The upcoming generation

Is the next generation of youth going to put a stop to the degeneracy we see? I see posts of kids with Nazi salutes, but then I see things like video related. And yet, those kids that think it's cool to like Hitler may not realize what virtue is. What can we do to lead the next generation to virtue, and away from vices?

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wow, australia is about 20 years late on the wigger stuff. i believe the states has pretty much cleared that hurdle.

No, they're a product of it. They're going to be the worst generation in history. They'll have the most homosexuals, the most transsexuals, the most interracial relationships etc. Gen Z is a post-racial, post-gender generation, to their core being, because their world view has been controlled since day one.

No anything you hear about anti Semitism or anything else cool is usually just the muds

Not even close


t. shit-skin
Shit-skins are even more affected by homosexuality and general degeneracy than white people. Stop trying to put your monkey race on a pedestal.

Sodom cometh


The thing about the redpill is that there is no turning back. Kids this young are going to stay like that forever, while the degenerate have the potential for redemption, any time.

In the Wheel of Civilization, We are the generation of the Prophets, the ones who have realized the truth but cannot put it in action because the previous generation are blocking us (and they are not to be spited, they are greater victims than we are).

The next generation are the coming Heroes, who not only will not only have no previous generation and system blocking them, they will have their support, Our support.

We are playing the long game, for our wave is invincible and inevitable.
2049 will be an important year, THE great shift will happen.
2089 is another year to look forward to, but that is for another time…

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Not really. They are more clued in by virtue of internet access pretty much from birth, but that raises the other issue. They are raised on degeneracy and glued to screens. They are going to be pumped full of so much propaganda and filth that its going to fuck them up.

Don't get excited because some kids do edgy shit. Ten years ago in school I was part of similar things. We'd make gay jokes all the time, racist stuff, sing the German national anthem when were studying the ebil natzees, sieg heil etc.Some kids even read Mein Kampf. Doesn't mean much.They still went out clubbing and muh dicking, people still regurgitated the usual talking points of nazis being bad. I was one of them. I ended up here eventually but most normalfags will not it any do at all.

they dont need to do anything other than murder anti-Whites

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So much this.

From post 33515:

"Generation Z is the most conservative generation since World War II!!1" Anecdotally false. I don't trust the statistics that "they" publish, but I interact with teenagers on a frequent enough basis to know that they're more awful than we Millennials were as teenagers. Some edgy conservatards who dig pepe memes, but there are far more hard-left types among today's 15-21 year olds than there were of the same age bracket from ten years ago, and no joke, it was easier to say a racist joke in 2007 than it is today. That said, yes, there are more "aware" teenagers/early 20 yos today than there were ten years ago, but that has more to do with the proliferation of conspiracy websites and videos that for some reason are being allowed to stay up and not get immediately pigeonholed or taken offline anymore. There are also more "aware" Millennials now than there were when those same Millennials were teenagers ten or more years ago, also due to the same proliferation of internet conspiracy theories. Same with Gen X and Baby Boomers.

Another thread on the subject:

Gen Z is also the most emaciated generation in history. Basically tail-end Millennials and Zs are largely made up of underweight soyboys and skinnyfats, plus mild obesity (the obesity epidemic is overblown in the US, especially for whites, maybe deliberately to encourage the cultivation of skinny underweight cucks).

White Z's faces look different from their counterparts of decades past, I'm not exactly sure why, maybe something in the food and water like estrogen, or maybe they aren't doing proper exercising anymore and staying glued to a screen or phone probably isn't good for them either. Very few white males under 25 or even 30 look properly masculine like they did in the 1970s and prior. Even in the 1990s it was better.
Furthermore, they have a more narcissistic attitude about everything. Even Millennials are noting this.

The future does not look good for this country, as if that wasn't obvious enough.

We can't discuss how to guide them?

Yea, more Nadszees! hahahahaha! See, Whites are nazis and racists.

Mr Jew

20 yr Gen Z here. This Earth is doomed. Cleanse it with nuclear hellfire.

Most Gen Z and millennial men look and act like fugly moody women. Their only hope is Testosterone therapy. Too many years of low T has left them undeveloped in both their brain and body. They can't ever recover without exogenous help.

Physical work of some kind might help. Testosterone therapy seems to shrink a man's testicles

Is this a serious question?

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Late gen Z likely will be the worst generation yet considering early millennials will be the parents

I was wondering about this morphology (pic related as perhaps an extreme example) that seems so prevalent among US/Western millennials these days - what is it exactly that's causing these things (balding/widow's peak, shitty beard, spectacles)? I'm originally from Eastern Europe but been living in the US for about a decade now and I don't look like that, and neither did anyone at the time in the old country. I'm not in perfect shape as I've been living an average lower-middle class American lifestyle with bad sleep and shitty food, but I have a full head of hair and no glasses. It seems to me like the disposition (social programming to make men weak, submissive, beta cucks since birth) is now starting to be actively reflected in the outer phenotype as well, along with sedentary lifestyle and near-constant starting at screens - devolution, if you will. Sorry for slight off-topic, polite sage.

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1 and 3 look like pakis so I put that down to inbreeding.

Hormone disrupting chemicals, in plastics and foods, trans fats in sweets, radiation from electronics, etc. These things might contribute.

The US alone has 20+ million people who have some degree of jewish ancestry, 5.5 million of them openly calling themselves jewish, so that could also be heavily skewing the average white perception.

Unfortunately, I'm starting to notice the cuckface look in young Slavs these days, especially Russians. I can already tell their average 10-15 year olds will look like the 25-30 year olds in the West (and some 20-25 year old seemingly white Russians already look mildly soyish). This needs to be stopped and fast, or the white race will literally be finished.

Your biggest wigger moved to America.

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You know how I discovered how/why so many of my former "friends" who went insane/betrayed me/etc? The neuroticism made sense thanks to phrenology. Yes, the unattached earlobes, sleepy eyes, thin upper lip, lower brow etc actually do show who the kikes and mischlings are.

Gen Z here. Gen Z is going 2 ways. One is blindly following the bluepill degenerate trends of the millennials, and doubling down. The other way is rejecting mass consumerism and falling out of society completely. It's maybe 80/20.

I have many friends who are technically homeless and live in vans because they'd rather that than join the rat race and tend bar forever. We make money doing creative, gig type stuff. Upcycling shit timber offcuts into 'arty' furniture and selling it to pretentious wankers. Landscaping, handyman work. All off grid, all of us dirt poor, living half outdoors. But this way is teaching us to be hardy fuckers. I havent had a stable, permanent place to call my own home in 5 years.

Our parents literally taught us fucking nothing and just assumed we'd magically turn into successful, happy people. My dad's motto was "do what you want". Note that thats literally Satans one commandment according to the Bible. They didn't teach us what to do, how to survive, how to act. Imagine a bear that feeds its cubs but doesn't teach them anything about what a bear does to live. Those cubs would mostly die, or be insane, or depressed if they were kept fed. That's how you should consider gen Z. The generation that wasn't raised.

So 80% follow the path laid out for them and become consumer slaves, for lack of knowing any better. And 20% (probably the most disagreeable and/or creative 20%) reject it and drop out completely, and find some other way of surviving (or actually die/kill themselves). But we all feel like we're alone, lost and if we don't 'make it' we're fucking losers and it's all our own fault.

I agree with this, from what I've observed urban American Jews were probably the patient zero for the current soy/bugman/nu-male epidemic; and no, of course it won't stay confined to the west, not in the little global village we live in today. Maybe it's just a hallmark of a much too comfortable, "prosperous" (as in, textured soy protein and Obamaphones for all) society that's way overdue for some actual crisis. Good times, weak men and all that.

are you saying UNattached earlobes are jewish? I've noticed plenty of kikes with attached ones

Too late for that. They have too much catching up to do. They need to maintain upper normal levels of testosterone for a few years to finish what their subpar puberty never completed. That's not likely to happen without T therapy, with how much modern life works against having good T levels.
Weekly intramuscular injection method can do that, but there are ways to prevent it. A superior method gaining traction in research is daily doses of small amounts of topical testosterone applied to the scrotum + some upstream prohormones pregnenolone and DHEA to ensure there is a balance of all other important hormones in the body.
I am convinced the only way to make something out of the masses of under developed millennial and Gen Z fags at this point is hormonal therapy. Many have the redpills, but don't have the masculine power. We need to find the most fool proof method to maximizing their T to meme out to the soyfaggots to give them a second chance at life.
In previous declines of civilization due to over urbanization they never had the benefit of hormonal therapy to re-energize their will to live. Perhaps we can cheat fate this time.

Good news is very few of them will procreate.

Where does it say that? I've only ever heard it said by edgey Crowleyniggers, but I doubt he made it up on his own.

Too late. Most will be fags and will commit suicide in their 20s.

Nope. The masses of trannyfaggots will die weak willed, mislead, and hopelessly addicted. Only the strong survive. Come on, you know this. The strongest white males will make it through, either because they have some kind of natural immunity to the onslaught of estrogen, or because they're smart enough to compensate for it. But the masses? Completely fucked.

Stop caring about the legions of assholes who won't amount to anything. The most fit will naturally rise to the top.

All I can say is we will live to see a great culling by either the last of the based people or by the degenerates under their own weight.

Your method seems to have potential, but I believe in naturally raising testosterone.
Here is the first step, men. Encourage the youth to not eat fast food. To eat few sweets, but preferably none. The first step is about healthy eating for their sake.

About a 90/10 split. So 90% will be like the boomers when they were young but with no money and more heroin. The remaining 10% will be extremely aware of what's going on around them and bug out of society to live independent of western (((society))).

What the hell is this blackpill OP? Talk to any kid under 20 and they will tell you how they feel, most are pretty woke. If your experience with them is video related I can see how you would think that. Children aren't running around fucking black people and snorting crack thats like the less-than-one-percent. Actually talk to the people around you don't get blackpilled by media.

OP is a blackpilled fag or a jewish shill.

It's terrible. Regarding testosterone, here's another video that shows how messed up things are.

Traps are hot, fuck off with that shit.

Gen Z also, 18. I'd say at least where I live the percentage is higher, and that even the politically unaware are better off than millennials at least in terms of rejecting intersectional bs. College could of course change that via the common indoctrination tactics. Plenty of smart white kids around where I live going to college and not giving a shit about the propaganda, just getting their degree and getting out. Racist jokes/ anti SJW sentiment is common amongst the student population, and ALL of the white males I've talked too at my school are at the very least not guilty about existing, they're fine existing as what they are and don't give a fucking shit about muh white guilt.

Gen Z is more libertarian than millennials, and also more egalitarian. You may not like that because it means muh niggers get treated like equals until they do something stupid, but that's how it is. Its a big school of several thousand, but in a nice area that's majority white, and all the non-whites are the cream of the non-white crop that can afford living amongst the whites. Don't know for sure, but it seems like a 60/40 split in favor of whites at least.

My experiences are merely anecdotal (coming from the Deep South), but I can assure you that portions of GenZ, portions that are described as "normies", are completely race conscious and unashamed of who they are (though not typically politically informed beyond ha ha SJW at liberal college does something stupid, look at these morons hating on free speech/guns). The JQ is known among many as well, but typically just as general funny anti-semtic jokes, and not true knowledge of just how much of banks/media/companies/government they control.

Feel free to ask questions, I will attempt to answer them if I remain in the thread.

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Man that meme is poorly spelled, glad its not mine. Self-sage for double posting.

Objectively false, and entirely based upon your perception of self-hating white liberals who grow up in the city and do little but liberal arts drivel with their lives. Plenty of musclebound whites, tall big boy whites that are fat but also have muscle. Small thin puny whites do exist, as do skinny fats, but those you consider to be the soy boy variety are few and far between. I only know one of those at my school, and he's just an autistic savant kind of guy lol. Extremely intelligent, wears business casual clothes every day, has a man bun at times, for some reason wears multiple fancy watches on his arm(s). Don't know his politics, but I do know he's definitively autistic or something akin. Helped him with a movie project he was doing at one point, it was japanese rhythmic poetry of all things.

The first part is entirely true. More aware due to internet, but also more degenerate because internet porn and the like, simple truth.

>Imagine a bear that feeds its cubs but doesn't teach them anything about what a bear does to live. Those cubs would mostly die, or be insane, or depressed if they were kept fed. That's how you should consider gen Z. The generation that wasn't raised.
Oh, so exactly my upbringing. Fucking broken homes, man. My mom wasn't abusive, she just wasn't a dad. And I'm not even Gen Z.

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Criminally underrated post.
Jesus fucking christ I hope you're wrong there, especially with the gilet jaunes doing their thing. There's no way I could wait 30 fucking years for this shit to turn around.

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Nice digits grunt. Is it true that the younger generation is more debt conscious? I've heard a few of them talk down college because of the cost and the debt associated but I don't know if that's just anecdotal. If the GenZ and beyond can refocus towards becoming tradesmen and creating innovation in building science the future is ours. Also are you all really that turned off from marriage and having families or is that the propaganda? Taking the family pill saved my life

t. Millenial

Gen Z is the most divided generation in centuries, and this is a good thing. For every degenerate teen you see, there is just about another redpilled one in the corner. Long-term, fence sitters go right because fence sitters are average intelligence fuckers, most of times, who catch up to leftist bullcrap.

Oh fuck yes are we debt conscious. I guarantee there will still be Z'rs falling for the student loan debt meme, but Gen Z at least from my anecdotes is less inclined to do so. Plenty of kids at my high school that have it figured out at least to a degree, but many more that don't really know for sure. We'll definitely will be more hesitant to loan than millennials due to all the horror stories they've heard.

As for marriage and having families, I honestly don't know. We don't talk about that at school too often, but I do know that broken homes fuck kids up BADLY. I was blessed (lucky if you're a fedorafag) to have two hwhite parents that love each other and are willing to compromise (though my dad still holds ultimate authority, mom gets a valid say and they share responsibility in fair measure). I can only guess that kids from broken homes will either learn from the mistakes of their parents, fuck up just like their parents because they never learned what a healthy relationship looks like, or like you said just put off family-making as long as possible.

My final guess is that Gen Z will be very promiscuous sexually speaking, perhaps less so than millennials due to muh METOO, and that they won't marry due to legal repercussions and just co-habit and say they're married/ get married in church but not in the courtroom.

MP4 unrelated.

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Pardon my poor grammar, I should really check my posts in entirety before posting.

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People are always asked to make shit up for things like this, do you think anything based would ever make it into this kind of propaganda?

I get the impression that they volunteered for this willingly and enthusiastically. They shouldn't even have been able to find five guys in the whole school who would put their face next to this crap. Makes me sort of mad.

That's as close to the mark as you can hit, I'd say. Gen Z is right economically, socially centre-right in terms of individual equality but with little sympathy for openborders/intersectionality BS. This is the case except among the ugly and fat gremlins (of which I've seen all of 2 over my 4 years, literally a fat lesbian and a fat goblina.) Gen Z is basically the ultimate libertarian wet dream of "I don't give a shit what you are or do until you fuck something up".This is all purely from anecdote of course, so don't take my word for it.

You really don't know how university/school promotional stuff works, do you? They get students, make them pose or say something they want to hear, and then turn them loose. Yearbook Club 101 over here. (No I have never been in yearbook club, I was just informed about how it works).

We were doomed before we were born, I don't think that we can wake up enough people to counteract the racial inertia of today's world. Whites have to say 'enough is enough' collectively and make radical changes to their communities to ensure our existence. We were beaten before we were born. I'm going to move to eastern Europe after I get my degree; the US and western Europe is dead. There is not reasonable way we could make our countries heterogeneous white again. There are no more wars to fight or battles to be won. Start making time capsules of our literature and culture to be burred. We are in the darkest of all ages. No religion, no God, no kings. Be strong and moral; that is all we can do.

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its all fucked op

You ain't going to solve shit, in fact, you make Eastern Europe LESS white with your migration.

No you dont get it… it wont be the majority and none of these kids understand yet, but remember that anger you felt the moment you realized whats going on… times that by 100 when they eventually realize. Not all of them will… but youre gonna see some real shit when they do.

Just try man. Try everything you can.

t. nigger

Yes, it's attached earlobes that are a tell.

MP4 extremely related. Never lose sight of the dreams you want to become reality, in a just world the Sky King would simply be a normal airline pilot who knocked up that girl he was seeing. I appreciate your reply user. I'm encouraged to hear that your peers are more debt conscious, that's a good first step onto the path of self sufficiency. Many of my peers dove in head first towards their collegiate debt and will be saddled with it the rest of their lives. I have already seen some I know ruined by it. I didn't fall for the college meme because I was unsure about what to do, then circumstance drove me in other directions. That being said, I always tell the up and comers to look at it as an investment. If you had 100k to invest in your own endeavors how would you do it? Through school? Use the money to start a business? To buy a home? There are many valid answers but it's the perspective that counts.

I understand marriage in the modern world is filled with minefields and civilian casualties. My personal story is completely against the grain so I'll share so you know people like me still exist. I was engaged before I turned 21, married at 23 and a father at 25. I knew the woman I had found was a virtuous and worthwhile person and I committed to her fully and it has been worth it every step of the way. Men and women work together in harmony, this sickness and venom towards the other is gut wrenching to see. Me and my spouse both come from divorced households where the divorce happened when we were out of high school. It did't affect us that much but we are learning from the mistakes of our parents and the shockwaves of their failures in marriage linger today and I imagine they will going forward. We don't have the extended family I wanted my children to have, we are starting with us, we must have the strength to be the foundation for our descendants for generations to come. Thank your parents for being normal user, they'll appreciate it more than you think. A healthy relationship is a homogenous relationship, every time. Whatever you all do remember that having children is paramount to achieving the next step of maturity and development. You don't want to be like all the pathetic late 20's early 30's big infants who are still living life in the sandbox and wondering why their dog isn't curing their depression and anxiety.

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I'm gonna dox myself a little for the sake of data collection here.

Gen Z male, 18 year old hailing from Austria. My circle of friends and colleagues mostly oppose the cultural marxist elements that are being pushed, but engage in degenerate party and consumer culture. My closest friend, the one I have focused my redpilling efforts on most, has the same National Socialist worldview and ideas as I.
In general, I'd say it's around an 80/20 if mot.70/30 split around here, definitely better than in the fatherland.

Trips. It took me years to confront the JQ but once you do (I'm in my 40's) it's like a rebirth. I hope these young folks get to have more years with the binders off than I will.


The night is darkest before the dawn user. I'd ask you to stay in the states and see it out with those who feel like you, but you must go where God needs you. Remember Europe needs to be shown what it is to fight back, to truly fight back. To understand a day not fighting is a day not worth living. We are tasked with uniting our people under the banner of our shared race and way of life. If we succeed we will stand as the king of kings in an age of great splendor. Kalki's ride looms off in the unseen future

here here

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*Doubt on that last wimping out bit.

Skyking was married, wasn't he? He shouldn't've committed suicide imo, but at least he died having followed his dreams.

As for marriage, thank YOU for your story user. My parents got married in their twenties too, and I say I love them both all the time. We're not perfect to each other by any means, but we're a family first, and that means we're for each other, not against. Frankly it makes me feel like a spoiled brat, growing up in a Christian (though not devoutly so, which has caused my brother to drift away, my fault for being a dick to him as a kid and pushing him away, 22 months apart) household with two loving and teaching parents. I feel that if I can't measure up, then there's no success story out there for me. I know it isn't true though, and that I will find a way. The greatest thing my Dad has ever done for me is teach me how to plan. Thanks to him, and my mom nagging me to get it done, I've been accepted to several quality (yet relatively cheap) colleges within my city, accepted to a high quality college (but still small town campus, which is great, fuck cities) within my state, and if it doesn't work out college wise I can enlist in the Navy and start off as an E-3 due to my time in the NJROTC program. I've also received scholarships from some of those colleges, and have applied for full ride scholarships with the catch that I have to undertake military service post graduation.

My only real dream, if I'm being entirely honest, is to be a good Christian father with a wife and children I can cherish and support. I've dated, but never found the girl for me. I always seem to attract either the loonies, the semi-loonies, or the depressed. I've broken some girls hearts/minds in ways that are entirely my fault, not by cheating, but in one case by lying about loving her (because I was horny and caught up in hentai-tier fantasies) which ate me up inside, and in another girls case simply by using her as my cum dump (never had sex, only her sucking me off, I drew the line) which also ate me up inside. The depressed girl was honestly the one I truly cared about, and she seems better off now, so that's nice. Sometimes she was great, sometimes she wasn't. She never dragged me into it though, and in fact that's the reason we cut off. Thinking back, I really appreciate that she didn't force her issues on me.

In closing: If I mess up my future, I know it will be nobody's fault but mine, for I have been blessed with near all the opportunity in the world. That's both a reassurance and a terrifying consideration to ponder. I accept it, and have to deal with it. After I respond to these last comments I'm getting back to work, I'm not ruining my life over a chechen cross-stitching forum.

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Miss me with that homosexual nonsense.


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This pinining for Gen z to heed the phrophets sounds comforting. Like a psychopath that whispers "shsssh" as they slit your throat. The brown wave has already crested. The drowining comes next.

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I would encourage to try and reconnect with your brother and retrieve him closer into the fold. We're going to need everyone we have if this is going to have a chance. Take it slow if you need to. You have time user, and a seemingly level head on your shoulders, use your time here among the living wisely and come to understand the value of a year, and what can happen in it. I hope to see your crest raised high out there in the battlefields. I feel you have a slightly negative view of sex, which is common in most Christians, because they aren't taught of the positive consequences but merely the negative. Positive sex is potent sex. Real sex is potent sex. Blowies and fucking girls with condoms is sterile mutual masturbation. In truth, someone who hasn't had potent sex, sex with no contraceptives and possibility of pregnancy, is the real virgin, regardless of their partner count. We are becoming a procreation nation again and I expect to see you among the parents. Your pic was again, extremely related.

I don't think that's what this is about. The reinforcements are coming of age and we're about to find out what they're made of

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Reinforce what. We don't need a battle of Hastings we are facing a brown out. These fuckers aren't even fucking fos fucks sake

I hope that that was a please clap level trolling. Anyone saving that jap toon crap needs a castration

What year would you say Gen Zyklon starts,user?

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If you're a female this is like a half-click of cognitive dissonance away from calling yourself "differently abled."

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The only reason non-white birthrates have grown is because of white innovation. The browner it gets the less of their offspring will survive naturally as the safety net becomes torn. This is a spiritual battle about the right to self-determination and the expression of manifest destiny

Browns don't stop being rabbits cause you take away their gov cheese. They reproduce since it's all they can do successfully


Post 9/11
Gas the Kikes Race War Now

Don't take Bowers name in vain man up or shut up

They've overcrowded themselves to dangerous levels. They will soon come to feast on their fallen, then themselves soon enough. The earth cannot support a trillion niggers, it will drown the land before it would let that happen. White growth is exponential growth while the others can only grow linearly, remember that

Tell that to a billion poo niggers or a billion rice niggers. The mud will survive on scraps while whites wait for a vp position in mega Corp before they have 1.2kids

All immigrant birthrates drop below replacement level once they hit 2nd generation? Why? Because they're getting poisoned with the same kike shit as everyone else and are less equipped to combat than you are. The Chinese and Indians growing at such a rate to each other in proximity will lead to them going to war against each other inevitably. One Child Policy fucked China in the ass and I believe they will eventually lose a war of attrition to the poos

Tard, that isn't true for muds. More importantly themuds want the door open for more muds. Don't give me this prosperity gospel bullshit. Once the gates are open. It's a feeding frenzy. Like in Chief couldn't even build a couple miles of wall. Think the invasion is gonna slow down?

No thanks, Gen Z is the furthest right generation since 1930. I'll stick to these nice white pills instead.

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Heh, I used to teach Highschool sophmores and these kids had the balls to start up a Mein Kampf club, which involved learning German, studying the book, and the occasional political discussion. Naturally this bred the Commie group which later was absorbed by the NatSoc group after seeing these kids persuade and debate under my supervision. Obviously gave the Hitler youth the knowledge they needed to win. I wonder what happened to those young chaps, they had a Russian, a German, a American, and a Spaniard with a thick accent. And before you say gas the Mexicuck, I met his family and he owns quite the bit of land in Mexico with documents older than my great grandparents (now deceased).

Yes. Like 4.


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All fucking 2500 of them.exactly the same numbers of muds who snuck in while this thread got blacked.

Get help. You really have issues

Why did you make me listen to that user?
I don't like these feels.

Zoomerfag here. I gotta say that couldn't be more true. At this point, my generation is completely buttfucked but will luckily be the catalysis for a civil war. The polarization of my peers is pretty fucking noticeable. From both socioeconomic status and race, you can see the (Usually poorer) Whites (This is Canada by the way, so you're not gonna find a poor negro.) have mild to very Conservative values. Most of the men in my class who were raised in lower-class households despise Trudeau lord of the soyboys and those of visible mixed race (Darker skin, black hair.) who are constantly more well-off have more Liberal, Zoomer-like views that are more sequitur relative to millennial. Anyways, I'm viewed as the "Hitler" of my school, so I think I'm doing well. Yeh.

shut up if we can rape jews we can rape traps then put them down

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unironically all me, are you CIA niggers spying on me

also for

Seriously what is this trash


Earlobes? Is this what we are down to?