Anudda Hate Crime Hoax

An 18-year-old Indian university student in Iowa is responsible for writing at least four racist notes on campus. She even sent to herself. Kissie Ram and another student reported receiving the racist notes on November 28 at Drake University, but Ram's story of victimization started changing. The police started suspecting the victim was in fact the culprit:

Des Moines police Sgt. Paul Parizek said 'Unfortunately, one of them admitted that she was, in fact, responsible for the note that was written and reported to the police,'.

Jose Garcia-Fuerte, Drake student body president, said the notes caused students to fear for their safety. Those 'fears should not be dismissed,' he said. 'People still feared for their lives even though it was a hoax.'

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When have these ever been true?

I think it's becoming clear that Whites don't do this kind of shit at all. White nationalists know it's a waste of time and energy to mail irrelevant shitskins notes with mean words, and normalfags would never want to do it in the first place. Every time someone commits a "hate crime" it ends up being a shitskin or a kike false flagging themselves.

Maybe if the cunt was in a hospital room crying not posing for the camera with a big shit eating grin.

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hate crime hoax is redundant.

Watch, no punishment, just mandatory hate speech seminars for all students

Streetshitters should go back to India and do falseflagging over there.

10/10 would fuck. She’s better looking than most modern white women, probably traditional like Indian women usually are.

Homicidal rage level rising

What, no mention of the contents of said notes or, better yet, photos?

Careful there, user, she's probably preggers with a litter right now just by you thinking about it.

Well, on the plus side, I now know the Des Moines police are even more pozzed and to act accordingly next time I'm out that way.

That people would fear for their lives over fake notes not even addressed to them speaks volumes about the mental stability of these so-called "students".

It was me I committee the hatecrime

10/10 would throw in a ditch then fill in with cement

It's common with the cowardly to build up a false narrative of victimhood and persecution in order to justify attacking someone who doesn't deserve it.
As someone who's originally from Iowa, I can tell you the William's Syndrome meme is real: people there are overly kind and friendly to the point of pathological altruism, and it makes them ripe for exploitation by those ethnicities and cultures that have no compunctions about such douchebaggery.

Please report to the nearest reeducation center for your harsh lecture and time-out.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Does her choot smell of curry?

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and what tradition is that? IT scamming? Odd how women from the highest rape capital still act like lying whores.


Achcha, Brahmin, whacha doin'?

do you live in a neighborhood that allows street-shitting, user?

The demand for racism and hatred based attacks far outnumber the actual supply. Let that sink in :D

Why would they immigrate there, honestly?
It is cold, flat and rural.