Young Slav/Chink! What is the best thing in life?

21.8 trillion..we are so close.

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To what 30 trillion? 40? 50? It's all a part of the circus and you apparently bought a pretzel.

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Russia isn’t going to exist in 20 years

Who are in turn ruled by the Kremlin
Same as in any country, ever.
Only traitors to the country, libtards and fags emmigrate.
Who are assimilated and loyal to the state. If not (like Chechens) they are beatened into submission and then bought off.
Meme as old as modern Russia itself. Only 30k of Chinks live in Russian Far East. And they are seasonal workers.

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Sounds like USA, or capitalist Russia. None of that happened under communism.

The literal insanity of Russian posters online has reached epic proportions. Some of this isn’t even in the realm of reality it’s 1984 double think. Still just a nation of slaves trying to devour the world

USSR is infamous for keeping the people poor, dumbass.

Sure, and Trump is playing 3D chess.
Sure, and Mexicans are conservatives who vote Republican… also, Blacks should vote Republican because they're good Americans.
That's what they said about the loyal Mexicans who do the jobs that Americans won't

All propaganda. Poor compared to who, richest americans?. They were middle class for everyone.

Russian elites Jew their own people with a similar tale as the Holocaust but all it does is hasten their own genocide. Ironic.

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Communism is based around exploitation the workers.

Hey Russkibro what was putin doing in Spain partying at Boris berezovski's (((aka Abramovich))) villa?
Oh right he was probably waterboarding him into submission.

The difference between Zig Forumsacks and ruskies is we know our Zionist stooge and don't feel the need to defend him. But I agree that emigration is a terrible idea.


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Is the world going to exist in 20 years?

The ceiling gets raised eternally. How is it even relevant to our situation?

I watched an interview with Agust-Fitz and she was saying that it is no problem at all for there to never be a collapse but that the corporatocracy would just bump along the bottom like in Japan basically vacuuming up all the tangible assets of the USA over the next 40-50 years until there was literally nothing left of value in the entire nation. The reason that they import tons of shitskins is to increase the burden on the middle class by dragging it down into poverty, that way there is no way for them to fight back. Also shitskins and subhumans can't hold onto wealth at all due to a lack of foresight, so they are an 'blind funnel' that acts to siphon off the wealth from the middle class and it all ends up in the corporatocracy.

Literally every first-world nation not under JewSSR control

Controlled low prices do it. Imagine store shelves after 95% discount, everyone buys out everything.

Well, there is that. But the dynamics of EurasiaZOG vs ZOGWest in justifying stripping Peoples of their property hardly seem necessary to point out when they are capable of such force.

I mean, if the world is suddenly yours and you have high maintenance and low maintenance livestock to farm, why shear the high maintenance sheep when you can skin them? Plenty of the latter kind where they came along.

And ranking party kikes with deep pockets buy out the shipment before it hits the store and sells it on the black market.

Yeah, you're mentally ill.

If only.

Their wealth is not legitimate, it was stolen; no one can own what is stolen. They aren't 'gods' in any sense, they are no different than we are and they need to be exterminated.


Certainly they have no ethical right to these things or Peoples. But what does it mean to say “should”? If they can, they will. If we can, won’t we?

$16,000 is the global average, the people in America are just ludicrously rich and get raped by relatively higher prices.

Any extra comfort an American has is countervailed by the lower freedom compared to a Russian.

Anyone has the quote by (((Bibi))) where he says the jews are going to suck the US dry and let it be blown by the wind.


"Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away” -Netanyahu, 2002

That's a really cool piece, does the artist have more like that?

When you stop making up stuff let me know.

What about all that secret Nazi gold though, Chaim? Also:

I know you aren’t this stupid.

I can't imagine being this stupid

This is not even a RIDF. This is an amerimutt larper.

You have to make these threads on cuckchan/pol/. That's the kind of threads they love.

More like d&c kike