Is this our new revolutionary praxis?

Is this our new revolutionary praxis?

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By what. That's like making a large O with both my hands to show how loose a woman is. They can literally just ignore it.
Absolutely boomer cancervative tier.
I think the guys at Vice got bullied by falling for the "Gay" hand signal thing in elementary school, you know the one where if you look down when another guy tells you to and stare at their hand then you're gay, and they got laughed at for it, so now they're trying to use the same tactics without realizing no one except children does stuff like that.

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Sup, Reddit?

hows the moderator cancer coming?

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where's that obnoxious tripcode who always insists that leftist feminism is about true equality and we should support them? She can never give any examples of those feminists so now that we've found some, I want to know what she has to say about them.

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feminists in general should be treated like the Japanese treated war criminals

that includes male feminists

Vice is a right-wing libertarian publication pretending to be liberal by covering a lot of edgy shit.

So much small-dick butthurt ITT


I can sort of see where they're coming from, if you already are a bit left-leaning to begin with, you might be more receptive to socialist ideas, thus "ask any questions you like", but maybe I'm giving them too much credit

This is a storm of backward spectacle. Thanks for posting it OP. It's an object lesson in how capitalism can take concepts or language that are meant to change something and turn that into just supporting the status quo.

In any context where you can use emojis you can just write something. There's also a weird "submit to corporate authority" mentality here because emojis are made and controlled by tech companies. Treating an arbitrary update from some company as a source of meaningful social change is one of the saddest things ever.

One of the reasons socially inept men send dick pics is because of penis insecurity, and this just feeds into that. Moreover, the principle that we shouldn't body shame people is fine in theory, but it's seemingly only applied to fat people (who could potentially lose weight) rather than, say, people with deformities or scars or amputations or just weird/unattractive bodies in general. Shaming a man for having a small dick is both feeding into stupid gender ideology about what a "real man" is and definitely not "punching up" because the ability to make a man feel inadequate because of his dick is already a power that women have over men, so if anything it's "punching down." A lot of people won't really care about being insulted like this, but for the ones who do it will hurt a lot. Someone who actually gives a fuck about overcoming bullshit gender ideology would not promote it like this.

It's not some minor thing either, because this kind of psychological manipulation can really fuck with people and change how they see themselves. Shaming people like this can give them body dysmorphia that prompts them to get cosmetic surgery; this applies regardless of gender. That also supports the (spectacularly capitalist) cosmetics and cosmetic surgery industries which already are grotesque for preying on and encouraging people's insecurities. The fundamental problem here is the idea that a person's body is not theirs to do with as they choose, but is subject to the approval of others. It's a supreme form of alienation, because it treats the mere existence or presence of your body as a kind of labor you don't own that helps produce other people's emotional states.

To these people "capitalism" is just another floating signifier they pull out to yell at things they don't like. If someone says capitalism is bad you should feel free obligated to gatekeep the fuck outta them. Never let someone articulate a position against capitalism without finding out what exactly they mean by that. This kind of thing is a meaningful threat to the left because it obscures the critique of capitalism and action against it. OP's example is obvious bullshit because it's also praising the companies that use emojis, but a lot of times it's less clear whether someone is actually against capitalism or just throwing words around.

Emojis are Fascist
Support Emoticon Communism

butterfly poster is kind of a tard but I think they do genuinely believe what they say

To be fair to LSC, the men's rights movement at present does have a lot of loud right wingers in it, even if it used to be dominated by progressive liberals or actual lefties. There's definitely a recruitment process going on where the far right tries to get its influence in online communities and draw people in. The problem with what that person is saying in your pic is that they attribute the right wing tendencies to the MRM itself rather than people jumping on board to use it for their own purposes.

And the "regularly spurs violence" bit is probably just the usual thinking that MRAs = incels = willful cuckold = PUAs = etc. where they lump together people who look similar to them.

whats the actual difference besides social issues anyways?

they also should take off that Stirner flag and just be a red liberal. or maybe a separate Epicurus flag should be made to specify between altruistic and non-altruistic egoists

aside from a few incel spergouts I've never actually seen these people act violent.

most of the incel shooters were largely libshits anyways.

To be a bit clearer, the handful of violent incels don't indict all incels. That's part of what I meant about lumping all those people together.

Speak for yourself, I'm huge and it works, I don't see the logic of small dicked men sending their genitals to anybody unless they enjoy the humiliation which only means that this will encourage them.

Butterfly is permanently deranged from a heroic several month long tour of duty despooking stormniggers on /b/. Her time on this board is primarily convalescence.

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I have no concern for women's opinions. I care about my own self-interest even at the detriment of other people

I don't get it, why would the Bon Apetit fingers offend men?

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Get laid nerd, I bet you take dating advice from your mother too.

If somone gets triggered by implications they got a small dick, then they deserve it tbh.

Vaginism is truly radical and revolutionary.

It doesn't treat it as a kind of labour, you treat it as a kind of labour because you have a fantasy of ultimate satisfaction which you believe is denied to you by "labour". It truly is ideology at its purest.

nice bait

go read some marx

Why are libshits so childish?

you're fat.

But I don't. I'm literally saying it's not that.
Preferring that corporations don't stoke insecurities is a "fantasy of ultimate satisfaction"?

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Being a roastie isn’t praxis; it’s just annoying and feminist hysterics.

Their representation as shitty little emoticons is. The characters themselves are just part of Unicode. But the unicode people are beholden to the institutions with power over what text encodings peoples software will use, ie tech companies, if they want people to keep using their standard and not regress back to the hellscape of numerous incompatible encodings.

(moreover, the shitty yellow svg's are what people care about.)
not as much as you seem to think


But what about the other part? "If you're a socialist who supports gender equality you're not welcome here"

And feminists know that MRAs are not the same as incels/PUAs/willful cuckold etc, the just like to conflate them because they don't have any other way to attack MRAs. And the MRM did start leftwing, they only became more conservative because the rest of the left was overcome with misandry. Any leftists who aren't misandrists should acknowledge that and fight against the misandry on the left rather than blame MRAs for shifting away from the left.

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The MRM is still largely left wing, just that the left wingers tend not to say so. It's not so much that MRAs got more conservative as it is that their ranks swelled up with conservatives who thought it was a good way to trigger libs. It's kind of amazing how the radlib "leftists" so consistently push the idea that certain ideas make you persona non grata and turn people off left wing politics for good.

What exactly is this supposed to mean?
What does some piece of shitty webpage-as-software with font drawing have to do with text encoding standards?

That's a good point. The same leftwingers are still MRAs, but now more conservatives are also MRAs. Really I'm just disappointed that we still don't have more leftists supporting men's rights though, you would think the people who lead the fight for LGBT rights, women's rights, and civil rights wouldn't be so hostile toward males having rights. Especially since issues like homelessness or workplace deaths are ones that leftists should care about.

Serious question here, how many leftists have ever actually bothered to think their social policy positions through? They just go with whatever seems like they can use it to virtue signal the most. They only care about popularity and couldn't give a fuck if it makes sense or not. Leftists did jack shit to stop feminists from passing laws that discriminate openly against men while screaming sexism at anyone who called them out for being psychopaths. Oh yeah, and they strapped the age of consent to a fucking space shuttle and fired it into geosynchronous orbit solely to artificially enhance their sexual marketability when guys wanted young cuties instead of their ugly asses. Pretty much everything feminists have ever done qualifies as a form of bigotry, totalitarianism or both, but they get away with it because they've managed to falsely equate their own welfare with equality and progress and they have an army of beta simps ready to defend the honor of their fair ladies in the vain hope that white knighting will get them the opportunity to put their goony tadgers in a diseased meat cave with more mileage than 50 years' worth of NASCAR.

IMO it's a combination of the whole "male disposability" mindset with the fact that so many of men's issues are working class issues but amplified. Like workplace deaths is a worker issue and a men's issue (since it overwhelmingly affects men), but a lefty is going to see it only in terms of class 9 times out of 10.

Most people haven't thought anything through. That's why it's possible for someone to do social criticism and people respond with anything but "yeah no shit, everybody has thought this through."

A few reasons:

Unfortunately not, at least in my experience. The vast majority of people in these circles are either conservatives or traditionalists and generally anti-leftists (where "leftists" mean the state does stuff).

Conservative yes but there are basically no traditionalist MRAs, traditionalism goes against everything MRAs stand for. Anti-leftism is because leftist=man-hating feminist these days.

Is this an actual article?

This unironically.

It really is. For instance, while the following article is a little on the whiny side at times, it shines an intriguing light on how traditionalism can be harshly oppressive to men, even inside a literal patriarchy, with feminist agitation from more liberal societies actually making things even worse:

Marriage should just be abolished honestly

The property rights that marriage gives should. If people want to still get married for religious reasons I say let them. property rights are why 99% of people get married

They're anti-leftist in a leftist manner. Like leftists, they primarily view the world as a set of oppressive obstructions to some primordial joyfulness that has been taken away from them.

Not really.


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The MRM doesn't view Men's Rights as something that was lost in a fall from grace. The general consensus is that men have had more or less the same problems for all of history.

They're liberals that are inadvertently undermining capitalist exploitation with what they are demanding.
Not wanting to be homeless, enslaved or murdered by the state because you have a dick isn't some "primordial joyfulness". You have to be a white liberal that believes in meritocracy to say crazy stuff like this.

Communism is nothing but centralised capitalism, with the state being a single giant company that turns all its subjects into nothing more than a means to produce capital for the state. The state then pays its subjects what it believes they deserve. If people need to starve, lose all their autonomy, or lose their lives to keep the state afloat, than so be it. Nothing is more important than the state.

Communism exists as a movement and has been the sole identity of many countries.

Capitalisms modern meaning was invented by communists. Capitalism never existed as an ideology, No country has Identified as capitalist. Everything that isn't communist is called capitalist by communists. Humans and countries and companies have been accumulating capital since the stone age. Anyone can be accused of being capitalist. It is a meaningless term much like racism. 2

I'm not kidding but dating a girl like the one on the right was the best relationship I ever had. The bit about "able to cook from whatever's in the fridge" hit home all too much.

Why aren't you still with her?

The doctor said it was unhealthy to have an imaginary girlfriend.


Because I'm an unfaithful idiot who didn't really deserve her, it's misogynistic to expect women to cook when you can barely assemble a mediocre meal yourself but once you've lived with a woman (who you actually like as a companion regardless) who can work wonders with whatever random ingredients you have in your pantry because you forgot to do the groceries or your lousy employer forgot to pay you on time, you will long and regret that you ever took such a woman for granted.

You literally said that being attractive having importance to people is labor.
No, believing that there's some entity that has taken your primordial sense of fulfillment away, be it corporations or "the system", is.

No, I said that fashion and cosmetics industries demand that you treat being attractive as labor.
That's not how insecurity works.

Seriously cooking is not that hard, it's about as hard as being organized.

You can tell it's more D&C propaganda. American news outlets are CIA mouthpieces. They are playing the equality card on us now. The goal is to divert attention away from class conciousness into non-issues like how many women are employed in a certain job vs men. This keeps the women voting for neo-liberal pro business candidates. They elevated them to the rank of petite bourgeois so now they wont vote against their economic interests.

Every adult should be able to cook. Shit is not complicated. Get some ingredients. Prepare them. Combine them. Cook. Eat. Simple.

truth tho. those girls don't exist.

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but lets humor this…we can apply that to everything, including rape and murder. or our own existence.

No we can't.

scroll down a bit

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Yeah, sure. If rape, murder, and suicide are the sort of thing that please you.

If such things displease you, though, then despooking them doesn't really change anything, now does it?

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Take your fucking bitch ass feminist faggotry back to /tumblrpol/. You want to kill everyone in this thread? Start with yourself.

How can pedos keep recycling the same tired routines?

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The hebophaggot is completely fucktarded, but come on. You need to come with something better than that.

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Did you take a class to be this retarded?

…missionary, reverse cowgirl, 69 - I've always found it pretty easy.
69 is hard as fuck until they're at least about 7 or 8, though. Age is nothing but a number, but height is a material condition.

I mean, it's no secret that (much like polygamy) old guys stealing away kids to bang has always been something porkies did, rather than the masses of common folk.

The same holds true both throughout the most backward shitholes today, and pretty much any historical society you care to look at.

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"backward shitholes"

first world faggot detected.

nah hebes want us to fuck wrinkled cunts with no fresh eggs so we die.

Teens aren't children and fucking them isn't pedophilia for the gorillionth time. These charts are also dumb as shit and a deliberate, typically liberal attempt to misrepresent the situation of men fucking teens as being some kind of primitive practice as opposed to the normal state of humanity. The "backwards shitholes" are just the countries that aren't in the American sphere of influence for whatever reason, which is enough for liberals to define them as backwards. Your attempt to use 19th century Russian marriage stats as though 19th century Russian was some kind of exceptionally terrible place to live is especially dumb and gay because almost the entire fucking world was technologically primitive then. I'd like to see a list of countries where the AoC is 15 or less cross-referenced with major economic and social indicators like GDP per capita and their ranking on the list of world's happiest countries. But no matter what that report said, you'd ignore it. You should take off that ancom flag and put on a donkey.

We keep repeating this stuff because you keep not refuting it. We should make a law saying that statistics and the English language can't give consent to the abuses you inflict on them.

Seriously, how many African shitposters have you ever shatposted with? I can only remember maybe 3.

The ball's in your court and not in your pants

I can just keep throwing facts in your face proving that the "muh dirty serfs" stereotype of everybody getting pregnant as soon as they went on the rag is ahistorical nonsense on par with "everybody died in their 20s". But evidently none of it will stop your undigested brainlet propaganda from gurgling forth like diarrhea.

This is some serious projection. Your blatant strawmanning of being told that you're blundering basic logic as "feels > reals" is something that only a liberal could possibly do. But I guess you've done one good thing here, which is providing a perfect demonstration to everyone here of the fact that you're a disingenuous moron. This kind of shit is why you keep getting threads derailed over this issue. People need to recognize just how intellectually bankrupt you lot are. And not only have you been showing us that, you're Dunning-Kruger'd enough to act like you have the cognitive high ground.

I've produced facts, you've produced vague handwaving.

You may have posted figures that were correct, but the conclusions you're trying to draw from them are non sequiturs, which leaves you no better off than if you'd posted false figures.

Why aren't you offering me the facts, if any, that lead you to your current opinions?

The closest thing to an argument (still without any facts to support it) you've put forward so far is that maybe pedos would be happier or richer, abandoning to 100% feels your earlier contention that everybody were pedos in the past before the big bad legislators abolished it.

Eh, mostly ephebophilia. Pedos don't have to worry about pregnancy, so anal is more of a "fun option" than "biologically mandatory."

Your conclusions aren't based on facts because you've failed to show a logical connection between the stats you're posting and your conclusions. This is a very simple concept which is apparently too complex for you. This is yet another example of why trying to talk to you people is an exercise in playing chess with a pigeon. You just take a shit on the chessboard and call that winning, so I don't see any point in continuing this discussion any further. I've also noticed that a lot of ancoms tend to be SJWs. It really sours the whole anarchy thing for me. I'd prefer to have a state that stops people like you from telling me what to do, especially since anarchist societies tend to be "just don't call it a state".

A needless study by Hall, Hirschman and Oliver, 1995 was needless because it confirmed what every guy with a working dick knows, which is that the most desirable girls almost universally are teenagers.





I am not sure what you think these graphs mean in terms of the argument, but that first one seems to support the other side.

My point is that motherhood below 20 has been far less common than often said, and motherhood below 15 extremely rare.



That infographic is about motherhood in a particular region of Africa, and it doesn't even have data for girls under fifteen. Furthermore, it looks like about a quarter of the girls in the 15-19 range are not only having sex but have already had at least one child. It seems reasonable to assume that the number of girls in that range that are having sex is significantly greater than the number of the same who have already had children.

Lurk moar

yeah but you must adopt their attitude

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