Iran was found responsible for 9/11 this year and ordered to pay 6 gorillion

Iran was found responsible for 9/11 this year and ordered to pay 6 gorillion.

So begins the propaganda leading to U.S. war with Iran. Need that public support first.

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Lel guess who too became enemies of God. Kikes have a higher concept of themselves

Pathetic kikes trying to blame Iran for their backstabbing. Since they digged out this topic hower, it's a good chance for us to step in and redpill people on (((silverstein))) and mossad's (((art project))) just before the convenient """iraqi""" terrorists attacked and drawn american males into dying for the shlomo

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youhave to be either extremely evil or extremely retarded to say that

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It is a word.
It means to lick blood.
ama - lek
blood - lick

Who fits this description?
Oh. I wonder.

No. A default judgment means Iran didn't even bother to defend itself, so it was found guilty automatically.

Israel did 9-11

Was there a single Iranian hijacker? Seems like a ridiculous charge when Saudi Arabia had the most to do with 9-11 hijackings. Of course Iran didn't defend itself, anyone with a brain knows this is a farce.

Who the fuck is this retard.

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i'm imagining some faggot off to the side yelling gibberish at passerbys hue hue you gief money?!

Yea speaking of Iran.

3 Northern Virginia men accused of swindling $9 billion from Pentagon. This is why you never ever ever vote Republican. That money could be spent here, that could be your company getting a $9 billion dollar contract.

Can you imagine how much the Jews are swindling.
wouldn't be surprised if israel and Iran are in cahoots to shake us down for billions

And so our work resumes once again user, post your redpills and get your rhetoric ready.

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What a faggot.

how could (((Silverstein))) pull-it if the building wasn't rigged for demolition before hand
World Trade Center leaseholder Larry Silverstein bought terrorism insurance two months before 9/11, then collected double its value on the grounds that there were two attacks.

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Are there any US judges who should not be killed?

This. Iran was the one player that had nothing to do with this.

Begins? Nigger, we're way in there at this point.

Its not gonna work though.

A little from column A, a little from column B.

>He has also served as a trial advocacy instructor at the United States Attorney General’s Advocacy Institute, Hofstra Law School, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in Tanzania, for lawyers and magistrates in Liberia, and has taught intellectual property to Judges from the South African region in Namibia.

This shit is downright laughable.

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shit you weren't kidding

he went down the shitter as soon as he got elected

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Nah, it's a recent thing.

What's driving the toned-down Trump?

Something has happened.

he never did anything worth a damn

Good stuff, user.

Out. Now.

Oy vey! Don't forget the 2 trillion killed on that day!

How long will 9/11 be used as justification to invade completely unrelated countries?

Indefinitely, like the six muhmillion. They won't stop, or even slow down, on their own. For that, they need help.

jew porch monkey.

Petrol burger, petrol burger never changes

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I can't wait for their drones to start parroting this and it to still fail to make anyone want a war. All we have to do to ruin their war efforts is frame the whole thing as a racist attack on brown people by (((whites))) in Israel.

Daily reminder that Lucky Larry is /ourguy/ and a friend of the G-d Emperor, only Shariablue thinks otherwise.