Trump's friends: Sheldon Andleson (backer) and Julianni (lawyer)

Once they control the whole world (when the Sanhedrin replaces the UN court), they will treat us how they treat Palestinians.

I'm so fucking blackpilled, IDK what can it be done… they control the US and Russia, and it seems WW3 is within their scenario as it will make the world powers fight until exhaustion. Only then will Israel will be able to take its place at the top of the world (with their atomic weapons they stole from us).

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They have 200 or so warheads of their own already, but whatever. I just don’t think you can meaningfully say there is an us and a them in governmental terms.

Modern/pol/ doesn't listen to anti semites


Accept it can't be changed. Only children believe in superheros or movie plots. It's time to learn to deal with the future the boomers left us.

Maybe the time has come to create a propaganda team to combat Israel?

What does it matter? They have 200 nukes. Jews will never be removed from power in any nation ever again.

The Jewish plan of world domination doesn't rely on nukes but mass public deception. Remove that deception, take away their #1 weapon, and kikes will either fall or be forced to actually rely on their nukes. I don't think they have the balls to destroy everyone including themselves but it's a more preferable fate than enslavement to kikes.

Revelations also says they will lose to Jesus and they'll all be thrown into the lake of fire forever. The interesting thing you need to remember about all the prophesies recently is that they are following the Christian New Testament Revelations not the prophesy of the Old Testament Torah or Talmud or any of the others. Even science proves they are "fake jews"

Only 2 out of 467 Ashkenazi Jews showed typical Levantine ancestry.

Jesus was right about everything. Get good with him now and help him fight Satan later.

That's not anywhere near enough nukes, actually. And their little Satanic Option backfired when they created the Clown World where not only do so many not fear an end of the world, many wish for it all to end.

No kidding. All you have to do is call them out and then what happens? The kikes want you to think the stakes are higher than they really are. They want you to think you are going to lose to nuclear warfare.

All that needs to happen is people tell Jews to leave on a domestic level and they will. Just look at Germany Pre-WW2 when they tried to boycott Germany. The Germans boycotted the fucking kikes! And it got so fucking bad that the Jews had to ease up because it totally backfired.

The Jews are not in complete control, and the folley of Syria is proof of that. They have literally lost their attempt to destabilize the Middle East. Already, guys, that has happened.

What we need to do is continue to raise awareness of Jews. We literally need business cards with facts on them linking the Jews to "Slavery, Pornography, Central Banking extortion, Communism, Genocide,Immigration, Feminism, Iraq War, hell , even 9/11 at this point."

The cat is out of the bag and the internet has increased awareness far faster than they can shut it down. Exposing the kikes we were able to get the "never trumpers" to back down. They are revealing themselves to counter the alt-right, and in doing so we need to be ready to shine the spot light on them.

Once their nature is revealed to the common man, we can start to counter their agenda. And once the public awareness of Jews becomes the mainstream, then they have no option but to flee into exile. And with that will come our will to resist Islam.

There is not a second to waste, guys. We need the phrase "The Goyim Know" plastered all over every city. We need to get norming wanting to know what a "goyim" is, and we also want the Jews to be intimidated in that their genocidal plan is being understood more and more each day.

Never lose hope, or take the black pill. We are on the cusp of a truly great Renaissance for humanity and your actions today will yield the bounty your offspring will feast on for generations to come.

Never give up the fight. Bring up the idea of a Jew as a separate people to everyone you know without revealing your power level. I never even contemplated Jews as a race, not once. And I remember redpilling a friend and him giving big pause when I informed him that Jews consider themselves a separate and distinct RACE. I saw him grab his chin and accept a fact that he probably always knew but never thought of. The propaganda machine that has been working on society is only strong because it goes unopposed. It is a rule by consensus and the consensus is that big ideas, or ideas that can offend are not "polite conversation". Well, let's shed ourselves of that notion that we have to accept Trannys in the bathroom because we don't want to have an awkward conversation.\ with our neighbor.

One last idea. We all need to start putting $1 down on the lottery each week. If one of us wins, we can load up/start a huge political machine that can rival all kinds of established entities. Someone has to win, and we can literally have one of us bag multi millions of dollars for the white race at literal NO effort at all.

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Nicely said. Business cards is a really clever idea.

So competitive though.

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Watch as this thread's backers start filling it with terms from Tumblr.

I think the main problem with outlets doing this stuff is they're too spread out and without any real central planning. Zig Forums is great at organizing in a decentralized way.

Just watched his other recent video…

You mean how PSY Group (an judeo-russia company in UK) manipulated Zig Forums into supporting Trump, all of it directed by (((Rick Gates)))

SOURCE: 50 min to 55 min of the other new video.

"One who dies a Jew will be DAMNED. -Saint Vincent Ferrer"

Trump campaign mined Facebook user data using Israeli "intelligence gathering"

Trips confirms.



what did kek mean by this?

Go to the video "Michael Cohen, Epstein, Corsi & Trump EXPOSED"… at 1:31:00, it shows that (((they))) ORGANIZED two rallies, one of white nationalists and the other of communists!!!


((( )))
Kikest post I've seen all year


Shhh… you might get banned by PSY group

Yup but Zig Forums wanted to believe Kushner's (owner of 666 5 NY) lies.

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The Kushner 666 building is the tip of the ice(((berg))). Black cube (or Blackbox) is a company associated with Kushner, and it's 3 phone numbers, all end with 666.

Coincidence, right :^)

Jews don't have any power, zognald was always a cuck you faggots were just too blind to see it.

Use their strength against them.
Relentlessly hack Israel government systems.
Set off their nukes at home.
All 200 of them.
Israel will be drowned under the ocean.

Checked for truth. We want to see the world burn at this point.

Very well said. As I've always said in other threads: Blackpill is the kosher pill. Don't mistake them for redpills of truth, because they are always disguised as one but the only intent is demoralisation.
While I agree that economic strenght is important for autonomy but lottery is fools' game. Gambling wouldn't exist if it wasn't profitable. Either way we are smart. Probably there are many-many ways to turn things for the better economically. I bet there are already millionaire anons who just don't know what or how to do.