Is it possible to save Japan and therefore save the Amercians?

Given the close relationship between the US and Japan, could there still be hope for the US given Japan isn't being hit as hard as the US by the Jewish subversion of the West? Perhaps they could retain a defiance towards such lies and thus influence the Americans in a similar way due to the close relationship . Perhaps I'm just being overly optimistic and hopeful. What are your thoughts on this?

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Perhaps this can provide something to my argument. Here's hoping this is true, otherwise I may lose the vast majority of my hope for our people.

There are still plenty of ultranationalists in Japan and not nearly as many Jews, but Koreans are basically the Jews of japan. The Talmud is super popular in South Korea. If Japan shows any real defiance against the zog, they will immediately become an enemy of the west. Culturally there is still more hope for them because American culture creeps on them rather than immediately arriving there, but this is going to change. The 2020 Olympics could prove to be a major turning point for Japan.

sage because this is a QTDDTOT tier thread

From what I've observed, Japan seems to be quite isolated from jewish influence (for now…). Are they conscious about it? Do they know that the downfall of the west is a direct cause of jews ? I believe they should be aware about it, unless they have been propaganda'd hard since they were allied with NSDAP germany during the ww2. So, once kikes become interested in fully targeting Japan with their poison, will they fight it ?
Do they have some sort of influence over the USA politically ? Lately I have heard japan is getting "immigrants" and that sounds pretty bad especially if it's the same kind of migrants we're getting they are pouring in. What do you think can they do to help us if they manage to still protect themselves ?
Plenty of Japanese are aware of Kikery. Translate some of the comments on this gem.

Shit, I didn't hooktube embed. mb

Also. I may be wrong, but I feel like Japan likes western culture, in the sense that it has a certain admiration for it. So, I think they must have a will to help preserve the culture of the west. I'm just wondering what they can do, because if they start showing hostility towards kikes publicly the ZOG europe and ZOG government and spooks of the USA probably will gang up on them hard at least financially

Will watch. Thanks. I'm reassured that they're kike-aware. Always whitepilling to see that. (i have been spamming the thread so i have to sage)


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True, but imagine if we could influence the Japanese people even if it needs to be subversively. Could this change things for the West at all? Or will things merely stay the same here?

Japanese culture has significant sway with Western youth. If it maintained its traditions and kept with the Nationalist undertones, good things are bound to happen.

I tend to agree, however it is crucial that we maintain our own nationalistic nature and our own love for our own preference above all else. That's the issue as far as I see it. We must not let our youth lose themselves within a foreign culture. Doing such would cause them to forsake their roots and their heritage. However I do see what you're saying and agree for the most part. Just need to be careful how far we allow that to go.


I thought on this the other night, when presented with an especially-horrifying - in both content and concept - japanese hentai. The concept, basically, was one I'm sure perverts (hentai means pervert) are familiar with: a noble fantasy kingdom, espousing beautiful women in positions of valor (a silly thing, granted), which falls under the sway of some dark force - in this case, a hyper-masculine force of invaders - and subsequently takes to ravishing the women of the kingdom in various humiliating, depraved ways, typically involving all manner of obscene rape fetishism leading into the women being 'mind broken' to the point of enjoying the rape and in fact becoming enormous sluts who crave only to be abused. Really sick shit.
In this case, involving - amongst other things - female warriors being gang-raped by monstrous beasts reminiscent of niggers, a high-priestess being raped by the equivalent of the pope, another female knight being raped by her father-in-law whilst her husband is forced to observe, the gang-rape by the menfolk of their own kingdom of all the women characters, and culminating in the leader of the church - a woman espousing the physical earthly embodiment of a litearal goddess - being gang-raped by her own faithful, becoming 'mind broken', and declaring the kingdom one of 'service'.
I should clarifying that, while there may be some base physical arousal associated with the sounds and sights of such things, the conceptual stimuli of it was over-bearingly disgusting and foul, and I believe that was why it was directed to my attention as it was.

As I beheld this, I had a sort of horrifying epiphany, and I'm going to try to elaborate upon it here and now.

The Japanese are presently a (spiritually) dead people.

The composition of Man is threefold: Body, Mind and Spirit.
Take the American Injuns aka Featherniggers. They were, arguably, never truly active in the sphere of the Mind (suggesting they may not truly be 'Men', but besides the point at present), but they were active in both Body and Spirit. They are now a dead people. How?
Bereft of the sphere of the Mind, when laid against those who were not so bereft, and equally - if not more - active in the spheres of Body and Spirit, they were first defeated militarily and then utterly demoralized in the totality of their defeat. Thus, their Spirit was broken.
Then, they were systematically eliminated via demographic reorientation. Thus, they were broken of Body.
They ceased to be a meaningfully extant people, if they could ever be called such to begin with.

The Japanese are in a similar state, albeit the task is incomplete as compared to above.
The conceptual depravity of this piece of media was above and beyond anything I had ever witnessed, and I realized with sickening clarity that it is because of the broken state of the Japanese that they are able to produce such utterly filth.
They too were militarily defeated. Effectively, the culmination of that fetishistic exploration described above was enacted upon the Japanese - their Emperor, viewed as the physical Earthly embodiment of their God, a central core of their faith and the Spirit which derived therefrom, was grounded and forced to declare himself nothing but a mortal, and a defeated one at that. Perhaps not as sexual, but equally demoralizing, equally toxic to Spirit.

Unlike the Injuns, the Japanese were active in the sphere of Mind, extremely so, and, bereft of Spirit to gird them against what was to come, they were in turn broken in the sphere of the Mind through the indoctrinatory consequences of defeat and conceptual state of their existence as a conquered people ruled from afar by the Outsiders who'd ground their God into the dirt and forced a whole new cultural perspective upon them at the point of a blade. At this point, they are so deep into that process, that they have internalized it entirely; such that, for many Japanese, there is no remnant remaining within them of what the sphere of Mind activity once was, even less in terms of Spirit.
Just as they no longer espouse capacity for the faith (and thus Spirit) they once espoused, they no longer espouse the capacity for the thought (and thus Mind) they once espouesd: all that is left is lifeless, cold reason, without any sign of the merits of nobility or virtue
Perhaps not as sexual, again, but equally crushing, equally Mind-broken.

And even now, the vultures circle in for the final stage of the process.
Soon, if they do not find some way to break free in AT LEAST one of the two spheres in which they are no longer active, they too will find themselves subjected to the destruction in totality, to the breaking of their activity in the sphere of Body, to their demographic demise.

I urge you, Western Civilization, to look upon yourself through the same lens.
For perhaps your - our - fate is even worse, for we were not allowed to simply die, but became something terrible instead.
Outsiders came and we were thrown upon each other by the seed they planted.
By the hands of our people were their Gods crushed into the dirt, by our own hands was our Spirit broken, replaced by a sickly, foul, false replacement which did not suffice in any respect, did not espouse the merits of virtue or nobility, but only acted as a macabre mechanism to keep us active.
We became a dead people, but we did not die - we lived on, a monster spreading out sickness across the globe. We became a zombie people.

In this zombified state have we lived on for a thousand years, leaving a trail of poison of the Spirit and Mind, and sometimes even Body, in our wake.
We have served the Outsiders, these (((Masters))) of the memetic pathogen which we spread, quite well.

As with the Japanese, once our Spirit was broken, our Mind lay bear; and lo, they did feast upon it.
Now, we are a horrible thing to behold, a disjointed, dysfunctional, rabid, downright insane force upon the world, killing with one hand as we pathetically fumble toward peace (in the face of destruction) with the other, calling for our own rape out one side of our mouths and screaming at the horrors of 'patriarchy' out the other, screaming of our greatness one moment and crying at our imminent demise the next.
Like rabid wolves, we bring our cognitive sickness along as well, spreading it everywhere, even as our Spiritual toxins leech away the defenses of those we encounter.

And now the whole of the world is foaming at the mouth, all eyes focused on us, hungry to unleash upon our Mind-broken, Spiritually-hollowed corpse-body all the horrors we have unleashed upon them, all the sickening things we have implanted in their thoughts (often more complex and terrible because of exposure to us, worse now than these others could have possibly discerned of their own volition).
And now, just as happened to the Injuns, just as is happening to the Japanese (we are perhaps even further along than they), they are coming for our Body.

The only way out that I can see is to rekindle the Spirit, but I have no idea how to go about doing so in the face of what exists - it is like trying to restart a fire after someone has taken said fire, placed it in a wet burlap sack full of piss and shit and maggots, shaken it up, dumped several buckets of water into the bag, then tossed the bag into the sea for a day.
I see our recovery as that (((someone))) laughingly tossing the contents of the bag before us, along with a few matches, knowing that should we fail to relight it before Darkness falls, we shall be utterly consumed by the Long Night, and the Japanese are in no better state (though I wager they are following closely in our wake… because they are still a conquered people, and we are still the boot on the back of their necks… what might happen if we should tumble and they be free once more, I do not know - but I suspect the Chinese [with (((assistance)))] will be happy to pick up where we left off…).

I agree. This leads me to question whether the hentai industry in Japan is just as fucked up and depraved as the porn industry here in the West. I'm fairly new to this line of thinking so I apologize if this has been covered extensively in the past and therefore seems obvious. I guess I'm left to grasping for straws wherever I can for hope for our future.

shit thread

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use, hooktube is ruined. this happened months ago wtf

Here's a HookTube link for those who don't want to use JewTube. Somewhat interesting video.

There are trannies on Japanese TV 24/7, in talk shows and dramas. They also have diversity commercials. Just saying.

Simply put, speaking for myself and perhaps most here, Japan is the line in the sand.
If it gets corrupted beyond repair somehow: Banepost irl.

hooktube just embeds the actual youtube video now so its pointless and it has been that way for months
also learn to embed newfag

trannies have always been treated as clowns to be laughed at on tv in japan and this has not changed

There is no close relationship between the US and Japan. The US just likes to pretend there is – when its niggerspic soldiers aren't burgling homes or raping natives or running down elementary school students while driving drunk.

In Western culture fantasy equals reality, but it's not so simple in Japan. The things people come up with in hentai may not have much or anything to do with what they want in real life, which is why loli and shota hentai have not resulted in any crimes. Also consider that the scenario this hentai is envisioning is actually happening in the West for real because a lot of people want it to really happen.

This is in fact projection.

The only thing that shall save Japan, is for Americans to rise up and kill the Jews in control. Nothing else is necessary, as the communist regime of China is likely to collapse, and Russia on it's own is not much of a threat.

The sad part is that the whole thing about Koreans is actually kind of a distraction, because they are nothing more than the pawns of the Jews. While most Japanese these days are aware of the Korean problem, they don't look much further (globalism, Jews, etc). For example, just as controversy erupted with the Abe government loosening it's immigration policy (again), the Koreans took a Jab at Japan (K-Pop nuke shirts, breaking war-time labor reparations agreement, etc), and thereby distracted everybody from the immigration issue.

You are very naive and new to not know about the Jewish subversion of Japan. Did you actually think for a single second that the Jews wouldn't have their hands on Japan, despite having their golem soldiers stationed there for 70 years? Despite the militaristic power they controlled through their influence over European colonial empires, especially the British?

While I agree that Japanese have spiritually died over the past 70 years, one piece of pornography (that westerners tend to enjoy) isn't evidence of it.

The Japanese didn't exactly view their Emperor as one definitive god on the Earth. That's how the Greeks viewed Alexander the great. The Japanese are much more polytheistic, and they view any person to have done great deeds to become a god on their own. The Emperor is just another person who sacrifices their life for their country, but in the highest societal position. Also, the emperor is not exactly the target of worship, but the highest worshipper (of the many gods).

That in itself is degeneracy, because excessive insulting and making-fun-of groups of people, tend to eventually make you like them as a result. Just think of how the Jews popularized the blackface; they did with a specific intention.

Diversity has already entered Japan.

I was in Tokyo recently and every second convenience store was staffed with turd world roach people and people from the stans.

Either way, we have our own problems, japanese will sort it out or perish, but I see jews succeeding tbh.

Meme anime american girrs aporrogizing to based Wapan for attacking Germany and them in WW2. Also have a kike enemy in background with "Japan next, no more anime" on his to do rist.

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Well okay.

This is where the ultra autistic exweebs come in, the ones that actually went through with learning fucking japanese. Sent them over to nip chans and set up line of communication.


Everyone sees that. Jews always win. Bad goys always lose. Jews are literal immortal Gods. We are slave goyim.

modern prosthetics sure are something else
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The two cultures are completely different. Nippon isn't the target in the way cis white males are. Out task will be much harder

Two type of people in the world are generally wise to the jew: maritime nations and island nations. Japan is both.

it's going to be much worse as Olympic is coming to japan and globalist abe accepting pajeets to shit on streets. I wish ultranationalists japs see that and try to prevent it.

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Just wait another few decades, shits about to go off the rails when all the old people die

Japan had one of the first biological warfare military units in the world (World War 2's Japanese "Unit 731")

Now Japan has the biggest molecular biology research facility in the world (in Kyoto).

Nowadays Japanese molecular biologists can produce an ethnic bioweapon any time they want to do so, possibly producing a made-to-order pathogen within only a matter of weeks.

By deploying such a weapon they would be able to quickly clear Japan of any foreigners of the targeted ethnicity.

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This is a nice fantasy to think about, but in reality it will be israel and jews spreading anti-white pathogens all over europe and the remaining USA

Yeah they would of all ready used those on the Americans there if they had them. They usually kill or rape kids pretty regularly only the most cucked citizens would even care

Jews don't want to kill whites, they want to enslave whites. Whites are infinitely more productive than the shitskin hordes they let in. The hordes are there to keep the whites bottled up in their little enclaves, slaving away and paying their taxes to the Jewish run state. I'm sure they would love nothing more than whites to breed out and create the ultimate slave race of 90 IQ useful idiots who are smart enough to operate the machines without being too smart to rebel for freedom, but whites race mix far too little for it to work. The bioweapon is a last resort to Sampson the whole thing if it looks like it is going to become too chaotic for them to control.

Reminder that the rules of the board are not enforced in any capacity.

>I have no idea why (((23andMe))) exists

Everyone agrees there is literally no more hope. (((They))) always win. The blackpill is real. We can no longer turn back from this. There will be no more fighting back from here as the last bastion of uncuckedness is eternally lost.
We surrender!



holy fuck
do any of you understand what Japan was like before the war
Japan is the most perverted place on the planet


That's just no.

The technology can be leaked..

Looks like Abe cucked out.

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Japan is the next Sweden. We lose yet again.

Relationship with an occupier. USA falls apart, the relationship will be severed, badly.

The West cannot be saved by the East. Even though Japan has resisted Jewish efforts to colonize it to this point, recent changes to migration policies and the underlying truth that Asians are not and will never be white, means ultimately their fate is inconsequential.

The only way Japan can save the West is to return the favour of a nuclear holocaust on America

I do not share your optimism about this action.

For example, check out this video from Japan:

Oh wait, that's from America.

Japan has to sort out it’s own shit. If they can’t get rid of the Jews and resist any further attempts for subversion on their own, they were never worth saving to begin with.

Japan is current in the top three economies in the WORLD even after the US basically tossed japan aside for china. Japan engineered their own planes DURING WW2. There is a reason why Germany allied with japan. Japan is honorary white at this point.

The time to save them has long passed, and everyone on this site knows that. Kikes will continue to win every war they wage, forever. The only thing we can do now is cry ourselves to an eternal sleep.

Yet more proof that we and our cause will always lose. We were never intended to win at anything.

[citation required]
So did almost every other country participating in the war. And they were shit, dubbed the flying coffin
Honorary Aryan was a derorigatory term pointing out that they will never actually be White. Allying with the nips just showed how desperate Germany was.

Trigger warning for weebshits
Hit back now or be forever triggered.

Brave Nipponese soldiers. Famous for such things as lighting each others pubes on other, sucking each others' dicks, leaking classified information while downloading porn, failing to rapple down while doing live demonstration on national TV etc etc

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A strong ally that doesn't tolerate communist bullshit that gets in the way of corporations.

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Top board

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It's happened to me too the weeb IDF is very sensitive

women are allowed to post on Zig Forums? when did this shit start?

I think /v/ is the only board that I've seen ban this shill.



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Nobody cares what the cake kike thinks, also

See and and
Everyone on this board sees the jews succeeding. We're done. Chalk this up as an early defeat on our end, (((they))) have finally claimed another victim. Suck it up.

And another loss for us and another loss for us and another loss for us and another loss for us and another loss for us and another loss for us and another loss for us
Why are we so fucking impotent bros? Japan can no longer be saved from Jewish subversion and there's nothing we can do about it. I'm unironically going to kill myself if this shit keeps happening it will