Zig Forums gets a phd in islam

Halfchan is occasionally having some really good threads about islam and its many flaws.

The best part is that these threads are made almost entirely of quotations from islamic scriptures that clearly scream of violence against the infidels, pedophilia, misogyny etc. This is the kind of stuff that could convince even western libtards.

Dumping the 3 lessons they wrote until now.

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Btw the author is the same guy who last year wrote this brutal verbal beatdown of islam and muslims.

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Next lessons planned:

Quran and Sunnah (and why they're retarded).
Science (what's that? is it halal to eat?).
Dhimmis (a peek into your future).
Pedophilia (and why it's endemic).
Slavery (the most honored muslim tradition).
Women (and how to clean their litter box).
Honor killings (wife or kid pissing you off? Sharia is the solution).
Faggots (and the best ways to murder them).

Call me back when he does the same to judaism

Sage. Counter-jihadist-tier controlled opposition.

What? Where?
Are you hallucinating gay jews again, user?


it feels like most of anti-mudslimes are pro-kikes, I wonder why it's hard to be anti mudslimes and anti-kikes.
this part made me lol, In reality kikes soldiers wearing diapers because they are afraid.

Jihad: Islam's 1,300 Year War on Western Civilisation by Arthur Kemp
The Life of Mohammed: The Sira by Bill Warner
Sharia Law for Non-Muslims by Bill Warner

Can someone explain why Muslims are afraid to eat pork but are okay to drink alcohol in the US if both activities are forbidden in Islam.

Bill Warner said he studied the Talmud (in I think the Red Ice interview), yet attacks Islam, while defending Judaism. He defended Israel for continuously attacking Gaza because (Political Mudslimes goy). He also resembles a lot the tribe, more-so than even people like Putin.
Again, counter-jihadist tier controlled opposition.

They're not Muslims.

Yeah I definitely don't endorse him. But those books have good concise information about that cult and I couldn't find any pro-jew treachery in them.
I wonder if he's commented more on the Talmud than just mentioning that he studied it.

eating pork and drinking alcohol is forgiven if it's to blend in and find the weaknesses of the infidels before you jihad them friend

Not jews oy vey

because muhammad was stupid pedo and mudslimes didn't know how to properly cook meat back then, so they got illness and thought their imaginary god punished them and this dogma continues until today. also only western mudslimes who are okay with drinking because they don't fully follow their pedo book

Fuck off leddit.

How the hell can you even trust what you learn in theology studies in the West, especially Judaism, Islamism and Christianism ?

Based and redpilled.
Let's team up with our Greatest Ally® and fight the evil muslims!

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Ok, one major problem I have with this poster is his naïve reliance on 7th-9th century Arabic sources. While it has admittedly taken scholars a much longer time to get around to a historico-critical analysis of the origins of Islam compared to Judaism and Christianity, what we know now is very different from what is presented by these Muslim scholars. As with Abraham, Moses, David and Jeshua, it is assumed and generally born out by intense scrutiny that the biography of Mohammad diverges from the historical figure. This serves as a general warning into those interested in early Islam, not just what this poster is referring to. Most confusingly, there is no evidence that Arabia was pagan at this time, as it was Christianized, and there was no massacre of the Jews at Banu Qurayza, which isn't even reported in Jewish annals, as it surely would given their propensity to exaggerate every action taken against them.

I would also remind whites that convert to Islam that they will be expelled to Muslim countries. No take backsies for traitors. I'm sure they'll like it with their new brothers over in Saudi Arabia or Egypt.

The classic shill response. Probably a jew, because jews and muslims are buddy buddy
They're BOTH bad
you'll also see
they're BOTH BAD

It's the same shit. Lovely shill tactic.

He literally said "more dishonesty than jewiest jew" in the sentences you quoted. He's insulting both jews and muslims… just a bit more the muslims.

You're clearly a muslim apologist.

What? If you want to criticize islam, obviously you'll quote from its holy books.
The fuck kind of objection is that?

Even admitting both things (and you need to prove them), the fact that muslims still worship a bloodthirsty schizophrenic thief pedophile and excuse even a massacre like that of the Qurayza, shows that muslims are sick pieces of shit who need to be expelled or executed.

What?? Only very few tribes were christians. In the Ka'aba they didn't have pictures of Jesus, you know. They had dozens of pagan idols.

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Already a thread in the catalog

This is an excellent thread and on a better board it'd be stickied for a while. Good job OP. Images saved.

Islam is a moon cult with connections to catholicism and freemasonry.

This. I'm so glad we have good quality threads now that mods never delete, I'm even more glad we don't have threads like this on Judaism.



These fuckers sound just like the mormons, BTW.

Every thread is a containment thread these days.

You can't, you shouldn't and you should continuously combat the narrative of lies after you have the knowledge from outside the school system.

Always give sources, alway stay as concise as possible.

Well said.

The Arabian peninsula at the time was a mess of pagans, Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians and probably other shit too. Being this divided obviously made it easy to conquer shit, half the work on D&C was already done.

Imagine being this obsessed. I am anti-Semitic as they come, but I don't reject what someone is saying because they don't insert Holocaust jokes into every line they type. In fact, I can only assume you are a Muslim or Jew committing Taqiya against us.


These are awesome! Please post more of these lessons when that anons comes up with them.

Also, suggest that he do a similar analysis of Jewish holy texts to see what they are all about, with citations like he did here. Particularly it would be useful to see how the Jews view themselves versus non-Jews and what their overall mythology dictates they do as we are the unwilling witnesses and hosts of it in our own countries.

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So was Syria or Palaestina.
They hated the eastern roman empire for persecuting monofisytes, and when the mudslimes invaded and conquered they initially kept the christians alone as long as they paid the jyzia and didn't proselytize.

The "islamic golden age" was actually a time when islam was being lax and people were allowed to disagree with islam.

Greeks were not responsible for the "golden age" the middle east was way ahead of the west for thousands of years before the muslims came and destroyed everything. the scholars were forced to change their names to islamic names and were forced to write in arabic text. the "islamic golden age" was actually persian in origin.

Just when it looked like the middle east would come back from islam, the mongols attacked bringing in hoards of turks and it was never able to recover again.


Sassanid Persia was far more well developed than any germanic tribe at the time.
In fact, germans only stopped being snowniggers after they invaded the dying WRE and became "romanized" at such a point that their original languages died with their former tribal identity.
Go ahead and call me a mudslime, but there was no germanic Ctesiphon or Isfahan.

Not really, when it comes to things like metal working and sword crafting they really weren't, and for things like irrigation systems you must take in to account the population density, quite simply, once the technology for successfully utilizing the soil in Northern Europe became available, allowing the population to expand to the same density as the southern regions, the north quickly outpaced the rest of the world, and this is simply a consequence of population density and having a population with adequate genetic potential.

IE your statement that some shitskins shithole was "more advanced" is actually false, since the assertion you're making is that the population there was more capable than the one in Northern Europe, which history clearly has shown to be false since the second Northern Europeans came to have a population of comparable size they immedietly out-competed the shitskins that you are speaking of.

Also, Europe, and Europeans is not limited to Germanic people, you also have the Romans, the Greeks etc.

This never happened, a huge section of the Italian population actually spoke a central Germanic language for several centuries. Latin languages did not come from the Romans, it came from the French mainly. Also, Germany was a more important political and military as well as technological power than Italy or France.

You're a buttblasted kangz tier shitskin.

Who? You're speaking of people who have no significance, I don't know if you've noticed but basically every single important figure of the last two thousand years has been a white European, and most of them have been Germanic, there is no sand-nigger Gauss, or Newton, or Captain Cook, or Hitler, or Barbarossa, or Bismarck.

Persians only succeed because of their partially aryan dna, but being a mongrelized nation, they are not as great as europeans.

You read the books (the koran, authentic hadith) yourself, and make up your own mind. Or, if you haven't time to cross-reference the texts to make sense of it, get the life of mohammed, from this kind user

This is the kind of ill-educated bullshit that creates people like medposter. Are you a true blooded German, or are you the stereotypical 1/8 germanic heritage burger? I really can't tell.

Achmed pls go

Patiently waiting for these

They were only mongrelized once the Sassanid fell to muslim hands, after that they got raped pretty hard not by the arab mudslimes who kept to themselves mostly but by their turkic and then their mongolian neighbors.

What in the fuck name did I just read ? the gallo-roman languages which came to became the modern french we know today come from the "french", a term that didn't actually existed until West Frankia became Kingdom of France.

Avicenna (a Persian), Khalid Ibn Al Waleed who never lost a battle in his whole career fighting against the two most powerful empires in the world at that time (ERE and Sassanid Persia), Subotai, a mongol general who served under Genghis Khan and his sons and is known even today as one of the most brilliant generals of all time defeating the most powerful empires of his time with a much smaller army, Brahmagupta a mathematician and astronomer, to tell just a few.

user, you can love your race and still aknowledge the accomplishment of others. Just like you, both the Persians and the Eastern Romans underestimated the power of the arab mudslimes (who were never really a threat before Mohomo came to be) and were defeated in many battles in such a humiliating manner that they had to use scorched earth in their own homeland in order to prevent the mudslimes from conquering the whole of Anatolia before the Turks.

Does anyone else feel like the exploding kebab has died down a bit ?
There's the yearly Christmas attacks that take out less than a dozen people, but it feels like since Trump was elected the whole thing has died down a bit not just in the United States but in Europe as well.

Are the Jihadis all being kept busy in Syria ? Are the counter-terror networks actually getting the job done ? Have their handlers decided to go with a different strategy ?

Things feel quiet, even though the invasion is going faster than ever.

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Why would they shit up the cozy new nest their Jewish allies made for them? They get carted out if the need arises, like Strasbourg to curb the protests and that's it. They understand full well that all they need is a few more decades of breeding to overcome most of Europe.

just go to thereligionofpeace.com
Does the same, more thoroughly.

I don't disagree with you but those guys are questionable choices. The Muds themselves didn't like Avicenna because he wasn't Muslim enough, the massive successes of the early Arab expansion can be explained by just how weak the ERE and Sassanids were at the time and the Mongols practiced a type of warfare that was leagues ahead of anything in Europe.

They've recently stepped up attacks in pissrael, afaik

Finally we're getting a consensus here, I also don't disagree with your statement that both ERE and Sassanid Persia was at it's lowest point during that period, Mohomo and his followers were very lucky that both countries were exhausted from so much fighting and plagues that reduced much of their population and left critical regions like Syria seriously undermanned, the recruits had shitty morale and routed easily while the mudslimes had the islamic fervour and promises of plunder and the for the local population it was best to have the mudslimes as overlords since jyzia was actually cheaper than the taxes imposed by ERE or Persia.
And yes, the europeans always suffered against mongols and their turkic cousins who fought on horseback and employed tactics which the europeans couldn't really fight back efficiently, and generals like Subotai were tactical geniuses who ended up not only winning battles, but massacring whole armies even against all odds.
My point is we should not underestimate other races like some Zig Forumsacks who think all the other races are retarded nigger tier shitskins, mongols for example, have one of the highest IQ in the world, which kinda explains why they gave birth to such military geniuses in their history.


Some user dude made that 18 years ago.
Read: whenvictimsrule.blogspot.com/

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I have a very old text appendix to the first edition of the arabian nights, detailing in clear, redpill language the customs of the arabs and their cultural pecadillos like pedophilia, crossdressing, sodomy, and bestiality. It's fucking insane, and since it was written well over a hundred years ago, proves Arabs will never change. jrbooksonline.com/burton.htm
Here is their links: jrbooksonline.com/eastern_sexology.htm
And an article about Brit marines hassled by Arab faggots jrbooksonline.com/uk_marines_hassled_by_gays.htm

That sounds really interesting. Gonna read it now.

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The only thing that will convince them is death.

Professor Kafir is back with lesson n. 5 about Islam and Science.

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has chapter 4 been published? OP is pic 1, 2 and 3, and LP id 5
if it exists could someone post it plz? I'll try to OCR it and translate for some yuropeons

if someone has a text or html file of them it would be even better

Funny how large the overlap between /x/ niggers and Muslims happens to be when it comes to science.

Real science is great. Fake science used for manipulating and damaging our race (which includes a large part of STEM as well) - as practiced in every single Western university - is gay and has to go. 90% of today's "scientists" are liars and useless eaters.

Lesson 5? Do you have a cap of lesson 4?

this is the correct answer

all caps

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Great find, user.
This will be an interesting read…

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even cuckchan is less of a shithole than this place

Threads like these may be rare, but they make swimming through all the shit on this board worth it. I can't wait for the next lessons.

I've already read the Hadiths, Sira and Quran. People interested should check out the abridged versions by Bill Warner.

What is the best sex lube for goats, user?

Stop spreading the first cap, it's disinformation. They mean the Talmud, not the Torah.

Reminder that counter-jihad is 100% kosher.
Muslims need to be gassed as well of course, but do not allow your hatred of the enemy to be co-opted by the (((enemy))).

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islam is shitty but the argument against muslims is that they're filthy desert shitskins and they need to fuck off. who cares what abrahamic cancer they pray to?

Prof. Kafir is back with the sixth lesson about dhimmitude.


The future of Evropa looks bleak.

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Archived link: archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/198520600/

Mohammad was a Jew!

Not a jew, but he certainly took a lot of inspiration from the chosen faggots.

I've read numerous excepts claiming Aminah bint Wahb was a jew.

lol that sounds like a good way to piss muslims off.

Correct. It’s how you get to “nah those aren’t muslim terrorists over there” in the bar next to the flight school weeks before 9/11.

archives of the archives Don't ever think that one archive is enough


I think we're getting the picture here.

Another thread that reeks of gefilite fish.

Yep, every predominantly White European nation is being flooded with "Muslims".

But, of course, the real question is WHO could possibly be behind all this White Genocide via WEAPONIZED IMMIGRATION? Who has infiltrated and subverted, and thus now totally controls, all those nations' governments? WHO CONTROLS THE IMMIGRATION FLOODGATES?


And that is the root of the "Muslim problem"… And the root of almost every problem in the World today. And focusing on ANYTHING ELSE is just a waste of time and is 100% BULLSHIT. It is futile and pointless to treat the symptoms – we must treat the (((disease))) itself…

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… What if this is his are of expertise (it clearly fucking is) and that isn't?
No he should be both - but having a thread about one doesn't stop YOU from making one about the other.

bumping, these are great resources

The amount of effort that went into this is astounding, but unfortunately it is lost on 8gaggers who (being low IQ and mentally retarded) thinks that dicksucking Muslims is required to hate Jews.


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Book covers for attention

Attached: Jihad- Islam's 1,300 Year War on Western Civilisation by Arthur Kemp (2012)


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A British rabbi has told his congregation in Wales that war is approaching and Judaism allows them to take women as slaves and rape them.


israevil(DOT COM) british-rabbi-war-comingzionists-can-take-christian-muslim-women-sex-slaves/

>"Let me tell you the following words as if I were showing you the rungs of a ladder leading upward and upward: Herzl, the Zionist Congress, the English Uganda proposition, the future world war, the peace conference - where with the help of England a free and Jewish Palestine will be created."

>"We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not." – Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast)

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It is prophesized i the torah that the jews will run the world and thwir messiah will kill all the aryans and thwy will rule over a nationless horde of brown subhumans that will serve them as slaves

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Zig Forums has always been anti-Islam you stupid fuck, where do you think you are? You can't D&C by pretending anti-Islam = pro-kike, or pro-Christian, or anything else. There are many types of cancer in the world, and Islam is one of many.

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Too late for them here, we're woke on the JQ.