Christian Law vs Jews and Pagans thread 2

Christian Law vs Jews and Pagans thread 2
Codex Theodasianus:Christian-Created Laws of the Roman Empire

The Codex Theodosianus was a compilation of the laws of the Roman Empire under Christian emperors, since 312. This document is an invaluble historical resource and vital for documenting Christian attitudes towards jews and pagans.
Christian Identity types will often tell you that "denying christ is the most jewish thing you can do", or that "christianity has always been anti-semitic!"
Are these statements true?
Let's find out!

Laws on judaism:
321 16.8.3 Jews are allowed to serve on municipal councils.
326 16.5.1 Religious privileges are reserved for Christians.
330 16.8.2 Jewish priests shall be exempt from public service.
331 16.8.4 Priests (Jewish priests) and synagogue rulers are exempt from public service.
361 16.2.16 Persons who live especially pious lives shall be exempted from public service.
393 16.8.9 The Jewish sect is protected by law. No regulation may be passed to ban Judaism, even in the name of Christianity
396 16.8.10 Jewish merchants may set their own prices.
396 16.8.11 Persons who make disparaging remarks about the patriarch (Jewish leader) are subject to punishment.
397 16.8.12 Jews are not to be insulted; governors are to be informed when such incidents occur.
397 16.8.13 Jewish clergy are allowed to retain their own laws and rituals and are exempt from service as decurions.
400 16.8.15 Privileges previously granted patriarchs (Jewish leaders) are to be upheld.
412 16.8.20 Jewish synagogues may not be taken by non-Jews, and Jewish observation of the Sabbath is to be protected.
412 16.8.21 Jews may not be persecuted for their religion or have their property taken without cause.

Laws on paganism:
346 16.10.3 Although pagan religious practices are banned, pagan temples are to be preserved because they host plays and circuses.
346 16.10.4 Pagan temples are to be closed, access to them is denied, and violators may face the death penalty.
356 16.10.6 Those guilty of idolatry or pagan sacrifices may be subject to the death penalty.
365 16.1.1 No Christian shall have to serve in a pagan temple; the judge who makes such an appointment risks fines or execution.
381 16.10.7 Persons who engage in pagan or superstitious behavior may be penalized.
81 16.7.1 Christians who have converted to paganism shall not be allowed to “make testament.”
383 16.7.2 Confirmed Christians who have turned to paganism may not issue a testament (will) to anyone.
391 16.10.10 Idol worship is forbidden and pagan sacrifice.
391 16.10.11 No person shall enter the pagan temples or perform sacrifices.
396 10.10.14 Any privileges granted in ancient law to pagan priests and leaders are abolished.
399 10.10.16 Pagan temples in rural areas are to be destroyed.
399 10.10.17 Public festivals are allowed, but may not contain pagan superstition or sacrifices.
399 16.10.15 Ornaments of pagan temples are not to be destroyed.
408 16.10.19 Images in pagan temples must be removed if there is any veneration of them.
408 Title 12 Income from taxes in kind shall be redirected from pagan temples to support the army.
415 16.5.56 Pagans who publicly assemble may have their property taken or even be executed.
417 10.10.21 Pagans shall not become administrators of judges. In fact, they may not enter the imperial service at all.
423 10.10.22 Previous laws against pagans are upheld.
423 10.10.23 Pagans are to be exiled and have their possessions confiscated.
425 16.5.63 Heresies, false doctrines, and pagan beliefs are prosecuted, and punishment may befall those who do not repent.
435 10.10.25 Immolation of victims and pagan sacrifices are forbidden.
435 10.10.25 Pagan temples and shrines are to be torn down and replaced with the symbol of Christianity: the cross.
435 10.10.25 Anyone who mocks this law faces the death penalty.

A protected class, despite being the killers of Jesus and the “synagogue of Satan”.Jews are allowed their own laws, to participate in government, are exempt from public service (military), “insulting” jews is forbidden by law, etc.

A pariah class, pagan temples, shrines and idols are to be totally destroyed, practicing paganism is punishable by death, pagans are to be exiled or executed, have their possession confiscated, etc.

Why would Christian emperors protect the killers of Jesusbut genocide followers of European spirituality?

It's almost as if the christian laws with regards to paganism exactly match the commands and industructions in the Torah for the jews to completely eradicate any native religions in lands that they conquest and occupy.

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credit for the following text goes to the other poster(s) that wrote it:

Some are obviously JIDF. Some. The rest are mentally deranged semitic worshipers. Each of them have their own headcanon that revolves around denying objective incriminating flaws with christianity. There's no consistency with any of them. They get proven wrong and called out, then they show up in a new thread to recycle the same old points.

Here's some off the top of my head:
Bonus: look up testimony on how it used to be customary to kiss the pope's feet if you visited, but never for the rothchilds
^This is not an exaggeration. A semite worshiper has said this on Zig Forums, with no irony or sarcasm. For that matter, everything I'm listing has been said multiple times across tons of pointless threads
> [placeholder for pathetic attempt to excuse the (((holy roman empire))) in pagan genocides and burning of libraries]
^ The reference to babylon is explicitly a callback to when jews were kvetching about babylon in the old testament - jews saw rome as the new babylon
> [placeholder for pathetic attempt to disprove that (((jesus))) literally and only hated the pharisees and thus christianity is originally just jew infighting and saul of tarsus saw it as an attempt to make a cult to control whites aka gentiles]
Note: All placeholders represent major flaws that no semite worshiper has ever answered, because they can't.
Note 2: I am very sure I missed many pointless semitic worship recycled delusions, but if you think this list is long, an exhaustive list would be way longer.

For good measure, because of a definitive lack of actual historical evidence, it's far more likely that saul of tarsus invented the jesus story. Every non-biblical historian mentioning jesus only mentions him because they were noting their observations of christians, who were observed as odd characters. There are two exceptions. One was a gentile historian that worked with the early christians. Archeologists have learned over time that all of his work is fraudulent. Most damning is that his source was a jewish historian. I reiterate: there is an actual and verifiable case that (((jesus))) is not just a fictional invention, but his story was invented precisely when saul of tarsus was sending letters, and this easily explains why some of saul's references to (later) new testament details do not match up.

Why would they? Christcucks never argue in good faith. If you read his post, you read every christian thread on Zig Forums.

This is why no one likes immoral, unethical pagans. You're misrepresenting the entire Christian faith in yet another D&C attempt. This is civil and criminal law from over 1,500 years ago, not doctrine.

315 16.8.1 "Any Jew who stones a Jewish convert to Christianity shall be burned, and no one is allowed to join Judaism.
326 16.5.1 Religious privileges are reserved for Christians.
336 16.8.5 Jews are not allowed to harass Jewish converts to Christianity.
336 16.9.1 Circumcised slaves are to be freed.
337 Title 4 "Jews may not own circumcised slaves. Also, Jews may not harass Jewish converts to Christianity.
339 16.8.6 Women employed by the government as weavers who were lead away by Jews may return to weaving.
339 16.9.2 Jews may not hold Christian slaves. Jews who circumcise slaves shall be executed.

Jews and pagans are both anti-Christs.

Censorship has always been and always will be jewish to the core.

credit for the following text goes to the poster(s) that wrote it:

This is an astroturfing post. The main issue here is that the conflict is white versus jew, not christian versus jew. This poster intentionally is identifying the opposition to the jews as christians, thereby implying that the racial element is not the issue and that since Zig Forums is aligned against the jews then Zig Forums is made up of christians.

Be wary of how christian shills word threads. And by christian shills I mean the JIDF. They're the ones who want to turn this into a christian versus jew conflict even though christians view jews as allies and brethren and bible makes it clear that all christians are jews because they worship the same lord.

Wow this totally invalidates all of the laws protecting jews and jewish swindling and all of the laws about executing white people who follow white religions
Nose dive through a noose, kike lover

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good, pagans were savages without virtue, scripture, doctrine or coherency; their opinions are to be disregarded as for every tribe there's their own set of customs - you need a universal moral standard

when you worship your "tribe" or "race" above all else as the jews worship themselves as the "chosen people", you are effectively a jew

Sorry, did I ruin your false narrative? I'm so sorry.

oh look, it's mr 120 posts from thread 1
spamming the same old christcuck astroturf
keep it up buddy, you're living proof that christianity is cancer

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Don't be mad at Zig Forums because a bunch of faggots from cuckchan showed up and made retards of themselves in every thread.

Zig Forums is gay and so are you

Zig Forums is pure cancer too, fag. That's where the screencap about 'godly niggers' was taken.

Do you also need a "universal race" for this standard? One race, one god, and one religion. That seems to work into the rubbing hands of International Governments very well.
So only jews are allowed to remain a coherent race?

Zig Forums isn't even Supersessionist along with Augustine of Hippo, "The Jews are thus by their own Scriptures a testimony to us that we have not forged the prophecies about Christ." Christians who can even make themselves into Supersessionism are the embodiment of the Judeo-Christian system.

I fucking love this argument
Christcucks will actively promote genocide because "muh warm nigger bodies believe in da Lawd"

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the jews don't have universal moral standards, they have one set for themselves and one for gentiles

Galatians 3:28 New International Version (NIV)

28 There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

because jews have failed to fulfill their covenant of God and fallen to sin, as judged by the teachings in the Torah, scheming and plotting for for their own and their tribe's benefit and self-interest, this has lead them to be branded as the synagogue of Satan

Revelation 2:9 King James Version (KJV)

9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

lots of roman emperors had insane laws, for example Nero declared himself a God, ordered Christians executed and set fire to Rome

this shitty thread right now attacks the religion of 95% of conservative europeans

Fuck off, kike shill. It's no secret jews are crypto-pagans. Just deeper than surface level research will show jews believe God is a pantheon, not a single Deity. I haven't read it myself but I've heard Anons recommend reading Judaism's Strange Gods.

Revelations also means that the jews will be around during the time of the Apocalypse, so if its to be believed as the revealed truth than anything we mortals could do against the jews would be prevented and the jews would live on until then.
Interesting because the jews say the same about Antiochus IV in 2 Maccabees, though the scant Greek history from the time paints a different picture of the jews causing the revolt and then all of them friend or foe closing their ports to Antiochus's army to where it fell apart and he was toppled from power.

Christianity is evil.

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Because they were controlling a huge empire which Included most of the middle East and virtually 100% of the Jewish population in earth. There were simialair laws protecting Zoroastrians in Anatolia. It's simply politics. In the same spirit I could ask you why the US us protecting native americans and give them sovereign land?

fuck i hate you jews

How are you going to kill all the kikes when you can't even stop them from making these threads?

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Hi, jewish paid shill.


Jews one followed many gods, but they eventually chose just one - El Elyon - to be their monotheist patron deity. Or it was the other way around where El Elyon/YHWH chose the jews. Either way, there was no such thing as 'paganism' until jews chose to follow Abrahamic monotheism and defined everyone else who didn't as 'pagan'.

There is something especially sickening about a Christian with a superiority complex.
I just love being told by Christian on a high horse that unless we conform to their doctrine Europeans will go extinct.
Implicitly Abrahamic.

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What's with kikes and redtext? We already know you're commies. You don't have to display those colors here.

Modern jews believe God's different appearances are different deities. They literally believe Poseidon parted the Red Sea. They're crypto-pagans who have you fooled.

And don't forget their love for pretending to be the most humble of all people, and then proceed to tell how (((YHWH))) made literally everything for human use and consumption. It's deluded perversion of the truth.

Jews do not and did not worship Poseidon. They stuck with their own tribal war god, (((YHWH)))

everything good about christianity, the moral virtues it champions, it's art, it's lore, all of it are either pagan ripoffs or yuropean influence.
Control of this kike religion has been wrestled away back and fort between kikes and yuropeans but it does not change the fact that it was the very first kike psy op to destroy the goyim
irrational supertitiius monotheism is the most semitic cancer in the world

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Daily reminder: kike literally means "anti-Christian"

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Ironic that I've never met a practicing pagan on Zig Forums. Just atheists with odin posters who don't understand religion. There is a reason why Shinto and Buddhism exist side by side in Japan. They're fundamentally different levels of relifion; one is folklore, native rituals, born out of dealing with wild nature and the other is metaphysics/ 'philosophy'. The same goes for European paganism just that unlike Shinto it was absorbed by Christianity. There were entire generations of your ancestors who both practiced paganism and believed in Christianity as it has never claimed to deny the existence of other entities aside from the creator (i.e. early Christian converts in Scandinavia believed Odin and God are the same hence why we still have Christmas etc). And we did so in medieval times and we still do today to some extent. Any thing we know about the old nature worship was written by such synchronistic pagan christians. You will find more paganism in the Catholic church than in any of these new age groups which claim to have revived paganism.

(double post)

care to explain why we should worship a dead jewish rabbi as a god?

From Mein Kampf:

By permitting themselves to be entangled in the toils of the Jew, the princes prepared their own downfall. The position which they held among their people was slowly but steadily undermined, not only by their continued failure to guard the interests of their subjects, but by their positive exploitation of them.

The Jew calculated exactly the time when the downfall of the princes was approaching and did his best to hasten it. He intensified their financial difficulties by hindering them in the exercise of their duty towards their people, by encouraging them, through the most servile flattery, to indulge in vicious habits, whereby he made himself more and more indispensable to them.

His astuteness, or rather, his utter unscrupulousness in money affairs enabled him to exact fresh payments from the princes subjects, to squeeze the money out of them and then have it spent as quickly as possible.

Every Court had its 'Court Jew,' as this plague was called, who tortured the innocent victims until they were driven to despair, while at the same time he provided the means which the princes squandered on their own pleasures.

It is not to be wondered at that these ornaments of the human race became the recipients of official honours and were even admitted to the ranks of the hereditary nobility, thus contributing not only to expose that social institution to ridicule, but also to contaminate it from the inside.

Naturally, the Jew could now exploit the position which he had attained and advance even more rapidly than before.

Finally, he only needed to be baptised in order to become entitled to all the rights and privileges which belonged to the children of the nation on which he preyed.

This was an excellent stroke of business for him, and he often availed himself of it, to the great joy of the Church, which was proud of having gained a new child in the Faith, and also to the joy of Israel, which was happy at seeing the trick pulled off successfully.

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When Reddit sends their people, they're not sending their best.

Oh thank Odin paganism only accepts white converts.

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it's not a matter of siwtching from the irrational belief of a magical kike in the sky to the irrational belief of a magical viking in the sky
it's about clueaning the kike shitsmear they left all over yuropean culture by separating kikestianity and all it's pagan influences (wich are the only things worth jack shit about the cult)
christianity could not completly erradicate paganism so it absorved what it could not kill covering yuropean culture with a massive kike shitstain know and cuckstianity

The first step is not bowing to any jew in any way.

You're way to late to think it started in the 20th century, White America was to be controlled and taken down since before the Civil War. You should learn about how the Freemasons in Washington allowed the slaughter of the White Europeans in Mexico by Benito Juarez who himself was a Mexican Freemason in the 1860s and who in 1866 went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to bring in the arrival of the Rabbi Marcus Jastrow. You want to know about Talmudic jews in America look into him, I'm sure he has many links to the jews in your picture.

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You aren't trustworthy. You have an agenda to promote.

And jews infiltrate the ranks of pagans too. What's your point?


Christianity is theology AND our folklore/ rituals now. And it was Europeanised very quick after the Greeks and Romans adopted it which is why there has always been bad blood between Jews and catholics (Until recently).
I urge you to read Julia Evolas "on neo-paganism" or Hitler's thoughts on pagan laarpers (his words).

The reason why there are almost no practicing pagans amongst all the epic pagan posters is because it simply doesn't exist anymore. There is no continuity for it. Most of our ancestors developed and poured their philosophical thinking into Christianity and shaped it that way. Most Christian holidays and rituals are of pagan origin. You won't find anything more pagan.

This (pic) for example is what paganism is. People running around in the Alps trying to ward of evil spirits by scaring the shit out of them. Or starting a big fire to greet the summer. That's all there is to nature religions and Christianity has let people keep doing it. Don't expect some deep philosophy or theology. All of that kind of disciplines came with the growth of europe (unless ur Greek or Roman. You had deep philosophic roots in your religions and it literally shaped Christianity).

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It's a real quote, you can google it. I only upload high quality memes, write this ID down.

"Pagan" means gentile you shit head retard. Anyone who isn't a kike is a "pagan".
You don't "convert" to paganism.

Your minuscule brain doesn't understand Hitler, who was a self admitted 'heathen'.

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your mistake is believing that every good thing yurop has done was done thanks to kikestianity when in fact it was done in spite of them
had there been no kikestianity all the filosophy, art, architecture, culture, etc would have flourished all the same
the only thing kikestianity has ever done is destroy our most ancient cultural heritage,
how many texts and pagan art has been burned in their quest to destroy our culture i wonder?
all that knowledge of our most ancient history, gone becos of kikestianity
if you really think it was this kike cult and not the genes of the yuropean race that made our civilisations prosper you clearly don't belong here

Explain this then
"At that time, and subsequently, I had to warn followers repeatedly against these wandering scholars who were peddling Germanic folk-lore and who never accomplished anything positive or practical, except to cultivate their own superabundant self-conceit. […] It is typical of such persons that they rant about ancient Teutonic heroes of the dim and distant ages, stone axes, battle spears and shields, whereas in reality they themselves are the woefullest poltroons imaginable. For those very same people who brandish Teutonic tin swords that have been fashioned carefully according to ancient models and wear padded bear-skins, with the horns of oxen mounted over their bearded faces, proclaim that all contemporary conflicts must be decided by the weapons of the mind alone. And thus they skedaddle when the first communist cudgel appears. Posterity will have little occasion to write a new epic on these heroic gladiators. I have seen too much of that kind of people not to feel a profound contempt for their miserable play-acting. To the masses of the nation they are just an object of ridicule; but the Jew finds it to his own interest to treat these folk-lore comedians with respect and to prefer them to real men who are fighting to establish a German State."

Hitler wasn't in the radical pagan co like Himmler. Hitler wanted "positive Christianity".

Attention newfaggots

Attention newfaggots

Attention newfaggots

Just watch varg jewtube>search>thuleanperspective

All of these clueless christcucks

Attached: hitler on god (((YHWH)

You're right in that regard. A lot of foolish newfags attribute the successes of the west to Christianity when Mexico and Brazil haven't come anywhere near close to the successes of white society. It's in the genes.

I don't think it's thanks to Christianity. I believe that Christianity has become something extremely European. There is a reason why for most of the past behaving 'like good christians' was synonymous with white peoples civilization.
Which were carefully preserved/ copied over and over by generations of monks. The reason why so many texts are gone is because the libraries in Syria fell into arab hands. The only ones who didn't totally burn down everything Hellenic were the Persians before they were also conquered b the Arabs.


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Christianity is a foundation of Western Civilization

You fucktard

top lulz

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Threadly reminder last October the people in control of the earth made a mass sacrifice to their gods in Las Vegas.

Meanwhile they organize raids designed to turn white people to christianity.

human sacrifices and actual magic for me but not for thee goy

White people are the foundation for all civilization



Yea back then people actually believed that. We know today that science did not stop during the middle ages. Rome had stopped.

Yea, the church was a big institution in Catholic parts of the countries with their own schools and even unions. The Nazis rightfully fought them to unify the country under their party which was a new concept for the people who were used to monarchy or apathic democracy. The clergy men obviously felt slighted. They would have done the same with any other religious authority.

Ah, yes the childhood/teenager day friend of Hitler who claimed all kinds of funny things in 1955 when he published his sensational work on Hitler. Apparently Hitler was an autistic who never stopped ranting in their shared home. But who knows

Global report.


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Living rent free in your head, salty kikestian.

wild polvol2 appeared
go back to your cave >>>Zig Forums



epic burn, my dude

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Friendly reminder, kikestian slidebros, you can slide this thread like you slid the last thread and thread 3 will pop up.

Hitler was not just talking about theatre laarpers. He was speaking about the people behind der stürmer who wanted to literally burn down churches instead of building a united Germany.

Yet only 2% identified as such. There was a pagan wing under Himmler and two other prominent nazi members who tried to bring people to convert and start using old pagan dishes etc but Hitler wasn't a sort of that movement and most Nazis supported the new German church project. Three Nazi officials Vs everyone else. Himmler, Goebbels and Rosenberg (who everyone dismissed even his two allies). Everyone else was working on reforming the church to root out jewishness.
"Jesus as an "Aryan fighter" who struggled against "the power and pretensions of the corrupt Pharisees"[15] and Jewish materialism"
Basically Hitler was more interested in uniting the nation than in religion (in general; both pagan or Christian).

Oh, global report then.

I don't know about what this OP is saying. Christianity is about Jesus's death on the cross which supernaturally caused the curtain that kept everyone out of the holy of holies to get ripped in half. In other words, Christianity tears the Jews a new asshole. The God of the Jews is our God. That means that we are God's chosen people. That means that the Jews are literally serving Satan, and are immensely jealous at the fact that God has moved on to the whole world and fastidiously work to destroy any real Christian that they can. They spend most of their time plotting ways to corrupt Christian churches. The Roman church has been under Jewish control for a very long time, hence the protestant rebellions. Jesus teaches a way to live under the oppression of pagans and Jews. The Kingdom of heaven is near. Do not put your faith in institutions, governments, art, and "culture" as these will enslave you and lead to death. The Jews believe that they own god and can dish out small portions to non-jews as a reward for good behavior at their leisure, yet they enjoy the full benefits of their own god for free. The blood of Jesus makes their credit system null and void. Any "Christian" that attempts to recreate these social credit systems is working for Jews. Also Jews operate the largest human trafficking and organ-harvesting network in the world.

Chaim, I….

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Newfag detected.

Christians won the previous thread. Why is this contention being prolonged?


Yeah, a true Christian would call the god of the bible the jewish god of vengeance who will devour you.

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It's sad that America, UK and co are actually suffering MORE WW2 bullshit propaganda than Germany does.
No other nation produces and consumes as much false WW2 propaganda than America.

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>Mr. 120 post, where is he? Was it you? Was it (((you)))? BRING ME THE 120 GUY

The reason why ppl call neo-paganism laarpers is because that's what they are 99% of the time. Or do you really think anyone in this thread who supports "paganism" actually practices a pagan religion? As in actually going out making sacrifices or carrying some gifts to a lake in norway? Does any of the pagan texts about how Loki got pregnant from a horse or w/e change the way you live your life? Probably not. So yea; literally laarpers. Paganism never left us a full religion with deep philosophy behind it because it never got out of the stage of primitive nature worshiping. People burned big piles of wood to ward of evil spirits or thank the sun - not to develop some holistic religious world view on morality. In Greece they send young noble girls to dance half-naked in bear skin Infront of people untill they were ready to be married off just to thank the goddess Artemis who was patron of virgins. The same myth was taken over and turned into Mary which now is the patron of virgins girls and people pray to her. Catholics used to do little rituals to one Saint because he was the patron of dentistry and health. That's real paganism! Organic religion. Not artificially reinventing some old folklore for some newage roleplaying.

you'll go extinct if you don't worship the rabbi, goy, by the way if you do go extinct you'll be tortured for eternity because you didnt submit to our slave doctrine
tough luck, goy
braise (((yhwh)))

The absolute state of kikestians.

Attached: but if pagan means gentile then....jpg (960x781, 43.12K)

Doth thou not have eyes with which to see? Ears with which the truth may be hard when spake? The truth hath been provided previously, yet the battle is revived to facilitate another smiting by the righteous against the heathen reprobates. In this iteration they are angry LARPers and Atheists. Too self absorbed to give glory to God. Prideful, ego-driven, angry, weak, impotent. There is strength through God and rejoicing in the Son of Man. We will return again to rule the nations of the earth with that great judge when he returns to exact justice with a rod of iron. Repent.

You're batting out of your league, friend.

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Whatched too much History Channel again?

Have you tried drinking lethal poison and live to tell the tale? Of course you're gotta be baptized for it, but your life is just as ensured by the word of god as it is ensured if you acced Jesus Christ as your "Lord and Savior"?

I'll be waiting for your rationalization of your ONE TRUE WORD OF GOD FOR ALL, versus the localized heathen faiths scattered over the entirety of Europe.

I don't have to throw shit into a norwegian lake because my region is not Norway and we still observe heathen things today.
You do not have this recourse, all Christianity applies to all Christians no matter where or when in time.

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Many of these are still in Christianity. Not only the holy days but also practices or the mere fact that there is a pantheon of saints people pray to. And do 2000 years of traditions not count? Are all your ancestors who created them since Rome fell cucks or something?

Also if you're Irish that means having sex with horses as celtic pagan rites demanded in certain rituals.

I would love to see some sources on that.

ok. Then do you practice your regional and local pagan rites? Having a desktop wallpaper of a drawing of Thor fighting a dragon doesn't count.

Where I live a host of people walk around a lake with a chair on their shoulders and a mannequin on it. It's based on an old pagan rite that was based around this valley and it's big lake. All of these people are catholics though.

Don't treat Heathenry like "Muh viking one and true heathen religion for the entirety of Europe" and you won't have to feel butthurt like this.

Seeing how I posted a video of one, I'd say: Yes.

Anyway, how is that poison imbibing going? I'm sure you can find some hemlock, or draino.

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Nigger kikestians in Africa still have ooga booga aesthetics.
Retard, most of Europe hasn't even been kikestain for 1,000 years.

Probably another Dr Goldbergstein like the "Odin drinks cum" meme.

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Gerald of wales' accounts and the Topographia Hibernia.
It was said to be a kingsmaking ritual. A horse was there in place for the mythological "Sovereignty" which was a lady who symbolised the lands of Ireland.

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I was hoping for some isbn number ( I know, PIN number, ATM machine) or something, but, fine, I'll search for it myself

I think the Christians have converted me after reading these threads. I am now prepared to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

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Yes you posted a video of a practice which I used earlier myself as evidence that the church did not systematically root out paganism but is snycretic and absorbed it. Hence you'll find more paganism in the church than in any new-age movement that call themselves pagan. Paganism is organic and local, not something you artificially create top down.

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