Votingnigger Cult - Magapedes and Daily Informer Shills

The quality of this board has dropped since around 2016 due not in small part to an influx of centrist leaning cultists - supported by massive censorship and bans from the mods. I call these people electionniggers.

What are Electionniggers you may ask.

Electionniggers are part of a Votingnigger Cult. They attempt to shut down any discussion of violence or revolution, or any kind of street activism. They have an agenda of targeting and deradicalizing young people who hold geniuine right wing sympathies. After subverting a community their energy is then diverted to supporting the republican party. These are the same faggots concern trolling about "optics" all the fucking time, while defending Kike Enoch who looks like an ugly Jew, and having their site run by Weev who looks like an even uglier Jew.

These faggots will make outrageous claims like they can subvert the republican party. Their own followers can't be stupid enough to believe this but 90% of those people are just weekend racists looking for an internet safespace to blow off steam.

There are many different types of votingniggers, I'll go through some of them here.

Defeatist Shills:

Defeatist shilling goes something like this: "You can't start a revolution so don't even bother trying, goyim." Aside from it's flawed logic, these people are demotivational, whiny, born losers. This tactic is most pravelent among BurgerNats.

BurgerNats or American "Nationalists":

These idiots claim the founding fathers were white supremacists and America wasn't founded on liberal values but some kind of neo-nazi state. Delusional, LARPy retards who pretend to be NS so they can earn more shekels.

We Wuz Founding Fathers
We Wuz Constitution n sheeit
Muh Bible

Votingniggers conveniently ignore the fact that America was founded by revolutionaries, if these same lunatics were alive back then they would be shilling against their heros. After getting BTFO'd on gab these retards went to the TRS forum to shill over there. Their views don't hold up to scrutiny so they have to hide in their safe space behind forum bans.

Newfags and Alt-Rightists:

These are the worst, they were probably liberals last year and thought the alt-kike would be a good place to meet friends. They're involved in nationalism for purely selfish, materialistic reasons. Expect all of the above and more. The 2016 maganiggers on Zig Forums fall into this category as well.

I want to end this post with a relevant quote:

"The movement’s leaders will preach lies, use scare tactics, while pretending to be truthful."

This is referring to the movementarians that are currently weighing us down. Anglin is a proven fed snitch and the Daily Informers still on here are embarrassing themselves. Any eceleb whose not Alex Linder, Sacco Vandal, Cesar Torte, James Mason, or William Pierce is only in it for themselves and only in it to make a profit. Ignore all reactionary and christcuck orders.

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I concur.

Does anyone have a solid redpill on exactly what you are allowed to say on the internet, before you can expect to actually be v&? I know that you ARE allowed to advocate violence against a specific group of people as long as it is at some "indefinite point in the future". Here is a full article on the ruling (a Klansman said to a crowd that they should kill niggers):

I also know that making threats against the President has its own set of rules, so in general it's a bad idea to do that. But all of this is just *theoretical* prosecution. Practically speaking, the FBI and CIA can't go after thousands of NEETs shitposting about assassinating pornographers . So for the most part you can *practically* get away with saying whatever you want anonymously online. I highly recommend against doing this, until you have a solid understanding of what you can and can't do, just so that you can proceed with an adequate understanding of what you are doing.

Let's use this thread to bring a solid framework to our discussions that will allow us to actually identity CIA niggers and faggot Feds who are trying to entrap NEETs for an easy promotion at ZOG HQ.

Advocacy of Violence is Based and Redpilled

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You forgot to post Siege.

WTF now I hate the alt right.

Dropped. Lurk two years.

you lost me on your (((magapede))) bullshit nigger, fuck off back to skeletor's plebitt shithole where you and your alt kike comrades belong

user: mike enoch kinda looks jewish a bloo hoo

also user: gives william luther pierce a pass for his very kikey esoteric satanism shit

Without using to many buzzwords can you elaborate on why you have such hate for the daily stormer and anglin in general?
This seems like its more than just being sour over being kicked out.

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Go ahead. But don't expect anything to come of it. I've never seen anything good happen, we probably never will either.

Perhaps change the image to someone who isn't a crypto jew freemason pasty who only killed white kids for isreali gain


Well they weren't national socialists, neither am I, but they certainly were white supremacists since every fucking non-white in the US held territory including the injuns was not a citizen nor could ever become one under US law. They were explicitly excluded.

Even under Turkroach people were still bitching about Trump in every thread without getting banned, don't act like them being faggots works as a form of suppression. Kick the faggots out or leave for sure but don't pretend they are swaying opinion around here.

TRS and the assorted faggots were being called out in 2016 and were doxxed in January 2017 as actual kikes and kike-fuckers. Just point that out.

What pisses me off about bitching threads like this is that I support voting, so you can vote in somebody in any position who might be amiable towards you on the day of the rope or at least those who would hesitate to oppose white nationalist militias and terrorists. Every minute you buy is another chance to kill kikes, niggers, politicans, and cops before they can react to you. Local voting can actually make a difference. But at the same time unlike you faggots you just post vague bullshit about revolutions I have been posting updates to a chemical synthesis for nerve gas since 2011. And every time some faggot cries "FBI" as if the fucking feds hand out untracable recipes for fucking nerve gas which can be CtrlCed onto a word document by anybody and they'd never be the wiser.

Yes, they do. Then they track you. It's not untraceable, it's also retardedly hard to do. If you think it's such a great idea; why haven't you done it yet?

Voting has never done anything. And nothing else will continue to improve. Because that's the world we exist in. You can batter against the bars, but you can't escape the cage. It's a place of punishment.


Everyone would oppose us, because they have been programmed to. Nobody we can be allowed to vote for will ever support us or even act neutral to us. Watch what happens.

This is the sight and sound of anal prolapse.

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Magapedos get filtered. And how is it wrong? Getting involved in your community does nothing, they just leech off of you because they're deracinated cucks.


It's the worst meme that's come to the board in a while. And I'm pretty sure it's only the kampfykrew who posts the sharebingo memes anways.

its kikey and the rest of the kushner team that came here during the election.
more realistically it's just /int*/ posting absurdly stupid shit to get a rise out of people with actual beliefs/

Nice projection you fucking kike. It's wrong because you are blatantly ignoring the fact that one must have ties to their own people before any significant change can be made. If you go out and just blow shit up or shoot up niggers, then the (((media))) uses it to paint you as a lone wolf extremist white supremacist who hates nigger babies. But you know that. You know all of this, it's why you actively dissuade anyone from doing anything. You want people to shoot places up so you kikes can scream about how crazy white neo-nazis are while making martyrs out of Jaquan and Shaniqua so as to justify the continued browning of the U.S.

Wrong nigger. I came with the first exodus after moot cucked out over the fappening shit. The fact that you retards are so assblasted over the roach says he was actually doing something right since you can't stop whining about him.

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No, due to an influx of right wing magafaggots. Right = capitalist, left = communist. Hitler was centrist you dirty kike.
Centrism has nothing to do with revolution vs elections.

Can you just fuck off with the Kampfy bot postings?

It's called
get it right you newfag

Just filter imkikey.

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thanks for outing yourself faggot.

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Shills keep repeating the same buzzwords about natsoc being a failed movement\theory, or variants of this. Betrays the jewish notion that politics is a dogma to be followed, like a formula or religion that they perfected.

This is the level of newfag shill we're dealing with now, holy shit.

They don't need justification, shlomo. It's alreading happening.

Nothing can be done to stop it either. Anyone who tries gets ZOG'd.

Instead of reading all that, I'd rather vote.
If you hate voting, don't vote faggot.
Thread hidden and sage.

You Hasbarakikes stick out like sore thumb.

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Nobody told you not to vote, nigger. Go fucking vote, nobody cares. Don't act like you're doing some noble deed though. You're not. You're not doing shit. Some here would argue that you're legitimizing an illegitimate government by voting, but I personally don't care. Just stop pretending like it makes a difference. Wiping your ass is more important than voting, because that at least keeps shit out of your britches. Fag.

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Are they hiring you specifically to search for posts about Breivik? This is the exact same post I've seen 5 other times over a period of one and a half years.

Reminder that the "white" "kids" he killed were on average 19 years old, and pakis.

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Voting WOULD work, but anyone that is at the presidential level is already curated by the the Jews. The only reason Trump got the support he did here was because it seemed like he was an outsider, even though in hindsight the fact that all his kids are married to Jews is kinda a giveaway. Voting in the US is only honest at the local level, anything above that and too much money is involved for the Jews to not have their noses in it.

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Whether they oppose it or not is irrelevant. Dozens of spics and niggers who were brought into towns in my area by Obongo's HUD initiative were murdered and nobody was ever convicted. Houses are burned down and nobody is arrested. Because the local police all hate niggers and the town council all hate niggers and the mayors all hate niggers.

I just wouldn't believe you. Sorry, but good things don't happen while I'm alive.

Except all of those people you posted are staunch atheists at best, and LARPagans at worst.

That's not going to work here, you disgusting kike.

Not it's not. I wish he had killed even more.

Vid related is more than you deserve.

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"I was on a Christian radio talk show a few days ago, and the consensus seemed to be that we should read our Bibles and pray. I really don't believe that's going to get the job done. When I talk with conservatives, most of what I hear is about voting: about electing the right politicians to the Congress and the White House. Some of them favor the Republicans, and some favor a third party. And I should tell you that I have about as much confidence in that approach as I do in praying. If we had a proportional representation system in this country, like they have in many European countries, so that we might hope to elect just a few responsible people to the Congress and have a voice there, then I suppose I would have just a little more patience with conservatives. But as long as we're stuck with the two-party shell game in this country, voting will no more get the job done than praying."
~Dr. William Pierce

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They do if you don't kill them all. Liberals screech and the cucks enforce because they don't want to hear screeching. Because they've been told it is immoral to kill the screeching liberals.

How's the weather in Ankara?

I know, you use to be a mod before you sperged out over people saying nigger

They already call us hateful-neo-natsi-terrorist-racist-gangster-white-supremacists-whowanttokillsixmillionjews.
You know, it's been two years with Trump and the treasonous Republicans. And so far we have surrendered another 50 billion dollars to IsraHell, let in several million hostile invaders, and allowed the media and the legal system to lock up and censor thousands of pro-White activists without Trump doing a single thing about it.
Meanwhile in France, just one weekend of rioting and violence forced the Macron government to abandon the fuel tax hike.

Violence is the only language that the elites understand. They are cowards. They are liars. They are traitors.
And they do not respect you people who vote for them. The ONLY people who they respect are those who will kill them or burn down their corporations if they displease them.

I am not advocating violence. I am merely pointing out the obvious truth. The System is designed to thwart serious change. It must be overthrown and it can never be overthrown by voting.

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My fellow Nazis, as your OP I want to complain about this board….

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A big part of project Alamo is protecting the status quo. They can't have the goyim thinking their are any alternatives to the point wanting a good leader was mocked as "just wait for Hitler"

Bump. Voting does nothing, moishe.

CIA thread. Abandon.

How does it feel the board has finally woken up to your tricks, Alamo?

Exactly. Checking a box every four years is almost is as bad as doing nothing. Maybe even worse.

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You arn't fooling anyone

Weev is just a D&C Jew. Just a few days ago he made a post mocking megapedes and calling for mass murder and terrorism on DS.

Seriously, the buzzwords overload is becoming a reliable way to identify shills or at least people who are low IQ and not helpful for "our side".


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[citation needed]

This, the reason Trump did not lock up Hilary is because she is white, white people can do no wrong!

Hillary's bloodline is jewish, just like Trump's. Her only daughter chelsea married an israeli banker.

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That's because you are a traitor to your race.

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t. zionist paid shill

Pro-Israel is anti-white
Anti-Israel is pro-white

All of the treasonous leftist thugs that he assassinated were anti-White pro-WhiteGenocide thugs who believe that jews are White.
Everyone knows this. Just as everyone understands that YOU are an anti-White thug trying to convince White people to cease assassinating traitors.

ALL traitors will get the Rope

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Heil Breivik
Death to ALL Marxists. Death to ALL traitors.

Anti-Zionist does not mean pro-White.
Zig Forums is anti-Zionist AND anti-White
They are collaborators. Go join your friends at >>>Zig Forums

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he killed a bunch of young whites in the name of Israel
Right-wing parties =/= pro-white
Left-wing parties =/= pro-white
Both are just as much as anti-white

That's imkikey. Global report every post it makes.

Nobody here believes that all European peoples can be saved, shlomo. There are some of the dregs of our races that are irredemable, and when the time comes, they'll be eating the same meal we give the kikes: copper-jacketed lead. Concepts of universalist salvation are for the evangelicucks, we know the score here.

t. Zionist praising Zionist

I know that all these degenerate whites can't be saved, but Left-wing/Right-wing = Jewish D&C
Killing children for Zionists is never justified

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Lies and slander. He assassinated anti-White thugs like you who promote White Genocide in the name of multiculturalism.

Zig Forums also opposes zionism
That does not make them pro-White you utter faggot.

I stand with Breivik. I support DEATH for all traitors. Especially the White ones. Every White traitor who threw piss at White men, every White feminist who promoted White Genocide, every White coward politician who collaborated with the jews.
Preferably in the most painful way possible

>killing traitors is bad
Go back to >>>Zig Forums

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Zionists are just as much as traitors
Breivik is a Zionist

my sides

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No one who has actually read what Breivik wrote falls for this. Breivik struck a serious blow against the jew by slaughtering their golem.
Note how these backstabbing cowards always seek to denounce White men who strike back against the jews
They wring their hands and say,"Eooow! Breivik killed some White leftist people. Let's denounce him!"

August 1, 1993. Today has been the Day of the Rope-a grim and bloody day, but an unavoidable one. Tonight, for the first time in weeks, it is quiet and totally peaceful throughout all of southern California. But the night is filled with silent horrors; from tens of thousands of lampposts, power poles, and trees throughout this vast metropolitan area the grisly forms hang.

It started at three o'clock this morning. Yesterday was an especially bad day of rioting, with the Jews using transistorized megaphones to whip up the crowds and egg them into throwing stones and bottles at our troops. They were chanting "racism must go" and "equality forever" and other slogans the Jews had taught them. It reminded me of the mass demonstrations of the Vietnam era. The Jews have a knack for things like that.
But by three o'clock this morning the crowds had long since finished their orgy of violence and chanting and were in bed-all except a few groups of diehards who had rigged up loudspeakers and were blaring System radio broadcasts out over the surrounding neighborhoods, broadcasts which alternated between screaming rock "music" and appeals for "brotherhood."
Squads of our troops with synchronized watches suddenly appeared in a thousand blocks at once, in fifty different residential neighborhoods, and every squad leader had a long list of names and addresses. The blaring music suddenly stopped and was replaced by the sound of thousands of doors splintering, as booted feet kicked them open.
It was like the Gun Raids of four years ago, only in reverse- and the outcome was both more drastic and more permanent for those raided. One of two things happened to those the troops dragged out onto the streets. If they were non-Whites-and that included all the Jews and everyone who even looked like he had a bit of non-White ancestry - they were shoved into hastily formed columns and started on their no-return march to the canyon in the foothills north of the city. The slightest resistance, any attempt at back talk, or any lagging brought a swift bullet.
The Whites, on the other hand, were, in nearly all cases, hanged on the spot. One of the two types of pre-printed placards was hung on the victim's chest, his hands were quickly taped behind his back, a rope was thrown over a convenient limb or signpost with the other end knotted around his neck, and he was then hauled clear of the ground with no further ado and left dancing on air while the soldiers went to the next name on their list.

t. propaganda machine
stopped reading

As for the rest of the liberals, the ones who really believe the lunatic doctrines of equality and diversity and multiculturalism which they endorse, they're simply crazy and ought to be put down like the sick puppies they are.
~Dr. William Pierce

They were protesting against isreal
Breivik did it for isreal
Only white people were blamed and laws introduced to stifle white resistance to jewry as a result
Only jews benefited from biological jew Anders (((Behring))) Breivik's mossad false flag

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Guess again, you lying kike
Labour Party
or Norway is a
political party dedicated to the complete extermination of White homelands for White children.

I said death to TRAITORS, you fucking moron. ALL traitors. Especially conservatives. But especially liberals.
Next time you try to pull your jewish bullshit and strawman me, I will refer you right back to this post
All treasonous Republicans who collaborated with the jews deserve to be shot

Chelsea Clinton has already mutilated her son's penis.

I'm serious
These race traitors who backstab every White man who kills enemy agents lie at every opportunity. They tell you that Breivik is so evil for assassinating White traitors who happened to also oppose Zionism

Go look up the Labour Party. DO they seem like our allies against the jew?
Start educating yourselves here.
Look it up. Don't believe these lying kikes. >>12506704

They are as anti-zionist as the American Democratic Party is and have never once done anything to thwart the jews and their Zionist government in IsraHell.

These lying, backstabbing traitors are here to keep White people from celebrating those of us who strike back at the System effectively. They're here to keep you demoralized and isolated. Don't do the jews' work for them.

Attached: 800px-Norwegian_Labour_Party_Logo.svg.png (800x853, 67.06K)

so what do we get for killing random white people
killing 97% of white people for not being pro-white enough is also anti-white
I think we should get out of the politics and focus on fighting the system and building up resources for
a collapse
then as we are have the resources/land we could easily convert them into our ideology

in terms of voting

boo hoo faget :)

Only jews support jewish terrorists, even a retard would understand how difficult your sell would be on Zig Forums even after years of 'management' by Kampfy and his crew of isreali hasbara

Attached: BreiviksCheerleaders.JPG (1100x5616 66.51 KB, 1.75M)

More anti American and anti White propaganda from Jews.

And you people are too stupid to realize it.

Personally, while I would like to execute every single treasonous bastard who ever lived, I do not believe that this is feasible IRL.
Even if we seized control from the jews, it wouldn't be necessary anyway.
All we would need to do to reeducate the liberals is make them watch two dozen TV broadcasts that tell them that contrary to popular belief, all the smart, educated, influential, and cool people believe that White civilization is wonderful and that diversity is a jewish plot to exterminate White people.

However, I want to make it clear to every traitor like who backstabs and squeals and wrings his hands about the inhumanity of killing these traitors that I fully and completely support ANY action that harms the jews and kills their golem.

Contrary to the lies of this leftist traitor, Breivik was not a jew and he was a hero of our race.
Start educating yourself and free yourself from jewish lies.

Also, they were not random. They were the future leadership of the anti-White Labour Party. They were carefully selected enemies of our race and nation who deserved to be assassinated as much as the kikes that Bowers heroically assassinated in Pittsburg.
See pic related

Word for word right out of the shill textbook. You're not even changing up your lingo anymore, it's like you're trying to glow in the dark.

how does it matter? they now got another people at the leadership
they were young, some people change their worldview and even getting 4 of these people to be redpilled on race would be propotionally good for our movement

its true that DS and TRS are deradicalization shills, but that has nothing to do with Christianity. forming an argument and then peppering in something off topic is a jewish disinformation tactic. in this case probably employed by an uneducated youngster.

is an AmNat. good guy, but an AmNat

At least that Bowers kid supposedly killed you kikes, though I doubt that even happened

Attached: BrevikGivesCommunistSalute.gif (320x192, 1.94M)

So what? They were raised in a brainwashing machine that the jews designed to take normal White children and spit out hate-crazed antifa thugs. Maybe one or two would have undone their brainwashing. So the fuck what? The vast majority would have remained utter treasonous bastards working night and day to exterminate their own race.

Go read this article. It describes how the blacks boiled a White child alive after gang raping his mother and murdering his father.
They even slit open the belly of the family dog.

White people are wringing their hands and thinking "Ohhh no! We can't resist the System that's murdering us because some innocent children might die"
Meanwhile your enemy is throwing hand grenades into churches to terrorize and murder White people.

Do you think the blacks or the jews wring their hands and agonize over killing children? No! They don't care. They would kill a billion children if it would secure their own power. And they do kill children. Every. Single. Day.
They starve them to death in Iraq.
They burn them alive in Rhodesia.
They gang-rape them in Britain.

And White people sit on our asses, wringing our hands crying; ''Oh the inhumanity! Why why why?" completely incapable of fighting back because innocents might die.

For fuck sake. This is a racial war of extermination. One race is afraid to fight back because some innocent kids might die. Get some fucking perspective. If we do not fight back and defend ourselves from this psychotic enemy, ALL WHITE CHILDREN WILL DIE

Whenever the blacks murdered an entire family of White people, do you think they felt bad about it? Do you think these liberals cared? Do you really believe that any one of these psychotic monsters that Bowers or Breivik assassinated gave a shit when they heard of another mass murder in South Africa or Rhodesia?
They didn't. They in fact loved it. They said that the Whites deserved it for being White and having White privilege.
Every time a White child is dragged from is home and beaten to a pulp by these African terrorists, these White liberals cheered.
They are monsters and they all deserve to be put to death. Regardless of whether or not one or two might eventually change his mind when he started to feel the pain that he has caused for others.

If a White man changes his mind and begins supporting his people, then I will welcome him with open arms. But until then, until he stops collaborating with the jews in our extermination, then he is an enemy that deserves to be killed.

Attached: thOYMPF7ME.jpg (474x358, 30.15K)

I think he did kill some kikes. Or are you insisting that white men will never snap no matter what, and are therefore doomed? What's your argument here?

Here is a post from another thread TODAY that demonstrates what I said in
Go to 5:30 and listen to what this nigger says about his racial kinsman who suckerpunches a White kid.

He says he is PROUD of his brother who suckerpunshes this White kid.
Compare and contrast to these doublecrossing cowards on "our side" who denounce every White man who commits a violent act of resistance against the jews and their leftist drones.