Right Wing Tax Squads #11

Most important of all: irs.gov/compliance/whistleblower-informant-award
This is the form you have to fill in: irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f3949a.pdf
Complete Section A(1) and Section B(3,5) and than print it and mail it at Internal Revenue Service Stop 31313 Fresno, CA 93888
Your personal info is not required. Be sure to describe and link everything at Section B(5).
Don't forget this either if you want the Blowbux: irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f211.pdf
Britbong anons: gov.uk/government/organisations/hm-revenue-customs/contact/reporting-tax-evasion
Leafs: canada.ca/en/revenue-agency/programs/about-canada-revenue-agency-cra/suspected-tax-cheating-in-canada-overview.html
Aussies: ato.gov.au/forms/tax-evasion-reporting-form/
Kiwis: ird.govt.nz/online-services/keyword/advice-assistance/online-anonymous-info.html
If a thot has over 200 transactions in a year OR makes 20,000 USD then she must report it. If she's a self-run business, they can only make up to 400$ usd before needing to report it.
You do NOT need their SSN.
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Judenfrei first post.

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The guy in command of the 5th fleet (us navy; centcom) was just assisanitated by Mossad so the 2nd in command, (((Schlise))) could be promoted.
>inb4 an Israeli sub nukes a 5th fleet carrier (the one (((schlisse))) isn't on and it gets blamed on Iran.
Greater Israel here we come!

no life OC bump
created while waiting or thread #11
anyone wants to do a pro touch up
you can change and *insert* in the 4th window
share if kek'd, good night

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Yeah, I’m hoping the thread becomes active. I included those two cam thots in the OP because they were apparently shitting up the last thread and are basically asking to get audited and also doxed.

(((Apparent suicide)))


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Anyone got any message from IRS yet?

I have wanted to say that for like ten threads, but I have just been catching up reading. Holy shit, they were fast. Having a wagecuck job = not being able to keep up.

Wow she is working very hard she deserves more power papers than somebody working forty hours a week feeding people! The world would collapse without her and sporthletes!

How about you go after everyone in the Panama papers next? Holy fuck the IRS is the most jewish organization of all time. This might just meme libertarianism into reality!

You shouldn't ask that question of a leftist user. You may not like the answer.

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that could take months
remember to also report to payment providers, e-whoring and any selling of porn is banned in their TOS.
many thots have already complained to MSM that their paypal/circle/venmo was canceled within a day of someone reporting it.

Make sure to take another one, pay pig!

Fuck nigger chicks are gross.

Anyone think pursue of other Cyber/Digital Illegalities besides Tax Evasion is worth an effort?
Aggressive Panhandling, Electronic Harassment (Bullying), Blackmail/Extortion, Gambling (Raffles), Non-Delivery of Merchandise (Thot a no show after monies spent), Prostitution, etc.?

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Bumping for great justice.

Remember to always hide and ignore thots or people larping as them. Don't feed them or even try to redpill them. They aren't useful. They're already tainted. Work on exposing as many as possible and dealing damage to their thottery.

Yes, it is, user. Expand outwards. Report all illegal activities. Zig Forums should've been doing this since 2016. Find every piece of law breaking action that the left does. It's fucking easy since they broadcast it all on social media for the public to find. Get their dox, use it to report their illegal activities to the authorities, rinse and repeat. You'll get fags and sluts in jail. Bunch of people will chimpout over it. Someone, somewhere will overreact to getting caught. Protests will be held. It'll expose the greater population to the insanity of the left.

Do not forget to look up the Non-Profits they are Money Laundering through. Esp. animal ones.
melissa dot com/lookups/np.asp?zip
Casinos are why Vegas is so popular with Thots. many Thots surely have Players Rewards Cards that link Casinos Nationwide.

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OP can you fix the OP post?
doesn't work anymore and was taken down days ago, the new site is:

and can you add the data sets?
BaseDataset-LargeThottiesList (166K):

Filtered for Links (166K):

a nice result to the whole ThotPatrol movement will be/would be:
>more focus on the mostly non-existent conversation about debt, the capitalization of profits and the socialization of debt to the goyim, the knee-jerk response to printing our way out of a reduced money supply, and (((who))) maintains a stranglehold on our treasuries
>the fact that the 'ThotPatrol' movement denies shekels from the pR0n industry and the (((who's-who))) over at Mindgeek
With any good fortune, the Norman-class will eventually see the common thread running through all of these issues

tl;dr How does "money" work? How RP'd is the Norman-class on the JQ?

Finally, denounce these sluts.


No. They're not redpilled on it at all. Don't hope too much.

It's not just that they broadcast their crimes online but that they're also dumb enough to use their real names and get (((Verified✓)))

hey mod why did you delete my thread about the kike dragonman and his fake Auschwitz human soap?????????????

you support this guy having fake zyklon b canisters and spewing lies all over youtube??????????????

Attached: FireShot Capture 212 - Nazi Room at DragonMans War Museum I Full Vi_ - https___www.youtube.com_watch.png (1278x802, 1.14M)

All you had to do was dropping this link.

But we all know it doesn't matter because it either gets shadowbanned or shouted down by pilpul kike.
The best way to dispel and expose the Holohoax is by interpersonal sharing of red pills and facts.

yeah but normies will just be like "they had camps, that's good enough for me! execute the nazis!" you know they don't want things like evidence and fingerprints they don't care, leftists don't need evidence to kill their enemies and never have



It's true. Someone please make a separate thread for this.

therei s one check cat

1000 tokens = $80.00

252521 tokens = $20,201.68

Is this real or was it a mistake?

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Double dip on the reports, report them to the State they live in. States are hard up for tax money too!

We gonna dox (((chroniclove))) and (((Eevee Frost))), gents?

Yes absolutely. No mercy.

These fucking kikes, I swear…

This audit has barely made a dent in the supply of thots, although I must say they get a little jumpy now when I start mentioning taxes.

Its real you buy the tokens in advance so hed have to buy them, and then send them, that would require him to make the same mistake twice, inorder for it to be a fuck up. I think the biggest tip ever was like 180k but that was in 2014 it might be higher now. But that one tip was 8k less then i made last year. After i paid my taxes it was probably close to that amount. My make privilege has really worked out for me so far.

Its going to take months to years before the lulz start rolling in m8 its a long troll. Paydirt will be achieved and you will be doing a valuable civil service with every minute spent auditing a thot.

twitter shutting down "latest" tweets
this change was just made over the past day or two. there is no longer an option on
or any other hashtag to go between (((top))) and "latest" tweets. twitter will now only show the top tweets, there is no option, and no way to access the "latest" tweets.

nevermind my browser window was sized small enough to trigger the mobile version of the webpage I guess.
it still leads to the question, can mobile users see "latest" tweets? users who aren't using an app, but through a web browser?

possibly related to thotaudit, though more likely related to apple banning it from the app store for CP
this was promoted on twitters own "Twitter Moments" account
Tumblr will ban all adult content from its platform on December 17.
twitter next?
if twitter and snapchat ban all adult content thots are going to be on suicide watch

Sugar daddy sites will be the next frontier. I've been getting bank accounts with actual names from the whores on those.

verified salt

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fucking lol, tumblr thots btfo

this is bigger than i thought
there is an enormous salt mine here.


tumblr is also not relying on reports to ban content
they are banning anything and everything that even looks close to tits or ass, with an AI. people are posting their flags. i've seen a person complain about an image of a rock that looks too close to ass getting banned.

now would be a good time to report any thot accounts that have a tumblr.

Indeed, the AI ban bot won't take any prisoners.

I never understood what Lev saw in these roasties. He was a student of the Torah, and later the Talmud being paid to study the books right out of the US treasury and then, out of nowhere, he took WhoreCamming. WTF?

You goys are missing the big picture. Report them to Apple.

This is a really good thing. tumblr was a big source of blacked, cuck, and white genocide porn.

And to think, all these sluts had to do was put out..

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tay's law in full effect
tumblr AI flagging niggers for removal

if you are sincere please lurk moar
but i get the feeling you don't belong here at all

Am I high for not seeing this alleged drought of "sex-positive" internet platforms (virtually every porn site)? What the fuck is she talking about?

social media platforms. these whores don't want to have their shitty tit pics be mixed up in the general cesspool of free online porn, it's far more profitable to be on social media platforms, as you see with thotaudit, not to mention they have to compete with porn from actual porn studios, on porn platforms, they don't make nearly as much money.

the major social media companies all ban porn now, except for twitter and snapchat.

these e-whore are also running a very fine line between personal and business pages. most social media platforms make a distinction between personal and business pages, it often costs money and requires additional verification to run a business page, and again, no porn.

There ya go. Lets rip this shit up for lulz


this is every other tweet on #tumblr

the degenerate porn is going to make a move from tumblr to twitter, and twitter is going to get inundated with fag porn and degenerate porn cartoons / (((art))). there will be an opportunity to shill for twitter to ban adult content as well as this degeneracy moves over.

so far twitter has only gone as far as putting sensitive content click through warnings on literal blowjob videos, posting them is not against their terms, only having porn has a profile picture or a background image on your profile page is. this could easily turn if twitter is drowned in degeneracy.

You bastards are glorious. Every time I see a new thread pop up, it's like christmas coming early again. You're doing god's work, anons.

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So instead of reporting it to twitter. Report it to Apple.

This is whats coming over.

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If our scheme is working, this meme war 2.0 would be a guaranteed victory for us.

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this is going to be a great look when this shit is spammed all over twitter on every hashtag

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You have to love the hypocrisy. They don't mind banning the right wing outlets from platforms, but banning a bunch of leftist literal whores is wrong. The saddest part is that most of them aren't even capable of realizing their own hypocrisy.

Steve Jobs paid taxes, these thots should too! Apple Cultists will turn on them if we make it sound like Steve would have done it.

That's the funny thing. Tumblr is exclusively populated by degenerates and pornographers, so why would Tumblr ban porn? How deep does the shekel machine reach that they can prop up a business who violates it's very business model?

Seems like most of the big social sites are all just porn sites hiding in plain site. I'll wager a majority of Snapchat premium accounts are all porn related for example.

Bad day to be a degenerate I guess.

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more of this

the problem of course is that twitter is too big to ban. tumblr was an easy target for apple, because while it's popular with degenerates, it's not all that popular with the average lemming. if apple were to ban facebook or twitter, then lemmings would accuse apple of being the problem, not twitter or facebook.

snapchat should be the target here. snapchat is not too big to ban, and it already has bad press with the "premium snapchats". if snapchat falls, then twitter will be under extreme pressure to ban porn on their platform.

twitch is also not too big to ban, and a lot of these e-whores use twitch.

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It was my understanding that "Snapchat Premium" is synonymous with porn.

Just curious, has any thot actually got got yet?

Of course not. It takes the IRS months. Don't be an idiot.

That’s a shame. Hopefully they actually do something

The most cruel and unusual thing about the wheel of state justice is the pace it crawls. But it crawls inevitably. They will pay. No other option.

I know that feel personally
I ended up committing a crime that could have been a pretty hefty fine in my state. Thankfully the cop was really nice about it and the fine was extremely reasonable, but let me tell you, waiting a week and a half for the amount I owed was pins and needles.


snapchat and the irs will be knocking on this bitches door

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if I wanted to see bestiality I'd go on tumblr, spoiler that shit

[email protected] - snapchat investor relations
[email protected] - snapchat press email

directly email snapchat and ask them about thots breaking their tos

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how to report to your local state
jew york: Contact info: Phone:518-457-0578, Fax: 518-435-8523
commifornia: ftb.ca.gov/online/Fraud_Referral/index.shtml
texas: sao.fraud.state.tx.us/, [email protected]
florida: floridarevenue.com/taxes/compliance/Pages/violations.aspx

I hope these broads go down. 20 large for showing your used up holes on a web cam. Meanwhile, a white male like myself can't find work and I have skills years beyond what that fucking whore has.

You look like the biggest faggot retard ever when you criticize team left opinion and then say and that's why team right opinion is right! It's just as bad when you fucking losers criticize jews for being a schizo cult then say and that's why christian schizo cult is right!

I can ensure you that that bullshit is not going to slide in current year

A lot of literal prostitutes advertise on twitter. They might the only thing keeping it going.



Didn't GamerGate have a campaign targeting advertisers?

"Illegal" Sex Worker, do not get the term confused with Undocumented Sex Worker please. Sex Worker is a Buzz Word created to make Criminals the Victims, do not let this slide.

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Manyvids dot com
Gold Mine; MV Girls (U.S. 7,990)
chroniclove69 aka chroniclove
5'7" giant in the industry

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Exterminate thots

I've jerked off to her ass before.

Holy shit, when did this happen? That's basically where femdom, feminism, cuckoldry etc. got its beginnings on the net. If true, they killed the original roots of the infestation. Although these things are so big now it's fairly insignificant, it's still good news.

But why? What did she do to you? You people are going from trying to audit these women to digging up information about them? For what purpose?

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You incels are so pathetic lmao.

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why not?

Uhhhh, because she’s done nothing wrong?

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Okay sweetie.

Imagine being this jealous lol

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