President Pamela Anderson

What the fuck am I looking at

Theres too much to say here. Just let me think

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She's a Zionist Jew running the same
scam every other Zionist kike is running. They neglect to mention the global elites created and control Israel.

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shes an attention whore who is trying to find a way to get attention

She is a fucking leaf.
Oh I forgot ted cruz campaigned and

Why is a Surrey (BC) girl like a a hockey team?

They both go through 3 periods before taking a shower.

Haim Saban is /ourguy/, he celebrated Purim (one of the most BASED holidays ever) with the G-d Emperor's son-in-law.

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I wonder how many jewish producers she let fuck her

I wonder why she was in for at with sasha

And now the kosher, controled candidate in stronk powrfyl wimynz.
You get entertainment industry Trump run as a conservative to be a pressure release to conservatives in the country. Only to be the zionist antiwhite shitter he is.
He will be replaced by an entertainment industry stronk wimyn as a pressure release of the flip side. She'll run as a progressive socialist-like candidate and turn into Clinton 3.0.

based and zionpilled

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If Trump was supposed to be a "release valve" then how come (((they))) aren't actually letting him do anything to release anger, and in fact are just making whites more frustrated and angry?

They realize when we don't get what we want, we're not going after Trump, we're going after them, right?

All of them.

I actually met her backstage at a really small venue concert when bob rock was fucking her.
I posted a picture of her and bob in a assange thread that I pasted the white ghosts face over bobs.
I doubt anyone saved my handiwork.

> how come (((they))) aren't actually letting him do anything to release anger, and in fact are just making whites more frustrated and angry?

Yeah, just enough for nobody to do anything because he's just another neocon Zionist puppet who is completely full of shit. Ending illegal immigration just increases legal immigration anyways and he's already started a ban on bump stocks. You blue-pilled redditors need to shove broken glass up your groin and get the fuck off this board.

Should have been the last post in the thread.

Well, there actually is a step down from “reality television star”: Old Whore.

Hep C…how sexy.

Haim Saban supports the likud party.
That's pretty much the equivalent of the Nazi party for the jews - yet another thing they're allowed to have.
Any other country would be sanctioned for such extremism but the hypocrisy is that America sends them BIllions while people in their own country starve.

On another note, here's an interesting coincidence. Haim Saban created the Power Rangers and Google took a symbol from that show and made it the Chrome logo.

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Your nose is showing you filthy yid

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Put effort into your threads. This one is garbage. i'm docking you one internet.

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