Chinks Pinky Swear to Stop Dealing Drugs

China agrees to make fentanyl a controlled substance after talks with US at G20 summit

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Trump is an anti-white kike.


Very first fucking post is "Blumpf is a kike" shilling. This board needs stronger moderation.


China is doing America a favor by flooding it with fentanyl. It's creating a eugenic effect where low-life druggies OD and are removed from the gene pool.

About one hundred and sixty years ago why do you ask?


Is that bugman wearing a suit underneath his suit? The absolute fucking madman.

Time doesn't always heal; especially with a people with a very long history.

Druggies doing drugs is Darwin, let it happen, clean the gene pool.


People think that drug is coming over from the Chinese WEW

Yeah blame the Chinks Goy …
You look depressed have a pill
You bumped your elbow. Have A pill
"''junkies line up for the (((pusher man)))

One grain of carfentanyl can kill a human. It shouldn't be available to subhumans who would use it to kill large populations of random people.

CIA can't have it's monopoly dethroned lol

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Because it is, you idiot nigger.

In other words, China has agreed to import our drugs via black market. What will they get in exchange?

Not world war 3. :^)

Sweet deals with the jew world order plus the destruction of the US experiment, former US citizens and a place to offload a few hundred million insectoids

Trump is proof that the presidency is an irrelevant position.

How so? He seems to be effectively serving the Talmud.

And what about the kikes in the US prescribing that shit for no reason other than to kill whites? Are they going to be reigned in?

Your IDs are too similar.

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Prove he isn't a zionist, israel first ZOGbot.
Please. Any concrete evidence. Not a super baste tweet.
Name a law he's passed that helps whites primarily.

So no tariffs and no competition for US drug companies

It was over the counter there?

that guy needs to take some boxing lessons… he wouldnt have such a goofy face half the time

What a spiteful faggot.

Yeah to get rid of "Good goy #6571433 is ourgoy gellow goys" kikes like you


He is though.
Saying that about Hitler? Deserves moderation.
About Trump? No.

Man… I truly am coming to hate this world. I don't want to hate, but, I really find it hard with how quickly the deterioration of society and people is coming along. This post I feel is not far off from the answer

Donald is doing good work! He saved syria from jews.

That would
a) solve the problem at its roots
b) fuck over the (((perpetrators)))
Trump doesnt care about the former and he certainly would never want to upset the later.

Now in the best case you will get drowned in fentanyl from based Vietnamese and Indonensian factories instead, but no one cares because based MAGA kike Trump has BTFO China in (((their))) headlines and thats all that matters.Can't stop winning.

At least Hillary plans on running again. This time I WILL vote for the true NS candidate! :^)

what are you talking about he bombed an airfield twice and got us into WW3 just like the jews wanted
so you better never vote again

Most fentanyl OD isn't prescription. Chinese are shipping this stuff to US for sale on the black market directly rather than it being diverted from legal channels like other opioids. Unscrupulous (scrupulous being a very relative term when it comes to dealing drugs) heroin dealers use it to cut product as it produces a similar effect at a lower dose. A few grams of fentanyl mixed with an inert powder can be sold as a few kilos of heroin while costing an absolute fraction of the cost to produce. Problem is that extra potency makes it a hell of a lot easier to OD on.

The root of these heroin addictions, however, is of course prescription opioids, most typically hydrocodone. This deal will not change that in the slightest. If the chinks are actually being honest (haha) it will change the street value of these drugs a fair bit. The effect this will have on any aspect of the prescribing of these medications is negligible.

Doesn't even matter because the chinks will develop an even more potent version of fentanyl, call it something else, and they'll be shipping it to the US the day after G20 is over. We've been playing whack-a-mole with chinese research chemicals for at least a decade, probably longer, with no end in sight. Everybody is going to give themselves a good pat on the back for a job well done and continue with business as usual.

Oh wow thabk you china for promising to not pump our cohntry full of drug to kill out people. How are we not reenacting the burning of the summer palace yet?


Every drug should be legal. Only a slave cuckold faggot would want somebody else to decide what they are allowed to do. I should be able to buy steroids or lsd at a grocery store but you faggots love stupid ass faggot rules.

Based Zionald Blumpf!

let the drugs flow. those who choose to do drugs, do so and die. natural fucking selection.

i agre he baste

As long as they're good, godly chinks, I trust them.

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Of course rabbi

Fuck disenfranchised white trash with no future who become hooked on drugs in school. They totally need to be removed from the gene pool for being unable to fight off the malaise forced onto whites by our Jewish overlords

I don't want you driving around on lsd friend. I don't give a fuck if you take it responsibly but we have niggers and spics in this country. If it were white only , then yes all substances should be allowed. Survival of the fittest will happen
God dammit we're fucking with nature here

You'd think government people would know how research chemical druggies operate. Or how Chinks and their "morals" operate.

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Shills get auto-filtered.

Found the shit-skin chink monkey.

Shilled get filtered.

Where's the rest? Does he go on to defend it?

So what is the left hand doing?