Global STD crisis as ‘incurable’ super gonorrhoea, syphilis and chlamydia ‘hit record high’

When are we going to admit this is due to promiscuous faggots getting raw-dogged in bathhouses by strangers while on antibiotics? This is a bugging global heath crisis and we can't address it because gays are a protected species.

inb4 I'm not a fag. Fags fuck women all the time and your chance of finding a celibate is next to zero.

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Kike free first post.

I really do think degeneracy as a population reducer is official government policy, albeit a secret one.


Reminder that the sex-negative Victorian age was due to syphilis killing so many.
New victorian age when?

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I honestly think it's big pharma grabblers wanting to spread just the right amount of disease.

Also: Free migration = Free spread of pestilence

Much like paving the way for undocumented migration from countries that have diseases previously eradicated or never present in the west. Diseases that you would require inoculation from were you to intend visiting those countries and mixing with the locals.

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It's funny how this cycle keeps happening.
Rinse and repeat forever. It'll happen with even more things going forwards including abortions and so on. What the conservatives don't understand is that abortion, which mostly happens within the left, is culling their future political opponents. Instead of trying to stop it, it might be smarter to encourage it to happen at even higher rates.

tfw the accelerationists were right all along

Roasties must swallow the super STDs pill.



Any way to speed up these processes?

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We're already in a sex-negative age you dumb nigger. The only sex that's promoted is homosexual or racemixing in nature. What do you want, and AOC of 40 and the illegalization of having sex without first getting married and getting signed paperwork from 30 people before you're allowed to try for one child?

Have sex with as many people as you can before you die of TURBO AIDS. You will become a martyr.

So become china?


You're both going way too far in the other direction. Being a virgin at twenty fucking seven isn't virtuous, it's indicative of a failure to launch. You wouldn't be promoting a man that hadn't fucked by 27 because he didn't find a perfect woman, don't white knight some twat who's probably waited solely for the hope that she finds some older man who's a millionaire and will give her free shit forever just for being with him.

I'm not a faggot and I'm never going to have any personal relationship with a woman so not my problem.

She probably has a job an apartment, user. She doesn't want to marry someone below her standards.
Women aren't men


Until you catch viral stage 2 herpes from Chad and Stacy.

I don't have sex so I don't have to worry about your bullshit, have fun getting your genitals rotted off by a roastie.

Feel free to reply to the thread titled "Hi user 43b1d8. Please tell us about yourself"

What about once STD-chan goes airborne?

STD doesn't stand for airborne transmitted disease.

Then its no long an STD but a plague.

Viral can be airborne or skin contact, dumbass. Have fun with your super Clap when Stacey bumps into you at the train station after she was fingering her diseased beef curtains

I don't go outside, I live under self imposed house arrest.

dubs and super gonorrhea will become airborne

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STDs are God's punishment for fornication.

Sex is degenerate.

I think more so as God's punishment for being a whore and a faggot.

checking those unchecked trips!

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Being a career woman who's already dangerously close to the point where any children she'll have will be damaged by her being old when having them isn't a good thing, no matter how much you want to consider it "pure".



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It's not an alternative; female careerism goes hand and hand with riding the carousel all through her 20s then acting like she's owed an obedient wealthy husband after she turns 30.

I suggest you look at the post while using your brain instead of being a dumb nigger

What, then, does that have to do with my post?

It's almost like we agree

Are you a bot, a shill, an incel, which is it? There is nothing positive nor virtuous about being a virgin at that age, especially not as a woman who will run an ever-increasing risk of permanently damaging any child she may have in the pregnancy and birthing process alone. Being a promiscuous whore that fucks 600 men a year isn't the sole alternative, subhuman.

Damn you're stupid

>(((12750c )))

He has autism.

sadly it doesn't kill fast enough

I've got a friend who I talked to a month ago. We used to train together back in the late 70's. He was pretty healthy back then but when we last talked he told me a tale that damn near made me puke.

In 72 he caught gonorrhea and got it cured quickly with penicillin. No big deal. But unknown to him the infection caused some scarification of his urethra which gradually increased with time so that by '85 his urethra was blocked. Then he started his long pilgrimages to many doctors. He's had to endless cytoscopys, and insert catheters all the way into his bladder thousands of times. His tales of tortures in doctors offices was almost more than I could endure. One time some Seattle doctor inserted a steel rod into his urethra that had this little metal pop out umbrella thing on the tip. He inserted it, popped the umbrella tip out and ripped it out of my friend's dick with excruciating pain and blood pour out of his dick all over the floor. One MD in the Philippines knocked him out and did some cauterization in his urethra a few years ago. More horrible pain. And all those decades of wearing a catheter at work (he's a truck driver) have atrophied and shrunk his bladder so basically his continence is permafucked now that he's 70.

Sex is a vastly overrated source of happiness.

Which one is the virgin? If it's the one on the right I'll eat my boots. This is a hot babe that was born to fuck.

Tortures of the damned

Jesus fuck man.

Nah, they're genetically engineered weapons to serve as a kill switch to the golems. You cant keep a war going forever.

The funny thing is the stupid fuck was nagging me to go to Thailand and partake of the beeyoudeeful Thai women. Jeez, even Nigerians can afford to go fuck whores in Thailand. Can't wait for the big ebola outbreak in Bangkok. He himself went last year and his trip turned into a disaster as he forgot his catheter equipment and needed to buy some when he got to Thailand. He needed a prescription and got the fuckaround from the Thai emergency ward so he flew to Manilla where he knew this surgeon. The surgeon knocked him out with drugs and did proceedures involving cauterization in his urethera or bladder without his knowledge or consent and then denied he'd done anything. Horrible. And stupid. But this guy is not real bright. Typical self destructive powerlifting addict.


One theory I've read posits that such prudish caution actually forced STD's to mutate to where they would lie dormant in order to better ensure transmission.

Dear Lord…
I'm assuming the scarification left him sterile, which is probably for the best.

You know, you could have easily searched the headline in that pic to find the source article.

I legit lol'd.


who cares? i have immunity among my wizard powers.
i was hoping for teleportation, but not getting superAIDS is fine too.


Yeah OK, thanks. I knew it was the blond. She's actually not that hot so nobody is beating down her door, at least not the quality of guy she wants and expects. That brunette is smoking hot. I wouldn't even bother looking at that blond if that brunette was in the room.

number one STI is staph infections including MRSA (antibiotic resistant forms) which are typically gained through anal sex.
pushing a penis in throught he anal cavity causes build up of bacteria and increases risk of staph/MRSA.

nobody likes to talk about it but its SUPER prevalent in the gay community and now that anal sex is extremely popular with the youth even in hetero forms, its spreading at an alarming rate.

also, don't eat ass. increase in enterobacterial infections like c.diff, esbl, etc

the new mutated bacteriums like CPE actually have an immunoresponse. literally creating enzymes to attack antibiotics before they even reach the bacteria.

The drug deranged poo stabbers really ruined things with their omnisexual hedonistic depravity. Good thing they're tightly lodged in the school system now, teaching grade one toddlers the latest stratagems for obtaining sexual satisfaction from anal stimulation.

Thanks, jooz.

Antibiotics are given out like candy in the third world. I honestly can't wait to see which superbug emerges and kills off 75% of the planet in the next 50 years.

On second thought I looked up the brunette and she's not only a roastie now, but she's also a Georgdie with a hideous phlegmy bar bitch cigarette laugh. Her mouth probably smells like a train station ashtray and her cunt probably smells like a drunken fishmongers filthy shop.

H-ha! Jokes on you FAGS! I can't e-even get a g-girl to look at me! E-njoy you're STDS!

you're not wrong… sadly

we have stewards in hospitals in canada that limit antibiotic use, since 70% of all hospitalized patients have antibiotic resistant infections.
but as you said in the third world they give em out for anything and everything. just like NA used to going back 30+ years.
we've already seen a few really bad respiratory infections coming from the mideast because of docs giving out antibiotics for viral infections. SARS and MERS are the two main ones.
CPE is the new one that is prevalent in hospitals around the mideast. carbapenamase producing enterbactericae. which can be e. coli and pneumonia among others.

Those trips are beautiful user.

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Re.: the blonde: don't blame you; certain features of hers are setting off my jewdar.
I could be wrong, though; it's hard to tell with certain Brits.

I fail to understand any appeal whatsoever it may have and suspect it's simply more depopulation/whatever bullshit being pushed.
Even straight-up buggery still has a sexual component to it; this is just pure degeneracy.

It's even more disconcerting when you factor in horizontal gene transfer.
Your own so-called good gut flora could very well host the gene that could turn your next would-be mild infection into a killer.

Well-written, user.
You've got a real talent.

She could blast the rust clean off a bridge frame with that.

horizontal gene transfer can be combated by having things like copper/silver alloys on you or used in your cooking etc. copper ions released from the material can disinfect even c.diff. obviously at a slower rate but still effective. which makes me wonder if the govn change in using 95% copper in pennies was a way to make sure the health care system robs ppl of their money and lives.

and yes. ass eating is degenerate af but its so popular right now with a lot of niggers promoting it on social media.

edit; pennies in america are only about 5% copper now. pre1995 it was above 90%. canada doesnt even have pennies anymore.

I have a buddy who metal detects and those new pennies take hardly any time at all to dissolve in soil.
Usually all he finds of those is the copper-alloy(?) jacket.
And, call me crazy, but, I swear they give off the funkiest odor when they get wet or come out of a sweaty pocket.

Interesting point.
Have you considered it goes further?
Maybe the zinc core is meant to leach, presumably transdermally?

Well are'nt you a bag of fucking dicks, telling me that when I have close to a month left to wizardy.
Yeah go ahead faggot, laugh at me, its Zig Forumss fault anyways.
The redpill is a wonderfull gift but also the biggest curse.

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You do realize you wouldn't survive without the bacteria in your gut, right? Mainstream sources shill against probiotics all the time.

Yea man, she'd be so much more virtuous and wife material if she had a dozen dicks in her.

Ignore him, he's just a slut.

Are you really that fucking stupid? It was changed because copper is too expensive. A 5% copper penny is just as effective as a 100% copper penny at killing germs, all the copper is on the outside where it is in contact. The interior never touches the germs and is entirely irrelevant.

Any idea why it's being promoted so heavily right now? At least with interracial and incest I can sort of understand the motives

Are you actually retarded? Is there nothing in your puny little mind that comes in between perma-virgin and total whore?

>image decrying rightfully antibiotics

copper does give off a scent for sure and the lower copper alloy rates in everything these days is because NA countries are selling it to china for manufacturing.

i am of the firm belief that yes the lowered levels of copper are meant to get us sick and stay sick from antibiotic resistant bugs. theres even a switch in the plumbing scene. they use PVC piping instead of copper pipes. and most doorknobs and push buttons for doors have no copper in them whatsoever.

also the use of other metals can increase your risk of heavy metal poisoning and require toxic and expensive chelation therapy

if you're above the age of 25 and dont take a probiotic or eat yogurt or fermented foods. you are fucked in later life.

because they are selling it to china dumbfuck
and no 5% and 95% arent the same at killing bacteria due to the release of copper ions in an aura around the copper material. but ok

tbh theres a yuge movement towards degeneracy in NA and Europe to create another weimar republic type setting and to make sure that there is no white people left. literally seeing more and more white people self hating due to propaganda and the push for interacial relationships etc. and this coincides with the ass eating trend. if you ever noticed how certain (((ppl))) will push this in every country around the world except their own?

So wait, are we against super STDs? Seems to me that we should support this STD spread vocally because it destroys the degenerates of the world. Whoring has consequences, let it play out.

Is there a Super STD Chan?

Must be tough being a nigger.
Oh come on, even the dumbest of nogs can grasp this. The only part of a penny that can kill germs is the very outer surface, which is still copper. It doesn't matter what material the copper plating is sitting on top of you retard.

i never said anything about thickness or prices dumbfuck.
go read up on copper alloys and copper ions and come back. the alloy needs to be 80-95% with diminishing returned above 95%. horizontal gene transfer is recommended reading too

Yes I would.

May as well just bathe in bleach every time you look at a door handle.

I don't understand why anyone would.

You're 100% right about the cycle. Leftists are ironically the inescapable result of civilization protecting people who nature would have purged. You remove civilization from the equation, they no longer exist because they can't survive. So the question is then, when the next cycle comes around, how to we prevent this shit from happening again?

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I'm not saying to nuke your entire gut ecosystem, just that the good gut bacteria would simply serve as a benign genetic intermediary between pathogens.
In fact, beyond total avoidance of said pathogens – a nigh-impossible feat in the modern era, a healthy lifestyle with a robust gut flora would be your only viable defense.

Moral decay, sterility-inducing infections, pure malfeasance, the list could go on.
Understanding who we're up against should answer your question.

Hard to argue with that logic, however, the main problem is they're promoting it to children who would turn into healthy, normal adults otherwise.

Well some sacrifices will have to made. You can't make an STD omelet if you don't crack the STD eggs.

They didn't change the alloy you braindead fucking nigger. It is the same damn copper it has always been, it is just as thin layer of copper plating over a steel interior.


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the amount of copper dictates how much copper ions are released. obviously thickness matters slightly but not completely. there are peer reviewed studies from at least three major institutions from around the world. again. read up on it.
if you have 5% copper alloy in a coin and like 80% zinc/chrome/etc it effects the way the copper alloys work. but again. go read some scientific journals

Applied eugenics, subverted castrations and a forced application for a permit to bear and raise children?

How about, regarding the castration part, make it a reversible procedure.
Tie of the tubes down to the gonads and if you are checking all the benchmarks you have it reversed so you can create offspring.
Im affraid it would be an invasive procedure, I do not trust chemicals.


go look at the sharp increase in antibiotic resistant bacterial infections post 1995 in NA. the correlation to copper use in currency is there. it obviously needs more research but its only a semi working theory ive had for a couple years

also you will start to see an increase in home use of UV-C lights to disinfect, right now only rural peoples and paranoid people use UV-C for water purification

Was that really necessary?

hey cuckchan


You don't have 5% copper alloy, that's the point. How many times can you be called a braindead nigger before you stop repeating the same nonsense and read? The entire coin is 5% copper. 95% of it is the steel inside, and 5% of it is the copper plating. The copper plating is still just as copper as it always was.

Well leftists derive their power from government and ignorant/stupid masses. So it seems to me we need to design a new system that eliminates those people from voting. Perhaps mandating exams for people to earn the right to vote, and politicians would be subject to extensive exams to remove the retards.

I would be fine with a pure meritocracy.

and your a nigger faggot that has no reading comprehension.

I think it's a good start. I mean if stupid people can't vote anymore and people running for office can pass extensive exams to filter out the shit, we might be able to prevent the leftists from ever gaining power in future cycles. And besides, I don't think there's anyone out there that really believes everyone should vote just because they're breathing.

quints incoming