A Finnish girl, native of city of Oulu in Northern Ostrobothnia...

A Finnish girl, native of city of Oulu in Northern Ostrobothnia, aged 10-11 has been raped in a several month long sexual abuse case by at least 8 Iraqi men.

But the exact amount of men involved is still unknown. The captured 8 men are being interrogated through the help of translator translating from Iraqian to Finnish.

Most media in Finland is in full damage control mode and only the most right wing leaning news dared to touch the subject. Also MTV reported it but did not mention the Iraqi nationality of abusers.


Media stays silent on how they got a hold on the girl.


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And finns thought for a second they were so much better than swedes. Either you put on a yellow jacket and start burning hellsink down or you die.


No voi perkele.

How do we know there weren't natives involved? Because nice guys finnish last, jeje

Shitlibs will defend this.

Finland is being pozzed like every other European country, it just started at a later time.

Just according to the government's plan. They'll be in prison for about a year.

I can't handle this shit anymore. I hate reading this shit every day and seeing nothing be done about it. Makes me sick to my stomach.

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Finland has been for decades a commie shithole. You get what you deserve. Cowards get bullied, simple as that.

This isn't reddit, nor do we need a new thread for every rape.

Thanks for your minority opinion


Translation: a young girl whored herself out for booze, drugs and cigarettes to based shitskins who know the cucked local population won't do shit about it

mtv3 was bought by the same clan of foreign jews that write&print around 80% of finnish childrens schoolbooks

And the company does the common tax trick as many others. where the tv channel borrows money from its owners by the billions and then "is not making a profit" because it owes so much money to itself so they don't have to pay any taxes either. Infact the government is giving them some form of communist support money.


Relating to the tax trick the finlands entire electric grid was privatized and sold to (((foreign investors))) and they do the same tax thing after electricity related taxes were raised the company owes so much debt that all the tax money they collect from users is not paid to the government at all since they are so badly in debt they "dont make a profit" so they get to keep all the tax they collect integrated to users electric bills.

Why wont (((You))) do not want to save your own people


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Fuck off, kike. Reported.

Then do something about it. Find like minded folk.
Develop a vision. Share an ideal.
Be Hitler.

sounds like the thot squad needs to get on that.

Translation: I will just claim that a migrant was framed for a crime so I can feel comfortable and keep ignoring the cesspit European towns have turned into thanks to unnecessary migration.


This week, two foreign men tried to hijack two buses and steer them off road at full speed in Finland. The first incident happened in Tuesday and the second in early Wednesday. The police has arrested the suspects, who both are 30 year old foreigners.

In the other case, the suspect attacked the driver and tried to steer the bus off road at 80 km/h. The other passengers instantly attacked the attempted hijacker and the driver managed to keep the bus on road.

The bus companies in Finland have acknowledged the fact that buses can be used in terror attacks.

The police has no knowledge on the motive of the suspects.


Translation: Roaches like you belong in >>>/oven/

It's handy for having new things to share with normalfags tbh. These people need bombarded with this information until they are as furious and vengeful as we are.

Why do we even bother talking about this bullshit anymore? Every fucking one of you knows exactly what has to be done.


Do not forget the fact that there were two, FUCKING TWO incidents were migrants tried to kidnap a bus and make it fucking go off the road. What the fuck is happening?

Siis nyt nämä arvon juhlapaikanhakijat kaappaavat busseja. Voi vitun vittu. Ruotsi täältä tullaan, saatana.

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True but the current events should be shared I think, for quick viewing and storing for awareness.

Anti-immigration politician gets kicked out from Facebook for being "at conflict with community rules".

Media does not report these things.

This woman has commented a lot on the muslimic-pedophilic grooming gang in Oulu which raped at minumum of 3 under 15-years old girls in Oulu. Jenna herself is from Oulu and is running for a candidate of True Finns party.

This commenting about Muslims and pedophilic rape is what removed her facebook page. She had 4000 likers.

Her facebook update about the situation in Oulu regarding pedophilic grooming gangs had been shared by 5000 Finns until it "disappeared".

MOST TRUE FINNS who have commented about islamic pedophilia are banned for 30 days and none of them cannot communicate through facebook for the time being.

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more translation:

yea , if poor people dont take care of their kids then its not our problem

we cant fucking save the idiots, people have to be responsible for their own. White culture does not accept lazy people that dont watch their kids.

I mean 8 dudes???? Come on user, this is some crackheads baby that is pimping her out. I cant be angry because this is like being angry about a salmon being attacked by a bear.

Some people are just fucking retarded. Cry me a river.

sitting here enjoying your pic uploads.
thats whats happening

Betas think think anyone that doesn't act like a feral nigger is a coward.

Too many morons to take any measures of courage or status seriously.

Suomi seuraa ruotsin mallia, 'vihapuhe', Amis transuja ja suvakki sossurottia pursuu joka vitun kolosta

Media on vaseimmiston vellihousujen hallinassa.

Proof please, crack cocaine isn't popular at all in Finland
Those groomed UK girls were crack babies, am I right?
Fuck off Abdul

my guess they were father-less poor jews , but I really dont know

Its not that I enjoy these things happening, but when I hear about them I dont go all fucktard and cry. I ask "why?" … there usually a reason.

The reasons are strongly tied to history and traditions of our shared human culture.

The tradition of the weak , the strong, the ruthless , the evil , the caring and the good.

Those UK girls were the weak, the groomers were the rutheless. Do you think we dont have the in US? I have my own door to sweep in front of.

Cry me a river

I hope one day to get rid of you and your entire kind.

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Forward this to the French on the streets and to any abled man in Europe..this is the future of your children under jewish diversity oppression.

something like girl gets raped once and is being blackmailed with video/photos of the incident to do similar things again and again sound more plausible

whats the stats on that????

Im not sure what you point is , am I supposed to have more care because their parents arent crackheads????

I dont think you understand my comment. Its not important why it happend, in the end the people/society allowed it to happen.

As I said the weak will be taken by the evil. UK better wake up, Im too far away in the US and have too many to deal with locally to help you. Dont make excuses. Stop it from happening as much as you can.

hey spic any time, ill fucking hang you from a tree and use you like a pinata

The fallout from the handiwork of Finnish freemasons.

I thought Finland was supposed to be so uncorrupted. How can it be such an utter cucked Soviet shithole at the same time?

what is know in public about this case doesn't even hint at your "it must be a crackhead pimming her out"-theory

I bet those Arab guys Finnish'd on top.

Can you be any more obvious goatfucker?
Oh wait, your 80 IQ is showing

I am glad that the Frenchmen aren't as apathetic and passive as Finns.

The Finnish media doesn't have to be censored because it censors itself so hard. All journalists in Finland are indoctrinated NPC lobotomites. Also, there is corruption in Finland, but it's more about trading favours and rewarding good positions rather than giving money (or something physical) directly. I still believe that there is relatively low amount of corruption in Finland (when compared to many other countries).

Kill them and kill your government.

Kill anyone who thinks this is appropriate. Government or invader, ALL foreigners have to go.

Unrelated, but I am Chilean and I will be in Helsinki and Turku for some of my honeymoon. Any underrated places I should check out, Finnbros? I'm excited, as I've never left Chile before

The forest? :)
Also, the handicrafts museum in Turku could be a worthwhile place to visit. turku.fi/en/handicraftsmuseum
If you happen to be in Turku when the medieval market event is, then you should check that out, too. en.keskiaikaisetmarkkinat.fi

It's not corruption if it fits the (((Agenda))), goy. Don't forget.

I would say, don't bring your young wife and avoid public transport (buses).

The countries are right next to each other; literally the same flag with different colors. I really hope they aren't dumb enough to think they are all that different.

They haven't started killing the government and foreign invaders so they can't be THAT smart. Eventually that will be the litmus test for intelligence. How long does it take you to liquidate your foreigners and water the Earth with their blood.

The formatting is not even the worst of that mess of a post.

Kill yourself Jew.

Do something about it. I'm prepping. Get fit. Get armed. Global war on the jew begins soon brother.

The handicraft museum was already on my list of places I wanted to see there, so that's good. Thanks, man!

What is wrong with bringing my young wife? We live in Chile, and Chile is way more dangerous than Finland. We're also already used to using public transport in a majority non White country, so what's the big deal about public transport? Is it filled with Africans or something? If so, any cab services you recommend?

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I don't know about Helsinki, but the busses are safe in Turku, at least during daytime. Just don't go to the part of city called "Varissuo" (literally "Crow Swamp" in Finnish) when you visit Turku because there are a lot of immigrants there, and I have heard that it is the most multi-cultural suburb in Finland (don't know if it's actually true).

Good to know, I will stay away from that. Although I will admit, I didn't expect Turku to have a lot of diversity. I was expecting the capital to have the most. Aren't most of your immigrants Slavs and Swedes anyway? Or are the Jews making you pick darker people now?

everyone involved must die. The girl too. she is damaged beyond repair

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The Institute of Racial Hygiene of Uppsala was sterilizing the Finns up until 1970s. If we are the same we are all hopelessly retarded and barely above niggers.

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Fingolians, channel the wrath of your ancestors. The last time mohammedanians annoyed them, they burned down Baghdad and build a nice pyramid with the skulls of its former inhabitants. This time maybe not Baghdad, but a pyramid would make for a nice decoration of Helsinki waterside, to welcome new visitors.

This is Facebook cencorship.


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