Agenda 21: Ivanka's Women's Empowerment Act: Pushing Feminism Globally to Become Official US Policy


Ivanka is helping making the UN's Agenda 21 a reality.

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Or, you know, instead, we could stop giving out aid to every fucking ungrateful, Turd-world nation on Earth?

All those men and not one pair of balls

Giving Globalists exactly what they want is what an anti-globalist would do. It's chess.

Wtf I love Judaism now

trumpcucks have ZERO arguments left for supporting the orange nigger now.

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In the end, for all the money that's going to get skimmed off the top due to overhead, administration, and plain ol' theft, they probably would still be better off jiggling their tits on Twitch (and still would, anyway, even with the aid).

The act has a female whine sound in the title. Fits.

Stupid jew bitch.

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I've met a christian Syrian qt3.14 that came as a refugee. white skin and green eyes, although I doubt that what these kikes have in mind for us

call them holiday candles and watch them kvetch

To MGTOW shills… womp womp

"WEEE Let's take another swing at the domestic housewife!" Jesus fucking Mary and Joseph, I swear the very domestic women these cuntweeds look down their noses at, are going to be the same ones who run the reeducation camps.

Women are already so empowered now they can fuck a bbc in public in broad daylight with impunity so i don't see how much more power they can get.

like clockwork.

Trump is a feminist. Hitler was a feminist. Women are evil and defenders of their liberation are the #1 enemy among men.

We need to go back to the PRE-FEMINIST era and reduce women to not much more than fuckslaves


One-term President

if you hate MGTOW, this story is proof you're about to get a hell of a lot more of them.

Wake me when it actually passes, you disingenuous fuck. Til then…


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Like pottery

Sweet sweet damage control, gets even sweeter the more you post it.

It won't be enough until they've destroyed themselves and their respective cultures until only a wasteland of degeneracy remains with cadres of jews to rule over them like Hutts.

But who is going to provide for white women? You need to man up and save them!

trust the retarded plan

wtf I want to crush the patriarchy now

Real white men take a woman and provides for her white children. It's better to be a cuck for other whites than to be a MGTOW or a racenixer (virginity is overrated and not as sacred as helping whites).

Why is this jew bitch allowed to strut around the White house and call shots with her hook nosed husband? It's like Trump is trying to insult us for voting him in by not checking this bitch.

Ban maganiggers already.


Fuck you, my brother married a DACApede and now he has 5 children who I don't consider white! I will wait for a white woman who wants to marry me and then I'll ask him, "who is the winner now?"

It's better to step up to the plate and help raising some else White children than it's to be a disgusting incel MGTOW faggot. Go back to /r9k/ or better yet kill yourself cocksucker.




If your movement depends on convincing me to become a literal cuckold, then I oppose your movement, and your movement will surely fail. Find a different strategy, preferably one that works to the benefit of noble men, rather than gutter-trash whores.

based and redpilled

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I'm sick of this kike. Feminism is a kike creation.

Don't kill yourselves. Kill people like this user instead.

Not damage control when it's true nigger. If it gets passed, then I will be angry. But when OP is presenting the bill as being already in law when it hasn't even been voted on is being disingenuous about the topic matter.

Nice strawman.

Get rekt sharianigger.

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Cuck not and ye shall not be cucked.

All I'm gonna say is that many anons here hate white women. What we should be doing is making children with her, remember that divorces are falling and a married man lives longer.

The white race is more important than virginity or fidelity. Our soul is in our Gene's, not whether or not we are happy.

Congratulations reddit, you've ruined anime on imageboards.

Have some fucking dignity, man. The only circumstances where you should be raising someone else's offspring is when said offspring is related to you, and their parents can't do it themselves.

can't wait 'til Trump loses in 2020 to Warren/Booker in 2020 so all the trumptards can fuck off already

I am not providing for a child that is not mine, no matter what

there are men and women that can't have children; and even if they can and do have children, they "could" be doing a huge favor to a White family in South Africa

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Just saw this on /tv/ and had to come here to see if it was real. Holy shit you're a faggot.

That's nice, kike. Keep pretending you belong.

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What if the child is white? I literally have my cursor over the report button, you ticking race traitor, white women make mistakes, but you're a white man who needs to prove your racial alliance to her.

Post pic or link

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Really helps prove the point that the left/right political spectrum in the US is complete bullshit and that voters are morons.



There is no better feeling than raising another man's child. It feels better than sex. Most White men shouldn't even worry about having sex, sex is overrated and something angry incels types constantly obsess over, real white men should ideally focus on raising other men's children since we make such great fathers and there's plenty of children out there that need raising.

Niggers make poor fathers, but are better at sex so they can go ahead and keep having it, who cares, their loss imo. White women do make mistakes, sometimes even go as far as having a child with a nigger, but they shouldn't be punished for this since that baby still came from a White womb. The older "burn the coal, pay the toll" Zig Forums crowd is on it's way out anyways.

what is your opinion on FISA abuse

Happy Hanukkah is jewspeak for 'Christ and Christianity are dead and we won'

Literally less useful than a puppy

Who would you support or is there really no choice at all?

don't care, not providing for a child that is not mine



Hows the weather in Ankara?

user you're raising another mans kids aren't you?

Is this cow opposed to Trump supporting the Saudis?


Keep telling yourself that nigger.

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You know it's against the rules to announce a report, right? So who's more likely to get banned?

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This isn't cuckchan, maganigger.


Your race is more important than your feelings, being a white man has the pleasure of helping white women.

Somebody needs to take her out and make it look like antifa or some other person who is anti-Trump did it.

I’m throughly disipointed with trump. But seriously user, seriously… think Hill dawg wouldn’t have done something 10x globo homo for weeeemon & Fags & self body mutilators by now? I’m not going to condone this or say this is a lesser of two evils, but…….if both parties truly are a different face on the same coin, at least the salt and the lol cows from trump getting elected is worth it.

Kick you out of your own house and drive you off so you have to sleep under a freeway overpa….oh wait, they can do that now.

Ignore the noise, fuck your woman and make a whole platoon and finish the job user, it's a fight for the entire goddamn planet you shouldn't actually take anything someone from a chan says when it comes to fucking other women (besides the ones that blatantly demonstrate an empathetic experience that let's you know they're not a zit faced neckbeard virgin of course) especially when the context is the final battle for humanity. Not that half of the replies to you were from genuine anons though, but rather from (((anons)))

You better be fuckin that bitch though.


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This what happens when you send a Turk to do a kikes job


Reported for spam. Go back to reddit. No one here supports the ZOG emperor.

Global report.

Global report.

This. Every trumpkike thread is filled with the most obvious shills.
FFS, they are defending his kike daughter officially making femminism a federal policy, ala Sweden.

Lol the only real (((conservative))) I would say is Donald jr, he would have made a better president. Eric and Ivanka are cucks they forgot to register as a republican in the primaries. You Americans better get your shit together tomorrow or watch your race die as you shitpost.




Nobody cucks on empowered women like conservatives. Hell, I heard Hillary speak glowingly about her working class father who raised the family, and she also stayed with Bill during the drama. Compared to Trump and these republicucks, Hilldawg is practically trad.

Part of this seems to be related to the recent polling/talking points that white women will be the swing vote on the next election. Well get ready for a disgusting spectacle of cuckery.

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Says the person who spams the same images and the same copy-pasta arguments over and over again.

Im not the one who posted the kampfy.png

I hope they burn so bright that the entire household burns down.


Agenda 21 causes mass shootings.

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If you watched politics closely during W Bush you'll know Republicans are bold face liars and sell out to the core.

Golden rule: Don't ever vote Republican, they'll fuck you every single time.

I'm not suggesting to vote Dem either. We're in a dire position. $25 trillion in a debt and the Jews looking to get us into war w Russia and Iran and take our freedoms in the process.

If you haven't left the US at this point, you deserve getting cucked by womankind and the state.

No Hillary would of fucked us. Bernie kicked her ass in the primary. We would be in a way better spot if Bernie would of got a fair shake.

Global report.

Okay, moishe.

Do you know the difference between Trump's empty rhetoric and stone cold facts?

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Bernie told you who was behind open borders.

Sure all he has to do is look in a mirror.

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