Trump's 'Niggers Get Out of Jail for Free' Law Includes Early Release Even for Violent Crimes

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So providing guns to convicts is looked for consideration and yet bump stocks are targeted?


Why don't the republicans just grease up their buttholes and stand on the busiest street corner in town with their pants around their ankles offering free anal rape to all passer bys? It wouldn't be much worse than what they're doing now.

Ivanka shed a tear. So let's go to war with whoever and blow trillions to kill millions, shall we?

I was reading that one last night. Oh my the chinks and the ragheads are celebrating with Dom Perignon even as we speak.

more whites will have their rights restored than blacks
your only hope is to get them on your side if they already arent
or you could wallow in tunnelvison and feel defeated

This is your mind on the_donald.

its an objective fact and you cant prove it wrong

reminder that pedos will also be eligible for early release.

Well we can rest safe knowing zero niggers or spics will be let free from that conviction.

Can someone please assassinate this /leftycuck/ president?

He lost the midterms and still hasn't learned. Forget the Democrat party, he would get raped in the 2020 Republican primary for letting 100% rapists and murderers free instead of just the percentage of illegals who are those things he claimed to stop, which he hasn't.

This. More whites will benefit from prison reform. Prison Reform is actually pro white

Fuck off kike

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>a kike who wants to execute whites for being anti jew jews aren't semites BTW
Working overtime Ari?

Hello. This board isn't for mentally ill people. Time to take your meds

Thanks for posting OP

So you actually support Trump in his escalation of the niggerification of America? Beyond what even Obama could have dreamed of.
You support that?

make your teds

If you kept money you earned, you can rot in jail. Rape, murder, slavery? Those are just crimes against fellow goyim, of course you can have a 2nd chance.

Honestly I'm thinking about emigrating. I can't stand this fucking country any longer. And now the orange kike wants to let rapists and pedos out early wtf is going on anymore?

So I'm to understand that this is not only a thing that happens, and often enough to warrant a law specifically forbidding it, but also that said law shouldn't be enforced because it disproportionately affects nonwhites because no white person would even think to fucking do something like this. Literal slaveholders are being let out of prison because they're a protected group by virtue of being victims of slavery. Cue clown music. MAGA.


Trump is further cementing in the facts of;
- He's a pressure release
- He's a progressive liberal through and through who isn't even hiding it
- He doesn't care about America
- He doesn't care about Whites
- He is worse for America than King Nigger ever could hope to be

Fuckin’ baste ZOG empruh

Dude have you seen his tweets? He totally destroys those liberals like so hard!



I have to go take care of my wife's daughter's boyfriend's son's nephew though.

Go back to the reddit.

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As long as they are godly christian blacks, I don't care how many white girls they raped. Trump is based!

How is this place different from cuckchan or reddit again?

Eh it's gotten better tbh. This thread would've been deleted instantly under the former regime.

We need to ban all pro-Trump kikes since pro-Trump is pro-ZOG

Lots of jobs will need to be filled once deportations begin to leave holes and economic cold wars heighten further. Prisoners have an opportunity they should pay twice for fucking up. Other than that, it is clear this was a planned event and not just something that came about from introduced characters visiting the white house.


Ah yes the deportations are coming. Haven't trumpcucks been saying that for the past 2 years?

It's not.

No it hasn't. Current mod staff is literally an /intl/ negress spammer from 4chan, check the 'meta' thread.
Just because Trump worship is no longer requisite =/= Better.
Most of the pro-Trump posting here is probably that faggot just trying to stir up arguments.

If you're pro or anti Trump, you're retarded.

You will have to kill codemonkey, then. Literally kill the person. He is responsible for the current state of the board.

No effort 'troll' shitposting 4chan trash while hopping IPs and using Tor.

This site is dead.

At this point he outdone Hillary in being a fucking jew.
And he's not done with US yet!

I'm a jew, and I approve this message

This is you. Commit suicide and go back to reddit.

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you're posting on Zig Forums m8, it's goes without saying

that was my take too … that people always think percentage and correlate that too "blacks can kill and be left free" but if you do the math youll find many of your whites are evil disgusting shits too

and that this will acutally free more whites.

So question is :
do you really care about society or do you only care about YOUR society.

plus its going through congress … they will apply the appropriate red tape and nuisances to make you retards feel safe

I hope you know, you are never safe


Aren't they happy that more based black men are making America great again?

And again.

Read the meta thread, mod staff has been purged and 4chan /intl/ has been given moderator position on fullchan Zig Forums.

No, but Ivanka sure has


And that's a good thing, /intl/ will start the purge of anti-Semitic sentiment on this board

I agree, next time we should vote straight democrat, Hillary would have been better than drumpf

You realize that she can't do such shit without his full approval, right?

Still prefer a negress to unironic trumptards TBH

Next time we should boycott this carnaval of kikes altogether to undermine it's legitimacy.
But pol is too retarded for that I guess, let alone normalfags.

Trump is unironically worse than Hillary because while he's accomplishing all of her goals like gun grabbing, pushing feminism, and flooding our country with illegals, the right is going along with it instead of opposing it. But you're too much of simple minded nigger to realize it.

Trump and Republicans lost 20 million votes between 2016 and 2018 due to Trump being a backstabbing failure. But after the election was so effortlessly stolen in many places by Democrats without a single push back from Trump or the Republicans you can be sure many people will be staying home from now on.

Yes. Self-determination and non-kike'd representation is bad; amiwrong?

Non-White goys want kike representation. Let Whites have their own place to call home, self-determination, control of our treasury, control of our banking and currencies, released from the parasitic leech leading the campaign to destroy what was once an idea so great, it was a beacon to the world.
Stick a fork in it. We're done!

Blacks don't buy or use bump stocks so Trump is OK with banning them.

Trump is just letting the democrats think they're getting it they're way. Trump is playing the long game, this is 4D chess at its finest. Trump has these globalists in checkmate!

early release now possible for
watch anti trump kikes spin this to be anti white. watch them get mad at my post for pointing it out.

When will Zig Forums learn? Look at the subtext of the bill and you'll see that it's actually locking up more niggers in the long term!

Kill yourself magakike.

thanks for proving my point, kike

You're not fooling anybody.

Oh really? Source on that please? And unless it's a ratio of 17 black:60 white then it's a net gain for blacks and a net loss for whites.

Remarks by President Trump on H.R. 5682, the FIRST STEP Act

(((your))) post assumes nonwhites get charged with hate crimes at a rate more than negligibly incidental.

Kill yourself yid and take your kike friend with you.

So fucking baste.

I'm just gonna get comfy for the apocalypse tbh.

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We won't be as lucky as France. Trump won't turn the heat up too high too quickly.
The slow boil will continue.

You won't get any evidence because it's an objective fact that "prison reform" is aimed at letting blacks out of prison and our anti-white government would never extend such breaks to whites. The magakikes are trying to pull the wool over your eyes so you can be butchered in your homes by violent niggers much to their pleasure and mods are letting them shill their kike lies here.

This is so fucking based af, this is everything white GOP voters that represent 88% of trump's electoral support wanted, a nigger get-out-of-jail card!
Fuck I love trump!

Wasn't really a serious question. I understand all of what you said. And like I said: unless the rate of whites being released being identical to or better than the white population rate it will be a net loss for whites.

Are you guys tired of winning?

Don't ruin my hopes fam, maybe we can meme it into existence.

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If this is winning then yes. I want to start losing.

Fuck off nigger.

The ride is accelerating


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And with a flick of the pet this country shitballed into a third world hellhole ahead of Germany, Sweden, France and Londoniatan.
>Guns taken if we ate (((concerned)))
You here are the last witnesses of the end. Give them a run for their fucking money!

Brainlet typos fully acknowledged.

I remember reading the Turner Diaries. One of the plotpoints was how the ZOG emptied the prisons of most of the niggers being locked up there and used those nogs to fight off the Whites. That was right after a nation wide gun-grab. It's stunning how Dr. Pierce was able to predict the future but I'm not sure whether or not we will be able to get a happy ending in our timeline as well. Not with MAGAspastics, Q-tards, Christian Zionists and boomers on board that is. Dr. Pierce called those misguided souls "constitutional conservatives" and he warned us how cancerous and dangerous those people can be in the hand of ZOG.

My DACApede fiance doesn't like this…

Your memes are shit

Is this the masturbation rollercoaster or the anal stem pump dildo machine?

quints confirmed cucked by fiance

I hope you have 10 kids with her. I'm planning to go to Honduras next Summer.

The burger prison system is probably having trouble paying to keep all of these sub humans alive. The tax payers are basically forced to pay for niggers and keep israel a state with basically 0 GDP going.

I understand that however the trade off isn't good. Especially when the way the socialist states of greater israel works with welfare. I'm not sure the net result is a savings of enough - or any - money (cost of imprisonment) - (welfare cost + policing cost + [cost of their being allowed to vote in more and more states]) in the end.

I say GOOD. I want to kill all these niggers and bean people anyway so let them out. It just speeds up the collapse. Orangeman is a NYC landlord you fucking idiots. He's ALWAYS been a jew puppet. The dumb fuck went broke running a casino. Since then he's been reduced to (((reality tv))) and licensing his name to shit like a diploma mill and buildings he doesn't own. Oh yeah and books no one reads where he talks about his daily Kaballah routine. He's been a kike puppet since day one.

Stop being scare of your bullshit consumer, suburban existence going away and embrace the destruction of this jewish clown world.

A criminal is a criminal. Of course nogs will commit crimes against you at a much higher rate, but white trash can go straight to prison too, as far as I'm concerned.
Of course Trump is pulling this shit. The jews want us to live in a world of chaos. They thrive on that. What else is new

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Friendly reminder that Trump pardoned one of the most evil jews in America, Shalom Rubashkin, a jew so despicable that Dr. William Luther Pierce dedicated an entire episode to talking about him 2 decades ago.

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Im sure all these criminal negroes are going to vo-

Oh wait it doesnt matter which puppet you vote in Murrigoyland