Old happening. Tumblr is banning ALL adult content blogs come December 17th

Twitterers are freaking out over this;
twitter .com/hashtag/TumblrIsDead?src=hash
not plebbit spacing niggers just separating a link for easier copying
I'd link to some tumblr blogs freaking out about this but they're all degenerate as Satan's playground would be.
Tumblr's reasoning is lengthy but below;
staff .tumblr.com/

>A better, more positive Tumblr

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>So what is changing?

>Why are we doing this?

>So what’s next?

any double spacing above I've tried to edit out but it's a huge fucking wall of text.

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Their bots or pajeets are probably retarded.

Good to see a jew gas itself

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what a coincidence

how much you want to bet this "tool" also comes bundled with facial recognition?

Inc auto banning of European art and anything of European culture.

What the fuck.

good call, and checked. This is probably why they called out Michangelo's David in advance.

They already started doing this a month ago, but because it was about "hate speech" and not porn Tumblr didn't really blink an eye. For that matter most of the blogs who commit "hate speech" are still up anyways.

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How is Tumblr or whatever relevant to politically sophisticated neets? I don’t get it. Maybe it’s supposed to represent a fork in the road of US social engineering but even that seems a stretch.

Tumblr is the blog space of progressive leftists.

You see a lot of them on Tumblr using it to spread the message. You'd be surprised.

it's also where antifa slings hairy pussy for dosh. Got to buy lolweed and flip-out batons somehow

It's a platform to disseminate images, along with words. Compare that to a place like this which is a place to disseminate words, along with images, notwithstanding the term image board. A lot of the rarer Third Reich images I've found came from Tumblrs dedicated to that sort of stuff. The caricature of Tumblr as a leftist hotbed is only true insofar as much of the youth in our societies are leftist (subscribe to university doctrine, in other words). But in reality, as a platform it's handy and this will only be used as a banhammer to get rid of 'dissidents' under the guise of getting rid of kiddy porn. Not saying there isn't kiddy porn on that site, but this is a very blunt tool to use to 'solve' that problem.

The problem is that they have to resort to automated tools which clearly don't even work due to the sheer size of content they're up against. They simply don't have the manpower to enforce these rules.


So, when the 17th rolls around are you guys ready for some

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No. Read the reasoning. They flat out say it's not a strict thing on the 17th and that they will give major leeway due to the "complexities" of removing all the porn.

Yes, there is an arrogant tendency to overestimate the usefulness of new technologies. In the past there were men who had the levelheaded opinion that technological progress was generally a positive thing, but must be guided by the hands of men. Today, technology is considered to be a positive thing by definition, regardless of its application.

Are you implying that we should go out hunting for kiddy porn for the purpose of banning them? I have better things to do. Furthermore, these people only use Tumblr because it is convenient to do so, so kicking them off the site won't effect their behavior.

That's not a reason not to do it.

Do you actually believe that they're only targeting CP? If that was the case they wouldn't make a big deal out of it, since i'm pretty sure even Tumblr is proactive against removing CP.
As far as I see it, it's a win win for us. If a bunch of tumbr blobs get banned for posting nsfw shit that's a good thing. If people freak out and see a bunch of ebil nazzees abusing the report function and that results in this policy being rolled back, we've turned tumblr into a slightly less censored shithole. So another win.

Patreon was cracking down on nsfw artists, too. I'm sad I can't support my favorite smut artist now.

It's not.
It's been mentioned here before - years past - about how tumblr will obviously remove the blog post for CP. But what they don't do is remove the preview of reblogs or all of the reblogs of a removed post. Tumblr is just as guilty for all the CP on their site as the people who post it.

Was, honestly. The true SJW madness of tumblr peaked probably ca. 2014/15, anyone else remember them trying and failing to raid halfchan several times? Nowadays it's mostly for weird/dodgy niche porn communities like loli or omorashi, as well as the truly insane otherkin/headmates/autismgender etc. rejects. The true mainstream leftist hub nowadays with actual influence/power is Twitter, obviously.

And Facebook.

Did it really die off with the fat acceptance movement?
am I getting my dates correct here? That was '14/'15 If I recall

I doubt Tumblr administrators will be swayed by reverse psychology. The policy is incredibly unpopular as is.

From what I've read, they are relentless against actual child porn (to my mind no one has reported seeing toddlers and small children on the platform). Where pubescent teens are sharing pictures of themselves and others, they are lenient. Imagine how many millions of high schoolers around the country could be thrown in jail if CP laws applied to them. It's the gray areas like sexual nudity of preteens on the cusp of puberty and nonsexual nudity of prepubescents that is controversial and they usually err on the side of removal in those situation. They probably fear the reputation of the platform sinking lower than it is, but the proportion of porn to nonporn on that site is no greater than it is on the Internet generally. What I would do if faced with this problem is shadowbanning, where we sectioned up undesirable blogs into tiny communities that were unaccessible from the rest on the site. They could reblog amongst themselves if they were tagged as a part of that group, but their posts couldn't be seen by those without that tag. This sort of divide and conquer technique would also be convenient in rooting out LITERAL NAZIS on that blog as well. But intelligent solutions, even those that would benefit leftist bureaucracies, are anathema to the left.

Great, now nobody should feel guilty about losing anything important if the entire site gets nuked.

I'll be flamed for this
I've seen it, many times and reported it to fbi.gov. I didn't check back to see if it was taken down at any point in the future though.

Why are you on Zig Forums?

Fuck off Mordecai.

I shiggy the diggy.

Do you not know who the House of Saud is? The House of Saud are jews. So yes, Saudi Arabia wants no part in ending ISIS.

How did it become more ==BASTE== than the chans?

This is an excellent extension to thot audit. While I doubt there's any connection, the whores who are afraid of losing their blogs suspect there is one. A lot of camwhore types freaking out about this.

Yes, of course.

Not sure what happened honestly. The SJW cancer entered the interwebz (ironically) on SomethingAwful many years ago, then traveled around from site to site much like the biblical wandering Jew, currently parasitizing the big mainstream social media giants. Not that I ever liked them, but they at least used to be just normalfag water coolers rather than engines of global censorship.

Why is porn bad? It keeps the men who can't get women, or those who won't commit to relationships under control. Throughout history, the majority of men did not reproduce. Why not give those men something to take the edge off?

The people who brainwashed them merely continue to use them, it was a top-down implanted perspective that led them to the source. Nothing really changed insomuch as they continue to normalize the perspective that they had force-fed becoming increasingly shocked that not everybody is on board. You see more and more MSM has more diversity in it and the illusion becomes more distanced from the reality. Trump was supposed to be the only concession, even though he's Bush 2.0 and everyone here knows it. So it's harder now for leftists to feel like rebels while it's easier for anti-semitic right-wing ethno-nationalists to feel like rebels. At least that's my take on that whole four-year development.

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So porn, the only thing that makes whale land valuable is going away? Its like seeing a website an hero.

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I hate weev that fucking kike never delivers.

from improving themselves to get women.

There are very few legitimate reasons for a man to not be able to get a woman. Very few.
Being fat - a choice.
Being a shut-in - a choice
Being extremely poor - a choice.
Not being fit - a choice.

What will the trannys and pedos ever do?

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A lot of replacement blog sites like tumblr have been posted and each one I checked out requires you to pay.

I'm confus… wasn't tumblr exclusively for porn?

So the websites pay taxes, yes?

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Not originally.

Not really

What is free speech?

Literally the only reason to ever use tumblr, now it'll just be feminist blogs

It is pure, 100% choice for someone to be extremely poor.
It may not be a choice to be poor, of which I disagree but don't want to argue the point.
I've never once in my life heard a poor person talk about saving money reusing something for the sake of saving money not out of necessity. I've also never heard a poor person talk about using coupons. Which is retarded. Everyone on food bux should be kicked off if they don't save at least 20% of the bill each time with coupons.

Even if you're pretty well off, remember the 80-20 rule. Also remember that a woman can divorce rape you at any time. Even total alpha males get divorced. There is a growing number of men who look at women and think the juice is no longer worth the squeeze. I'm all for self improvement, but the odds are highly stacked against men.

Fuck bitches, get money.

This. Tumblr moved to twitter and reddit.

Poverty is relative. Women are not attracted to the idea of a man who makes enough money to support himself and his family. She wants the fancy watch and the sportscar and the McMansion. She always wants more than she already has, while a smart man has what he needs and is grateful for what he has.

A smart man isn't necessarily a grateful man.

Who cares, it's fucking tumblr. NOT POLITICS

tumblr is about as political a platform as twitter, facebook, reddit or this place with plenty of explicitly national socialist tumblrs that have more influence than this place does

I've been been poor in my childhood, whites that are poor don't like to talk about saving ideas in public unless it's only with other poor whites. They don't want to be looked down by rich and middle class.



Remember to report all those cuckold anti-white tumblers so they don't go unnoticed.

Tumblr was like the Zig Forums for extreme degeneracy. They burst like a pimple onto the rest of the internet a few years ago, the same way Zig Forums did. They getting rid of them doesn't get rid of all the sick shit that spawned there, but it definitely helps. If we want women to stop being whores, we need to find instagram, twitter, youtube etc. Anywhere where these whores go to show off their bodies for group acceptance and an ego boost. Everywhere where they're exposed to "trends" and whatnot. Tumblr was the beginning. It's everywhere now, just like pepe and all the other shit that started here is.

Most websites have a limited shelf life, they will fall off at some point on their own like Myspace, Digg etc. have before. Only problem I see here is, what comes next is nearly always worse than what preceded it - in this case, each new social media site/app like Instagram or Snapchat has amped up the attentionwhoring, narcissism, mindlessness, degeneracy etc of its predecessor ten fold. Not sure what the solution is, seeing as we'll never have the pre-normalfag Web 1.0 internet ever again.

It's clearly in women's nature to be this way, and I'm sure these companies know that, and thus cater their platforms to it, because it brings in the numbers and the money, so it's almost assured to get worse. So long as women are a driving force in the market, things will continue to be over-sexualized, because its in the nature of women to be sexually attractive to further themselves and get what they want. That's not going to change. This has to be a top-down change that represses their nature by force. Porn bans. Then the most they can do is post stupid bikini pictures and twerking videos like they did back in the day.

The only mystery is how it lasted this long to begin with.

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Very positive as mostly young people use that site. This is a kick in the nuts of the jew. Purveyors of filthy must be expunged.

Its a thotpocalypse!

It should also be noted that the Porn Artists seem to be jumping ship to Newgrounds in large enough numbers that the site is having trouble coping with all the traffic.

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Kek I forgot that place existed.

Thot squad

I remember I left because something about it rubbed me off the wrong way. Either the redesign, or Tom Fulp's response to sandy hook.

Very, very dumb move. I don't think Zig Forums understands just how many artists hosted their drawings there, this is actually going to tank tumblr. They had one thing as their stable permanent lifeline in terms of real content creation and then they just start jobbing and ruin even that for themselves. Now they're going to go the way of myspace, a total and complete non-entity. We don't even need to do anything at this point, it's over, the handful of feminist blogs they have left over won't be enough to keep them afloat - those things don't generate content/clicks.

Kek–what a garbage site. Those are more interesting pictures than anything normalfags have.

Fixed that for you

It also keeps you a stupid slave, if you stop masturbating and consuming pornography, you won't suddenly become obsessed with fucking low-level whores. Your body will balance itself and you will begin to pick other healthier hobbies and improving yourself by virtue of not consuming porn.
Please eat shit and die, parroting kike arguments straight outta the anti NoFap articles from a month ago.


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yeah, but you are still the biggest supporters of the ZOG

Yah its twitter and reddit which leftists primarily use. Especially twitter every time you see some blue checkmark you know its an insane liberal progressive sociopath who is just promoting total garbage ideologies and points to make him / herself look better. Disgusting people really.

Tumblr is/was very much like a much bigger version of /d/ I guess 80-90% of the users used that site for its numerous of very niche porn blogs.

there are no rightwing ideoogies on tumblr just LGBTQIA+ activism and very weird porn blogs.

It all comes tumbling down.

Fulps smug and I can't blame him.

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Accurate. What did tumblr even have that wasn't something along those lines?

underrated post.

No, those are the neocons who have actively tried to subvert this website. No one here supports Trump or Republicans.

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That's a hell of a claim.

omg I loved Newgrounds, I have to check it out now.

Yes. This serves our cause so we can and should help them with this task.

Regular masturbation worked fine for "taking the edge off" as you say for thousands of years and didn't involve the numerous problems porn does.

Also get back in the oven kike.

No, I support Trump.


It appears that you have never met someone who was crippled since childhood. The poor houses used to be filled with polio cases and other unlucky souls who lost the game before it started. Your infantile statements will only make adults dismiss you without afterthought. Come back when you have grown up!

What's Verizon's end game here? Nuking tumblr this hard that even fucking newgrounds is shitting on them. Not gonna complain though, feels good knowing all those low effort fetish and cuckshit blogs are getting removed.

Never understood why you reprobates are so proud to announce your degenerate proclivities to the entire World. But, if you feel the need to do so, feel free, as it actually greatly assists those of us whom are seeking to actually improve this World for future generations. If things don't change drastically, for the better, and promptly, there will BE NO future generations… And currently, you're part of the problem.

You on board, or are you with the Nation Wreckers?

List of 2,963 Tumblr NSFW Sites for reporting
Maximum Salt Mines

Funny shit from tumblr.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/231885248-Sensitive-content
So they ban porn but snuff fetish castration open wounds are (still) allowed.


Being ugly - not a choice
Being short - not a choice
Mental illnesses - not a choice
Other medical ailments - not a choice
Shunned for being socially awkward and struggling to improve - not a choice
Struggling to find a job - not a choice
Being replaced by diversity hires at work - not a choice
Failing to find women except sluts and feminists and "career women" and other crazies - not a choice
Bad luck affecting money spending or literally any other aspects of life - not a choice

Most people don't live in a perfect world where you're born into a true neutral state and nothing unexpected ever happens and everything works according to ratios.

They want to get back onto apple appstore.
Tim Cook just got a good goy award too.


Oops, missclicked.
Meant to say that since there is no happy hannukah, star of david or remember the six trillion gorillion on those pictures, they are forbidden and were rightfully flagged

all of these are mostly chosen by yourself/tricked into choosing by (((false light))) tricksters. slight alterations of soul dna can also bring things such as autism.