of output is so pathetic for the last ten years. Their copyright scheme also achieved to steal intellectual property from the individual and made it practically impossible for an artist to build on the achievements of his ancestors. instead you have to pay up to even participate, and if by any chance you create something new it will be wrestled out of your hand by an amount of money nobody could refuse. The entirety of human creativity in arts is now at a standstill.

Another thing about recent Hollywood…the jews also found a way to prevent "stars" from getting any kind of influence/power like they had in the old days. Nearly a decade ago they tried a new scheme witch worked flawlessly, and is being used ever since. Instead of risking to tie one actor to the movie, they dumped as many recognizable names as possible in it. With this they're now not selling the ability of the actor but the collective power of franchises. Viewer instantly respond to those names and watch the movie no matter how bad, the actors themselves only have to group up to deliver some lines, and the best part…you can endlessly create new stars by putting them in main roles, while fluffing them with groups of established ones. Nowadays actors can be replaced instantly and the audience wouldn't even spot the difference.

Who is this? I don't recognize his voice.